Every now and then, I see a great, functional tote bag and think, “That would be great to take to class! My laptop would fit!” And I get all excited, and then I realize that I’m not in college anymore. And I haven’t been for, like, 6 months. And I don’t really miss college (I still live in my college town, which afford me a lot of the perks of college without actually going to class), but I do miss having a reason to buy a cute tote bag every now and then. And today, if I was still in college, I’d want to order the LeSportsac Peacock Travel Tote. I love the brown and teal color combination, I love the modernized paisley pattern, and I love that such a bold print would likely disguise a lot of the obvious wear-and-tear that happens to a bag that gets thrown on the floor of my car and shoved under seats in crowded lecture auditoriums. Also, dare I say it…might it be water-proof??? On a campus as big as the one at the University of Georgia (my alma mater), bad weather is a major concern since there’s not always a place to duck and hide from the rain. Alas, my needs now require a demure work bag, but a cute, inexpensive tote like this one makes me miss college. Does this tote look familiar? Shannon covered the Peacock Cosmetic Bag a little while back which boasts the same pattern and some similar pros. Buy through Shop Bop for a super reasonable $88.

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  • Laurie

    I bought LeSportSac travel tote, and I adore their products… I’ve had a SportSac tote since the 60s that is alive and well… even after many washing machine incidents… however, the newest travel tote, with zippers is not only very expensive, but I cannot get my hand into the zipper parts. How can they design a bag you cannot get your hand in. When I explained it to them, they offered no explanation… I told them I bought it a couple of months ago, but they countered that they had a 30 day topper… For a company such as theirs, I cannot believe they don’t have any compensation for mistakes such as these. I wonder how many of you bought this bag and cannot get their hands into the zipper compartment when their cell phone is ringing! I know of two women who have echoed this blog. Thanks for listening.

  • elyse

    such a fun print – and totally on trend. (fb)