Kenneth Cole New York Curve Your Appetite BagSometimes you don’t even know that you had a problem until someone ingenious comes along and fixes it for you. Take the toaster, for example – I bet most people were just fine making toast other ways, and then suddenly there was a machine just for that purpose. Now no one knows how to do it any other way (I suspect it might involve my oven’s broiler, although I also suspect that I have no idea how to use it).

I feel like the Kenneth Cole New York Curve Your Appetite Bag might be a similar kind of innovation. Probably not on the same level as the toaster, granted, but you get the idea. The top frame of the bag, instead of being flat, is actually curved in order to lay evenly against the curved hip with which it has to interact. Hopefully, that would lead to less uncomfortable jostling when wearing this sort of crossbody bag while walking, and isn’t that a problem that you didn’t really realize you had, but that you totally do? I know it happens to me. The surface against which this bag will lay isn’t flat, so they made the bag’s structure equally non-flat. Brilliant. Buy through Nordstrom for $148.

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