Joe's Jeans Side Ring Pieced HoboWait, wait, wait. Let me grab my glasses real quick, because I think I’m seeing this incorrectly. This can’t possibly be right. The Joe’s Jeans Side Ring Pieced Hobo can’t possibly retail for $148. It’s made by a well-known clothing brand, albeit one not known for bags, and normally name alone with guarantee a price tag with an extra couple hundred bucks tacked onto it. It’s made entirely of leather, and the leather looks like it’s actually pretty nice.

It’s not teeny tiny, either – Nordstrom calls it “medium,” and it looks like it would fit easily on your shoulder and hold whatever you need for the average day. The straps also look potentially comfortable to wear since they’re broad and flat. So it’s a brand-name leather bag that looks both functional and stylish and would be useful as a day-to-day purse, and it’s well under $200 without being on sale. Have I fallen into an alternate dimension? Am I Alice, and this is Wonderland? I’m not sure. And I don’t like brown, so I probably won’t buy one of these myself, but I’m encouraged by what Joe’s Jeans is attempting to do with their pricing. Buy through Nordstrom for $148.

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  • Sue

    I saw this in the Nordstrom catalog that came last week & did the same double take… how wrong can you go?! I’ll let you know… it’s also available in berry, black, & green at

    Good job, Amanda!

  • nicolj

    ok, I am loving this and may actually want to buy it… sue- if you pick one up, let us know how it is.

  • justa9url

    I do not like this bag but it reminds of Matt&Nat.

  • Cindy

    I like this bag! In fact, I’ve bookmarked the page at Nordstrom’s. Just not sure which color to choose. GREAT price.

  • keg

    if anyone’s still looking at this… i went and looked at this in person b/c it seemed too good to be true: decent-sized cute leather bag & fabulous berry color. the color is in fact fabulous and the leather is not as bad as i had expected. the size is good but maybe a little on the small size. where the bag lost me is the studs. i LOVE the way the studs look on the handle but they are only on 1 handle! wtf! that definitely took it from a must-have to a no-go. also not visible in the picture is the small metal “joe’s” plaque at the top of the bag on the studless side.

  • Jen

    I was actually really suprised to see these prices too. Ideeli recently had a Joe’s Jeans bag sale event & I bought 3 leather bags for $76 dollars each! GASP! I know that the leather quality isn’t going to be great but I just think the pricing is WONDERFUL! I bought 2 for myself and 1 for my mom in delicious summer colors like white & orange. I’m still waiting for it to arrive! I’ll let you how I like it when I get it! :)