lesportsac-frieda-waist-bagNo. No, no, no. I cannot support the return of the designer fanny pack. I thought we were over that after Sarah Jessica Parker wore a Gucci “waist pouch” on “Sex and the City” about a million years ago. Apparently not, though, becase LeSportsac has decided that we need to revisit this nontrend with the LeSportsac Frieda Waist Bag. Although this is definitely less expensive than the Gucci fanny pack, I still have the same problems with it. Why in the world would a woman of ANY size willingly strap extra bulk to what is already the widest part of many of their bodies? That’s not flattering on anyone, and it screws up the line of how perfectly good clothes hang and makes them all bunchy around the midsection. Plus it jiggles when you walk and you’ll probably have to adjust your pants all the time while wearing it. So don’t. Do yourself a favor and don’t even think about it. Let this one go by. Buy through Shop Bop for $62.

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  • melissa

    …i loveeeeeee fanny packs…..i think you’re paranoid about adding a few lbs to the waist…who cares!!…they work and it’s a nice alternative to the ENORMOUS marc jacobs stam bag i carry….let it go…fannys rule….

  • Stephanie

    I understand what she’s saying, but I’m going to be a nurse and I need it for a practical reason.

  • Theresa

    As a person who only has use of one arm it is a necessity that I have a purse that can be worn as a fanny pack so that my one usable hand is free for other things. It’s really hard to find anything in a purse or clothing that looks at all fashionable and accommodates my disability. It’s amazing how difficult it is to dress with any sense of style when you have even a small physical disability.

  • Aisha

    Embrace the fanny pack! It could be worse, it could be an ugly bag. But its not! And its super functional. I’m sorry but I can’t say no to cuteness and functionality all rolled up into one!

  • Kris

    yeah. i am all about THIS fanny pack as well. In the other prints its pretty radical. think about how perfect it is for traveling. I actually saw a hot mom with 3 kids the other day at Costco wearing the floral version of this and although she had one baby in arm and others pulling at her she was manhandling that fannypack to pay. i was sold. I am not saying this is something that should be worn on a fancy night out but its practicality is well worth the 80’s trend, which i might add is still considered a style in most countries other than the U.S. Hawaiins dig the fanny pack too.

  • elyse

    the fannypack needs to stay away! Never should it return! (fb)