Well, this is new. I have never seen a handbag that so perfectly mimics a tiny suitcase, that’s for sure. But Samsonite has taken the plunge with their Graviton Shoulder Bag. It is an interesting prospect, especially for those of us that travel a lot or simply have an obsession with travel gear. That said, I, who is admittedly a travel geek, wouldn’t carry this. Why?

Samsonite Graviton Shoulder Bag

It’s just kind of strange- in a way that makes people stare and wonder “How did that girl shrink her carry-on?” But I’m still drawn to it, probably because I like miniature things, but most likely because I’m thinking about the one occasion that I would wear it- if I had a matching luggage set. But we are handbag lovers, and we know one rule of purchasing is not to buy anything that would only work if another desire were fulfilled: so don’t buy it if it would look better if you were taller, curvier, or had a great purple wrap sweater. So I’m letting this one go, but not without extreme curiosity- I can’t wait to see what Samsonite has up their sleeve. Buy through Zappos for $204.

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  • 19yearslater

    I really like the idea, its like the miniature duffel bag trend. Tiny luggage as a handbag is fun. All the same, I think I’ll stick with my mini duffel.

  • Anna

    Haha I agree! I really, really want more tiny luggage to come out.

  • Lila

    I saw that one in a Samsonite store and thought it was a cute concept, but not so practical. The size is strange to me, and the material doesn’t feel like a fit to wear on like a duffel or shoulder bag… The large Graviton http://gearpatrol.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/samsonite-graviton-thumb1.jpg) is terrific though – I’ve used it for international traveling back and forth between Boston and Asia as well as US domestic traveling, and the quality of the suitcase is definitely top-notch.

  • Mandy

    Odd, but does drive my curiousity to see what Samsonite is up to.

  • Mishiem

    I don’t really care for this bag.