Juicy Couture Black Star Satchel, $348 via ShopBop

If you hate bags like the Juicy Couture Black Star Satchel and wish they’d go away, blame Proenza Schouler for the astronomical success of the brand’s PS1 satchel. Since its debut, a passel of imitators both high-end and low have come along to give consumers a similar structure with a slightly different flair, and from that group has come some great bags, most notably the Mulberry Alexa.

I, on the other hand, adore these bags. They’re roomy, functional and classic without being stuffy or dated, and the sub-$400 price point on this bag in particular makes it a good fit for women who want to get the look without shelling out a huge amount of money for the original. This bag is still unique enough that it’s nowhere near a direct copy, and that’s always what I prefer when I’m in search of a “look for less” option.

Between these two colorways, I naturally gravitate toward the black-on-black option, which is another holdover from the wildly successful Proenza Schouler design. I think that the tonal hardware gives the bag a level of sophistication slightly above those with contrasting hardware, which is why the black PS1 has always been my favorite even though I usually go for brighter bags. Buy through ShopBop for $348.

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  • Leslie

    I think it’s too small…I would LOVE it if it were larger,

  • Alexis

    I am going to get this bag in black. it is absolutely fab.

  • Lulugurl

    i love this bag, especially the price point, while i would love a PS keepall or PS1 the price point means i will be saving my pennies for a LONG time.

  • MizzJ

    Such a classic design and great price! Too bad I can’t normally say that for JC’s clothes. Ugh, when are they ever going to stop putting out those velour tracksuits.


  • dela

    Amanda, I don’t think Mulberry Alexa is inspired by PS1. Purse Blog inquired about Alexa’s origins. According to Mulberry, Alexa is inspired by the brand’s men’s briefcase called the Elkington.


    • dela

      * I meant Bag Snob instead of Purse Blog

  • mochababe73

    I really like the bag, and this is quite a departure for Juicy. I like the direction of their bag line even though I do miss the Daydreamer. However, it’s like the brand is growing up with their long time client.

  • Stylista

    I knew this would have some reference to the PS1. The Juicy version is nice, and not too obvious, so yes, I would go for it. Although given the option (and endless bouts of money), nothing beats the PS1.


  • KellyX

    This bag is so much more usable, with it’s long shoulder strap.i love PS1 but couldn’t make myself buy one because of it’s useless short shoulder strap

  • 19yearslater

    Wow, this is Juicy? They are really putting out some nice things lately. Although . . . PS did not invent the satchel. They don’t own it any more than Chanel owns the flap bag and is owed every time another brand produces one.

  • Rashida

    I don’t like it, the price is nice, but something about the purse looks kinda off to me lol

  • Sally

    Oh please Juicy is copying everything. It’s so lame………
    Theres no life in that sad brand.
    Looks wrong now

  • Brett

    I just went to the Malibu store….. It was the most generic sad place ever. Where did all the fun go?
    This bag looks just as generic. Get a life Juicy

  • harveydent

    I agree, this bag is just another sad attempt to be something more, and it’s just not. The addition of the tassle is not working for me. It’s too big for the bag. The price point would be a breath of fresh air, but I still wouldn’t pay that much money for this.