Normally I shy away from any trends that can be construed as “boho” or “hippie,” which means that my acquiescence to the tie-dye bag trend has been slow and gradual. The Matt & Nat Hendrix Bag just might put me over the top, though.

I think that what makes me appreciate this bag over others like it is that it’s black-based. Most boho trend pieces tend to be very heavy on the brown, which is a color that doesn’t really work with my personal aesthetic (not to mention my hair color). Black, however, is completely within my comfort zone.

The black background makes the turquoise and orange really pop, and if you prefer to wear dark colors but still want to incorporate a summer-appropriate accessory, this is a great way to do it. Plus, if you’re opposed to the use of animal products, Matt & Nat is a great brand to patronize – none of its bags use leather. Buy through ShopBop for $165.

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  • edoardo

    Nice, straneg but interesting!

  • TheBearlady

    I must agree this bag is really cute!!!

  • 19yearslater

    Meh. It’s not hideous, but it looks as if it may have come from the Gap, so no thanks on the price tag.

  • gacats

    If you’re like me and are old enough to have been around for the original tie-dye phase, you are NOT interested in revisiting it again.
    Thank you.

  • Karin bag4bag

    I don’t like the color combination but I like that Matt & Nat are eco friendly.

  • oh boy

    OK, this is NOT tie dye! This is ikat-woven. I am so annoyed with all you supposed bag aficionados not having the most basic understanding of the textile processes the fashion industry employs! The warp was bound and dyed prior to being warped on the loom. The threads inevitably shift some when threaded, which is what creates that “fuzzy around the edge” look. Seriously. Tie-dye is a process applied to fabric (already woven/knit/etc). Ikat is dyed prior to becoming fabric. Sorry to come off so harsh, but it is really frustrating how ignorant people can be about this stuff.

  • m

    ^thank you. I was just gonna say that it’s NOT tie dye. Also if you click the link the color is listed as ikat.

  • Staci

    I agree, Amanda, the black background makes all the difference!