It warms the cockles of my cold little Grinch heart to be able to say nice things about a bag made by a brand I usually rag on. Everyone likes to see the underdog win the race every now and then, even if they’re not the horse you put your money on. Which is exactly what the Juicy Couture Equestrian Bag is – a good bag from a line that’s usually terrible, and proof that even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Juicy Couture Equestrian Bag

The main attraction here is the matte, textured leather. I’m guessing that it’s the reason that they call the bag equestrian, although it reminds me more of motorcycles than anything (and black leather? They should have chosen whiskey brown for a horse theme). And I’m ok with that – I don’t necessarily need the bag to match the name for it to be a good bag. The texture of the leather is subtle but important for the overall look, and the other visual elements of the bag’s design are fairly inconsequential by comparison. I do like the addition of the small rivets on the handle attachment, although they also make me think more of motorcycles than of horses. They may have gotten the name wrong, but the bag’s right, and that’s what counts. Buy through Saks for $298.

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  • Mama M

    “Equestrian” might refer to the metal loops that resemble “bits” used on horses. When Cole Haan first made leather goods, they made saddles and other horsey things, and, they had a handbag this Spring that had a metal loop shaped like a horse’s bit. The leather is usually smooth, though, and somewhat stiff at first — like boots. So I think “equestrian” refers to just the “bits”, and not the leather. I’m not a fan of Juicy bags, but this does not look like one of their typical bags. And that’s a good thing.