More so than basically any other brand I can think of, Juicy Couture seems to always manage to make bags that I SHOULD like, but I don’t (I’m speaking only of their leather bags – most of their cloth ones have earned my scorn rightfully). I was faced this conundrum again when I saw the Juicy Couture Padlock Grace Tote. I like the color, I like the chain and tassel details, and I generally don’t have much of a problem with satchels.

Juicy Couture Padlock Grace Tote

So I think that my general dislike for the bag, and for other bags from the line, is that it just seems like it’s trying too hard. There’s too much unnecessary seaming, too many coy little rivets, and too little attention paid to the overall shape and flow of the design. Instead of spending so much time trying to decide where they could put seams that don’t even serve a functional purpose, they could have better spent it making the bag a more interesting or unexpected shape. But they didn’t, so this is what we have. Buy through Shop Bop for $428.

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  • Alexis Thorough

    This actually isn’t bad. I like it. Could have a little more something to it.

  • Linda

    Some of the leather bags from this designer are nice….if they would keep all the doo daas off of it. The leather seems to be soft and nice, but the added elements push it way over the top and make them impractical for anyone under 25 and I would like to know how many 25 year olds can afford these expensive bags. And you are right…the fabric line from this company is a garish nightmare.