Sometimes I like a bag overall, other times I like a bag only for a specific purpose. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Croc-Printed Riz Hobo is one of the latter type.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Croc-Printed Riz Hobo

I normally balk at non-leather bags in this sort of price range, but it’s been raining so much in my area recently that I can’t help but think about solutions for the problem of taking my nice leather bags out when it rains. I don’t want to get water spots on any of them, but I still want something stylish and functional to carry. Which is why I think I’ll be buying something from the croc-stamped Marc by Marc Jacobs line. The material has been altered from last season so that it’s not quite so stiff, but the coated canvas is still incredibly lightweight and, from what I could tell when I saw it, should be completely water-resistant. The bags are priced accordingly for non-leather bags in this line, so picking one up for use on rainy days doesn’t seem like a half-bad idea. Buy through Saks for $278.

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  • Allison

    I really don’t like this material. But I can’t fault you for your rationale…it has been raining bucketloads where I am, and yeah this might be a good solution for keeping your leather bags inside on such days. Still, I don’t like the Croc of Q line of bags…they look junky to me…but maybe they’re so obviously not leather that it could be okay. All in all I think you came up with a good solution for what this bag is appropriate for, which had never really occured to me before.

  • stephanie

    I purchased this in the bright green but returned it. It was soo stiff and plastic like, I just couldn’t deal with it.

  • Shannon

    I have the Jelly Jacquard in this style, and I’m thinking of getting a groove in the croc. I may need it since its never going to stop pouring in NY!

  • Lorena

    I realize I’m late on commenting, but I couldn’t resist. I too fell in love with the bag when it first came out so I decided to buy it. But then I realized how stiff it was, so I decided I couldn’t deal with it. (That’s what you get when its 100% made of PVC..I guess.) Another thing that made me comment is that you wanted to buy this bag for the rainy days…there’s a letter in each bag that says do not get it wet, because it stains (well not in those exact words but you understand).

  • Wtistms

    Absolutely I love it. I really don’t know how these guys have so much creativity. And how do they know what women like.