When you wake up the morning after one of those long nights, what you really need is a friend. Well, what you really really need is some food and hydration and maybe a mimosa, but sometimes it takes a friend to goad you out of your bed and into the bright (so bright) light of day for greasy, cheesy, carby sustenance. Absent a human friend to force you to leave your apartment, perhaps the Kate Spade Tequila Is Not My Friend Terry Tote can at least convince you to walk down the block and indulge in that most New York of hangover cures: a bodega-fresh bacon, egg and cheese on a roll. (Or a bagel, if you’re like me.) (Well, me before I stopped eating carbs.)

This tote bag is right up my alley in so many ways that I’m not sure where to begin. Not only do I love to celebrate a hangover by ordering an egg sandwich while my bodega people quiz me on what I did the night before (I have that kind of relationship with my bodega folks), but as a fairly self-involved 26-year-old, I also enjoy tweets with the occasional ill-advised hashtag, like the one on this bag. You know what makes me love ill-advised hashtags even more? A few drinks.

I wouldn’t carry this bag as a regular purse, of course, but I love how playful and bold it is. For super casual occasions, like going to the gym or grabbing a few last-minute groceries, it’d be a great way to mix utilitarianism with a bit of irreverence. Buy through Kate Spade for $248.

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  • Not So Gentle Reader

    So antithetical to the beautiful, understated bags they used to make back in the day — when there was a real “Kate Spade” running the company. Oh, well…

  • I am dying to take this bag out on a “hungover brunch day”

  • Lori

    this is rather tacky. oh well.

  • Eli

    Not spending hundreds of dollars for a bag that would become dated once hashtags are passe

    • camila

      its fun!

  • dnfl

    reminds me a bit too much of the fendi 2bag………..