Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Wristlet

I. Want. A. Wristlet. I want a wristlet! And when it comes to actually PURCHASING things of this nature, I am woefully indecisive until something just HITS me over the head and it becomes totally obvious that, yes, that is what I shall purchase. I spent a day last week scoping out handbags at one of the better malls in Atlanta, and of all the wristlets I saw (and there were many, I assure you), the winner has got to be the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Wristlet.

The leather is the same soft and wonderful kind that’s used in the rest of the bags in the Q line, it’s big enough to put my Blackberry in (and my Blackberry takes up more than a bit of space, mind you), and the wrist strap is long enough to slide easily over my hand (I was shocked at how many wristlets had straps so tiny that I had to fight to get them on – my hands aren’t that big!). And that’s all I really need or want in a wristlet – it’s supposed to be simple and inconspicuous, hold only the essentials, and be easy enough to get on and off of my wrist. So, check, check, and check. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Buy through Saks for $168.

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  • Amanda R

    I love wristlets! I think the MBMJ is a great choice – cute and practical and (relatively) cheap. Wristlets are so convenient. I didn’t really care about them until I got one and realized how many uses it really has.