Over at Purse Blog we review Chloe bags often. Do I love Chloe bags? Yes. Do I own Chloe bags? Yes. But then there was the introduction of the See by Chloe bags, which I looked at, reviewed, and felt underwhelmed by. The See by Chloe bags looked like a sack, a large lifeless sack. Granted a handbag is just that, a mechanism to hold goods, but I want a pretty bag!

Luckily for See by Chloe they also had the Day Tripper Bag, which seems to be a huge hit! But now I have run into the See by Chloe Charlie Slouch Shoulder Bag which again appears to be a lifeless mass of denim waxed cotton. Furthermore, there is that pricing problem, asking us to pay mid $500 range for a bag that is merely related to Chloe, but does not bring anything special to the table. This bag bored me, leaves me with a yawn, but I realized that some people like this bag. It is an editor’s pick over at Shop Bop. So am I missing something? Does the Charlie Slouch Shoulder Bag offer something that I can not see? There are two handles, four pouch pockets around the outside, contrast purple lining, and large contrasting logo letter charms on the front. I dunno, still not feeling much from this bag. Buy through Net A Porter for $530.

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  • kirsty_girl

    Maybe with moon boots. I think the S, B, C is pretty tacky too.

  • JamieH

    This was an editor pick? Is she on Chloe’s payroll?

    Not only does the material look cheap, those charms remind me in the worst way of the initial necklaces that everyone wore after Sex and the City’s first season.

  • xiara

    Looks cheap and shapeless…

  • juju

    Oh my!!! This looks like a Hefty Bag all twisted up. It looks really cheap. And what is with the initial crap—aren’t we done with that yet?

  • mbm

    I kinda like it. I wouldn’t spend $500 on it though.

  • Catalina

    I think that is a lot of money for a fabric bag.

  • christine

    I just bought it on ebay for $200 new…..maybe that’s all it is worth. I thought it would be a good gym type bag, you know nothing fancy. I will let you know how I like it…

  • Alexandra

    I love it!! I have it, and I think the bag is practical, fun, and looks young for a XL bag.

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