Marciano Studded SatchelI’ve decided that I need a new big handbag. There’s no particular reason why other than I simply want one. While I still love my go-to Botkier and CC Skye big bags, I am looking to expand my selection a bit. And since Megs just talked about the stud trend over on Purse Blog yesterday, I not only have big handbags, but I also have studs on my mind too.

Any chance the Marciano Studded Satchel is in the running? Actually, I am not sure. The grey leather does look deliciously soft, which I love, but the bag looks a little bulky (measures 16″ x 10″ x 6″) to be carrying with the double handles. However, the chain-link strap and triangular pyramid studs to add the right amount of edge to the bag. I am a little thrown off by the pleats. I guess I am just not seeing how they fit together with the rest of the bag. With everything going on, it just looks like the bag is trying too hard to be a hit. Hey, I could be wrong here. So… tell me, what do you think, does this bag work, or does it not? Buy through Nordstrom for $189.90.

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  • The Fashionable Housewife

    Personally, I don’t love it… It’s just not my style. I don’t like the handles, the chain, or the big square clasp in the front.

    The color, studs and pleats are cute though. I’d still probably buy it if I saw it on sale for like $30 or something…

  • Jen

    I actually really like this bag. I think the pleats give it some structure while the chain makes it a bit more fun. Plus, I tend to carry my life with me so I’m all for nice looking big bags. The studs on top add a nice touch without being too in your face.

  • Amanda R

    I actually held this bag while at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and it was HEAVY! It’s not really my style, but even if it was I don’t think I could handle the weight.

  • Rachel

    Off topic, but Shannon what cc skye bag do you have? I’ve been eyeing that brand for awhile now.

  • vee

    i am a marciano employee and this is a FAKE!

    this is the real one:|935=&image=PM101131-GRY

    the leather is reeeeeeeallly soft and REAL… i wouldnt risk the online one, its only about 200$ less, and probably not real leather.

    it also comes in a soft pink with a green flap… i dont particularly like all the colors, but thats the only one my store recieved, so im going to have to hunt down the grey. WAY to nice to pass off!

    happy shopping!!

    PS if you wait a few monthes, they will all be reduced with an additional 50% discount. but they may sell out before they go on sale so buyers beware!

  • M

    I juts got one from Nordstrom. It’s not fake. Marciano makes items for whole sale accounts which is for department stores. So the bag was never carried in Marciano boutiques, it was only sold at department stores. I love the bag. All my friends said it’s cute ;)

  • M

    oh and it’s a real leather and very nice! It was a special price for Nordstrom anniversary sale and it will go back to a regular price of $295.00 after August 3rd.