Whoever said “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince,” clearly never looked on the Kate Spade website and came across this beautiful Kate Spade I Kissed a Frog Clutch. Who needs a toad when you have a golden frog atop an all-glitter evening bag? This clutch is bound to fill your heart with glee whether or not you have found your Prince Charming. I haven’t found mine quite yet, but this clutch filled that void instantly.

Anyone who knows me knows my lengthy track record of buying (and obsessing) over large handbags. Lately, while I still enjoy my obnoxious and oversized purses, I’m also really into clutches. Maybe it’s because I carry a bag to school that weighs more than me, but it can be a bit of a relief to carry only the bare minimum – my phone, keys and money. Whatever the reason for this newfound admiration, all I know is that I must get my hands on this glitzy and glamorous Kate Spade clutch!

According to Kate Spade’s site, this clutch is technically a part of the Wedding Belles category. For all of those lucky ladies who have found their prince, wear this clutch on your special day, or it could make a great gift idea for all of your bridesmaids. Just because it can be used by a bride shouldn’t stop you from wearing this on your birthday, to a formal occasion, or simply out for a great night with friends. The multi-colored aspect of this clutch allows you wear this during any time of the year and pair it with almost anything. The 14-karat gold frog, hardware and strap are bound to attract attention no matter the occasion. Spade is practical in its designs, and like always, this clutch is no different. The interior has six credit card slots and a zipper divider with room to spare for your phone, camera, keys, mirror, and lipstick. Now that’s an added bonus in my book. Pick up your own for $328 via Kate Spade!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • JuliAnn

    Not a fan

  • Tina Renee Barker

    I think it’s adorable!

  • Laura

    The sparkles make it seem like I’m five again. Going for the fairytale look? Princess and the frog?

  • jenny

    its so cute, but i wish the sparkles weren’t so childishly colored!

  • Sam L

    It is gorgeous! I love glitters and this is even better, it is multi-colored glitters!!!! Will definitely consider getting my hands on this one!

  • Laura

    I love the colors and the frog detail! I love anything with glitter, basically!

  • Katherine Callaghan

    I agree, I’m a glitter chic myself so, I am currently saving money to add this to my ongoing handbag collection. Well, try and save anyway would be a more accurate statement. I love this clutch simply because it is a statement piece without the need for any added accessories, and that is something I am really gravitating towards lately. I also understand what you mean about the colors. They are definitely very vibrant. Personally, I like these colors because these colors can be worked into a fall, winter, or summer wardrobe, but that’s just me. Thanks for the comments!

  • Justine

    I love the kitsch of Kate spade bags but I always feel like they’re renditions of kitsch always ends up looking like a one time use kind of accessory.

  • S

    I like the little frog on top but not a fan of all the glitter. :x

  • dnfl

    glitter looks a bit cheap

  • LaDon

    I’d wear it with muted colours, but would keep it closed as the lining does look cheap.

  • Zaggora Girl

    At first we weren’t sure about all that glitter. But now we love it! This clutch would spice up any elegant outfit :) Don’t you absolutely adore that tiny frog on top :)?

  • anorthwind

    Not my favorite KS design and certainly not for that price!

  • Pauline Pineda

    i’m obsessed with KS! i love this clutch! def. a statement piece!

  • I think it would look amazing on any girl :) I love the frog detail!

  • elle

    loving the frog AND the glitter–and the elegant structure is perfect for the holiday party season!