Thank the heavens, Kate Spade, that you have hired new talent to guide your company’s creative vision. Because, if I’m being honest, things at your line were getting a bit played out. One can only see so many bags designed with perfect right angle corners before the square and rigid thing gets a little blah.

Kate Spade Westbury Opus Satchel

And the Kate Spade Westbury Opus Satchel isn’t exactly an opus of innovation, it does something that no other Kate Spade bag in recent memory has done: it slouches. And it looks soft and makes me want to touch it. To me, Spade’s bags have always been prohibitively rigid and uninviting, and that’s not the best look for a bag, particularly with the trends that we have going right now. I particularly like this color, which they call Piscine Blue – wouldn’t it look great against a white dress? Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $395.

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  • morgan

    hey amanda!
    I know a while ago you asked for comments so I even though its not related to this post, its the latest post so this should work!

    I am a college student and I want a cute messenger bag for classes. I need it to be somewhat large (enough for a laptop and maybe a notebook or two). Preferably leather and not too horribly expensive.

    Do you know of any brands or specific options I should look into?



  • Wendy

    I just saw a bunch of new Kate Spade at nordstrom and was really suprised! Bright colors, super soft leather, really wonderful to touch!! Now I see why they seem so different from previous KS I’ve seen- hope the new talent keeps this up!

  • Julie

    Huge improvement on some of her regular designs. I do like structured bags but I think it was becoming a bit much. The colour looks lovely – would love to see it IRL.

  • Emily

    I love Kate Spade, I really do. That being said her bags have gotten so incredibly boring over the past few years.
    I think this bag is better, especially the color. But it is still kind of ‘mehh’ to me. Still a little boring. We all love classic, but god would it kill them to mix it up a little?

  • gwendy

    i really, really like this one. so much so, that it has inspired my first post here on PB savvy!!

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