There’s one thing I really like and one thing I really don’t like about the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic M Gathered Hobo. Let’s start with the negative – I’m having that sort of day over here. The attribute that’s making me scrunch up my nose at this bag is the color. It’s somewhere in an odd no-man’s-land between beige and tan, and I think the color could be best described as “oatmeal.” And I appreciate the need for neutrals in life, and I even appreciate the need for beige, although I don’t think I could ever convince myself to invest in it. What I do not appreciate the need for is this particular color. It’s sort of sallow and noncommital, and I’ve come to expect a bit more personality from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic M Gathered Hobo

What I do like, however, is the combination of the leather and the structure. It looks like a soft, easy-to-carry, functional bag that still has a bit of style to it. The only way to achieve this sort of look is with thick, soft, supple leather, and when you zoom in on this bag, you find that that’s exactly what you get. I’ve long said that MbMJ uses some of the best leather that I’ve seen at this price point, and I don’t think you could look at this bag and disagree. This is the only color I’ve seen the bag in so far, but if it comes in others, I’d pick it up in a heartbeat. Buy through ShopBop for $438.

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  • Dacs

    Thanks for posting this! Ahhh I hope they come out with more colors. This definitely going on my list.

  • Loquita

    Amanda, I think that you are perhaps my long-last taste twin (RUN while the getting is good, woman!!) I *love* the shape of this bag and adore MbMJ’s leather choices, but the color is so blah, truly the stylistic equivalent of a bowl of oatmeal…this bag has been on my radar since it came out some months ago, but I can’t pull the trigger because of the lame color selection. Where’s the red, black, purple, fuchsia, orange, blue, cream, yellow? I’d even take a gorgeous caramel color!!!!! Once again, a spot-n review.

  • Sue

    I, too, love, love, love this bag – not the non-color – so, was pumped to see it offered (not pictured) in pebble in a recent Neiman Marcus catalog… With visions of a gorgeous grey pebble in my head, I literally ran to my computer to purchase, and, what the h*ll sort of muddy brown pebble did Marc dig up?! It actually made me like the chamois color better…

  • Jocelyn

    They DO come in other colors. Pale grey, chamois (yellow), pebble (brown).

  • Photoshoper

    всегда думал что стану писателем или поэтом, но так и не вышло((