I am sure you are as thrilled as we are to learn that there are a few different giveaways we will be hosting this month. And come to think of it, what better way to really push the holiday season into full force than with a giveaway. Hayden-Harnett has sponsored this giveaway and we are *thrilled* to showcase the designer as well as these fabulous bags. In fact, the Hayden Harnett giveaway will feature not one, but three wonderful handbags up for grabs.

What can I win?

Third prize is the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Clutch.

Second prize is the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo.

First prize is the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote.

How do I enter?
It’s simple! Visit Hayden-Harnett and tell us in the comments section below which handbags is your favorite and why.

How do I win?
The contest will run from November 3st, 2008 through December 3rd at 11:59 PM EST and the winners will be chosen at random.

Thanks again to Hayden-Harnett for sponsoring this giveaway!


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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Cindy

    I’m really starting to lean towards the cute little Marcel clutch. Reason: watch the You Tube video!

  • lightblue84

    I like the Havana large hobo

  • Helena

    I really like the clutch!

  • lily j.

    I like the Trophy bag in Grey Zeus.

  • anne

    I love the Wyeth tote. It is perfect.

  • brigid

    I like the Trophy bag.

  • Valerie

    I like the Trophy bag in indigo crinkle patent!

  • Shelley

    I love the Wyeth Tote. It’s not just a boring, square/rectangle tote, and it’s conservative with a “rocker” edge to it. I could bring it to work or carry it casually.

  • Jae

    I like the Trophy bag in grey zeus, especially the big pocket design in the front!

  • janis

    I love the Wyeth hobo!

  • photomj

    I LOVE the Clara Tote in Black. It’s amazing!

  • Susannah

    It’s so hard to pick just one favorite, but I think I’ll have to go with the lorca in violet crinkle patent…the color is just so fabulous. I love HH!

  • Dori

    I love the Pamela ladybag’s simple shape, it would be great for work!

  • DiamondLyfe

    I really like the black multi Magna Folio Tote. The colors are so vibrant and fun.

  • tzt

    I want this lovely Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote in black…
    why?..becauce I’m a mom…I need convertible bags…my bag must have adjustable strap and also it can be held in hand by handles…
    have a Balenciaga Lune bag(black/green)..I adore this but it is a little heavy because of its goatskin…
    I really want this…need really

  • liz

    I like the Wyeth Tote! Love the tassels.

  • Tamara – tabogon

    I love the Havana Large Hobo in Cordovan

  • gracieo

    I absolutely love the Cannes Zipper Tote (Corsair)!!
    I looked at them all and couldn’t get this Tote out of my head. LOL
    This is the purse that you lust over and always regret if you don’t purchse it. :o)

  • Kelly

    The Pamela Ladybag! It’s classic and goes with everything!

  • Eva

    love the Laura – 2 bags in one is just way too cool!

  • hazel

    I love the TROPHY Bag, Black Zeus! Gorgeous!

  • Giapally

    I like the Pamela ladybag, really great!

  • Pejad

    The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote is gorgeous!

  • Laura

    I really like the Havana Large Hobo in Violet Crinkle Patent!

  • lunatwinkle

    Trophy bag! So pretty!

  • faith24

    Stacy Crossbody in Ruby looks so unique and fun. I have never seen such a design! All of these bags are cute and stylish!

  • Cathy

    i like the sloane satchel in blueberry. so pretty!!

  • CECI

    Actually i love the Wyeth Tote because its practical and roomy enough for my school books (yes im still a student!). <3

  • janice

    im a fan of the catalina slouchy laptop brief, chocolate because it’s perfect for work yet still stylish

  • mlinky

    Right at the moment, the Wyeth tote is calling me, but I can’t stop looking at the violet crinkle patent Havana Hobo. Honestly, you could send me anything that Toni designed, and I would be a happy girl.

  • Caroline

    I love the Havana Hobo, Wyeth tote and the Tharpe in Cordovan. Anything HH!

  • leothelnss

    I’m in love with the grey zeus havana!! HH ROCKS!

  • gucciguccilove

    My favorite is the Havana Large Hobo in Violet Crinkle Patent. I like the foldover double flap and the round shape of the purse, not to mention the beautiful color!!

  • Linda

    Love the Havana Hobo, in any color!


  • Gwen

    I’ve been wanting the clutch wallet for a long time, and I love the new patent violet crinkle!

  • tonij2000

    HH Havana! It’s an almost perfect bag! But any HH bag is a winner, the leathers, the attention to detail…fabulous!

  • Leslie

    I can’t believe we have to choose just ONE!!
    I will say the Violet Patent Trophy Bag because I will not stop talking about it till I own one!!
    Thanks so much Ben and Toni!!

  • CathyFitz

    The Havana Hobo in Cordovan! But close behind are any and all of those Wyeths!

  • Jess

    I own the Wyeth Tote and it’s just incredibly amazing, especially the Cordovan leather. I also really love the Clara in Black Zeus!

  • J Mishka

    Choosing is definitely difficult!

    Lately I’ve been eyeing the Wyeth Hobo in Cordovan, the Trophy Bag in Indigo, Tracy Colorblock, and the Havana Hobo in Ruby.

    I will say though that I think my all time favorite is the Bowery Clutch. I have it in Silver and am dying for it in Ruby or Purple. It is the perfect size for going out, and adds the perfect amount of edge. The wrist strap is perfect for carrying. And it’s easy to stay organized with the little pocket for cash, credit card and ID. :)

  • knics33

    I am absolutely in love with the Sao Paulo Artisan Hobo in Rosso (reddish color). I love the corset detail on the front, the simple flap opening, and the size of the bag- just perfect. A close second would be the Lorca (which I own)- fab smaller bag/clutch.

  • roxy

    Wyeth tote – I am in love!

  • Lauren

    I love the Wyeth Tote because I’m a sucker for fringe. The Wyeth is classy with just a touch of rock ‘n’ roll.

  • MamaToJakers

    I absolutely love the Havana Hobo!!! A close second is the Clutch Wallet!! :)

  • sirene

    I love the Trophy in Violet, but the Wyeth tote is pretty darn cute!

  • Alyson

    Thw Wyatt hobo is my favorite, in classic black.

  • ChristineNY

    Love the Pamela Dowel ladybag in black!

  • chica1

    Hands down my favorite HH bag is the Floripa which I am currently rocking today!

  • Jenni

    WOW! I love the trophy bag in indigo crinkle patent because it would be a great casual bag to go with jeans.

  • Maria Trinette

    I love the Violet Trophy!

  • gingeybear

    Rocking my old big mimi in lead today cuz I needed a neutral that had some pizzaz…but I crave a burst of color on this gloomy Monday and the NYC winter to come. I would lay my life on the line for the Tharpe hobo in Tango red..but I wish they made in in Violet crinkle patent….sigh.

  • sooki

    Havana Large Hobo, Violet Crinkle Patent! though that first prize Wyeth is gorgeous!!

  • pearl

    i like the laura reversible tote in pewter!

  • Kayster

    I love the magna folio tote. The colors are so vibrant I feel that it would be such showstopper.

  • vnksgirl

    I love love love the havana hobo. It is handbag perfection. Sleek, functional, rugged, sexy, wearable, I love it. LOVE IT.

  • marian

    I chose the Havana Large Hobo in cordovan. It seems like a versatile piece with a timeless look. Clean lines and easy to use.

  • teapot10

    I LOVE the Tharpe & the Havana Hobo. They are both very versatile while remaining very stylish as well. Beautiful bags.

  • indiaink

    I prefer the Wyeth Hobo, because it’s not a huge bag, and it’s not too small – it’s just the right size; *my* size. And it’s got that beautiful funky fringe, which is all the rage now – but you know, I never lost my taste for leather fringe – everybody else did, but I waited patiently. And now, my favorite handbag designer, Hayden-Harnett, has provided me with a wonderful reward. The Wyeth Hobo would be very happy to find a home with me and the rest of my HH family! Thank you!

  • Kitty

    I love the Tamasin Tote, Pewter Distressed color.

  • Robyn

    I love the Yam Havana. The leather looks so yummy!

  • kim

    I love the Wyeth Hobo. Hayden Harnett have the best bags ever! I love the Wyeth Hobo though because I love all the little details that are incorporated and its like the perfect size and I love love the fringe!

  • hokka

    i love so many, i don’t know where to start. the havana in cordovan would be amazing. so would the marcel, and some of the smaller items in violet!

  • modoki

    The Tharpe hobo in Tango Red: because it’s the sexiest red on a leather bag I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Alison

    I like the Wyeth Tote!

  • mindy terasawa

    My favorite is the Havana, such a great design! I own the gray one and love it!

  • Tina

    I love HAyden Harnett’s HAvana Hobo. I am especially in love with the violet crinkle. So pretty and vibrant!!

  • Lauren

    I am smitten with the Corcovado Turnlock Tote in Cordovan brown – it will fit all my crap :)

  • SereneRun

    I own several HH bags and my favorite is the Havana Hobo. I was browsing the site looking at the new styles and really like the Wyeth Tote as well as the Trophy bag.

  • Kelly

    I am in love with the Trophy bag in Grey Zeus! Love the shape, the size, the colour, the leather texture and all the convenient pockets….it’s perfect!!!!!

  • hez

    I love the Clara flap and the Marcel cluth.
    But the Havana Hobo and the Tharpe are both on my wishlist, too!

  • Lisa

    Emile Bowler Tote in Ruby
    It’s such a vibrant color, and I love the shape of the bag–it looks like it would fit easily under my arm.

  • kpdelight

    This is an easy question for me as I am a huge Hayden-Harnett fan and own several bags. Violet Crinkle Patent is my favorite color/leather combination of the season. If I had to choose just one bag I’d add to my Large Havana Hobo collection in that color. But if I could choose two bags, I’d add the Tropy Bag as well!

  • Nicole

    I love the the Havana large hobo, because it looks big enough to fit all the things that i need!!

  • Elizabeth

    My favorites are the Havana and the Mercer satchel. The leathers and colors by HH are so pretty as well!

  • Katelin

    I like the Wyeth Tote! It looks perfect for lugging to class!!

  • Michelle

    I love the havana hobo!! looks so special!

  • Sybaryte

    The Havana in Cordovan….wait! The Tharpe in Cordovan! Or maybe the Wyeth Tote in black….ARGH decisions, decisions…

  • sals

    I’m loving the Wyeth tote in cordovan. It looks roomy enough and I tend to carry everything in my bag.

  • Tabitha

    I think the wyeth tote is fabulous! I love a big bag!

  • gina

    i really like the Lorca Turnlock in Grey Zeus. It’s simple yet not boring =)

  • kris

    Havana Hobo in indigo crinkle patent is TDF! The Havana is an awesome looking bag and the crinkle patent is blue with a twist (I love blue bags)

  • Alexa

    I love the Tharpe hobo, it’s a great shape and it seems soo roomy. Plus in comes in yummy colors.

  • Christine

    I love the Tharpe in cordovan, such a beautiful color and a classy bag.

  • Janne

    I like the Corcovado Turnlock Tote, Khaki Patent. Yummy!

  • Dev

    The Marcel Clutch (worn crossbody)–it’s small and lightweight, yet holds a lot. Plus it’s super cute!

  • Shannon Lee

    The Emile Bowler tote in Yam. I love the bowler shape and the size of the bag.

  • ji

    i really like the jinhee slim tote khaki patent.. i like the shape of it and how theres not too much going on but its very stylish.

  • Anne

    I can only pick one?! Okay, then, in that case, my TOP favorite is the Lorca. Can go seamlessly from day to night. Love mine!

  • Jenifer

    I LOVE the tote. I love the style and the exterior pockets ….
    so beautiful. The perfect everday work bag!

  • bag lady

    Lorca turnlock in yam (but the grey zeus is cool too, though i don’t normally go for grey bags). The detailing (zipper and the zipper pulls, hardware on the strap and buckle) pulls together the whole unique look. love it.

  • kanayda

    LOVE the Trophy Bag in Indigo or Violet Crinkle Patent. SOOOO cute! I’m a big fan of outside pockets, so I just adore this bag…and the color…yummy

  • Pinkhappy

    I like the Staci crossbody in black. Very interesting design and I’m looking for a party bag.

  • Carissa

    My favorite is the Conrad Shoulder Bag in Ruby. It’s absolutely gorgeous & I love Hayden-Harnett!

  • cciele

    The Havana is my favorite bag ever! It’s a big bag that doesn’t carry big. You can stuff a bunch of stuff in it and it still looks good. Colors and leathers to die for. Super comfortable on the shoulder. This season, I adore the cordovan and indigo crinkled patent–nice!

  • eSynergy

    My favorite bag from HH is the Trophy bag in violet crinkle patent. It’s the perfect size for me to fit everything in for my commute to work (shoes, sandwich, book) but it’s also stylish enough to wear out at night.

  • MM

    I really like the Sloane Satchel in Blueberry. I love blue bags and it would complement my every day business casual.

  • my new bag

    the Wyeth Tote: in cordovan. Immediate response, I would carry this bag
    for years, it is a classic

  • Lissa

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote. I play so many roles during the day – mom, professional, volunteer. I need a bag that will take me through everything and can hold the kitchen sink. And it has to be in black because black goes with everything (and hides dirt well).

  • AW

    My favourite bag is the Sonia Tote in Ruby.

  • Dawn

    I actually love the Wyeth Tote in the cordovan. The color is so rich and beautiful and the style is large enough to carry all of my stuff.

  • Myra

    I love the Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus. Unique shape, fabulous colour and very practical outer compartments!

  • csyang

    I like the Wyeth Tote, looks stylish yet practical

  • bunny

    I love the Trophy Bag in Violet Crinkle Patent!! That it absolutely gorgeous! I love the shape, style, size and color!! It can fit my everyday essentials! Awesome bag!

  • merrygold

    I like the Lido clutch wallet that Toni pulled out of her bag. It looks so elegant in the black patent!

  • Vicki

    Love the Wyeth Tote in black. It is the perfect thing for a baby bag/ mommy bag while traveling. Must have it.

  • Bonniesgirl

    I love the Wyeth Tote — it has everything.

  • MsTina

    Bernardin Day Bag in Yam!

  • cheekychica

    Thanks for spotlighting this amazing designer! Oh, there are too many bags to choose from. I own four HHs, all of which I love, but I’m looking forward to getting my first Havana hobo – so chic yet practical. Black, cordovan and violet crinkle patent are my top choices for color. Other than the Havana, I would absolutely love the Wyeth tote or hobo in black or cordovan – the fringe elements are amazing!!

  • Erin

    I love the Havana Hobo.

  • Kelly

    I like the Gray Havana.

  • Kelly

    I like the gray havana because its a great size and color.

  • Mary Jenkins

    I like the Staci Crossbody in black!

  • CrazGirl

    I like the Sao Paulo Crossbody in Black. It’s practical especially when you go out with kids.

  • Jiyeun

    I like the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote because it looks so versatile.

  • Ock

    I love the Sonia Tote in Ruby. The color is fabulous!

  • Scott

    MAGNA Folio Tote, Black Multi is my favorite. The bright colors and details are amazing

  • Pam

    Hayden Harnett is my absolute favorite designer. I own over 10 bags and many of the accessories and apparel items. My favorite bag is a favorite among many HH fans. I absolutely love the Havana hobo in Cordovan. My other favorites are Tharpe, Lorca, Beatrice, and Ibiza Convertible Flight Tote. The clutch wallet is the perfect wallet and can store tons of card, cash, and change. I love the subtle details on each bag, the gorgeous lining, the multiple pockets, soft leather, and quality hardware.

  • CC

    Havana Large Hobo!

  • sunchicka

    The THARPE Hobo in Cordovan brings wonderful change stylistically and is a thoughtful addition to any wardrobe.

  • Matt

    Catalina slouchy laptop brief in chocolate!

  • enz87

    my favorite is Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote in cordovan because its so functional, stylish and practical. I hope I win this its just soo lovely.

  • mockinglee

    My favorite in the new collection? CLARA FLAP! I must have it.

  • petrina

    Maldives Nylon Weekender in Black! Perfect size for travel and great for mom too – tons of pockets and easy to clean!

  • michaelle

    I love HH, great bags and accessories!!!
    I think that the Wyeth tote is the perfect combination of rocker chic, classic cool, and could see it fitting with my wardrobe. A close runner up is the trophy bag in violet crinkle patent!!

  • Marianna

    I am a big fan of the Havana hobo and I really love it in the Violet crinkle. The Havana is just such an easy bag to wear and use. I own one in olive and it just gets better with time.

  • Alexandra

    I like the tote! it’s big enough, pretty, and black. Exactly what i really need.

  • Strawberries

    HH makes beautiful bags! My favorite is the Havana Large Hobo in Cordovan.
    Size: I think this is a very practical bag and a perfect size. It can hold a lot and also looks great with only a few things in it. Occasion: I can carry this bag anywhere. Its great for daily and weekends. Quality: The leather is soft and luxurious. Interior: It has a beautiful lining. Price: Good value for money.

  • bindc

    I really like the Laura Reversible Tote in bronze. That bronze is awesome and I’d be able to carry everything I need for the day.

  • Juli

    I like the Clara Flap Bag in Black Zeus because it’s a unique shoulder bag :)

  • merve

    I like the Wyeth tote mmmmm

  • sena

    The Trophy Bag is my favorite! Totally stylish and hip! Definitely for ME!

  • Joan

    I’ve fallen in love with Mercer Clutch, Anthracite, prefect for day and night.

  • Angie

    Ooooh….the Jinhee Slim Tote….versatile and stylish, I really like the fact that it has handles and a nice long shoulder strap. Also, it is a large bag but not bulky. And the Blueberry color is yummy!!

  • shushopn

    Clara in yam is interesting

  • kirsten

    I love the Jinhee Slim Tote in Blueberry. It would be perfect for work.

  • prettygirl3

    The Trophy satchel in violet crinkle patent is pure unadulterated hotness!! Loves it!!

  • Dmc60

    Corcovado in cordovan – not only is it fun to say, but it looks like the perfect bag for a busy, working mom!

  • Mimi

    I love the Laura Reversible Tote in either color. What a great idea that it’s reversible and a nice size bag for everything!

  • Cindy

    The Sonia Tote in black or ruby is beautiful! Love the style.

  • Sinky

    Emile Bowler Tote in Ruby!!!! what a beauty!!!!! i m in lurrrveee

  • tonsea

    My all time favorite is the Havana Hobo. But I also love the Sloane Satchel in Blueberry!!!

  • staycee62470

    I love the Wyeth tote- I just can’t decide on black or cordovan :) It’s a great looking bag and I love the fringe detail.

  • Maria Victoria

    The Wyeth Tote–I loved it the first time I saw it! Great design–fringe,
    shoulder strap, handles, studs, front pockets, and slouchy flap opening–classic details that will never go out of style!

  • SiSiEko

    I am really liking the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote. It’s classy, versatile and seems to be just the perfect everyday black tote for a busy lady. Nice:)

  • spanish moss

    violet crinkle rules! especially the havana hobo. do you know how good i’d look in that baby? fabfabfab,

    thanks, h/h.

  • Melissa

    HH bags are great!! I am loving the color red lately and the Sonia looks great in Ruby and so does the original Hudson Hobo!! But the new Wyeth Tote os very nice and a classy looking bag!

  • coachwife6

    Sloane satchel in pewter….very functional but adds some fun to your look.

  • Nina

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo is so beautiful!
    Big enough to hold everything I need, and yet, so feminine and chic!

  • Jenn

    My favorite right now has to be the Lorca in Violet Crinkle Patent

  • ellen

    the clutch is gorgeous! perfect for a night around town :)

  • cc

    love the Gemma field tote!

  • Brianna

    My favorite is the Havana Hobo in Ruby because of the shape, size, and the gorgeous color!!

  • Rosalyn

    I heart the EMILE bowler tote in Ruby. It’s the perfect tote for work!

  • Laura

    Of course, the LAURA tote is my choice…two choices in one bag, the only problem(if you want to call it a problem)is I can’t decide between the two colorways-all the better four choices!

  • Leslie

    i can’t get over the Magna Folio Tote in Black Multi! i tend to gravitate to neutral colours for reasons of practicality, but this is just absolutely stunning! (i just sent my boyfriend a hint about this one…)

  • Allison

    I love the Positano Gilded Clutch in magenta. The color is completely magnificent!

  • iCleo

    I absolutely adore black SONIA tote

  • Carmel

    Love Love the Staci crossbody – the ruby color is great and its style useful, unique, and chic!

  • Kathleen

    I LOVE the Tokyo clutch in silver anaconda because it is such a beautiful bag and extremely versatile. I can see it paired with jeans and a great top & heels as well as a coctail dress. Great bag!

  • perach

    the havana hobo because it looks great and holds everything i need.

  • Helen C.

    I love the Wyeth Tote in black. It seems to have an edgy, trendy look but classy and not too “over the top”. Perfect size for a busy working girl :D

  • Hedwig

    I like the Havana Large Hobo in Grey Zeus. The colour is beautiful!

  • Anita

    I love the Sloane satchel in Pewter and Blueberry.

  • karmenzsofia

    I love so many, it’s hard to choose. For now, I’ll choose the Havana in Cordovan because one simply cannot go wrong with that bag. To me, it’s perfect in every way. And in that color, I could use it every single day.

  • Sungho

    I love the Tamasin Tote in Pewter Distressed because it looks like such a comfy bag to take everywhere! When I saw the bag on the homepage, it caught my eye instantly!

  • Isabelle

    I think my favourite is the THARPE Hobo, Cordovan

  • Ana

    I like the gray Trophy – so chic!

  • mel_mel1004

    My favourite is the Havana Large Hobo, Violet Crinkle Patent – love the slouchy shape and this colour is gorgeous!!

  • young

    love the magnia folio tote!! the colors look gorgeous together!

  • sallyb80

    I love the Havana Hobo, looks like it has great pockets and can carry a lot!

  • Cristina

    I love my silver Pilot! I have a toddler and have to carry around a diaper bag full of my son’s things. The Pilot is a little place that’s just for ME! When I go out alone or with my fabulous husband, I can just grab the Pilot and feel classy. Love it!

  • Sarah

    I love the havana hobo! Very cute and functional. I love it more than any purse I have ever owned! (that would explain why I bought three of them in a months time!)

  • denise

    I love the hippie/rocker chic look!

  • Shawna

    I like the Havana in Eggplant and the Lorca in Turquoise.

  • Ruthie4

    The practical part of me is totally drawn to the sleek and classy Catalina slouchy laptop brief, but the whimsical part of me is loving the Toulouse Clutch. So torn!

  • temo

    Love the Lorca in any color!!

  • hei

    love the wyeth tote!! i just love oversized bags.

  • melody

    The Havana Large Hobo in Indigo Crinkle Patent is TDF! I love how its big and slouch but at the same time is super chic. Tha patent = luxe :D

  • Diona

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Clutch…because clutches are so in right now.

  • Cheryl

    I love the Wyeth Tote! Had my eye on that for a while.

  • Emily

    I have two favorites – The Wyeth Tote (which is amazing) and the Havana Flap Hobo!

  • pinkbags

    Mercer Clutch, Violet. not one of the new designes but still think it’s a great bag! not too big and very cute. love this violet color

  • Theresa Shafer

    Corcovado Turnlock Tote, Cordovan
    Why? Well, when I travel, I want a purse that can hold almost all of my must have even if my luggage goes on a separate vacation.

  • amanda c

    Havana Large Hobo, Cordovan because its savvy, casual yet chic in a Kate Moss kind-a-way.

  • kathemc

    Jinhee Slim Tote, Khaki Patent/ Black Patent… or in Blueberry

  • vd

    I like the Staci crossbody bag — chic and yet it reminds me of a past era!

  • luvsoftleather

    I’m totally in love with the Havana hobo… just the perfect shape and super versatile… my all time favorite HH bag. I’m still searching for it in eggplant! *sniff* should’ve gotten it when I saw it.

  • yapgarden

    TROPHY Bag in Black Zeus has more than enough pockets for all my daily needs. Bags that can make my life easier are definitely a plus.

  • Adrienne

    For me, hands down after surfing the site a bit, I have to say I like the Wyeth. It’s like Motorcycle Diaries meets Gunsmoke with that fringe, a good thing in my opinion. I’m a sucker for fringe because it has this hippie feel to it and I’m, in spirit, a hippie. :o) But where does that leave Wyeth tote? :o

  • Tania

    The LORCA Turnlock is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!!!

  • Meredith

    My favorite is the Sloane Satchel in Blueberry. Chic, practical and a gorgeous color, what more could you want?

  • Ang

    I LOVE the SONIA Tote in Ruby!!! Have 2 kids I tote quite a bit around still so I need a large, yet very stylish BAG! I also ADORE the color red. so this is PERFECT!

  • Reyna

    Corcovado Turnlock Tote, Pewter Distressed is my favorite! so functional and sparkly!

  • Ruth Zive

    The Havana Hobo in Grey Zeus…swoon….OMG….TDF!!!!

  • i

    I would have to say the Havana Hobo in Cordovan. I have a Havana Hobo myself, but that Cordovan color looks divine.

  • Aithori

    I am such a big fan of HH in general, it’s so hard to pick out a favorite! I guess I would say the trophy bag. It is roomy, eye-catching, and shows that even while HH maintains new choices in their favorite styles, such the havana and lorca, their new designs are equally as exciting and appealing.

  • Sarah

    I love the Wyeth tote. It’s so versatile! It’s structured and simple enough for work, yet has that funky rocker edge that adds a twist to any outfit!

  • princessmom

    I love the Sloane Satchel in bordeaux–I love it’s simple lines and soft boxy style, the leather looks yummy and it’s the perfect size!

  • tonij2000

    The Havana is my favorite! It’s almost the perfect bag!

  • Kristin Bramblett

    I love the pattern on the Capri coin purse, very art deco/mid century mod. I’m really into little bags/accessory bags lately. I also think the Sao paolo cross body bag has a great shape and detail on the front, reminds me how tuxedo/pleated/bibbed blouses are coming back. Thanks for hosting this, I wasn’t familiar with Hayden-Harnett til now.

  • amy

    i like the WYETH tote in Cordovan!

  • Erin

    I really love the Ipanema clutch here http://haydenharnett.com/index.cgi?action=detail&style=IPANEMAFLDKPB&back=http%3A%2F%2Fhaydenharnett.com%2Findex.cgi%3Faction%3Dall_clutch%26page1%3D2

    It’s so cute and different and would be perfect for a night out!

  • Mia Bella

    I love the Wyeth Tote in Black! It’s sexy!

  • Jennifer

    I love the Jinhee Slim Tote in Bordeaux. The oversize chain strap is really neat. Also, this bag would have a lot of room for eveything I need on a busy day without being too bulky.

  • Adria

    It’s hard to say because I love the look of so many HH bags. I use the Pilot clutch for a wallet and LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    But if I was choosing what bag I’d pick from HH if I could choose any, I’d go with the Sloane Satchel in Bordeaux. It sounds like it will hold a lot without looking huge or bulky. It has 10 exterior pockets!!!! I love the color, the hardware, and the style. The wide straps appear ultra comfy. I have a feeling I could fill it up and live out of it for weeks without looking like a bag lady. (ha, ha) It comes in several beautiful colors but Bordeaux is my favorite.

  • nicole

    I am loving the BERNARDIN in yam so cute I love the shape and the vintage inspired look.

  • airedale3

    I love the Tamasin tote in bronze.

  • Carlie

    I like the Wyeth tote, the handles are nice and I like the shape. Different, but not too much going on.

  • Jen

    L.O.V.E. the Sloane Satchel in Bordeaux!

  • Kym Babb Bushon

    The Havana Hobo has to be one of the best handbags ever created. I have two already and the violet crinkle patent is calling my name.

  • missy

    i’m dreaming of the WYETH tote in CORDOVAN.
    the tote is great because i’m completely obsessed with large bags, but it’s versitile enough to take from day at work to drinks in the evening… and i know i can fit a change of shoes and a dress in there for a night out!!!

  • Shannon

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote! I’m a new mom with a 6 week old and I’m a full time Nursing Student. I love large bags that help me carry my entire”life” around with me with my busy schedule. Even though I’m a mom, I still want to look cool and hip…especially on campus and I think this Tote would keep me in style!!!!

  • Cara

    I like the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote because it is a little different, but not too out there.

  • wealtheow

    I love the Tharpe hobo in cordovan. It looks stylish as well as practical.

  • Natalija

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote – I could finally put all my stuff inside :)

  • Pat Connors

    I like the Clara Tote in Black

  • Jade

    My favourite would be the Cannes Zipper Tote in Graphic Plaid.

    What caught my eye was the plaid print – it lends the bag a whimsical touch. The colour of the leather trim is a very nice saddle. This bag will certainly brighten up a fall/winter outfit! On top of all that, it’s roomy and perfect for everyday use. What’s not to love? :)

  • Shirley Hodge

    The minute I saw it I knew it was going to be my favorite even though I went on and looked at others and even though they are all mind boggeling the Bernardin Daybag, Yam Multi is the most mind-boggleing one of all. Would I love to have that on my arm.

  • Patricia Hill

    I love the Wyeth Tote in cordovan. I also like the Wyeth Hobo. They look like they are big enough to carry everything I need.

  • maquel

    I like the Clara Flap Bag in Zeus.

  • Susan

    I really like the Havana large hobo in gray. I’m just really liking gray right now.

  • Arlene P

    Who could not love the Havana large hobo…..especially in the patent leather. So gorgeous!!!!

  • nadine m

    I love the Trophy Bag, Indigo Crinkle Patent, I love all th epockets and the design.

  • Brandi

    That’s a hard decision. I found a few bags that would work great as a handbag/diaper bag. I decided that I like the Trophy Bag in Violet Crinkle Patent. I love this bag. I like the details including the big pocket in front so that my cell phone won’t get lost in my bag and the side pockets. The bag seems big enough to put snacks and essentials for my 19 month old but not so big that it overwhelms me. He is at the age that I don’t have to carry a separate bag for him so this is perfect. As far as the color, I don’t have a fun colorful bag so it would be a great choice to add some violet to my small handbag collection.

  • Michelle

    OMG!!! Did you see the Havana in Indigo Crinkle?! I will be saving up for that one!

  • Dawn

    I like ANY/ALL the totes-I need my purse to carry simply EVERYthing!

  • Jamie

    I’m all about the Mercer in black…classic, but edgy at the same time!

  • Kylie

    I REALLY like the tote! I’m all about big handbags, and that one is awesome!!! LOVE it!

  • Sara A

    My favorite is the EROL Large Canvas Tote, Sun color because it is so cheerful

  • Vanessa C.

    I love the Gemma Field Tote in Black – it is gorgeous! Thanks!

  • Rubin

    I really love the Wyeth tote. It seems like such a comfortable bag to carry around everywhere, everyday!

  • dcblam

    Eeek –
    It’s too hard to pick just one….hmmm….
    I really love the look of the Gemma Field Bag – but know that it would be TOO big for me!
    I’m lovin’ the Clara Flap as well…such great color combo and the deco looking clasp – what a statement piece!
    Also like the look of the Sloane bag, esp. the oversized “o” rings for the straps….you can see, I get distracted w/so many bags……AND don’t get me STARTED on the clothes and accessories – they are TOTALLY AWESOME!

  • MKNS

    Pamela Dowel Ladybag

  • Betty Shoemaker

    I love the Conrad Shoulder Bag in Cordovan. This is the perfect size for day and evening wear. Beautiful bags!!!

  • Caitlin

    My favorite HH bag has always been the Mercer clutch! So cute and functional at the same time! I also think the Sonia tote is adorable!

  • leah p.

    Tharpe Hobo is my favorite!

  • catherine

    my favorite bag is the corcovado turnlock tote in bronze distressed. it’s absolutely gorgeous, and reminds me of the colors in my bedroom. i can imagine using that bag all year round! i love how versatile it is. great, great bag!

  • Valerie Mitchell

    CATALINA Slouchy Laptop Brief, Chocolate

    Our brand-new laptop bag is perfectly suited as an every-day workbag, but doesn’t lack for style. Adjust the strap to wear it crossbody, … (read more)

    looks fabulous and just what I need!

  • Gale

    There are several that peak my interest. The clutches are really pretty for those special nights out – but being a practical mom of two who carries everything but the kitchen sink-I would prefer the Sonia Tote or Wyeth Tote in any color. The Corcovado Large Tote is nice too. Heck give me one of each! I can’t choose just one. A girl can never have too many bags….I love the color choices and the finishes!

  • Jen

    Tharpe hobo – loving the color and shape. :)

  • marieangeli dy

    the bernardin daybag is oozing with class!! loves it!!

  • Linda Peters

    Love the Pamela Ladybag, it is so elegant

  • D

    I love them all but i would say the hobo is my favorite one.

  • Raspberry Jam

    Def loving the Havana hobo in goldrush :)!

  • shoesandbags28

    My favorite bag is the Floripa Clutch, Black Patent Colorblock. The reason I love this bag so much is because I recently lost my job as an investment banker and this purse would be absolutely AMAZING to take on interviews! The bag is stylish and trendy yet polished and sophisticated- a great way for me to showcase my love for fashion while still maintaining a conservative look that is called for when working at a bank. Plus, it would appropriately spruce up a boring black suit and make me still look extremely professional.

  • Saifra

    My heart goes pitter patter for the Positano Gilded Clutch in Magenta. :) After spending a few years on big bad Wall Street I recently lost my job and realized my true love lies in creativity and color…. so I’ve decided to go do something that I love as opposed to have a job that does me. This bag would yell “yippee!” I’m free at last!!

  • Diana Maria

    I really like the IBIZA Convertible Flight Tote, Chocolate

  • Wendy

    I absolutely covet the Laura Reversable Tote in Pewter. It is simple and classic. The contrast of the pebbled leather and the metallic is stunning and the huge size is truly what a tote should be IMHO. Love it! I think my bag ban is slipping away… HOLD ME Back (or not!)!!!

  • Melissa

    I have to say that I love the Mercer Satchel (I have two). The leather is so soft, like butter. You can’t go wrong with HH. Keep up the good work!!

  • Chessica

    I really like the Havana hobo in the goldbrush, because its a really cute style, gold is my favorite color and the price is just right (especially in today’s economy) haha!

  • karen

    wyeth tote! as others have said, conservative enough for work but edgy enough that you WANT to carry it.

    i also love that you’re making passport covers now…. more metallics please!

  • kdo

    I’m torn between the Mercer Satchel, Goldrush
    and Lorca Turnlock, Yam — two different look and feel, the colors/texture are beautiful I love them both so it would be a tie for me.

  • Nan

    I love the Wyeth tote – and also the Tamasin tote – I love big bags as I am tall. I come from New Zealand and we just don’t get these bags down our way.

  • Sofia

    Trophy Bag, Grey Zeus is my favorite – it is just what I need!

  • Lianne

    I love the Conrad shoulder bag, in the Ruby or Cordovan. I tend to carry a ton of stuff with me, and that looks perfect for the day’s needs.

    Although the Magna Folio Tote is gorgeous. I just wish it had a little more structure to it.

  • Terds

    My fav right now is Havana Large Hobo in Violet / Indigo crinkle patent :)

  • alexandra

    the wyeth hobo, nice size and very trendy.

  • Miyu

    My favorite is the Ibiza…so practical since it converts into 3 different purses!

  • Erin Federwisch

    I love the Wyeth Clutch :D

  • Ingrid

    This bag is my favorite Havana Large Hobo – Violet Crinkle Patent! The color is beautiful!

  • Fei

    I am sooo drooooling over the Trophy Bag, Grey Zeus. OMG! That color is to die for! It is such a versatile color that it could transition though all the seasons effortlessly. It is also a very classic yet modern shape. I love the gold hardware because it warms up the steely grey color of the bag. love it. love it. love it.

  • Real McCoy

    My two favorites (can’t decide between them) are the Wyeth Tote in cordovan and the Trophy bag in either the black or gray zeus. Although, I have to say that, even though I don’t do clutches, that Positano is beautiful.

  • Leah

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote is any color is my FAVORITE! Love it! Want it! must have it. :)

  • Jessica

    I love the Wyeth Tote in black!! It’s very simple yet stylish. It matches everything but it is still different. I really want to get it.

  • Cristina

    I LOVE the Sloane Satchel in Pewter. The color and texture looks beautiful, and I love satchels so it’s a perfect combof or me! love it!!!!

  • Lauren

    I love the Trpohy bag in Grey Zeus patent! It so beautiful and I love big handbags that fit everything and anything!

  • Pamela Herndon

    I love the Pamela Dowel Ladybag in Black. I love its shape and size, and I love that it has my name.

  • Valerie M.

    I really like the PASTIS Frame Bag, Bouton d’Or. I don’t have anything like it and I love different. The colors are gorgeous.

  • Nancy

    I love the Wyeth Tote! I am partial to fringe, and the details on this are just beautiful.

  • Lisa C

    I would love to have the Havana Large Hobo and all the purses are to die for. I really love the one you’re giving away…black is my favorite color in purses.

  • Devi Girsang

    I heart Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus Patent for its fab design and fits to carry all!

  • Ashley

    I love the Wyeth tote!

  • musicgirl

    I really like the Sao Paulo Artisan Hobo!

  • Holly

    My favorite is the LIDO Zippered Mini Bag, Bouton d’Or because of the bright colors. It looks really cute

  • Cori Westphal

    I like the EROL Large Canvas Tote in Sun. How cute! Thanks for the great contest!

  • Christine

    omg!!!! Trophy bag in violet crinkle patenttttttttttttttttt
    beautiful design with HOT colr!!!!!

  • Barbara

    The Pilot Clutch in grey. Perfect jaunt around bag for just the essentials. It is too hard to find wristlets that fit a cell phone.

    I wouldn’t complain at the 3rd place wristlet, though.

  • charmed05

    I love the Lorca turnlock, it’s a HOT bag!

  • Heidi

    I am really liking the Tamasin Tote in distressed pewter. I just graduated college and started my life in the corp world.. I am trying hard to dress professionally while maintaining a sense of style. This bag looks like it would be perfect for work. The style and color is trendy, but not so flashy that it is trashy. Thanks for your consideration!

  • bgcutiepie00

    I like the trophy bag!!!!!

  • Kathy Blok

    I love:
    The Wyeth tote in Cordovan and black
    The Magma Folio Tote
    The Jinhee tote in khaki patent
    The Havana hobo in Violet crinkle
    The clutch wallet in all colors!

  • Deborah

    I like the professional look of the Catalina bag.

  • todslover

    I love the Emile Bowler Tote, Yam. The rounded corners of the bag fit my frame. It allows me to carry a larger bag without being overwhelmed by the size.

    LOVE the fringe on the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote. It’s so fresh..it coordinates with the headbands this season.

  • R. Bloomwood

    The Havana Hobo in Indigo Crinkle Patent is a gorgeous bag! Of course, I love so many it was really hard to pick just one. Thanks HH for offering this giveaway. I LOVE all 3 of the prizes!

  • deborah

    magna folio tote. I love color! I also love my mimi, but that’s not sold anymore.h

  • Lisa Vance

    I love LOVE LOVE the Gemma shoulder bag!

  • Teresa Hoyt

    My favorite is the Corcovado Turnlock Tote! Thanks!

  • hide_fiend

    Without question, my favorite HH bag is the 80s Colorblock Floripa Clutch. It’s got so much style and holds a ton. The color palette is fierce and sophisticated. It’s perfect for me since I was around in the 80s and now require an updated punker-than-thou wardrobe.

  • Kristel

    My favotite bag is the “Trophy Bag, Violet Crinkle Patent”. It matches my new Gucci shoes I just bought yesterday.

  • chris

    The Wyeth tote is gorgeous! I love big black bags so it’s not a surprise that I’m drawn to it but it’s the details that elevate this bag to a new level. I also think the bag size is great – it’ll be perfect for times when I have to carry lots and when I don’t.

  • Genevieve

    CONRAD shoulder bag in Yam is georg! It’s not overly designed, is slightly rugged and made from great leather.

  • TygerKitty

    The havana hobo in gray zeus! So gorgeous, definitely a dream bag for me!

    I also adore all the bags in the violet crinkle patent… yum!

  • Virginia

    I love the SLOANE Satchel in Blueberry. I like that you can hold it or wear it over your shoulder, and it’s the perfect color for the season.

  • Simran

    i quite like the Trophy Bag, Grey Zeus………..the color is beautiful and the size seems just right not too big not to small..i think it can pretty much go with anything right

  • CTgrl414

    Loving the Tharpe hobo in Cordovan. Looks so supple and comfy!

  • E

    Sloane Satchel in pewter.. functional & cute. I also like the 2 pockets on the front!

  • lili

    Trophy Bag, Grey Zeus because i love the color and the size is perfect for me

  • boobeary

    I love the Tracy clutch – it is a refined yet edgy clutch that will go easily from day to night!

  • pinkdiamond

    i love the Havana in platinum lizard!!! it’s HOT!

  • kathi pinkston

    The Wyeth Tote in Cordovan wins my heart. I love totes and this one is me!

  • Tracey Byram

    Sloane Crossbody, Bordeaux is absolutely perfect for me. I’m very petite so a small handbag is just the right size for me. And I love the color.

  • Vickie Couturier

    The Clara Tote in Black,why because I need one an havent had a new purse in over 10 yrs.thanks

  • Terri

    I adore the Trophy Bag in Violet!! The violet look like raspberry hard candy yummy! I really like the satchels with all the outside pockets and the hardware.

  • Jennifer

    MOSAIQUE hobo

  • joann

    Beautiful bags ! I’m in love with so many of them ! My choice would be the Wyeth Hobo. If I can only pick one , the Hobo is the one that would provide me with the most combinations with my wardrobe . Thanks !

  • Brigitte

    I am a fan of the Mercer Satchel Lead!

  • anjali

    hayden harnett is one of my very favorite designers! her bags are of such high quality and the leather is always impossibly supple and soft – so i’m thrilled about this contest! lately i’ve desperately coveted the tamasin tote in blueberry. the color is SO beautiful and the bag is the perfect size for traveling, going to class or work, going to the park or just spending a day out. i absolutely love it!! so by far the tamasin tote in blueberry. other favorites include the lorca turnlock in yam and the wyeth tote in cardovan.

  • rachel

    i like the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote.

  • herblady

    I would love to own the Wyeth tote in Cordovan because the color goes with everything and it has smashing good looks!

  • Jessie

    My favorite bag is the Wyeth Hobo Black. The fringe is so on trend right now but the bag still looks classy and cool!

  • Stephanie

    I love the bowery studded mini clutch in violet. Great detailing and a perfect pop of purple!

  • gracie

    love the tote: roomy to hold everything and touch of hobo chic with the fringe detail.

  • babyblue4

    I love the Sloane Satchel in Bordeaux!!

  • jessica rose

    If I have to chose one I would say the Havana – classic! love it!

  • Cindy

    I really like the Wyeth tote. I love Hayden-Harnett bags.

  • Dmarie2020

    I love the Lorca Clutch! It’s one of my all time favorites -tango red, yam or purple crinkle would all be fine!

  • kimcumber

    I love the Lyon Satchel, Bouton d’Or. It will make the perfect carry-on bag when I go to France next year.

  • Samantha

    My favourite is Wyeth Hobo in black. Like it for its size, adjustable strap, rocker fringe- it’s a winner!

  • Laney

    I love the Wyeth tote! I have been wanting it since it came out!

  • digby723

    Def. the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Clutch which is pictured! It’s perfect for going out! A great day to play kind of accessory!

  • smdr28

    I’m in love with Clara Flap Bag, Black Zeus. After seeing the youtube video by Toni, I know it can hold all my goodies!

  • Cappa

    I really love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo. It’s big enough to hold my things and it has an edge to it which I love.

  • Amy B.

    I liked the Sloane Satchel, Bordeaux. The giveaway items are nice to. Thank you for the chance…

  • Laura B.

    My favorite is the Wyeth Tote. It looks roomy and like it has plenty of pockets to tuck away those little things that are always getting lost in the bottom or your purse.

  • Jasmine Galal

    Well, I really like the Weyth tote. It’s chic, hip & has many pockets to organize my so many items

  • Katherine

    Ok, All the Purse LOOK Great its Hard To Just Pick One But I Would Have To Say that my Fav is ..Lido Zippered Mini Bag, Harlequin/Tango Red .. B/c the Colors Are Beautiful the bag is just the right size for ME. Plus its a great Winter and Spring Purse.

  • veyda

    Magna Folio Tote in Black Multi.

  • neejess

    Trophy Bag, Violet Crinkle Patent

    Love the size. Over all look is very appealing. IN LOVE.

  • kim

    bernardin, the bag looks great for work

  • sandra kao

    my favorite is the HAVANA Large Hobo in Cordovan

  • walinette

    Tharpe Hobo, Tango Red
    Seems really practical and I like the bright color

  • Kathleen Stephanopoulos

    I love the Wyeth Hobo! If I had to choose a color I guess it would be black. I have always loved fringe, and my kids laugh. Now I could have it on a handbag and show off my style! It is Incredible!!!!

  • Dominique

    I love the Pamela Dowel Ladybag in Black.

  • Linda Peters

    I really like the Munroe Shoulder Bag, Black Colorblock

  • Cheryl

    I love the Lorca …. have the black one and love, love it. The leather is so squishy soft and it’s just the right size and it hangs at the perfect length and goes well dressed up or dressed down

  • Lizz

    The Wyeth tote is my new HH fave!

  • Virenda

    Like everyone else I love Hayden-Harnett so picking just ONE favorite was extremely hard which is why I choose two. :)

    The Wyeth tote in Cordovan and the Tamasin tote in Blueberry (the bronze is GORGEOUS too!) are my top two choices.

    Can’t wait to find out who wins….

  • Tina

    Bernardin Daybag (Yam Multi) – I’m starting to understand my sense of style & this handbag encapsulates it in one bold statement; vintage & classic with a modern twist.

  • Deb Anderson

    I haven’t been a huge fan of the larger totes but I absolutely love the
    Wyeth Tote in Cordovan. Maybe it’s because I love fringe!! I’ve been looking for a larger bag that isn’t cumbersome to take with me on flights. The pockets on the front will be great for immediate access items and it looks roomy enough to hold everything I need. I think this one is it!

  • Cong Do

    I love the TROPHY bag in crinkle violet patent. The size and style is so chic and functional. the patent leather is “TDF!”

  • Tuyen

    I like the Clutch Wallet Black cuz I think it looks really pretty and useful for me.

  • Suzzeee

    I really like the Wyeth Tote, the Tamasin in the blueberry combo and the new Clara bag is growing on me as well!

  • Rose

    Love the Havana large hobo in Cordovan

  • gucciguccilove

    i love the Trophy Bag in Violet Crinkle Patent

  • Sophieees

    I really like the Tamasin Tote, Blueberry because it’s roomy enough for daily use and looks lovely too!

  • patricia

    I absolutely adore the black WYETH Tote-it is such a fantastic, big, carryall, can be used for years, by me and daughter, and any grandaughters!!!!!!

  • Salina

    clara flap bag in black zeus because the mixture of colors and the textures would add a vibrant pop to any outfit and probably would go with everything!

  • katie

    you cant get a girl to go to a bag site and pick Just One! Anyway I love wyeth tote cos it’s a balance of classic and rock and roll, and I also like the pastis in bouton d’or.

  • littlej

    I love the Wyeth Tote. The style is classic, but the fringe makes it a little edgier than your standard bag.

  • biggestbaglover

    I really love the Tropy bag in Grey Zeus…although the Wyeth tote is also a favorite!

  • Camille

    My favorite is the Ruby Conrad shoulder bag. The shape is one I love. I recently ordered a similar bag, albeit by a different designer and had my order canceled, so I’m lusting after this shape.

  • wordbox

    The grey Sonia Tote. It’s roomy and functional, but there’s also something very classy and pretty about it. Love it!

  • Tracy

    I LOVE the Wyeth tote in Cordovan. It’s spacious and roomy, and looks like it can carry all of my daily “necessities.”

  • emmy

    sloane satchel in pewter aLL THE WAY!!

  • Fran

    EMILE Bowler Tote! SO Cute and perfect for school :)

  • bmamba

    I love the Lorca Turnlock in Indigo Crinkle Patent. Classic HH and a beautiful color for this season!

  • Elaine K

    all the bags are absolutely gorgeous in their own way! if i hv to chose my favourite, it’s gotta be the tote.
    i can just dump everything into the tote for work and weekdays and my shopping loot during the weekends!

  • J Moo

    It was hard to choose just one, but my favorite is the Lorca Turnlock in Grey Zeus or Violet Crinkle Patent.

    I think it is a practical size and has a classy shape with sassy details (the various hardware and the dangling ties). It looks like it would be a great purse to hold the basic necessities plus lots of extra miscellaneous stuff without being too big and encumbering.

    I like the Grey Zeus color because it goes with everything. I like the Violet Crinkle Patent because it is HOT and screams “Look at me! I am a beautiful handbag!”

  • pixiechic

    It’s not on the site any more, but I am still utterly in love with the HH Nomade Hobo in Bittersweet. It’s the perfect slouchy fall bag, holds everything I need it to and then some, the lining makes me smile, and the tiny HH details just delight me. And it’s incredibly comfortable to wear – I love the way it hugs my body. Hopefully HH will do more like this soon!

  • eorchid

    trophy bag in grey!!!

  • Rebecca Martinez

    My favorite is the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote.

    I just think it’s a cute bag… the fringe on it gives it a funky edge! It’s one that you can use with jeans, a cute top and amazing boots and just feels spectacular with it! It has the look to be an everyday bag… without being boring!

  • teinna

    The Wyeth Tote – I love the little bit of fringe on the side!

  • cakegirl

    Havana hobo, cordovan

  • style guru

    Trophy in Grey Zeus…magnificent

  • qualidee

    Love the Staci Crossbody in Red, my favorite color.

  • Lauren

    Since there are 3 prizes I will say my 3 top bags:
    1)Trophy bag in violet, how unique
    2) Emily Clutch: versatile and classic
    3) Magna Folio Tote: This would look so fab with an all black outfit, love it

  • maria

    I love the Havana large hobo, in any colour, but blueberry is calling me!

  • maya

    DEFINITELY the Wyeth Tote!!
    I’ve been eyeing it for some time now!!!!
    Love how its versatile- roomie enough to carry my life around in! Fringes give the extra kick :)

  • Reece

    I love the conrad bc its a nice size I can use it during the day and take out at night to dinner!

  • Marcie

    Emile Bowler Tote, Ruby
    Beautiful bag great color

  • Jasmeet

    I love the Trophy Bag in Black Zeus. It looks big enough to hold everything but still looks great!

  • NoSnowHere

    Havana large hobo is my fav!

  • Stacey Bradley

    I love the Havana Large Hobo!

  • Gina

    I love the Havana Large Hobo in Cordovan.

  • 24kt

    the wyeth is lovely

  • Lucycarol

    I love the Gemma shoulder bag in black. It is the perfect bag to carry from day into night– if I traveled with this bag, my suitcase would be a lot lighter!

  • Stacy O

    I pick the Wyeth Tote….I love the shape, shape, & tassels – it’s perfect!

  • Lucy

    I love the Pamela bag, the shape is so ladylike and pretty!

  • es

    GEMMA tote because it’s stylish and practical.

  • Linnea

    The Trophy Bag, Indigo Crinkle Patent

  • Kelley

    Bernardin Daybag in Yam multi. Great looking chic bag.

  • Cheryl

    I really like the Havana Large Hobo in Violet. I could picture myself with it on my arm, very stylish!

  • Dawn

    I really like the TOTE. I’m a big purse kind of gal, so I like these roomy types. I would prefer a chocolate brown though instead of black. Why does it seem so hard to get purses in brown, anyway?

  • Deborah

    Hi really like the Havana Large Hobo, Violet Crinkle Patent ,such a pretty color! I actually don’t have a hobo right now ..always seem to get more of a tote or speedy style.. this one is pretty!

  • Linda Ts

    I like the Havana large hobo.

  • oli

    The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote is sexy

  • Raha Danna

    Love the BERNARDIN Daybag. Perfect for Fall.

  • Tina Renee

    The grey trophy bag is my pick.

  • Skim

    I LOVE HAVANA HOBO BAG, b/c this is my EVERYDAY BAG!!!!!! :)

  • Tehmina Inayat

    I love the Havana Large Hobo in Violet Crinkle Patent, because it’s gorgeous and I can fit my laptop in it :D

  • Ashley K

    My fav is the Trophy bag, especially in the grey zeus color, because of all the pockets – I’m an organization freak, and this bag would look insanely chic while keeping everything in its place!

  • glamdollx3

    My favorite is the tart tote, it’s perfect for school.

  • Jenny P

    My favorite is the Tharpe in Black. I like how the straps are wavy on the sides, and I like the front flap too.

  • Amanda

    My fav by far is the CLARA Flap Bag in Black Zeus. It is so funky and original and just darn cool!

    I had previously thought that HH bags were kinda boring.. i am pleasantly surprised! Will definitely be considering a purchase in the future :)

  • Maria

    I love the Lido Zippered Mini Bag, Bouton d’Or. It is so cute and has a summer look to it..

  • Scarlett

    I am in love with the Laura Reversible Tote It is just gorgeous and so versatile. I love both the Bronze and Pewter colors it has. It is just TDF!

  • iolani

    I love the Wyeth tote, it’s big and roomy!

  • Jo A

    The Wyeth Hobo tdf, just right size for me:)

  • Rysch

    Wyeth tote in cordovan is my favorite!

  • Yolanda Z

    My favorite bag is the Havana Large Hobo in Indigo Crinkle Patent. It is the most perfect looking bag! This is definitely on my Xmas wish list!

  • Debbie F.

    Love them all! But, if I have to pick just one…the Magna folio tote.

  • Maddy

    Wyeth Cordovan Tote. As a devoted H-H fan, and Earth Mother, this one would be the last bag I’ll ever need. It has perfect balance of design.

  • Suzanne

    The Lorca Turnlock in violet is my favorite because of the shape, and purple is my favorite color.

  • Janet Deane

    Gotta go with the black Wyeth Tote. What a great bag.

  • Amy B

    I like the Sonia Tote, Black. All the handbags are beautiful. Thanks so much for the chance.

  • Jenny

    Bernardin Daybag, Yam Multi, it is stunning and perfect for my daily excursions!

  • Cal

    I love the Emile bowler!

  • jackieblue

    This is a TOUGH one.

    Today, I am going with the Trophy in violet crinkle patent. What a fun bag!

  • jackieblue

    Forgot to add the “why…”
    It’s different from bags I own, the color is delicious, the shape is gorgeous, and the size looks large enough to fit the essentials without being overwhelming.

  • Amy

    The Havana Large Hobo in Violet Crinkle is my favorite.

  • yostefee

    I like the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote the best. I’m liking big bags right now and I have a thing for bo-ho styles.

  • Cheryl

    I have fallen…
    the Bernardin Daybag in black is beautiful. Functional as well, who could ask for more…

  • Melxnie

    My favorite is the Staci crossbody because of the unique design and the kisslock closures.

  • gingerly

    I love the Havana Hobo.

  • Paula Rose

    I <3 the Havana Large Hobo, Platinum Lizard
    Its puuuuuuuuuurdy!!!

  • T.do

    The havana Hobo, functional and is a great size!

  • AEILoveU

    The STACI in any colour is perfect — not only is it stylish, unique and eye catching, it is the perfect style for clubbing. (I prefer bags slung over the body while dancing — less chance of smacking the date! Lol).
    Definitely going on my wish-list.

  • Amanda

    I like the havana large hobo in black

  • Mel

    Ok, I’ve got two favorites: Maldives and Ibiza in any color. They are simply salacious. Who knew bags could do that to someone?! This is perfect for traveling.

  • Holly

    I love the Pamela Dowel Ladybag – it has a classic and ladylike shape, but the metallic and the pewter color make it youthful and fun. It also looks super roomy and comfortable, so extra points for being functional as well!

  • Laurie

    I love the Tharpe Hobo in Tango Red. Sexy gorgeous red (the lining is cool too) and there’s a place for everything!!! Never dig for anything again with this bag! Definitely a “Must Have”.

  • chirrrrp

    the Lido Zippered Mini Bag, Bouton d’Or is way cute, very multi-purpose too.

  • Beth

    Crossbody iPod Case, White Trim
    How cute is this?

  • ice-cream

    Love the magna folio tote in black multi. Love all the different colors.

  • justine

    I love love the Wyeth Tote in Cordovan color. Absolutely gorgeous color for fall/winter and love the great unique design with lots of room and pockets for all essentials and more!

  • Bing

    I love the Wyeth Tote. It’s what every woman with good taste desires and deserves. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Susana

    Wyeth Hobo Cordovan in the black love the fringe and the chic Rock & Roll feel of this bag. Definitely a great piece to wear all winter with all my sleek black and high heeled ankle boots. Gotta have it. Wish I can win the tote. It is too cool.

  • Katie

    The Sloane satchel in Blueberry is amazing! It looks very chic but practical, too.

  • Lindsay

    I absolutely love the Wyeth Tote because it offers the perfect balance between chic professional and trendy downtown girl. Since I work in the beauty industry, it is super important to look professional, yet have an edge. This bag provides that look exactly!

  • cate

    I love the Wyeth tote that is the prize. But, my next choice is the trophy bag in the violet crinkle patent leather. Since I haven’t seen either one ‘in person’, I’m basing my choice entirely on looks! They are beautiful bags.

  • Fashionfrenzy

    The Magna Folio Tote–would add some 70’s disco fun to my dreary winter wardrobe!

  • Barbara Ross

    The Sonia tote in black looks awesome…like the perfect bag.

  • Mpark46

    I adore the wyeth tote!

  • Dana

    The Wyeth Tote in Cordovan.
    I love the pockets and the fringe!

  • Barbara Ross

    I like soft and roomy, so the Havana hobo would be the bag for me.

  • Pia

    I always like the Havana hobo but of the new bags I’m really digging the Clara flap in Yam.

  • Hannah

    The Tamasin tote in any color!!

  • Brenney

    Wyeth Hobo!

  • Sarah

    The Tracy clutch colorblock- the metallics work well together, great size
    The Bernadin- classic shape, good color

  • tygrr_lily

    addison leather tote in boysenberry or pyrite… beautiful!

  • tygrr_lily

    whoops… wrong section :S

    i love the trophy bag in grey zeus patent because it’s big and unique and the colour is stunning!

  • starwinks23

    I would love that Emile tote in Yam!

  • Addy

    Tharpe Hobo in Tango Red looks like a very chic bag for work or travel

  • Courtney

    LOVE the Wyeth…..very edgy!

  • Monica

    The one on my wish list is the Wyeth Hobo, Cordovan!

  • Cam

    Trophy Bag, Violet Crinkle Patent – Its adorable its purple my favorite color and the fall color!

  • Cecilia

    I like the Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus. Its large, versatile, stylish and i love how you can wear the bag on the shoulders or hold it as a tote.

  • vlinnell

    Tharpe Hope in Tango Red is my favorite, althogh I liked some of th totes too.

  • Yoonmee

    I like the Sloane Satchel in Bordeaux. It just looks like the perfect size and shape to carry all of my stuff with me.

  • Lori

    I really like the Wyeth tote in black.

  • Tanyale

    I like the Havana Large Hobo, Grey Zeus. It’s neutral and I’m a shoulder bag girl. It would go with everything casual and dressed up and look chic.

  • heminway

    So hard to choose . . . . I guess I’ll go with the Wyeth Tote in Cordovan.

  • melvel

    My ultimate favorite HH bag is the Inka Big Clip Hobo, but they’re not producing that anymore. Runner-up is the Havana Hobo, it’s a very versatile bag.

    The Wyeth Tote is so chic, I love it!

  • MissV

    I love the Wyeth Tote!! who wouldn’t? <3

  • Deborah Dockendorf

    Decisions! Decisions! All of the bags are terrific but the LAURA Reversible Tote, in Bronze is just so clever! I can’t resist the beautiful metallic. Since it is reversible…..it is like getting two bags for the price of one!

    Thanks sp much Hayden Harnett!

  • Bella

    Well, wouldn’t you know, after looking through the site, The Wyeth Tote calls my name the loudest.

    I love the casual hippie feel of it, but it also rocks! I could use this bag any day, the size is perfect, not too big and not too small. I especially love the design and the versatility of it being handheld and having the longer strap. Love it!

  • Felicia

    I adore the Laura Reversible Tote in Pewter. It’s a simply stunning tote and can be worn with almost any item of clothing. My next favorite is the Wyeth tote – beautiful!

  • papillon216

    The Magna Folio Tote in Black Multi looks so fun and stylish :)

  • Sharon

    WYETH Tote, Cordovan.

  • klutz

    The Trophy Bag in indigo crinkle pink! Wow!

  • Junkenpo

    Conrad shoulder bag in Ruby… classy, functional, practical…beautiful!

  • karen Cook

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote in black…

  • Ms Lizardo

    Weyth tote in Cordovan…hands down for me!

  • Piaffe73

    The Bernardin Daybag (Yam Multi) is so chic and minimalistic for everyday, the color is gorgeous too…

  • Melody

    Trophy Bag in Indigo Patent!

  • Sara

    The Wyeth Hobo and Tote are stunning.

  • Cody

    You can’t beat the Havana Hobo. I’ve been looking to acquire a second one for a while now, it’s just such a classic, easy to wear shape.

  • angl2b

    Sloane Satchel, Bordeaux
    I love that it is big enough to carry even a notebook and a bunch of other stuff. Looks more structured.

  • NicoLe

    i really love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo. Its a perfect black bag!! and the fringes make it funn!

  • Corrina

    The Trophy Bag in Violet Crinkle Patent leather! It’s so beautiful!

  • mel_mel1004

    The MOSAIQUE Hobo, Black/Multi is my favourite because it is a fun and beautiful handbag with interesting graphics on the surface, but it’s also very functional in size and versatile to carry – adjustable straps and fold over flap.

  • Stacy

    I’m with a lot of the others – I like the Wyeth tote. The size isn’t overwhelming but will still carry just enough stuff. I also like the colors it comes in – especially the cordovan.

  • britbrit

    I really REALLY love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote.

    It’s a great basic black color… the leather is SO luxurious and beautiful… not only that, but it’s a great versatile size! I would be so thrilled to have it as my own!! :)

  • jess

    I *love* the Wyeth tote in cordovan. I’ve been looking for a rich, brown leather bag to add to my collection, and the Wyeth is the perfect size to carry just about anything I’d need. I really like the convertible straps, too!

  • Zenevieva

    I like the STACI crossbody’s architectural aspects.

  • hedieh

    Wyeth Tote, Black
    its big and roomy, and its beautiful!!
    and black goes with everything!

  • Amber G

    I love the Wyeth Tote in Cordovan :)

  • Tencia

    My favorite is the Mercer satchel in Lead!

  • Leeanne

    I love the Wyeth Clutch in black!

  • Tencia

    Forgot to say why! It looks beautiful, very soft, and functional, and the color is great!

  • Kirsten

    I love the Sloane in pewter!

  • veyda

    Clara Flap Bag in Black Zeus

    I love the color combo and it would look great with jeans. The style is casual or a little dressy.

  • Debra

    Jinhee Slim Tote, Blueberry – color is to die for!!
    Also like the Clara Flap Bag in Black Zeus

  • Paddy Walker

    I love the explosion of color on the Magna Folio Tote, it matches my style.

  • April Joy

    Bernardin Daybag, Yam Multi is my favorite. I love the hardware on the outside and I don’t have a purse like it … yet!

  • Ann

    Trophy Bag in Crinkle Patent Indigo…Funky and functional in a to die for color!

  • Style Spy

    Mad for the Emile Bowler Tote in Ruby. Fantastic!

  • peevenjo

    I love the Corcovado in Pewter Distressed because it is genormous! I love it’s size and the many pockets on the outside. It looks like such a great and comfortable bag, and I look for comfort!

  • rubyred

    must say – the trophy bag is exactly what it would be…on me or my shelf!

  • Laura

    I love the Wyeth clutch — I need to use small bags that can fit inside a utilitarian laptop bag. This one is chic and small, but with a little pop of glamor. When I take it out, it doesn’t feel like being at work anymore. Love it!!!

  • Ellie Mae

    Wyeth Hobo, Black

    OMG… take me back to the 70’s! I love FRINGE and hobo bags, so this is by far MY FAV! Throw a tassel on it, and this bag is PERFECT!

  • Lauren

    I’m lovin’ the LYON Satchel – Bouton d’Or. The shape is very classy, yet the print is playful. Would be the perfect way to lighten up a pinstripe suit!

  • Laura

    I think the Wyeth Hobo would be a fun, funky bag to have.

  • J

    I’ve always loved the large Havana Hobo and still do! I love everything about it, especially the shape!!

  • Judy

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote Most definitely!!!!

  • Sindy

    I love the Wyeth Tote in Black! First I love big purse. The whole design looks chic and great for work. I think the details on this one is very attractive + it is very roomy!

  • Karen

    I love the Cannes zippered tote!!

  • kiran

    i’m an ibiza girl (in blue)- i need something that durable, versatile, & functional!

  • Alison1978

    Beatrice Satchel – sure to get noticed carrying that one! WOW!

  • Luciana

    I love the Havana Hobo!

  • Soon

    I love the Emile Bowler Tote in Yam because it’s really cute & kida a look like one of my dogs.

  • Bali_Girl

    I like the HAVANA Large Hobo in Cordovan. It looks like a great all around all-purpose bag that can go anwhere, anytime. The Cordovan color leather would be a good color for this fall/winter season

  • Kassie

    I am digging the Cannes Zipper Tote in Corsaire…cute cute cute!

  • Youna

    I love Hayden Harnett for the styles that’s got the edge, the right amount of details that’s not too much or not too little.
    I really love the Clara Flap shoulder in black – it’s so mod, can be worn dressy and casual.
    Also the wyeth tote is so edgy, and the leather seems to supple and soft – i totally dig it.

  • kerry

    My favorite is the Havana Large Hobo in Indigo Crinkle Patent. I love the shape of the hobo, and the way it slouches. Indigo is my favorite color this season.

  • Jean

    I love the trophy bag in violet crinkle patent because it’s big enough to fit all my stuff and the colour is hot!

  • pursejunkee

    I love the Wyeth Tote in Cordovan!

  • Wailana

    Definitely the Wayeth tote.

  • Jennn

    The TROPHY Bag in Indigo Crinkle Patent!!! I love the color and it fits all my daily necessities!

  • Sarah

    Love, love, love the Tart Tote in Black Colorblock. Never seen anything like it before and I like it!

  • Corsie

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote!

  • Kellie

    Trophy bag in grey zeus b/c the colour is gooorgeous

  • Wendy Chen

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote. Fancy yet classic!!!

  • Jessica

    The Wyeth Tote in black is my favorite because it’s very sheek, edgey and fun. The fringes make the handbag pop out and overall the handbag just turns heads! Very gorgeous. It caught my attention when I first saw it.

  • brenda

    i love the Cannes Zipper Tote — versatile to give you a pop on your plain clothes yet matches well with others because of its earth tones

  • rushka

    LOVE the Wyeth tote. Looks like the pocketbook love child of Christian Dior and a Harley biker chick. Ladylike, but edgy. Would definately chic up my school run uniform of lulu lemmon yoga pants and prada down gilets! Anything for a small scandal at the schoolgate!!! Ladies, please no more organic hemp shopping totes used as handbags -obviously proper bags need not be deathly boring!!!

  • Vivian

    it was so hard to choose just one, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the conrad shoulder bag in Cordovan – because i’ve been wanting something i can wear crossbody leaving my hands free =)

  • tahrer

    I like the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Clutch. That is because it can wear with a casual outfit during the day or wear it glammed up at night.

  • Yi

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote.

  • esther


  • Erika

    I love the EMILY Clutch, Pewter!!! It’s cute, small, and fabulous :)

  • Sunny

    I love the Havana Hobo in Ruby. It looks both casual and sophisticated. Loved the contrast of colors in the picture with the model. The bag really stands out and I’m sure it will receive many compliments!

  • Erica

    HAVANA HOBO in grey!!!! I have this bag and LOVE how versatile it is…I took it out for a night on the town, right after I brought it along as my main purse for a two-week roadtrip!! It’s my go-to bag!!

  • bellejulz

    My fave is the MONTAUK Canvas & Jute Hobo, Natural. It’s simple and casual. The size is perfect for me because I carry so many things wherever I go, and the strap looks sturdy enough to handle my kind of baggage. Although it might look a little too casual, it’s perfect for everyday life. It’s my kind of bag. ♥

  • Danielle

    Love the STACI Crossbody in Ruby! And I’m usually go for the huge satchels, so this is definitely a departure for my usual preference. Gorgeous!

  • Rebecca

    I like the Tamasin tote in Bronze distressed, though all colors in this style are great.

  • Natashia

    Love the Wyeth in the Cordovan – it’s the perfext bag to cover all occassions, it’s functional, chic and the perfect brown!

  • Cindy

    I love the trophy bag in grey zeus! I may have to ask for it for Christmas!

  • Libby

    I love the Bernardin Daybag because it’s a bit vintage with a modern twist and look really practical as an everyday bag.

  • ANNA

    The Wyeth Tote, Cordovan!

  • Pamela

    I absolutely LOVE the black wyeth hobo! It’s unique, and it has a beautiful edge to it! Definitely now on my wish list!

  • adrian

    I like the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote. Vintage looks & Stylish design. Great bag to carry around at work and weekends!

  • kate

    I’m in love with the Gemma shoulder bag. It’s gorgeous.

  • Kathy

    I love the Wyeth! It’s roomy and I love big bags. The details of the bag from the tassels to the hardware exudes casual elegance.

  • Amy

    black multi Magna Folio Tote

  • Gwen

    The Conrad shoulder bag in black – it’s not too big like most of the new bags.

  • pursebaby

    I love Wyeth Tote in Cordovan. Big enough to be functional, yet sexy and sassy. Perfect!

  • emei

    I love Magna Folio Tote!

  • fashionistafrie

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote is the best!!!!

  • Aya

    CATALINA Slouchy Laptop Brief, Chocolate

    It’s a wonderful color (love love LOVE it!) plus, it can hold my laptop, which is, for me, THE essential item I need for school. What more can I ask for? ^^

  • Robine

    I LOVE the Sloane Satchel bag in Blueberry!
    That colour is absolutely stunning.. i never saw such a beautifull colour for a bag as that one!
    The bag has many pockets, which is great! <333

  • Ginger Shelton

    The Laura Reversible in Pewter is just my style! Love it!

  • Isabel

    STACY CROSSBODY RUBY! It’s even more outrageous than Marc Jacobs’ Bag-on-bags, and the quality looks better… I love the color! Goes perfectly with my new dark hair :-)

  • Egle

    I really want Havana Large Hobo!

  • Eunice

    Definitely the PAMELA dowel ladybag, it oozes style, glamor, sophistication and screams classy!

  • Yvonne

    The Havana Hobo in Grey Zeus is to DIE for!!!! I love it love it love it ;)

  • Kassanndra

    I love the CORCOVADO Turnlock Tote. It has a rustic yet city look to it that I am totally digging.

  • Andrea

    I love the Gemma Field Tote, Black. Why?
    Because it stands out in the right way. I love how it does not look too oversized but i could easily fit an extra clothing in it or my lap-top. It would be perfect for school<3 especially since I am walking around with my friends beautiful bag these days. It is very hard to find a handbag, which looks great on you and do have a functionality, and in a reasonable price for a student. This is a dreambag!

  • amanda

    i like the wyeth tote in cordovan. styley / hippie.
    the fringing, gold hardware!!

  • Ann

    My favorite is the Havana large hobo in Cordovan. I love the sleek design, the color is amazing! Thanks for the chance!

  • Josie

    I love the Wyeth Tote. It’s versatile & gorgeous!

  • Anne

    I’d have to say the Wyeth tote, because of the understated leather fringe. It’s fun, but not too much! :)

  • Anita

    I love the Wyeth Hobo bag in black. Its the perfect mix of style and function in one. :)

  • blues4mia

    I’m loving the Trophy bag is violet crinkle patent.

  • iwc101

    The Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus. A really classy bag!

  • sugi

    Jinhee Slim Tote
    color: Bordeaux

  • zephyris

    my favourite handbag is: BOWERY Studded Mini Clutch, Bronze w/ Bronze Anaconda

    because: its bronze (my favourite!!) and really elegant looking, looks great for any function!

  • Ingrid

    I think the Havana Large Hobo in Violet Crinkle Patent is absolutely stunning, the color is perfect for the fall, and it’s just different than anything else out there. Perfect. I want this bag for Xmas!

  • Joy

    I love Emile Bowler Tote!! I would love to carry this bag on my shoulder. It looks so chic!

  • Dianne

    Wow there was so many that I loved but if I had to choose one then its the TROPHY bag in Grey Zeus.

  • Jazp

    i <3 the Tamasin Tote in distressed bronze!

  • Iulia

    I just love the colors of Monroe Shoulder Bag, Black Colorblock also the size is ideal.
    I just goes with everything.

  • susa

    I do love the wyeth Hobo, its chic, its stylish, versatile, and a style I have never seen before.
    HH leather is always so yummy

    thanks for the give away

  • Vivian

    i like the Cordovan WYETH Tote, functional bag for everyday!!

  • Miss 2 A

    MAGNA Folio Tote, Black Multi, it’s just so colourful and fun looking yet elegant at the same time!!

  • Iris

    I’m completely in love with the Trophy Bag in Indigo Crinkle Patent. It’s roomy, functional, classic and just plain beautiful. I looove the color and texture!

  • cathy

    i love the wyeth hobo bag! its perfect for this season’s fringe trend and would look so cute with my mocassins!

  • May

    I am totally smitten with the Wyeth Tote in black because it looks very classy and would match a typical downtown city girl like me.

  • ivy

    oh…. the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote is so cool!!!

  • iamaprincess

    I love the Gemma shoulder bag in black! :)

  • pinkgoldfish

    My favourite is the Gemma Field tote in black. I like the size, the simple design and the luxurious chan and feathers. I also like the tassles they are selling to decorate the bags with. I would maybe even add a tassle to that bag.

  • Liz

    Laura Reversible tote in pewter. It’s like 2 bags in one!

  • topgunshopper

    omg, how long have i been obsessed with the ibiza tote. I eye it all the time and wait for the sale to come around, and then it gets snatched up before i can get it. I’m not sure what my fascination is, I mean I like the muted colors, I like the shape, its very structured. Also, though, I love big bags, but sometimes I end up taking everything out of them for some reason and then I feel like a doof carrying around a giant empty bag- with this one, you can just roll it up into a mini- freakin brilliant!

  • Jane

    my fav is the Havana Large Hobo, Cordovan!

  • zucca

    I like a lot the Havana large hobo:)

  • Nan

    The Sloane Satchel for me – looks very handy and the right size.

  • Antonia

    I like the MAGNA Folio Tote, Black Multi because it is very elegant.

  • Hellena

    The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote is just perfect!!

  • Janice Smith

    My favorites are Jinhee slim tote, Sloan in Blueberry, Wyeth tote, and the Trophy bag is the No. 1 favorite in Indigo and Violet. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of your line.

  • Janice Smith

    Oh, and I forgot the Clara Flap bag in Black Zeus. Thanks again ya’ll.

  • Rosalyn

    Ok, the tote is to die for! Perfect size and shape. Love it in black. Will go with most everything and I can carry all of my girlie, girlie essentials, lol! LOVE IT!!!

  • Maria

    The Pamela Dowel Ladybag – classic plus can be used the whole day until the evening.

  • bikka

    i love the sao paulo artisan, its bright and funky!!

  • Loe

    Pilot Wristlet Clutch in Black Zeus – on weekends I often go out to restaurants, bars, clubs etc and I despise taking large bags as they just get in the way. So I love clutches but the problem with most is that they are too small to carry the basics (phone, lip gloss, id, money, camera) and many don’t have wristlets – the Pilot is perfect!! I measured it, good size to fit all my basics without being big and bulky, has a small wristlet, is in a colour & style to dress up or down and looks cute in a classy way. And the price!! I’m in love… getting my Visa out now :p

  • Kendyl Weir

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Clutch. It gives “black” a new edge!

  • Susan Kang

    TROPHY bag in INDIGO CRINKLE PATENT is my favorite. I love how it can comfortably wear on your shoulder, and I also love the bold and edgy details, like the hardware and shape of the pockets :)

  • paula68

    i love the Tamasin Tote, Pewter Distressed great colour!!!

  • ruiruirui

    love the Trophy Bag in Indigo Patent!

  • debbie

    Wyeth Hobo, Cordovan, definately! (: it is so pretty.

  • mrsd

    I really love Emile Bowler Tote, it is beautiful!


    fell in love with wyeth tote!
    it’s gorgeously unique, classic and stylish!

  • anjsh

    Trophy Bag, Black Zeus

    I love the hardware and the details!

  • chanelgirrrrrl

    The Wyeth Tote in Cordovan

  • William Ng

    The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote is sexy

  • Saranna

    The Conrad in ruby is makes my heart beat a bit faster… It looks like a perfect everyday bag even though there’s nothing casual about it and I love the retro feeling. I’d match it with a light blue high waisted pants and a cream coloured blouse.

  • Tracey Byram

    The LORCA Turnlock in Yam is a fabulous bag for me. I love the color, unique but goes with any outfit. The size and shape are great for a petite woman, not too big, not too small. And the hardware makes the bag standout.

  • Aizhan

    SONIA Tote, Black
    I am an urban style nomad and this tote matches my lifestyle. It’s simply chic and functional.

  • Krab

    BEATRICE Satchel, Corsaire
    Is my favourite. I love the diffferent use of colours and it’s big enough for a lot of stuff.

  • VCL

    IWow! I love the Wyeth Tote. It’s so me….

  • Sentra

    Staci Crossbody in Black is now in my wish-list!!!!

    OMG, I’m in love with its multiple spaces. I’ve always been looking for a unique clutch that can hold more than just a lipstick. This clutch is my dream-comes-true. The price is just right as well.

    Ok, I’ve decided. I’ll get this bag as a Christmas gift for myself. ;-)

  • wendy

    definitely the tamasin in blueberry for me :)

  • Kellan

    I like them all but I think the Wyeth in Cordovan would be the best one for me. Obviously it looks fab, but also looks big enough to hold all the stuff I carry with me! Great to have pockets on the outside and the option of carrying the bag several different ways – by hand, shoulder, crook of the arm or across body.

  • Nyssa Feredo

    The BERNARDIN in Yam Multi looks perfect for me. Its clean, elegant lines make it a beautiful classic and its turnlock closure adds a modern, unique and whimsical touch!

  • DitaVonTeese

    The “Wyeth Tote, Cordovan” is absolutely fabulous!!!

  • Charlotte A

    Wyeth Clutch, definately gorgeous! I lov the detailled work on the design. Really nice!

  • namrita

    I love Pamela Dowel Ladybag, Black

  • Sentra

    Staci Crossbody in black is now in my wish-list.

    I love its multiple spaces; so roomy. This Staci Crossbody is so ‘me.’ I’ve always been looking for a clutch that can hold more than just a lipstick and can represent my true self. The studs on this bag tell all about me; I’m crazy about studs. Stabi Crossbody looks so sexy, a bit vintage and a touch of glam – definitely my style.

    Anyway, I’ve decided that this clutch will be a Christmas gift for myself. Love it!!!!

  • Ansley Berrones

    Laura Reversible Tote, Pewter …hard to choose, they are all so beautiful!

  • Jennifer Kubota

    Love Mercer Satchel in Anthracite, the size is perfect, I always fall for double should strap satchel with shape, but soft. The color is one of the kind, you can spot the bag and find me.

  • Janis P.

    I really ove the Large black Havana hobo!

  • Ruby Huynh

    I like the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo cuz it just looks soooo Hobo! ;)))

  • Lisa

    LORCA Turnlock platinum Lizard, Gorgeous! It’s stunning at first glance, you could dress up or down with it and it would go with a ton!

  • Fenny Novyane

    I look no further! I love love love the wyeth hobo!! :)

  • Alana

    I like the Laura Reversible Tote in Pewter. It is like two purses in one. I like it because it’s nice and roomy like a tote but very classy in design.

  • Vickie Couturier

    Mosaique Hobo, Black/Multi is my fave because it will go with anything,an I really need a new purse

  • Ros

    The Wyethe is so Sexy, Hot and Amasing, it’s the One for Me!
    Covers all needs practical for daytime sleek for nights out!
    I love it!

  • Song

    WOW! The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote… talk about biker meets Diva -a great combination of beauty and the beast!

  • Hautestyle

    Love the look of the Conrad Shoulder bag in Yam.

    It reminds me of an old photo journalist bag. I’m picturing a female war correspondent with this bag slung across, running around with capturing all those news (and heart) breaking black and white images.

    Great lines, and different to the soft rouched look of a lot of the bags on the market at the moment.

  • spears

    TROPHY Bag, Black Zeus – its just SEXY!!!!

  • Susan

    The Wyeth Tote is to die for and have to have it in BLACK. Stunning bag. Looks sort of Biker ish but also a great citybag.
    LOVE it!

  • sofia

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo.It’s stylish and practical.

  • Hrisoula

    Wyeth Tote – it’s functional, gorgeous, and timeless…the three top things I look for in a bag!

  • mara

    i love two!! the MAGNA Folio Tote,because i love the bold prints .. soo o70-80s… and the WYETH Tote, very rock chic and practical!!

  • Christine

    The Havana has been my Fav for awhile!

  • Teresa

    Have to say I love the Pastis Frame Bag – Bouton d’or. It’s stylish, nice colour mix but sophisticated enough to go to the office and out clubbing after work.

  • Natalie

    My favourite is definitely the Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus. The colour is divine, and its design makes a bold and memorable statement.

  • Areti Botonaki

    My favorite is the Wyeth Tote, Cordovan Color. Amazing Bag. Nice design big and elegant at the same time. Thanks

  • Leslie

    Wow, I never really took a look at Hayden Harnett…I will definitly have to now! I’m really loving the colorblock…such a edgy look.

  • Erin Taylor

    I love the Wyeth Tote! It’s so hot and rocker like that you could wear it from day to night. I hope I win this so I can rock it out!

  • Roni

    My favorite type of bag is the hobo, and the Thorpe hobo in black, is no exception. It is the perfect type of hobo and the style is what I would look for.

  • Lisa

    WoW so many choices it hard to just pick a couple. One of my top picks would be the Tharpe Hobo, Tango Red and The Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus.

  • ronnie

    love the fringe!!!the wyeth tote brings me back to the 60’s again!!!!

  • Kaffeine

    The Wyeth tote is lovely… I want one!

  • Luly

    The Wyeth Tote is stylish, functional, and simply perfect!

  • Annie

    OMG I just love the Sloane in pewter!!!

  • michele

    Sloane Satchel in Blueberry. Just the right size I need for carrying my childrens items without looking like a diaper bag!

  • sam

    i love the Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus Patent, reason: so beauty…could resist..

  • marnay

    I have always loved the Havana Hobo…. in crinkle indigo patent… what a beaut!

  • Susan

    Gemma Shoulder Bag, in black.

  • Courtney

    I love the Havana Hobo in any color!!! BEAUTIFUL!

  • Lisa Morris

    Trophy bag in Grey Zeus
    Gorgeous looking color and leather with a great shape!

  • Tracy Walters

    WOW!!! The Tharpe Hobo, Cordovan in brown is all that and a bag of chips!!! Look I’m a diabetic and I carry insulin, glucose meter, insulin pump supplies, plus cellphone and wallet. This purse can accommodate me! I love the compartments and the thick strap that will ease my comfort from the already pained stupid bra straps!

  • Patty

    Magna Folio Tote, Black Multi. It’s light and can be filled with work papers or whatever I please, and it’s unique and colorful! Very innovative.

  • Sal

    The Wyeth tote!

  • Ilona Frankel

    the Wyeth Hobo — it is casual, the fringes are georgeous, and it is elegant — love it —

  • Candice

    The Wyeth tote is versatile yet trendy.. def a favorite of mine

  • Harriet

    I love the Staci Crossbody in Black. The color will go everywhere and I love the seperate compartments the bag offers. Lovely!

  • Pattie

    I love the BERNARDIN Daybag in Yam. It looks to be the ultimate “jeans” bag. I always purchase my “nicer” bags to go with business or dressy clothes. I never spend any real money on something to go with my casual wear. Can’t afford to. It would be fabulous to have a bag that goes with jeans and looks that good!

  • redcap

    Love the Wyeth Clutch.

  • poonski

    i vote for the Trophy bag

  • marlene White

    The Corcovado in black patent- it is the perfect day/work bag, but yet also the perfect weekend bag. The shape of the bag is uniquely structured to fit into a woman’s curves. I love the pockets and just think it is archetype of an urban woman’s pocketbook. Beautiful style, beautiful shape and great practicality. I love it and want it!

  • Melissa

    Wyeth tote in black, gorgeous!

  • vicky

    The Trophy in violet. Whats not to like? colour is amazing and a beautiful shape

  • Dorothy

    Wyeth Hobo is so gorgeous

  • coachpurses4me

    Havana Large Hobo, in BLACK! ;-)

  • shopaphilia

    the trophy bag in grey zeus.

    the cutout on the flap front pocket makes it look so cool!

  • Liddypool

    I love the Sloane satchel in blueberry.

  • Mary

    Love the Sonia Tote in Cordovan. Perfect size, with a splash of sass, for a mom on the go!!! Love it!

  • Cheryl English

    Mercer Satchel, Goldrush. What a great bag to have for the holidays. The sleek elegance of class! How phenomenal.

  • alyssa

    LOVE the bernardin daybag in yam multi. :)

  • warehouse01

    I like all the Hayden-Harnett bags but if I were to choose only one it would have to be the The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote.

  • tesmama

    I love the Corcovado Turnlock Tote in Pewter because of its color and the fact that it is expandable. I need a purse that is multifunctional.

  • Kelly

    I’m totally lemming for the Mosaique Hobo in navy/red. Utterly gorgeous and lovely!

  • Elin

    Trophy Bag, Violet Crinkle Patent – totally insane! Love it!

  • cmhchic

    The Wyeth Tote is my favorite because I carry everything but the kitchen sink. This would hold everything and look so chic.

  • Cathy

    Love the Wyeth Tote. I carry alot in my purse and this would be perfect!!

  • Meredith

    LOVE the Wyeth Tote, Black.
    I just think it would make a great everyday bag and its the perfect size yet still unique.

  • Marlene

    the sloane in blueberry is just lovely

  • Stephanie

    I actually think the Laura reversible tote is cool!!

  • mowse

    TOULOUSE clutch is awesome. Great idea to bring a new fabric into the design world.

  • Laura Elaine

    My favorite is the Laura Reversible Tote in Pewter, and not just because it has a lovely name! I am a fan of bigger bags, and I love that this one offers you 2 big bags in one! I love the simple slouchy shape paired with a luxe finish. It’s a quick way to everyday glam!

  • Lucy Pike

    I love the trophy bag, so sophisticated.

  • Kellee

    Emile Bowler tote in Yam, love the shape and color!!

  • Sherin Ng

    My favorite is surely the Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus. I’m the kind who’ll put everything into the bag, so this fits my life!

  • shopaholicbabe

    i super duper love to the max the laura reversible tote in bronze or in pewter!
    whatever color, it’s TDF!

  • Beth

    What a hard decision! I really love the look at the size of the Tharpe Hobo in Cordovan.

  • Monique

    There are so many!!! I have to say the Magna Folio Tote, Black Multi and the Trophy bag!!!

  • Katie R

    I love the Laura reversbile tote. in this economic climate the new trend is “less is more” and what is better than getting two for the price of one?!? two great colors, two great looks all in one fantastic bag!

  • Monique

    I love this one as well! Wyeth Tote

  • Nasser

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote!!

  • Jackie

    I really love the Turnlock Tote. It looks so sleek and stylish but can carry everything I need AND the kitchen sink!

  • mrsvivian

    Magna Folio Tote, in black multi-color! For sure, I’ve been in love with this bag since I first saw it. I love HH’s use of color, their blueberry color is awesome. You can always count on them to do something different!

  • Nadine

    I love the Wyeth Tote, in Black!
    So cute and stylish!

  • Julie

    My favorite has got to be the Sonia tote in gray. What a chic way to incorporate this of-the-moment color in your wardrobe.

  • Julie

    My favorite has got to be the Sonia Tote in grey. What a chic way to incorporate this of-the-moment color in your wardrobe.

  • Cindy

    Trophy handbag in black or grey Zeus. Gorgeous!

  • Amanda

    Wyeth Tote in Cordovan and the Tamasin Tote, in Distressed Bronze

  • Lynn

    This is very hard, I would have to say, I love the Emily Clutch, Pewter it’s stylish and could turn any eye to look. The Conrad in cordoven I like because I am a organizer and love that it has lots of pockets, But to decide between these 3 I would have to say Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Clutch, I like it because of the shape and it’s not to big, It’s stylish but casual, I like the design with the pyrmid studs and the detatachable fringe wriststrap.

  • Ellyn

    I can’t make up my mind….I love the Wyeth bag in cordovan (or Black) and the Trophy bag in Bblack Zeus equally!…Great line of bags!!!!!

  • Linda B

    I am in love with the Tamasin tote in pewter. It’s simple, yet stunning…. looks big enough to hold anything you need but also slouchy and comfortable. This is my favorite!

  • amanda

    havana large hobo in cordovan, such a gorgeous bag, love the colour as well :)

  • elliecat

    magna folio tote in black multi is my favourite.

  • Qing

    I love the Wyeth Tote best. It can look professional, and stylish as well.
    I can carry it everyday to work. Very classy!
    Would love to get one :)

  • Ann Marie

    I absolutely love the Trophy bag!! I think it has a vintage feel to it and I really like the hardware on the pockets!!

  • ILV

    I love Tharpe Hobo bag. It looks very professional, stylish and virsatile at the same time. Excellent for everyday use.

  • cbev

    I love the Sonia Tote, Black . VERY NICE and CLASSIC!

  • Diane Frichol

    I love the Catalina slouchy laptop brief it is practical for carrying a laptop but has tons of style just gorgeous.

  • Amira

    I love the Havana large hobo b/c it is classic and it is a good everyday bag. I love it in the color Cordovan!

  • Anja

    It’s just so hard to choose, but the Gemma Field Tote in black in my favorite. Very closely followed by the Wyeth Hobo.

  • Charlotte

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo is my favorite. I love the fringe.

  • Nancy

    I’m saving for a cordovan havana, so that would have to be the one I like best. I also love the floripa clutch in 80s colorblock – so cool!

  • Fay

    My favorite is the trophy bag in gray zeus. The details of this bag are beautiful, and the color is absolutely divine! That’s why I picked this one out of all the gorgeous bags!

  • PJ

    Love the Black Multi Magna Folio Tote. Love it size and the combination of colors.

  • Michelle

    Trophy Bag, Violet Crinkle Patent.

    Love the color and style :)

  • s627y

    I love the monroe shoulder bag, the color combination is to die for. And from my past experience, I know the leather quality is to die for. I love the look!!!

  • Jennifer

    I am just loving the Staci Crossbody in Yam! I love that it can be either carried as a purse across the body hands free, or it can be used as a really cute, original clutch. And all those little compartments… adorable!

  • Page

    Totally in love with Sonia Tote´in Ruby! Goes with everything, love the color! Practical at the same time fashionable-dream bag!

  • Barb

    Trophy bag in grey Zeus

  • twin53

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Clutch is stunning in its simplicity. it’s a must-have.

  • Chris

    I really like the PanAm Nylon Travel Tote! I travel a lot and this looks like it would hold a lot, and yet is still very stylish!


  • Alissa Hall

    The Tharpe Hobo in Cordovan is gorgeous. I love the generous size, and the pockets help you stay organized. Very nice!

  • Angie

    I love the Clara Flap Bag in Zeus because the colors are original (for a purse!) and it is gorgeous!!!

  • gyrlfryday

    That Staci Crossbody in Yam is “OFF THE CHAIN”!

  • Annie

    I like the Wyeth Tote, Cordovan because it’s practical yet stands out. I could totally carry this around the city everyday.

  • Adina

    My favorite has got to be the trophy bag in black zeus because it looks roomy enough to hold my world and stylish enough to strut around the city with.

  • Christine

    I love the Wyeth Tote because it’s so big. It can double as a diaper bag and I can still be stylish!

  • Mariana

    Laura Reversible Tote in Bronze, love it because day and night bag in one!

  • Betsy

    CLARA Flap Bag, Black Zeus

    It’s so funky and perfect for winter.

  • Kim

    I love the Trophy Bag in Indigo Crinkle Patent!

  • Lisa

    Trophy Bag in Indigo Crinkle Patent – Why? This handbag is rich is texture and the shape is highly fashionable and timeless. Personifies individuality and true fashion sense – can be worn all seasons. A must have for womens wardrobes.

  • Susan

    Wyeth Tote, Cordovan – the angeled closeable flaps did me in!

  • soulie

    Wyeth Tote in black

  • Jamie

    Eek! I really hope I win this one because my fav is the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote! I’ll be crossing my fingers!!!

  • karen02840

    Great bags….really love the Lorca Turnlock, Indigo Crinkle Patent. Perfect size for me and totally awesome color…….and it’s on sale! seriously considering merry christmas to me!

  • Jenifer Germer

    The Wyeth Tote is my ultimate FAVE! It is big enough to hold everything i need to carry plus the kitchen sink!

  • Gloria

    I like the WYETH Tote, Cordovan it looks roomy and fun.

  • jillie

    i love the wheth tote. All the bells and whistles of Hayden-Harnett. It is hip/sleek and still classy. Color cordovan

  • Pam

    I love the Tharpe Hobo in Tango Red!!! Too fun!

  • Melissa

    I really do like the Wyeth Tote but I also like the good old Havana Hobo. ;-)

  • Danielle

    I am madly in love with the Wyeth Tote in Cordovan.

    Big bag for all the junk I carry around with me AND it can be a cross body! You can’t beat that!

  • Larke

    My favorite HH of all time, is the Havana Large Hobo. The eggplant color is simply fabulous.

  • Jodi

    I’ve recently fallen in love with Hayden-Harnett bags. They have a minimalist, elegant look with just the right accents to make the bags modern and functional for fall ’08. My favorite of the entire collection is the Laura Reversible Tote in Bronze, but I would be overjoyed with winning the Wyeth Tote, my second favorite. Every girl needs a black bag, and the Wyeth Tote has plenty of room, organizational pockets, and the magnets are fabulous, no scratched hands when digging into the bag. An oustanding collection; I would love to be able to carry the Wyeth Tote this fall and winter!

  • T-Girl

    I prefer the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote–the first winning prize–because I love black bags and this bag looks stylish and can hold alot. It reminds me of my Coach and Roots Hobos I already have. It is just a stylish and familiar bag to carry but it’s a fresh style and I hope I can win it or the 2nd or 3rd prize because I love black bags.

  • BagLuver

    I love the BERNARDIN Daybag for its ladylike sophistication that is both vintage and modern at the same time!

  • jillie

    love the wyeth tote in cordovan. classy and sassy. to die for. love, love it

  • sherri

    i love the wyeth tote – perfect for work, but trendy enough to bring out after! also love mercer stachel!

  • vtfroggie

    I’m really liking the Mercer clutch in Yam. The color is very pretty, but I’m most fascinated with the style. I like how it can go from being worn on the shoulder to being carried in hand with no problems. Makes for the ultimate clutch!

  • Jessica

    I would totally go for the Magna Folio Tote, Black Multi. It’s fun, would definitely stand out in a crowd, and I love the shape.

  • Rayvadee Nananukul

    I love “Trophy Bag”; especially Violet Crinkle Patent color. The color is fabulous and perfect!! It is very attractive color… the design is functional and modern and yet it is matching with my style too

  • Christine

    I love, love, LOVE the TRACY clutch! It’s so chic and stylish, perfect for the girl who likes to go out for a night on the town!

  • Lara

    The Tamasin Tote in Pewter Distressed. Looks like the perfect bag to take from day (files and grad school books) to night! Plus I love that you can wear it cross-body. That’s so in right now!

  • Becky

    I love the Tamasin tote in the bronze distressed!

  • chantal

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote.

    gorgeous bag!

  • nessa

    i think i want them all, wyeth totem corcovado turnlock tote, wyeth hobo are top of the list

  • JJ

    i love the Wyeth Tote

  • Diane Mason

    The Clara shoulder bag in the color Yam is my favorite. It is very rich-looking and would be a classic piece that would never be out of style.

  • Okolobaha

    I reaaaally like Tharpe Hobo in black…

  • dee dee

    Laura reversible tote in pewter…I looove big shoulder bags. This looks perfect for a fun shopping day.

  • Jola

    I really like Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Clutch. Really funcky but chic.

  • Sara Parcesepe

    Clara Flap Bag in Black Zeus is my favorite

  • Frame Bag Frau

    Wyeth in Cordovan! Fantastic!

  • neeecole

    magna folio tote! love the colors!

  • Irune

    Trophy Bag, in Black Zeus. It’s amazing. The shape and size are perfect, the color is intense and elegant, and it goes with any style. It’s like a dream bag! Stylish, pretty and practical.

  • Grace

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo. As an American-Indian, I am always proud to see design influenced by what I proudly consider part of my heritage. Way to go, Hayden :)

  • noelle

    Cette pochette Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Clutch… hmmmmmm Juste a temps pour mon anniversaire , ma fete et qui sera n si joli cadeau de Noel pour moi, Noelle !

  • Jenny

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote – This bag is professional looking, but with style. So you wouldn’t have to change your bag from going to work to hanging out with friends. Not to mention it is large enough to carry all the necessary items a true bag lover carries…which is way too much!

  • Lena Ngo

    CONRAD shoulder bag in YAM because I personally like square bags. I love the thick strap because it won’t hurt my shoulders. It’s big and roomy enough to fit my life stuff in there. Haha! I also love the extra front pockets to put extra important stuff in there, so I won’t forget. And what I love the most about it, is that I can use it to wear it as a bookbag with the strap across the front with the bag showing across my back. It’s my perfect BAG! :)

  • Sandy

    I am fond of the LAURA! You don’t see very many, if any, reversible handbags around. Very unique! Doubly versatile!

  • Claire

    The Clara tote is lovely!

  • Gail

    I am in love with the Staci bag, especially the Ruby color. It would keep me organized yet stylish all at the same time. I think this would be a great purse to “layer”. A big tote for all the messy things in life, and then I could pull Staci out for the essentials!

  • tesi

    jinhee slim tote is amazing! love it.

  • Pinke

    The Tamasin tote in pewter is my favorite,
    I love a roomy bag & the colour!

  • aef

    the sloane satchel and bourdeaux. it would go with all of my everydaywear!

  • AJ

    My favorite is the EMLIE bowler tote in Ruby! It is so cute and I love the color!

  • Carrie

    After much contemplation, I’ve narrowed it down to a few lusts, but my very favorite is the Sloane Satchel in Blueberry. This color is fabulous, there are adequate details and storage with the outside pockets, but it’s not too much.

    Following closely are the Bungalow in Ruby: I like it’s shape (consistent rectangle even from above) and what’s better than the pop of a bright red bag? The Wyeth tote is almost a perfect work. The Havana Hobo in Ruby and the Trophy in Indigo are also winners.

  • Lisa K

    I really like the Tasamin Tote in Blueberry the two tone colors are really cute and timeless..I love how you can wear it on your shoulder or across the body–big bags are the best b/c i carry so much stuff with me!

  • farrielle2

    My favorite one is the Wyeth Tote why it’s such a gorgeous piece, I can fit so many things in it, timeless. Just love it.

  • Taline

    Sloane Satchel in Blueberry because of the beauty and size of the bag. It’s the perfect size to take to work. You can fit your lunch, wallet, etc. and it’s still very stylish.

  • Karlise

    Love the Sloane Satchel, Blueberry

  • crishabs

    I love the Bernardin DayBag in Yam Multi! It’s so elegant!

  • Felicia Sullivan

    I love the Wyeth tote. It’s classic with a twist! I even wrote a whole post on my love of h-h bags: http://feliciasullivan.com/?p=1016

  • Gonhikin

    Definitely the Wyeth Tote…classy!

  • Leslie

    i’m finding myself drawn to the wyeth tote in cordovan. maybe it’s just because i’m on the lookout for a brown bag, but i’m also a gal that carries everything with her, and this one looks as though it would fit the bill!

  • Sarah Smith Photography

    I adore the Wyeth tote becuase it would be beautiful to have on my arm when I go to meet my clients :)

  • Mukik

    havana large hobo – looks good to me

  • KIM

    WYETH Tote in black…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how big it is! It’s design is also pretty amazing!

  • Jennifer

    Wyeth tote Cordovan because I can fit everything I need for work and then It’s fun enough to bring to dinner and drinks after work.

  • Rosanna

    I love the Havana Hobo in Black!

  • Denise

    The Tharpe Hobo in Black!

  • serena

    The Havana Large Hobo in grey. I need a bag that can take on the city and carry my life in it day-to-day. Plus, it’s super soft and will make me feel tough, fem, and professional all at once.

  • Jessica

    I love every single bag! But if I had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be the Wyeth hobo or tote (which is why I’m really excited about this giveaway!). The fringe detail is gorgeous! Looking forward to the Target line too!! :)

  • Aprilgolightly

    I love the Bernardin Daybag in Yam Multi. It is classic and trendy enough that I would look in the moment at work and in court.

  • Judy

    I love this new Wyeth line and would be proud to carry either of these larger bags on my shoulder.

  • jasmin

    Wyeth tote in cordovan – love the detail.

  • Anne

    I LOVE the Marcel clutch and the Tharpe. Two of my very favorites. The Marcel b/c it is stylish, beautiful leather & lining, and super-functional b/c it can be worn crossbody. Also it is deceptively small b/c it can carry sooo much. The Tharpe is just a beautiful bag when you need to carry more. So well organized but stylish. Love them both!

  • elizabeth

    ive always loved the lorca turnlock, and now i see it in platinum snakeskin! shes pretty

  • HIS Candy

    Elegance, Class and Sass in one! This bag is a statement in itself! Perfect for today’s gal that carries it all, keeps it organized and looks great in the process! I love this bag!

  • Tannedsilk

    Ibiza Convertible Flight Tote, Khaki – Love the concept, georgous and pratical.

  • Jessica N.

    I LOVE the Tharpe hobo in Cordovan! I’ve been pining after this bag forever – it think it’s a LOVELY shape while being roomy and versatile. And you can’t beat the HH creamy leather!

  • Maude Clay

    Love the Wyeth Hobo. Have one of your fabulous raincoats and wear it all the time.ALso have a H-H purse. You guys rock!!

  • farrielle2

    I’m in love with the Throphy bag tan crinkle patent satchel and the Emily clutch in pewter, the clutch has an edgy look. The satchel I have been looking for something similar to compliment my camel winter coat.

  • Funmi

    It will have to be the Sloane satchel in pewter. i love the size and the simplicity but versatility of the style. The extra pockets will definitely come in useful. It reminds me very much of 2 mulberry bags that I have.

  • supriya pandey

    I love the Wyeth hobo

  • greatbaglover

    Bernardin Daybag in the yam multi. Although I wish they had better photos of it in the yam multi.

  • Linda

    Wyeth Tote, Cordovan

  • Suzanne

    Trophy Bag, Grey Zeus!!!!

  • Elena

    The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote is my fave – LOVE the shape! Perfect bag for any time of the year…

  • Tatyana

    I love the Catalina Slouchy Laptop Brief in Chocolate because it’s a laptop case that doesn’t look like a laptop case! It’s very stylish and would go perfectly with any outfits, from a business suit to denim and a t-shirt – perfect!

  • 2maddie2

    I like the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote because it looks like it packs functionality with beauty for a bag that will work well with everything.

  • ald

    the Tokyo Clutch, in Silver Anaconda is just the right clutch for a party… shiny and beautiful!

  • Gaye

    I’m loving the sloane, it’s versatile and looks comfy to carry.

  • geebs

    The Mercer satchel gets my pick. It’s my go-to bag. Special mention goes to the Mercer & Emily clutch. xo

  • Jeanne

    MAGNA Folio Tote in Black Multi-LOVE all the colors!!!

  • BeeperLuv

    I think I was a horse in my previous life, ‘cos I totally dig bags that is either brown in colour or has the horse logo on it. I was totally captivated by the Bernardin Daybag. The turnlock closure is very chic and the padded handle is both stylish and practical. And who can resist the beautifully-patterned interior. Definitely not me.

  • sherrykay

    The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote would work perfectly for me. I NEED the space for all of my college students’ papers that I grade! It would give a great boost to my confidence to carry such a stunning tote with me to class each day! Cheers!

  • Brigitte

    I love almost everything Hayden-Harnett! I’ve been a fan since their bags first were presented in Lucky magazine.

    The styles I’m loving in the current collection are the Conrad shoulder bag in ruby and the Staci crossbody in black. I could add so many more to the “want” list, including the giveaway goodies pictured above!

    Hayden-Harnett = love! <3

  • beadsofparadis

    I am IN LOVE with the Wyeth Clutch. It’s the perfect size for a few necessities at the horse shows where a large purse is an inconvenience. The clutch is still small enough to toss into my everyday purse a Mom of 3 needs!

  • sdspurling

    I like the Sloane Satchel, Blueberry its roomy enough and I like the extra zippered compartments on the outside

  • Sarah

    I love the new HH collection, but if I had to pick just one favorite it would be at Trophy bag in Grey Zeus. I saw it in person on a trip to NYC and I just loved it! The sales girl was like “oh, we just got those in, cute, huh?” and i was like “that’s from the new line! its even better in person!” I love HH!

  • modernemama

    Bernardin Daybag, Yam Multi: retro yet modern,classic but funky, it’s a go anywhere, anytime bag.

  • Elisa

    ahh, so hard to pick just one! The Tart tote is my favorite, bu the the Trophy tote comes to a close second (especially in purple!).

  • Clara

    Emily clutch in Peuter! shining

  • Katrin

    I love GREEN Is Good Tote, Natural

    Just because it said, to buy that one
    Help support organic, sustainable farming practices and education

    that is really importnent to me

  • Mistyeydgrl

    I love the Havana Large Hobo in Violet Crinkle Patent. The color is so vibrant, and it looks like it has a wonderful texture. The bag looks huge, and I love big bags.

  • Teri

    The Wyeth Tote is great… in black or cordovan! It will go with just about any casual outfit.

  • MarieLu

    The Wyeth Tote is a classic in every way, but not boring! Winner!

  • Ai

    My favorite HH bag is the Tharpe – it holds everything and is the perfect day bag.

  • liz

    I love the Wyeth Tote – very functional!

  • Kim

    I’m in LOVE with the Tamasin Tote in Blueberry. It’s trendy looking yet basic enough to last a long time. I LOVE everything about HH! Their bags are great and their clothes are amazing! I want every single coat they have too!!

  • Elaine Katko

    Staci Crossbody, Ruby. That has to be the coolest bag I have seen in a while. Love the kisslocks! I am putting that on my Christmas list.

  • Kareberry

    Love the Havana Large Hobo in Gray Zeus! Looks soft, smooth and squishy! Plus the hobo is large enough to fit a lot of things!

  • cranberrym

    I love the Trophy bag in Violet crinkle. It’s very stylish and a perfect bag for everyday use!!

  • Katriina Aalto

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote. Beautiful bag and so elegant!

  • cassidy

    I like can’t decide between two bags the Sloane Satchel in Blueberry and the Wyeth Tote in Black.

  • Lizette

    Wyeth hobo in black. Lovethe bohemian element of this bag. Would perfectly complement the Gucci fall 08 collection!

  • Elizabeth

    I like the GREEN Is Good Tote. Becuase it is one I can afford & I would use it all the time to save the environment by not wasting plastic bags!

  • michelle

    I have and am wearing right now the Havana Hobo in Violet Crinkle Patent and it is TDF GORGEOUS :)

  • sarahp

    Sonia tote! Looks so practical, but so stylish. Would wear for work or shopping. Love!

  • Holly

    Wow, that’s a hard choice! I think the Havana Hobo. I love that it is offered in so many different colors, as well as all the room for everything you need.

  • Kerri

    I love the Magna Folio tote in black multi just b/c it looks fun and funky and would go with so much

  • Kaethie Posadas

    I love the Havana Large Hobo, Black. It’s simple, but very stylish, lots of room but not too big. LOVE IT

  • Bridget

    I am obsessed with the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote!
    I don’t own a black handbag! I would LOVE if this was one was my first!

  • Michelle

    Tamisin in Blueberry! Love it!!

  • Vilma

    The Wyeth Tote in black is just stunning. Classy and modern; very versatile and perfect size. It dresses any outfit from jeans to the office attire.

  • linda

    i’m in love with the Mercer clutch. it’s versatile like me!!

  • ChrisCola

    The Wyeth tote! It’s big enough for all the stuff I always carry with me, and I ALWAYS have to have front pockets for my cell phone and iPod!

  • ivy

    Love Sloane Satchel in Pewter

  • Joann

    I like the trophy bag in grey zeus b/c the color is so unique

  • Judy

    I love the Trophy Bag- grey zeus patent. I think it is a smart looking bag.

  • Prince$$JEH

    The Pewter Distressed Tamasin Tote is so large and beautiful. It looks functional and stylish. I love big bags that can take me anywhere and everywhere. This bag is it. I love it!

  • Willa Chan

    The Wyeth Hobo was actually my favorite handbag in the collection. I love that it’s big enough to hold a lot of things but not bulky. I can see myself carrying that handbag everyday and it goes well with a lot of my clothing.

  • iusini

    wow…definitelly the Wyeth Hobo…thank you

  • Simi Halu

    I love the Clara Flap Bag in Black Zeus. It’s so rock and roll.

  • empresslinda

    I love the Violet Trophy!

  • Cecilia

    I love the Wyeth hobo b/c its so functional

  • newsmom

    Love the Bernardin daybag. It’s so vintage and ladylike!

  • catisonthetable

    I definitely love the Magna Folio Tote, Black Multi.

    Soft leather, vibrant colours, big size: amazing!

  • Tanya

    The hobo! The fringe is FABULOUS! I can see it with skinny jeans and my boots!!! Awesome!

  • Jocelin

    I love the Wyeth Clutch!

  • Emily

    HH makes WAY too many fabulous bags to pick just one!
    My top 3 are:
    Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus
    Staci Crossbody in Ruby
    Wyeth Tote in Cordovan

  • cuteangel7777

    my fav is Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote! Gosh its sooo chic.. biker chic but also just chic! its really really cool and cute!!

  • tami

    I really love the Sloane Satchel in Blueberry!

  • Taylor

    Wyeth Tote in Cordovan is to die for– boho chic but still refined. Love it!

  • Aquakat

    I love the Conrad shoulder bag in yam. Great shape and color!

  • jillyb

    I really love the Sloane Satchel in blueberry. Blue is the perfect color this fall and I have to have outside pockets. This bag meets all my requirements.

  • abby

    I love the bronze Tamasin Tote. It’s a gorgeous color and I love the style! Large enough to fit all the everyday essentials and be worn easily!

  • Margaret

    So many! I love the Wyeth hobo, but I also love the EMILE Bowler Tote in Yam.

  • christine lace

    I love all 3 but if I had to choose my favorite, it would be the clutch, it would never leave my sight-I travel light, so I dont need a big bag, just something adorable to put my credit cards and lipstick in!

  • Melissa

    I love the WYETH TOTE because it’s fabulously huge, a girl can never have too much space :)

  • Lindy

    I love the MARCEL Clutch, Black Zeus because it is modern, eye-catching yet not loud, and has a touch of hardware I can’t resist!

  • Veronika

    The Wyeth tote is fabulous! The gorgeous soft leather and the classic proportions are what catches my eye and makes this bag the first prize in my opinion. I love the tallness and the squareness of this tote combined with the color black and the scrumptious materials. It is truly a first prize winner! Veronika

  • FiveStarGeneral

    I love the Thorpe hobo in black. Would be fantastic for work or travel!! :)

  • Dena

    The clutch would be my favorite – so tough looking.

  • LipstickChick

    Wow … FABulous bags!

    If I had to choose a fave of the giveaway bags, it’d for sure be the Wyeth tote … I’m a big bag kind of gal and that looks right up my alley!

    From the others in the collection, I just fell in lust with the Trophy Bag! Can’t decide if I like Indigo or Violet Crinkle Patent better, but good LORD, they are stunning!

  • janeh

    I love the Sonia Tote…….in either grey or ruby (why not just get both?!)……it has pockets galore, with a large inner pocket…so great for stashing all kinds of important things……it even has 3 pda pockets inside for blackbery or cell phone, iPod……but most importantly, it’s beautiful!!!

  • Sheila

    I love the Sloane satchel in pewter, the color is striking without being gaudy, and the shape is still practical

  • izabella

    Wyeth Tote in black,is perfect size

  • kayork

    I like the Catalina slouchy laptop bag–I’ve never seen a laptop bag with more style, doesn’t look like a laptop bag at all! :)

  • edina

    Tough to pick just one – I guess I’d go with the Laura Reversible Tote so I could have two!

  • JA

    I love the Wyeth hobo… perfect for work or fun!

  • Vena

    loved the Gemma Field Tote. the Youtube video of “how deep is toni’s bag” SOLD me completely. I need that bag in my life….or MY LIFE in that bag!! :)

  • Paula Kittle

    I love the Havana hobo, so slouchy and just the right size for me. I have two already but that violent crinkle patent number is calling my name!

  • Laura

    Hmmmm…..has to be either the trophy bag in grey zeus (LOVE this color!) or the Havana in either ruby, grey zeus or cordovan!

  • Jessica

    Trophy Bag…Grey Zeus
    It is beautiful…so chic

  • joanna

    SLOANE Satchel looks great for not only carrying regular purse necessities but also added goodies for a day out walking. Would be excellent for walking around downtown Boston! Everything you need is right with you.

  • Diane

    In the Giveaway bags, I prefer the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote because I do a lot of traveling. A bag that can double as a carry-on and a purse/tote is invaluable these days. For the same reason, I would love to own a the Laura Reversible Tote, Pewter, especially for my extended trips. Two bags-in-one!! Plus, both the pewter or black sides would look smashing with the Martine Leather Jacket, Black, that I would purchase as well. Fabulous!

  • Krsitin Accola

    My favorite handbag is the Wyeth in black. I love how the bag incorpates the classic with the trendy. It has a classic look with the front pockets and drop handles, but adds a bit of trend with the fringe. The bag can easily go from the office to a night out. I can totally see myself carrying it for a weekend brunch and out shopping! Great bag that I would love to own!!

  • Jeanni

    The Bernardin Daybag, Yam Multi – it’s just gorgeous! I love the shape and color and it’s just perfect for an everyday bag!

  • Lizzie

    Beatrice Satchel Corsaire. I might just go out and get it!

  • Elise

    Oh yeah! Its the Trophy Bag, Violet Crinkle Patent. Love the structure and size! Super great pop of color with neutral clothing! Peace!

  • Elizabeth Delarosa

    I love the Hayden Harnett Tracy clutch, black colorblock. The style is very different yet classy. I can wear it to a night out with my friends or I can wear it to work to spice up my outfit! I love the metallic colors!

  • Jocelyn

    I love the hobo! The fringe on the bottom is my absolute favorite!

  • Michele

    I like the Havana Hobo in Ruby. The overall look is clean without excessive embellishments. Still the bag has a comfy, warm look – especially in red. It looks comfortable to wear and with the zip top secures the contents inside. What a fun bag!

  • Vivian

    I like the Tharpe Hobo in Tango Red. I love the color and the style =)

  • daniela

    I love the colors on the Magna Folio Tote!!!

  • Erica

    My favorite is the Pastis Frame Bag, Bouton d’Or. It’s eye-catching and different.

  • Steph

    I’m in love with the Havana Hobo in Indigo Crinkle Patent. Fabulous color and slightly different from my other Havanas. :)

  • Maya

    I LOVE the Wyeth Tote Cordovan !

  • Rowena

    I love the Jinhee Slim Tote in Blueberry – it’s a greate color and size. Perfect for everyday of the week!

  • ginababie

    The Pamela Dowel Ladybag in Pewter looks so FUN! Feminine, yet spunky!

  • twinpea

    I love The CORCOVADO in cordovan (color). It’s stylish, roomy and it’s out of this world! :)

  • Michelle

    My absolute favorite is the Sonia Tote, in Cordovan. It looks very versatile in terms of wearing it out to run errands or being able to dress it up as the model shows in the picture. I love the stud details and the closure buckle. Hayden-Harnett has tons of cute bags!

  • Danae

    I love love love the Marcel clutch!!!

  • Lynda

    Tharpe hobo in black. I’m a hobo fanatic!

  • kbell

    My fave is the bowery studded mini clutch – the studs make it interesting and it’s the perfect size – not too small or too big.

  • Ann

    I really like the new Wyeth Tote. It’s perfect for my everyday needs.

  • Charlie

    I am just going to say that I need that Wyeth Clutch in my life :D It would make the perfect Birthday present to myself from Hayden-Harneet and TPF :D

  • linussally

    I love the Bernardin Daybag, Yam Multi! it’s vintagy and a great classic for work!

  • Kelli

    I love the jinhee slim tote in blueberry!

  • Denise

    There are a few bags that I really like, so it was hard to choose a favorite, but the “Wyeth Tote in Cordovon” would be a dream bag to carry! I love the fringe, the color and the overall style of the bag….it’s very “luxe”!

  • Michelle63094

    The Wyeth tote is perfection. A timeless everyday bag that can be worn from day to night. The quality of these bags are amazing and the style perfection.

  • Ltran

    i love the design and detail on the Cannes Zipper Tote especially in Corsaire.

  • Kathrina

    I LOVE the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote! I love that you can it can be handheld or wear it accross the body. Most especially, I love the opening of the bag and the two pockets at the front. Perfect, well-rounded purse for a busy busy busy person like me :)

  • cindy

    I absolutely love the Corcovado Turnlock Tote, Pewter Distressed because it is just simply stylish everywhere you look at it. Just fabulous!!!!! I can dress it up with anything…and it will be great with jeans and t-shirts…so versatile, so chic, and simply elegant!!!

  • Katrina

    The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote – I love how big it is, with the soft leather and zippers, it is just sophisticated fun!

  • Rye

    I <3 the Gemma shoulder bag. Sophisticated, yet simple. I’m a sucker for the chain handles ;)

  • lizziecat

    I just love the Tamasin Tote in Blueberry, since I adore the blue/brown combination, giving it a real classy look.

  • Ting

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote!!

  • Karyn

    I love the Wyeth Tote!! It looks like a great everyday bag but with great style!! The details on it look amazing. HH bags are made so well!!!

  • mj

    I like the Pamela Dowel Ladybag in Pewter.

  • Allison

    I absolutely love the Trophy bag… In any color! I love the hardware and the bag is just my style!

  • blondecat

    hayden Wyeth Tote is my favorite. It is big enough for me to use as a the coolest gym bag ever…. I have been looking for a gym bag and this one fits!

  • Fayth

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote! This bag reminds me of my fav…..harley davidson! I could rock this one!

  • Cathy

    I love the Clara Flap Bag in Black Zeus.

  • Tamyra

    The Havana hobo in the color ruby and the color grey zeus are my favorites. This hobo doesnt look like any other designer bag Ive seen around right now and I love that because I dont like anyone to have a bag that looks like mine!

  • tallymia

    I love the Bernardin Daybag, in Yam Multi. !Gourgeous!

  • bluemoonbuff

    I adore the jinhee tote because it will hold everything I need for an average day at work, but the bernardin day bag would be great for non work-related outings because it is classically beautiful.

  • Sara

    Bernardin Daybag, it’s unisex, classy, casual.

  • zizi

    Love the Tharpe Hobo in Cordovan. Beautiful color and GREAT shape.

  • Tella

    I like the Maldives nylon weekender in black or chocolate
    And this is one more interesting brand from USA I have been introduced to!! Thanks!!

  • Maranda

    I like the Havana Hobo in Ruby! I think the red is PERFECT, and the for me, the size is easy to work with. I have a really hard time finding red bags– they often look too pink in tone, or too dark– almost like burgundy.

  • rendodan110

    I really like the staci crossbody in Black because it is such a unique bag, I really think it has a neat look to it.

  • Jasmine

    My favorite is the Staci crossbody in ruby. It has a retro 1940’s quality that I really love. It’s your grandmother’s dainty clip shut purse with an infusion of modern sensibility.

  • Clara

    I love love love the Bernardin Daybag, Yam Multi!!! I saw this in person at a shop and fell in love with it!

  • cindy

    i love the trophy bag in grey zeus

  • Ali

    I ADORE the Wyeth Tote, Cordovan, the color is sooo luxe and the proportions are perfect!

  • Tamara

    I love the MAGNA Folio Tote, it’s so original and bold.

  • Shareen

    I have the Bowery studded mini clutch in balck & I LOVE it! It’s so sexy & it fits everything I need without being overly stuffed. The leather is so soft – it feels yummy to hold. It always get looks when I use it :)

  • Klassylady 44

    I love the Sonia black tote. It looks like it could go all the way everyday,.

  • aD

    I love the Sloane Satchel in Pewter, its roomy and the color goes with everything.

  • Kacie

    havana large hobo in black beacuse its effortlessly chic and functional .. also its a little boho chic which i love.

  • Aracely

    I really like the Hayden-Harnett Corcovado Turnlock Tote in pewter distressed. I love the bag’s appearance and the many pockets.

  • Ellie

    I love the Trophy Bag, Indigo Crinkle Patent

  • ehartig

    Gemma Shoulder Bag, Black

    the hardware catches my eye…its sleek and serious and a little dangerous..meow

  • DaisyF

    I love the MARCEL clutch, Black Zeus. I love the purple stripe and the wrist handle. It looks the perfect size for going out.

  • ehartig

    Gemma Shoulder Bag, Black

    i love the hardware…sleek and serious

  • Sheryl

    I love the Lyon Satchel, Bouton d’Or because it’s like carrying around a functional work of art – it’s beautiful to look at yet practical enough to carry around all my stuff. Definitely the best of all worlds!

  • Pippi

    I really like the styles of these bags! My favorite is the Wyeth hobo in cordovan.

  • Brenda Giguere

    The LAURA reversible tote in Pewter is purse heaven on earth!

    STUNNING bags… I’m delighted to have found them! THANK YOU.

  • Olivia

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote! please!

  • Grey

    The Tharpe Hobo, definately! The handles are sturdy, the size is just right, and the shape is just gorgeous!

  • Junko

    Sloane Satchel, Blueberry
    It’s a bag with lots of pockets – that means I can organize but it doesn’t look like the old-lady bag. I can still cater to my OCD and still be cute!

  • Emmie

    I love the Trophy Bag in the Indigo Crinkle Patent!

  • Lavanda

    Love Staci Crossbody in Black. So unique, classic and retro at the same time.

  • mz_scarlett


  • Deanna

    I like the Staci Crossbody, in Black. I love the multiple compartments and kisslocks! The design is totally different and unique.

  • Stina

    My new favorite is the Tharpe. Between the You Tube video, and the perfect size on the on-model shots in the description–I think this is the new perfect bag!!


    I’m obsessed with the THARPE Hobo, Tango Red- it’s edgy and urban, yet entirely sophisticated and appropriate for work. It’s the right size to carry for day and can haul files to and fro for hours logged in the home office.

  • Jennifer York

    Wyeth tote in Cordovan is beautiful.

  • belle

    I am LOVING that wyeth tote. The fringe on the sides is just too cool!

  • Jennifer

    I love love the Wyeth Tote in Black!

  • Janet Gilman

    I love the Sloane Satchel, Pewter> I love purses with lots of pockets, so i can keep all my stuff with me. This bag’s color is amazing!

  • Kaleigh Kirby

    I really love the Pamela dowel ladybag in pewter, beautiful color, simple but elegant styling. Lovely year-round bag just the right size!

  • Mercyllyna

    MARCEL Clutch, Black Zeus
    Big things come in little packages. I love that you could fit everything but the kitchen sink in it and yet it still looks pretty and is easy to carry. Plus is eye catching. It is also versatile for both formal and casual occassions. Not to mention the fact that it would go with everything in MY wardrobe. Little devil.

  • dei.gratia.vivo

    i love the Ibiza Convertible Flight Tote (especially in red). It’s is very versatile in that it is a tote with padding inside for my laptop and if I don’t need a big bag, I can simply fold it half to make it a smaller bag! Also, the material is nylon which is good for someone who lives in Seattle where it rains quite often (but not everyday, we do have days where the weather is just absolutely beautiful).

  • Kate

    I love the Tamasin tote in Blueberry.

  • Emalyn

    Wyeth Hobo in Cordovan! Fringe is in and I love how big it is to fit all my books and notebooks for school!

  • Rachel Rampanen

    The Catalina Tote or the Hayden Handbag are my faves. Such neat styles and designs!!

  • Marie

    I have wanted that Wyeth tote for like ever.

  • Krystal

    The Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus~ truly a trophy! Totally different from the regular satchel bags I usually prefer. Great Shape!

  • Sarah

    i like the Bernardin Daybag. It’s the perfect size for me and very vintage looking.

  • PT

    Emily Clutch in Pewter~
    small and perfect for a walk or a night out. love the color too!

  • Patricia

    I LOVE THE Gemma Shoulder Bag in Black. Its perfect for a night out.

  • Johannah B

    SLOANE satchel in Bordeaux…..I love it.

  • Shelly

    Ibiza Convertible Flight Tote, Red – great for work and travel

  • Andrea

    The Wyeth tote is gorgeous — elegant with a bit of toughness. It’s the kind of bag that would make your outfit.

  • Neesa

    I love the Tracy Clutch!! How gorgeous is it!! Amazing!

  • renee

    capri coin purse in navy satin floral. Love the color and shape.

  • Wendy

    Loving the Wyeth — can picture myself with it already!

  • missakate

    I adore the LAURA reversible tote in pewter as it would look stunning for day or evening wear depending on which side of the bag you had displayed. Wonderful!!

  • Melody razmandi

    Love the Wyeth Tote in Black – love the handle, looks buttery and functional but also love the Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus because of the shape and all the pockets!

    I am all about the form and function!!!

  • Pam

    I love the looks and the pockets on the Sloane Crossbody in Blueberry!

  • Mitzi Yingling

    My favorite handbag from the collection is the JINHEE slim tote in blueberry. I love that the resin chain shoulder strap looks like jewelry when hanging down! I love the size and structure of this beautiful bag.

  • Sabrina

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote is an awesome bag, you can use it for everyday use, or dress it up it’s even so cool looking that you can use when rocking the biker look. It really is an incredible looking bag.

  • heidy

    i love the sophia tote in grey. i got it during the sample sale and its perfection!

  • Erin W.

    It’s a tough choice but the Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus would complete so so many things in my wardrobe. And as a mother of two, let me stash a few “must-have” baby items too!

  • Tori

    I absolutely LOVE the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote it is just SO chic and BEAUTIFULLY designed. It would go perfectly with anything and everything I am wearing, and it’s also the PERFECT size. It would also look perfect with me ;)


    Love, LOVE, love the Trophy satchel in Crinkle VIOLET!!! Looks very similar to the Coach Francine, but better!!!!

  • Peggy Gorman

    I love so many styles ,so many colors ,one of my favorites is the Pamela Dowel Ladybag, Black. This is such a pretty bag and can be used anytime.

  • Heide Rose

    The Bernardin Daybag in Yam is a great twist on a classic shape/style. i want one now!!

  • Alanna

    Love the Tamasin tote in pewter distressed- it would hold everything I need and be the perfect bag for anything!

  • Kiki

    I love the Trophy bag in indigo crinkle patent. So chic and handsome!!

  • Angela

    TART Tote makes my heart flutter in a wholesome way.

  • ladysalesrep195

    I adore the Tasmasin Tote in Distressed Pewter.

    Santa, are you listening??

  • Anneliese

    The Clara Flap Bag is my favorite because it’s so unique!

  • Shirley

    TOULOUSE clutch! I love the floral custom motiff and I can carry this clutch everyday!

  • Tara

    I can’t decide between the Corcovado and the Trophy. They are both amazing!

  • april

    i love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo in black! the leather looks and feels amazing. its a fabulous accessory that can be used to dress up any outfit.

  • raider69

    I like the Tracy clutch in black colorblock because it is so versatile and such a stunning bag that is neither too large or too small.

  • Rebecca Schwarzberg

    I love the Wyeth Hobo in Cordovan!

  • YAC

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote and I’ll tell you Wyeth. It’s sugar and spice and everything nice. Seriously, it’s the perfect daily everyday bag to tote all my stuff!

  • murphygirl

    The Sloane Satchel is Blueberry is fantastic. Hard to pick my fav, but I think that’s it.

  • Rowe55

    I keep coming back to Wyeth Tote, in Cordovan, but i like the Wyeth Clutch too.

  • Keiko

    LAURA Reversible Tote, Bronze

    Because it perfectly matches my new coat!

  • DR

    The Staci cross-body is a lovely, luscious optical illusion. Classic, yet modern.

  • Alyssa

    That Wyeth Hobo is beautiful in the black

  • ck21

    How can you go wrong with the wyeth tote? It is functional and stylish enough to serve multiple purposes, go anywhere and be fashionable for many, many years!

  • ann

    The Wyeth Hobo definitely

  • Tiffany L.

    The Laura tote in pewter!

  • abbmee

    Definitely the Wyeth Hobo

  • Kay

    WOW. The Wyeth Tote Cardovan looks FAB. It’s so Chic. What more can you ask for.

  • Cherie

    I really love the Trophy bag in Grey Zeus. It’s big enough for me to carry my things around, looks great AND my heart flutters every time I see it. Definitely one of my favorites.

  • Wee

    I love the Gemma Field tote. Love the shape and the chain strap, classic and chic.

  • MIchelle

    I love the SLOANE Satchel, Pewter. It’s a great looking bag for going out!!

  • amanda

    I LOVE the trophy bag in black! I love hayden-harnett’s handbags and hope to own one someday!

  • JaneD

    I love the Wyeth Tote – it’s both chic and tough-looking! Looks like I could carry everything in it.

  • Chan

    Decisions, decisions…the Sloane Tote in Pewter or Blueberry – fabuloso.

  • lentil

    The Sonia tote in grey is modern-looking but not too masculine. The color and the hardware give it that extra something… and it’s large enough to use overnight.

  • sarahsar

    I like the Sloane Satchel in blueberry. I like the color, and the style looks like one I could use.

  • Tung Lu

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote in BLACK~~

    functional ,, i like it~

  • Fautma Eshnuk

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the “MAGNA Folio Tote, Black Multi!” The colors are beautiful!!

  • maod

    I love the Trophy Bag, Indigo Crinkle Patent…it is BAD! The color is awesome…my favorite!

  • nino

    the sloane satchel in bordeaux is gorgeous, classic and roomy- perfect to brighton up a boring day at uni!!

  • DemRam

    Oh my word! The Trophy Bag in Indigo Crinkle Patent is so beautiful.
    Just stunning!

  • Vivien

    Laura Reversible Tote in Pewter
    I could use it for school and going out, very versatile bag!

  • suefromCanada

    My favorite is the Magna Folio Tote, Black Multi because it’s so bright and unique and looks SO luxurious and comfy to carry!!

  • barbara

    I love the MAGNA Folio Tote, Black Multi. The colors are attractive and will be a splendid bag to have:)

  • Kaytee

    Where to begin!!!! My goodness well my fav bag by far is the Jinhee Slim Tote, Blueberry. This bag is amazing. The large chain takes this bag to a whole other level! I’m obsessed and if I had an extra 500$ around it would be mine hahaha loves it.

  • Shanon

    I’m loving the Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus Patent. Its HUGE and so very beautiful *drool*

  • Mary

    Tracy Clutch, Black Colorblock

  • Erika

    I love the Staci Crossbody in yam. I love the mutiple clasp pockets and the edge the the pyramid studs gives to it.

  • kerouac

    Love the Wyeth Tote, Cordovan.

  • ana

    I just love the Trophy bag. BEAUTIFUL, just BEAUTIFUL.

  • linda söderström

    älskar Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote

  • pradaprincess

    magna folio tote – multi colors

    its soo beautiful and large enough to carry all my necessities

  • jen

    i like the Wyeth Hobo, Cordovan in brown because it gives a vintage look and it looks really roomy

  • CaramelBlondie

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote! I love the size and texture!

  • christina

    i love the Laura Reversible Tote, Bronze… it’s large enough for all my stuff and the color is magnificant!

  • Lo

    I’m in love with the Addison Leather Tote in boysenberry!

  • Gina

    havana large hobo….its very chic and fashionable

  • Lo

    I love the Trophy Bag in Violet Crinkle Patent

  • Havva

    I love the Gemma Field Tote in Black!

  • Laura

    I love Wyeth Tote Cordovan ‘cos I love fringes and handmade bags!!!

  • Lu

    WYETH Hobo, Cordovan

  • alvie223

    CORCOVADO Turnlock Tote, Bronze Distressed

  • Quynh

    The corcovado in bronze distressed because it’s simple, big, yet flashy.


    Wyeth Tote, Cordovan
    this purse is multi purpose and chic all in one for everyday

  • Hong

    Havana Hobo, Ruby

  • crosby

    I love the CLARA flap bag in Black Zeus! A bag like that might even encourage me to dress up a little at work!

  • Marina

    Hard to pick just one, but I think the Havana Large Hobo is my favourite.

  • chrissie

    The Jinhee slim tote in blueberry is my favorite. I am in love with the big chain detail and the color is gorgeous. I might have to add this baby to my Christmas list!!!!

  • stacey

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stacey

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    I like the Wyeth Tote in Cordovan. I love the exterior pockets with turn locks. The style appears to be trendy(the fringe) yet classic!

  • Matt

    I like the Laura reversible tote in bronze, so chic yet functional, and basically two bags for the price of one. The colour is also so rich and full, and holds so much!

  • Aki

    I like the Emile Bowler Tote in Yam!

  • Linh

    i love the Tart Tote in Black Colorblock

  • Christina

    Mercer Satchel in Lead. So beautiful!

  • Nancy

    My favorite is the Havana Large Hobo in black because it’s stylish but also practical.

  • anna

    i love the havana large hobo in ruby… love the colour and the bag just looks to huggable!!

  • airedale3

    My fave is the Havana hobo. It is a wonderful bag.

  • Annalis

    Hayden Harnett bags are FAB! They really know how to design hip funky yet functional bags for the modern woman.

    If I must pick one fave I am going with the Bernardin daybag it is simple yet the chunky lock gives it a simple modern look I would love to carry it on my arm :)

  • Denisse

    I like the Sloane satchel in bordeaux.

  • WJ

    Love the Wyeth tote, practical, interesting design on the pockets, and tassels! Great punk edge in what is an essentially simple bag!

  • J

    Bernardin Daybag, Yam Multi. The color is gorgeous and size is just right-not too big and not too small.

  • Amy

    I am all about Hayden Harnett. Since I discovered them at Edge New York where up and coming designers set up a booth. Who know they would blow up like they did. Theyre bags are always made with great materials as is their apparel and great integrity. I am lov, love, loving the Wyeth Hobo, the shape is so great for wearing across the shoulder or with a shortened strap for a casual look and for easy access when out on the town. It’s cuteness.

  • Kathy

    This would be a perfect bag for me!!!!!! The Wyeth Tote, Black

  • Stella

    Sloane Satchel! Or the Tart Tote in Black. I need big roomy bags since I practically carry my life with me.

  • nnf

    The Jinhee tote in Bordeaux. The colour is yummy and the hardware gives the bag personality. All in all, it’s a winner! :)

  • Rita e

    First time for me and I love them all but my favorite is the HH Wyeth Tote.
    Totes are my favorite and this one looks like it has loads of room. :-)

  • Cat

    The Wyeth Tote in black is my fave!

  • Grace Lee

    I love theTrophy Bag in Grey Zeus, it is really nice design & elegance

  • shop liberty

    These are the handbags I love, I couldn’t choose just one, but I don’t think you asked us to -smile

    Staci Crossbody – Different and color
    Trophy – must be in zeus gray
    Cannes zipper – graphic plaid – like burberry, but brighter
    Bungalow- must be in ruby – too be very chic
    Erol Canvas Totes – have to one large and one small –as a set lovely
    Corcovado Turnlock Tote – in Pewter Distressed (not sure why) and Cordovan – like the size and how elbows lay
    Catalina Slouch laptop Brief – chocolate –love, love, pray it is a light weight bag.

  • Jim Barsness

    Really its the Trophy bag in Grey Zeus. I would use it. Maybe my wife would as well!

  • Lorraine

    I absolutely love the Sonia Tote in ALL colors. I’m a mother of 2 and always need extra space/storage without looking like i’m carrying luggage when going out with them. Also, I love style and multi-purpose of this handbag for work. I’m always juggling so many items that this would make an ideal purse for a working mother. All in all, this is a superb bag!

  • Claudia Small

    Oh, yes – I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote. I would be ecstatic with it!

  • Kat

    The Tharpe in any color. I LOVE how it closes and all the compartments. It’s got a classy look to it too.

  • Staley09

    The Wyeth Tote in both the cordovan and black is the perfect bag. The rounded handles make it easy to carry. The front pockets make it sensible for organization. The fringe and lace design gives it the distinction from ordinary designs. The colors match everything. I state again, this is the perfect bag!

  • QueenLaReesa

    The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote,is the business in any color would be FAB! I would love to have any of these great bags,to add to my growing collection of bags! I can’t get enough.

  • zhl629

    My faviour one is the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote. It is so rock and roll!

  • ANNAversary

    I like the HAYDEN HARNETT Wyeth Bag in black :)

  • bagsnbegonias

    I went to the site, but I so didn’t need to. I love the Wyeth Tote, it’s gorgeous! =)

  • ktjin

    my favorite one is the Emily clutch! perfect for the holiday parties!

  • Sharon

    I love the Staci Crossbody in Black because it is such a different design that I have never seen before and it would be so versatile.

  • Necro

    I really like the Clara Flap Bag, Black Zeus :-)

  • Renita

    I love the Pastis Frame Bag – Bouton d’Or. I love how it has rock ‘n roll chic yet is still very soft and feminine with the floral print and details.

  • diann_co

    I like the Wyeth hobo!

  • therooster

    I like the The CONRAD shoulder bag.

  • Suzy

    OMG I looooove the Clara flap bag. Have been looking everywhere for a functional and pretty messenger bag. Now if only I could afford it… >_<

  • iPurse101

    I love the Lyon Satchel, Bouton d’Or bag. It has a very unique pattern that is very appearling, it has quite a large compartment but without being bulky. With an 6 inch strap that you can use instead of the handles you could put just about anything inside it. The black lining also adds a sleek touch that makes it a bit more classy.

  • Naomi

    The Sloan Satchel in Blueberry. Fabulous.

  • Natasha

    Trophy bag in Grey Zeus. To die for.

  • Jan

    I love the Trophy bag in Black Zeus. This stylish bag has everything I look for in an everyday bag. I always look for bags with external pockets for my phone and keys, etc so it is quick and easy to find them. The double rounded handles are a must for comfort and practicality. I like the versatility of being able to switch from hand to shoulder. Overall, this beautiful bag screams quality, is very stylish and practical and will suit my lifestyle beautifully.

  • Rachelle Suarez

    The Wyeth Tote in Cordovan is the perfect bag. As a mom you never have time to think of your self, let alone get to spend the money for a great bag. This bag is perfect in every way, from the supple leather, to the details in the hardware, to the ladylike structure with the touch of fringe for the bad girl (with no kids) LoL in all of us. This bag would make me feel like a I am the BAD A** Babe in want to be.

  • Joanna Tierno

    I love the STACI Crossbody, Black

  • corazon foz

    I love the Beatrice Satchel, Corsaire. I like the colors! Its so cool and great for everyday use. I wont get tired of using this bag!

  • Julie

    The Trophy Bag in violet looks great~

  • Fiona

    Definitely the Bungalow Wallet in Black Bronze Wizard Snake! CHIC! :)

  • Beth

    Absolutely love the Beatrice Tote and it’s HUGE! The Wyeth tote is a close second–so boho!

  • Karenza

    I really love the Laurel reversible tote.

  • Karenza

    I really love the Laurel reversible tote in Pewter. It’s beautiful.

  • coconutmonkey

    wyeth tote in cordovan

  • Kaitlyn

    I simply adore the Wyeth tote! Its gorgeous =)

  • Lenka

    Tharpe Hobo In Tango Red! So sassy and hot~!

  • malmccy

    I’m in love with the Beatrice Satchel in Corsaire because it has a vintage heirloom appeal to it but is still free and fun like me.

  • sheri

    I love the Sloane Satchel in Pewter. Nice color and great function.

  • Mey

    I am in love with LIDO Zippered Mini Bag, Bouton d’Or. Its so gorgeous! I love the floral print and the size of the bag.The green and blue color really stand out against the purple background! Plus its so exclusive with only 50 produce!!!!

  • Irishlass1029

    The Bernardin Daybag is my favorite!Stylish, new and retro at the same time, great lock, perfect size!

  • rita

    I love the Trophy Bag in grey.

  • pursed

    I’m in love with the Mercer clutch. Such an innovative design for a versatile purse, and the yam color goes with everything.

  • angelling24

    I love the CONRAD Shoulder Bag in Ruby. The front pocket design makes it so standout, and the color is absolutely stunning.

  • Rachel Kabigting

    love the clutch wallet in violet and gray!!

  • beautifulstranger

    I absolutely adore the Wyeth Tote!!! So chic and interesting!

  • stellabella

    If I do have to choose… I love the Wyeth tote in cordovan and the Jinhee slim tote in blueberry. The Wyeth is super functional and laid back and the fringe detailing gives it character while the jinhee is edgy and sharp and the linked strap is so eye-catching. I’m so glad the giveaway has the Wyeth though!

  • traceyg

    Ahhh…the Wyeth Tote: classy, fun and hip!!

  • Melanie

    I REALLY LIKE THE “Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote” it looks beautiful. =)

  • pegasuscom

    The WYETH tote in black combines a great look with great functionality. I love that they added a cross body strap so you can carry all the necessities. HH has managed to make a work horse bag with wonderful style.

  • Shannon

    The grey zeus trophy bag is sooo cute…

  • Candice Sittel

    I really LOVE the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth tote , It actually looks big enough to hold ALL my things, and STILL look nice and stylish too !!!

  • So-Ching

    I’m loving the JINHEE Slim Tote in Blueberry. It was a tough choice for me, but this tote is a sexy bag that doesn’t scream “clunky.” Roomy yet stylish, this tote has just the right amount of structure. The lines are sleek and sophisticated. The Blueberry color is wonderfully rich and can be dressed up or down. I’d love to add this bag to my collection.

  • Anniefanny

    Ohhh, after a long time looking I think I have narrowed it down to the Clara Flap Bag in Yam, Old school record satchel meets 21st century chic, its beautiful.
    (Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus and Beatrice on the wish list)

  • sabine

    love the sloane satchel

  • molly3

    Really looking at the Bernardin Daybag, Yam Multi–SO cute!

  • Tauketula

    I love the Wyeth tote. It is the perfect size. It is edgy and stylish. I love it!!

  • sandstorm

    I love the Wyeth tote cordovan. The size and color is perfect for me.

  • Tracy

    I ADORE the Clara Tote in Black. It’s DELISH !!

  • Joseline

    I love the Wyeth Tote!!

  • marcie

    CLARA Flap Bag, Black Zeus perfect for every occasion

  • kathy

    i love the bernadine daybag. it is beautiful

  • Leslie

    MERCER Satchel in Lead

  • Chantelle

    I need the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo so I can look bad-ass when I see my ex-boyfriend during the soon to commence holiday festivities. Coupled with some killer stilletos he’s gonna wish he never messed with me!

  • katie

    the wyeth tote in cordovan. great size bag that is casuel, yet has a little edge to it!

  • Tiffani

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote- a must have for Winter!

  • goke

    My favourite bag is the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote!

  • Marian Davis

    Personally I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote. This bag is not only lovely but looks roomy and I love a big bag. I shop a lot on weekends and need a bag that will hold all my goods.

  • chris

    I love the Wyeth Tote, I would say that for me it is a perfect design.

  • samanthalous

    Trophy Bag, Grey Zeus – Punk Luxury

  • joanna smith

    My favorite handbag is the Clara Flap Bag in the color Black Zeus. It is stunning! I chose this bag because first it is a great size for my needs. It is large enough to hold the usual items that I need with me on a daily basis, but it is not too big that it will be heavy and bulky to carry around me on my shoulders. I also love the ultra chic embellishment of the lock, it is not only an extra security measure, but it adds a touch of bling to the bag. I also love the fact that it has a couple of different “flaps” to store your items and a zippered compartment. And lastly, I love the understated color block design. It adds just little extra special look that makes this handbag a real eye catcher and show stopper in my opinion. Thank you so much for the amazing handbag giveaway!

  • adrian

    Love the Wyeth Tote!!

  • Angeleen

    My favourite is the Mercer Satchel in Goldrush!

  • shuzkelly

    Sloane Satchel, Blueberry

  • Davina

    I love the Wyeth tote.

  • kath

    Havana Hobo in Black

  • Jennifer

    The Wyeth Tote is the bag I would pick to run away to my “real” life. The one where I’m crashing on my friend’s futon in the Village, writing poetry that eventually makes its way to Bob Dylan (who then records it with Nora Jones). It holds my Moleskin notebooks, my banged-up Olympus 35mm, the cashmere cardi I got in Scotland–the one with holes in the elbows, and my copy of Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook. It’s the 21st century version of Virginia Woolf’s room she can write in… who needs a room when you’ve got all of New York??? The Wyeth Tote is freedom.

  • Jen

    Laura reversible in Pewter…2 bags in one is a great thing for a purse loving diva, and that pewter is just a fabulously understated glam color:)

  • Lori Ursomarso

    Laura Reversible Tote in Bronze!

  • caribeandiva

    Wyeth tote in black. It’s gorgeous! I’ve been looking for the tote bag with the perfect amount of hardware and this is the one.

  • pzold

    Love the Sloane Satchel in Bordeaux! I’m crazy about pockets, pockets and more pockets!

  • ktokc

    Corcovado Turnlock Tote in Black Patent

  • Tina

    love, love, love the Wyeth hobo! Why: hobo’s appeal to me because I like to have my hands free!

  • KittyKittyKitty

    I really love the WYETH tote in Cordovan.

    I like that you can wear it either over your Shoulder or just Hand held.

    I love the Hippy/Rock look of this bag, and of course the Size. I love Large Bags!!!


  • crodrigue

    Trophy Bag, Violet Crinkle Patent.

    I love this bag. It is simply remarkable – eye catching design and color. I’d love to carry this bag! Love, Love, Love it!

  • Melissa

    I absolutely love the Wyeth Tote, at first glance it seems to have the shape of a classic tote, but it’s far more. The square rivets and angled pockets give it a rocker edge, but the soft, smooth leather and fringe give it a really girly feel as well. It will definitely fit a girl’s every mood, as well as matching almost any outfit!

  • Christina

    The Wyeth Tote in black is a must. It’s both stylish AND functional. What more can you ask for?!

  • Forint

    Wyeth Hobo in Cordovan is a fun bag

  • Kris

    I love the Sloane crossbody in Blueberry.

  • darielle

    Wyeth Tote for me!

  • diane

    At last, a sholder bag with style. The Pastis Frame Bag, Bouton d’Or is really beautiful, but so different. It’s the bag that people will ask where you got it and what kind is it.

  • Jaclyn Beckerman

    Sloan Satchel in Pewter – I love big shiny bags with lots of pockets. lol

  • Beth

    The Conrad Shoulder Bag in Ruby…beautiful!!

  • dgoodrich

    Havana Large Hobo, Platinum Lizard= AMAZING. Love the metallic lizard and need a purse that holds EVERYTHING!

  • slowlyfading

    Havana Large Hobo!

  • RedBagLady31

    My favorite is the Sao Paulo Artisan Hobo in red. It is such a gorgeous color. It is cute and unique, but still classy. I love the hand woven detail on the flap. Such a cute bag!

  • cami

    i’d have to go with the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote–it looks like it’ll hold everything!

  • GUM

    Wyeth Tote, Cordovan WAAAAAW

  • Esther

    I love them all… but if i had to pick my favorite i love the cluth! why? because it chic and sleek, perfect for a night out on town!

  • suzanne

    I like the Wyeth Tote in Cordovan. I love the angle/placement of the front pockets and the fringe just makes it a fun bag to carry out. Any girl would just feel so confident having that bag on her arm!! :)

  • Jackie

    I absolutely love the Conrad Shoulder Bag, Cordovan. I really like the adjustable shoulder strap, turnlocks, and size of the bag!

  • Kati S.

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote!! the leather looks so luxurous and the fringe is cute

  • Diana Boon.

    oh! I love the Tracy Clutch, Black Colorblock purse. I like how versatile the bag is, it can be a shoulder bag as well as a clutch. the metallic colors play well together, I also like how there’s studs on it, give it that punker feel.

  • chaney

    I love the Magna Folio because it’s so colorful and detailed. And it’s really big! I need a lot of space for the kids’ stuff. The Wyeth also looks practical because it has those front zipper pockets for your cell phone. So it would be a perfect everyday bag. The magna one is more for special occasions.

  • Yolanda

    I love the Wyeth tote, the fringe is delicious. And, I am head-over-heels in love with the Gemma Shoulder Bag that I just picked up at the SF Sample Sale! Thanks HH!

  • Teresa

    The Staci Crossbody is a great looking bag. Totally unique and retro at the same time. I’d take it in any and all colors!

  • silkscarves

    I love the Wyeth tote in black!

  • Mary

    i really like the wyeth tote especially in cordovan. it is just really cute and looks like the perfect bag for going out on the weekend.

  • S.C

    I love Laura Reversible Tote in Pewter! Beautiful color with just about right amount of shinny metallic finish! This is definitely a perfect size for everyday use!

  • PinkHappy

    Staci crossbody in black … like that it’s a clutch or a party bag that can dance

  • Dara

    Love the Wyeth tote with all the fringe. Perfect handles too! I could see myself carrying the Wyeth often.

  • Arlene

    Conrad Shoulder Bag, Ruby…love the color, all the little pockets and the buckles.

  • chica1

    My favorite is 80s colorblock Floripa. I love this bag and have the black patent Floripa. I love this bag because its looks so NY!

  • GeorgiaT

    I love the sloan satchel in blueberry because it’s the perfect shade of blue and it has enough pockets to suit my daily needs.

  • Anna

    Trophy Bag, Violet Crinkle Patent – love this stylish super chic bag!

  • Yvonne

    My favourite is definitely the Bernardin Daybag in Yam Multi. It’s the most amazing bag, ever!

  • Kelly

    Love the Bernardin Daybag, Yam Multi!

  • Susan

    Oh I love the Bernardin Daybag! The shape and the turnlock closure is sooooooo chic!

  • moure

    Violet Trophy is gorgeous.

  • erika

    gemma shoulder bag. love the hardware. its just sexy

  • CalGal

    That cute Conrad in ruby … great bag!

  • adagio

    I love the Wyeth clutch – perfect for going out.

  • Alina

    I love Emile Bowler Tote! …in Yam – so yummy…

  • Timothy Selig


  • Nancy J

    I love the Monroe Shoulder Bag, Black Colorblock The colors are fabulous!

  • babychoo

    Havana Hobo is my fave! I can fit all my junk

  • Rochelle

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo.

  • simply.complex

    my favorite is the jinhee slim tote in blueberry.
    love the color and shape of the bag!

  • Charla

    Tamasin Tote in Pewter Distressed. It is gorgeous, HUGE and a great color!!!

  • Melissa

    I love the Laura Reversible Tote

  • Chelsea

    I like the Tamasin Tote in Bronze Distressed because it is such a unique color.

  • Trace

    HH is one of my all-time favorite designers. I’ve been wanting a Havana Hobo for a long time, love that bag. Also like the Gemma shoulder bag for a night out. Thanks for hosting this contest!

  • Brianna Vincent

    My favorite has to be the Conrad Shoulder bag in Black!
    It is stylish and practical. It is just one of those go anywhere bags! Compartments galore… what is not to love!

  • MammaLoves

    Okay, who does not LOVE Hayden-Harnett?? They tease me all day long on Twitter with their gorgeous bags, boots and accessories.

    If I had to pick just one–and mind you that is almost impossible to do–I think I’d have to go with the Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus. I would so hear “Stayin’ Alive” in my head as I strutted down the street with that fab bag on my shoulder.

  • Vivian

    I don’t know how many people have said this already, but it is definitely the Trophy Bag that catches my eye – great structure, size, and shape! It will definitely capture an on-looker’s eyes in my arms! Want to get them in all colours! If I must choose one, Violet crinkle patent has my nod this season for being the in colour!

  • Jennifer R

    I love the Tharpe Hobo bag…it’s got a lot of pockets and pouches and that type of purse if my favorite…it’s really gorgeous too!

  • circuitparty

    Loving the Wyeth Clutch because it reminds me of my favorite Auntie; small, classic, and a cool edge!

  • Laurie

    I’m on a bit of a clutch bender, so the wyeth clutch is definitely my fav!

  • matchka

    I actually think the Weyeth bags are really fun – – they are so Wild Wild West!!! I also really like their cuff bracelets – – there are more than several of those that I would love to have!!!

  • Kelli

    Staci Crossbody in Ruby is sweeeeet!

  • mrsegg

    This is a tough choice. Since I have to choose one, I’d have to go with the Emile Bowler Tote, in Yam or Ruby (I’d have to flip a coin). I love the sleek look and uncluttered design. It’s practical enough to take wherever I need to go, but stylish enough to say I care enough to carry the best.

  • mickey

    Love the Laura reversible tote.What a great idea…2 bags in one!

  • Ally

    Love any type in Indigo Crinkle! My fav is the Havana Hobo in Indigo but I love the Lorca’s as well!! Great bag for day or night!

  • MyPinkPony

    Love Love Love the Tracy clutch, AND the Gemma Field Tote!

  • natalia rutecki

    hayden-harnett wyeth cluth is gorgeous

  • Evelyn Franks

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo is my favorite.

  • Diamondstar

    The Sloane satchel in pewter is simply FAB! Not to mention perfect for the season! Yes!!!!!

  • sharon

    I like the TROPHY bag bc i can carry everything in it. it’s so big and has a lot of pockets!

  • alexis77

    I really love the Mercer Clutch in Tango Red. I love the look of a clutch, but am someone who needs more space than the typical clutch provides.

  • Lucy

    i like the Bowery Studded Mini Clutch in black… it’s got such an attitude with the studded pyramids – perfect for a unique stylish young girl =)

  • Laura

    Tokyo clutch; sexy for both day and night.

  • 1pinky77

    I simply love the Wyeth Tote in Cordovan!!!! It is a large classic everyday bag but has little extras to make it look extra stylish!!!

  • ssmama

    My fave is the Trophy Bag in Violet Crinkle Patent!!!

  • spacytracy

    I def have to say I REALLY like the Wyeth Tote in Cordovan. That is one HOT bag and I’m diggin all the details on it! ;)

  • Timothy Selig

    Wyeth tote is coooool…………
    God bless our troops

  • odessa

    Havana Large Hobo, Platinum Lizard. It’s roomy and stylish

  • Firefly1605

    My favorite is the Bowery Studded Mini Clutch in Platinum Lizard

  • Paige

    The Trophy Bag, Tan Crinkle Patent is my fav. Why? It has many pockets and campartments of all sizes that I can stash things in. And the color is the cherry on top!

  • Leslie

    i loooove the pamela bags because they look great!! the emily clutch is equally fabulous.

  • Grace

    I remember back when HH just started up and I was seeing their bags in tons of magazine spreads. I set a goal to own an HH bag because I had never seen styles that fit my personal tastes so well. I was in love. I still am, and am a proud owner of 2 HH bags which I use nearly everyday. I am the biggest Hayden-Harnett fan that I know. If I could have any bag, it would be Mosaique Hobo, Navy/Red Multi. I love the pattern, I love the colors, and I love how the design is inspired by theartwork of Paule Marrot.


  • Grace

    I remember when HH first started up and I saw their bags in every single magazine spread. I was instantly enthralled because I had never come across a designer who’s style so closely matched my own. I made it a goal to own a HH bag, and now I have 2. I use them nearly everyday and they’re getting worn out after years of use. I am the biggest HH fan that I know. I would be thrilled to own the Mosaique Hobo, Navy/Red Multi. I love the colors and I love that the design is inspired by the artwork of Paule Marrot.


  • Jessica

    the tokyo clutch in silver anaconda! so cute but large enough to fit a lot :)

  • jadejett

    I love the Havana Large Hobo!

  • mimi

    Havana Large Hobo, Violet Crinkle Patent. The idea of hype and extra space for almost anything is an ideal bag for me. Great color for patent leather btw!

  • maimiti

    Tamasin tote Pewter distressed… so rock chic…

  • Philip

    Black GEMMA Shoulder Bag because it is chic of course…

  • Lisa

    wyeth hobo, but I love ALL HH bags. No lie.

  • Lisa

    The Wyeth Tote in Cordovan is by far my favorite. I’ve been a huge fan of several HH bags, but this one definitely has a spot on my most-wanted list!

  • MrsKayBee

    the Wyeth Tote! Classic and rock and roll!

  • Isaac

    SLOANE Satchel, Blueberry is my pick. I love organization and it also says a notebook fits! perfect!

  • Electra

    I loved the Cannes Zipper Tote, Corsaire.It is sophisticated and has an unusual combination of colors.

  • Kathy

    I love the Conrad Shoulder Bag in red!

  • Samantha

    GEMMA Shoulder Bag, Black~! I can see myself wearing it all day and night despite the black leather material. The shoulder bag shines so nice you can see it during anytime of the day =]

  • Pauline

    Bowery Studded Mini Clutch

  • Tasha

    I love the Bouton d’Or handbag!!! It is absolutely stylish and eclectic. It fits daytime and weekend style and carries enough stuff to go anywhere!

  • LV2007

    Tamasin Tote in Pewter Distressed Color. Blends perfectly whether worn with a business attire or casual; roomy. Color is subdued yet remains to be chic; complements any ensemble.

  • Kimberly

    the WYETH TOTE CORDOVAN is my love at first sight
    it’s got STYLE, it’s SEXY and SASSY! it’s the bag all classy ladies
    would want and have.

  • Carissa

    My favorite handbag is the Trophy Bag in Tan Crinkle Patent, it’s stylish, functional and works well either for the weekday or the weekend

  • ash14vwb

    I’d have to say the Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus is my favorite. The color is beeaauuuutiful!!!!!

  • Sarah T.

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo because it is an interesting bag with texture, its a great color, looks like the perfect size, is different from anything I have and most of all I wish I could own an H-H bag someday! I have no high end bags and have always loved all thier styles. I would be over the moon to have any H-H bag.

  • Samantha Michelle

    I adore the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Clutch to go out on the town with! What a cool bag!

  • Joanie

    I would love to own the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote because I am a mom of a special needs child and have a lot of stuff to carry around and would love to tote around an attractive high end bag rather than the boring, ugly bags I end up owning and disliking. I have never had a purse that costs more than $24.99 in all my 56 years. And if I were to win it I would pass it on to my other daughter who is a fashionista in the making when she is old enough.

  • Sarah T.

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo- it’s a stylish big enough bag to hold all my things and I have never owned any high end bags before and have been dying for an H-H one for as long as I can remember.

  • Linda

    The Sloane Cross-Body because — well — I mean, did you see how gorgeous the Blueberry is?

  • EmmyB

    Tropy Bag Indigo Crinkle

  • Carrie Carpenter

    Beatrice Satchel, Corsaire, now there is a “make a statement” bag. I love it. Looks like a great business bag as well and a carry on.

  • Melanie

    I love the Jinhee Slim Tote in blueberry! The bag is gorgeous and functional, and the color is amazing!

  • Jenny

    I LOVE the Wyeth Tote, Black because i think it can go with everything in me closet :]

  • Tashina

    I love the Wyeth Hobo and the Sloane Satchel.

  • Marita

    Oh man, I just adore the Staci Crossbody in Yam and Ruby!!
    It just about carries my small notepad to lectures and it’s so classy that I could take it out clubbing. I’ve never seen such a clever yet funky bag <3. Just love it!

  • pltprincess

    The Jinhee Slim Tote, Khaki Patent/ Black Patent is my favorite. This sleek gorgeous bag makes a statement. It combines a sophisticated chic-ness with a big doses of eye-candy to create the perfect bag for those of us who want to stand out and be noticed whether we are dressed up for a night out or rocking the jeans and pumps. LOVE this bag!!

  • Elvia

    I’m going to rate my favorite according to the various types of handbags, rather just one handbag over the whole Hayden-Harnett collection because the type of handbag that it is plays a great deal of importance to any woman and especially to a woman’s lifestyle!

    When it comes to clutches, my favorite from Hayden-Harnett is “Clutch Wallet in Platinum Lizard”.
    It’s the perfect clutch for a night out and it’s practical too.
    Plus it’s very much my style, as I love the [silver] metallic trend.

    When it comes to shoulder bags, my favorite is “Wyeth Hobo in Black”.
    As the website says: “Hippie-luxe meets city slick in the Wyeth hobo.”
    It’s the perfect shoulder bag for day to night. It’s effortlessly stylish and chic!
    Plus, the shoulder strap is adjustable so you can adjust it from short to long strap and that’s always convenient! Also, I really love the design of the bag!

    When it comes to satchels, my favorite is “Trophy Bag in Black Zeus”.
    There seems to be many pockets, which can come in handy when you’re carrying a lot!
    I like the black color because it’s classic and it will go well with any outfit. It seems like the perfect day-bag.

    When it comes to totes, my favorite is “Jinhee Slim Tote in Blueberry”.
    It offers a stylish contemporary design and it’s the perfect tote with a right amount of color.
    Plus, you can always carry the Jinhee by the shoulder straps/handles or by the oversize resin chain shoulder strap and it’s always nice to have options – although I personally would prefer the chain as simply wonderful and unique decoration for the bag.
    I really love the slim body of the bag and it’s perfect for me because I, too, have a slim body.
    And in my opinion, a good handbag always brings out the true personality and vibe of the individual carrying it!

    And finally, when it comes to the small leather good, my favorite [which is a tough one] would be… “Moni Coin Purse in Graphic Plaid”. I really liked the “Ipanema Framed Clutch Wallet in Khaki Patent/ Black Patent” and the “Clara Clutch Wallet in Black Zeus”, but the coin purse just personifies me more! I remember when I was young; I received a red vintage coin purse from a very sweet Grandmother of mine in Chicago. She gave it to me as a gift to remember her by since my family was moving to Houston, which is where I live now. I loved the coin purse so much but after a while, it became very old and moldy so unfortunately I had to throw it away. But, the memory of the coin purse always lingers in my mind and I always look for a vintage coin purse of similar design [since there is no way I can find the exact same replica of my Grandmother’s vintage coin purse because my Grandmother had personally embroidered it with her initials]. But, the Hayden-Harnett coin purse is perfect. It has a similar design with the antique brass kisslock and I like the Graphic Plaid [“beautiful Paule Marrot designed print body”], because it’s very down-to-earth, simple yet chic and symbolizes the “past” in a way, to me.

  • alexandrea

    I want the Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus!!! It has an interesting shape and structure, and the color just makes it look simply elegant.

  • kara

    I like the tropgy in crinkled patent indigo

  • shushopn

    wyeth hobo in cordavan

  • pgv417

    The Tharpe Hobo is definitely my favorite HH bag. After an endless search for the perfect bag last christmas, I discovered the Tharpe Hobo in black! I absolutely adore it and it is my go-to bag. As a grad student, I couldn’t quite afford some of the other beauties I often see on Purse Blog…but HH is absolutely incredible and the Tharpe is my fave :)

  • fuchsiafury

    Sonia Tote – in red of course!

  • mellifluous

    Magna FOLIO tote! So cute!

  • Alex

    The LYON satchel. It’s just so pretty and it could hold everything I need.

  • Edith Prentice

    I have visited your site, and have decided that the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote is my favorite bag. I like the total look of the bag, and know that it would serve my business/personal life style.

  • scoobiesmomma

    WYETH Tote, Cordovan. Love the look of it and seems very functional!

  • trish

    I like the Trophy bag in Grey Zeus

  • missp

    ooh…I LOVEEEEE The MOSAIQUE Hobo in black/multi.
    I think its a super cute bag and perfect partner for most of my wardrobe.

  • Anoka

    It’s really hard to choose, but I love the Tart Tote. The splashes of color make it stand out without being overly flashy.

  • Jeanine

    Sloane Satchel in Bordeaux. :)

  • yoey8

    I’m really loving the Havana Large Hobo in Grey Zeus!

  • hannah

    The wyeth clutch is super cute!

  • joanna friedman

    Love a lot of them, but the Corcovado Turnlock Tote in Black Patent is my favorite!

  • widi

    I really like the Conrad Shoulder Bag. It will be perfect for travel with all the convenient pockets and zipped compartments.

  • golden

    Love the Havana hobo in Goldrush….so cute!!

  • Kimmi

    My favorites are the Wyeth toe in cordovan, love the fringe!

  • Bogey

    The violet Trophy Bag, because it has lots of places to store items and it is my favorite color.

  • Sheila Piccone

    I love the Bernarden. It is so classic yet has that vintage vibe! Love it!

  • Tee

    I love the Clara Tote in Black – it could go with so many things in my closet!

  • Oceane

    The MAGNA Folio Tote in Black screams FIERCE! This is the perfect bag for trendsetters who aren’t afraid to stand out and be noticed!

  • Sarah

    I like the red conrad shoulder bag. I like the color and size.

  • Azureartist

    I love the Trophy Bag in Violet Crinkle Patent. I’m on a big purple kick right now!

  • Juliet

    Loving the Wyeth Tote in Cordovan!!

  • CC

    Trophy Bag, Black Zeus,
    it’s large, and would look great with my outfits whenever I go out to town!

  • Rhonda

    I adore the Gemma shoulder bag in Black….

    it is elegant yet edgy… it is sophisticated yet fun….

  • nliung

    I love the Wyeth Tote in Cordovan. Reason is because it is a big bag. I can put anything inside. I also love the soft leather and the details of the bag. The fringe, the studs, the handles.

  • Connie

    I lIke the Emile Bowler Tote, because I can use it as a everyday bag

  • littlemisskitty

    The Pamela Ladybag…it’s an evergreen

  • cishcash

    I lovelovelove the Wyeth tote! it’s big enough to carry all my stuff, yet it looks super edgy and luxurious and chic! i could so see myself rocking it!

  • samhainophobia

    My favorite HH bag is the Havana Hobo. It’s a great size for an everyday bag — big enough to hold everything plus the kitchen sink, should the need arise, but soft and malleable enough that it doesn’t look or feel enormous. It’s simple enough to go well with a variety of outfits, but still interesting and beautiful. And the leather is just to die for.

  • May

    I love the WYETH Tote, Cordovan. It’s a practical bag with short handles to tote it around and a longer strap to sling it over your shoulder or across your torso. I love the pockets to store small things I need to get to quickly and the flap close to keep prying hands out. The side fringes add a special detail to keep things interesting.

  • Missy

    I have always wanted the Havana Hobo in Oyster…that’s my all-time favorite! It is an absolutely gorgeous bag which can hold a ton of stuff so its beautiful and functional as well. The color is magnificent. If you have ever carried this bag, you will see how it really will make you feel “glamorous”. Great thing is this bag can be carried while wearing a great pair of designer jeans or take it to work or an evening out….it’s fabulous regardless of the outfit or occasion!

  • doublepitch

    I love the Jinhee Slim Tote, Blueberry :D The bag itself is so beautiful and the color is unique and lovely!

  • Jessica

    I love the Wyeth tote! So pretty…

  • Marla

    I can totally see myself trotting down town in my hot fringed booties, with the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo slinged over a nice casual cardigan getup. I like the way they held back on the metal detailing and just let the subtle leather and fringes take centrestage!

  • Lois

    Wyeth tote- nice!

  • Kristin

    I like the BEATRICE Satchel, Corsaire. I love the blue and yellow color combo and the pattern. It’s a really different & funky design which I like. It would be a great weekend bag to wear with jeans.

  • Gracie

    Love the Mercer Clutch. like the color, love the style… simple and stand out!

  • maggie

    i’m smitten with the jinhee bag in burgundy and the wyeth tote in black. both of them are to die for, i can’t decide which i like better! oh gosh, i also love the gemma bag…too many lovely purses!

  • maggie

    oh, i must say i like the gemma field tote (not shoulder bag)!

  • Sandra

    Absolutely love the Jinhee slim tote in blueberry. The style is beautiful, and the color really makes the bag eye-catching.

  • Grace

    The Emily Clutch in Pewter is SO darling! Love it to bits.

  • Chris

    CONRAD shoulder bag in ruby is wonderful. The size is perfect and the size is also.

  • Zzuliyta

    I think Wyeth Tote, Cordovan is very chic and versatile… love it1

  • Shari

    I LOVE the Trophy bag in Grey Zeus. The shape, hardware and color are to die for!!!

  • nicki

    i like the wyeth tote cuz it’s a good everyday bag to carry all your things in and its stylish

  • Celine

    I really like the Havana Large Hobo, Cordovan because it looks like a very useful everyday bag.

  • looskaboosh

    Mosaique Camera Bag/Fabric, Red Multi
    the colors are fun and the pattern is great!

  • L2

    The Trophy bag is calling my name!

  • Julie

    I loooooove the blueberry sloane satchel! The color is soo pretty!

  • PiNAclaudia

    trophy bag, violet crinkle patent. so unique! i love it!

  • Jan

    The Wyeth tote!

  • Joslyn

    I love the Wyeth Tote in Black. So hip. So rock’n’roll.

  • maritimesun

    I really love the hobo….clutch is also cute, but hobo is the right size for me. Looking at the wonderful tassel and the black color….my dream bag this year!!!

  • carly

    I love the Wyeth tote in black. Gorgeous bag- plus I’ve been drawn to bags and boots lately that have just a little bit of fringe!

  • awoodson

    I love the Wyeth tote, it would work great for me!

  • Cadence

    I absolutely am in love with the Trophy bag in ALL of the colors. The grey is just luscious, purple and indigo are so rich, and the crinkle tan patent….oooohhhhh.

  • Shonn

    I love the Gemma shoulder bag. Reason: I need a new night on the town bag and this one is so striking, especially with the gold chain. Love, Love!

  • Yeva

    Wow…..I never really knew what the hype was with Hayden Harnett in the forums…but now I know after looking at the website. Most of the purses look catchy with luscious leather. Definitely a brand to look out in the future when I have more money. To pick a favourite is hard there’s so many that I would buy if money was no problem. But what I love most is the first prize! So versatile and so chic and so big! The Wyeth Tote in black looks yummylicious!

  • Lisa

    I really love the Trophy bag in grey zeus. It’s definitely a roomy bag with a great design, and I find grey to be a great alternative to the classic black handbag.

  • Mialouise

    I adore the Pamela Dowel Ladybag in Pewter,the must have silhouette and the gorgeous go with everything colour..LOVE it !!

  • Julie

    I love love love the Lorca Turnlock, Platinum Lizard clutch. I just purchased a pair of gorgeous ivory shoes with gold accent and this bag is just made for those shoes!!! :-)

  • Cassandra

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote.

  • Cindy

    Sloane Crossbody – casual and hands-free.

  • Fiona

    Ibiza Flight tote in RED. I just bought it at sample sale and I love how versatile the bag is. I travel a lot and the bag is perfect for stuffing stuff when on the plane or shopping. I can fold it and it becomes a great city bag. The quality of Ibiza bag is so wonderful. Can’t say enough praise for HH bags.

  • Christine

    The Wyeth Clutch.

    Fringe is in and I love that the wrist strap is fringed in a subtle way, not to take away from the clutch itself. Also, the pyramid studs give it that edgy look! So hot right now!!!

  • Christina

    Love the Havana Hobo, Goldrush – it’s the perfect size and shape for any occasion!

  • Jasmine

    The Wyeth Tote is to DIE for!!! It’s packs function, practicality and beauty all in one. It’s arm-candy redefined. The subtle gorgeousness of the tote adds the finishing touches to it, making it the best bag to tote around town and to make college-mates turn green with envy.

  • Kittybag

    Emile Bowler Tote in Yam really caught my eye. Looks like a great work bag.. would hold lots of items and still have wear-ability!

  • cathealey

    I like the Havana Large Hobo, Black

    It would make a nice everyday bag.

  • sals

    It’s pretty hard to choose from the great selection! The Bernardin Daybag caught my eye from the beginning though, love the combination of simple classic shape with modern lock. The color mix also makes this bag my favorite.

  • Lisa

    I love all of the totes…wyeth my favorite and the canvas one fantastic as I am at horse shows all the time!

  • Tawnee

    I love the Corcovado in bronze distressed. I love the fact that it has a metallic sheen to it. A very practical look for everyday use.

  • carol

    My favorite is the Wyeth Tote. I love the size and the tassels are a great accent.

  • Koti

    Trophy Bag, Violet Crinkle Patent – I want it want it want it!!!!

  • Kathy Heinrich

    Though it was a tough decision since all of the bags are awesome. I chose the WYETH tote. I absolutely love the side fringes. I think that they make the bag extra special. I am also a huge fan of huge bags. The bag is FABU!!!

  • Sara

    my favorite is def the Staci crossbody, very different, eye-catching, a super cool party bag but not too small (i always have so much stuff lol!!)

  • Melanie Lee

    Conrad Shoulder Bag, Cordovan or Black is my favorite.

  • Brandi

    The Trophy bag has really caught my eye. What a great shape! I may have to add that to my Christmas list!

  • Andrea

    My fave is the Sloane in either Blueberry or Bordeaux. It looks like it could hold all of my stuff and the colors are beautiful!

  • Cali

    I am very much in love with the Trophy bag in Indigo Crinkle. The colour is just fantastic and I’m a fiend for a good few exterior pockets! It’s just plain gorgeous as well! <3

  • Nanda

    I love the JINHEE Slim Tote in Blueberry. Not only is the color absolutely gorgeous, the size of the bag is perfect for my daily needs. I also love the details. It’s super stylish and very practical at the same time; you can’t get a better combination!

  • Cindy

    Trophy Bag, Tan Crinkle Patent. It’s such a great looking, every day bag.

  • sara cooper

    Touloose clutch like the shape, size and look.

  • Lynn

    conrad should bag in black!

  • Suzanne

    I think I will have to say the Wyeth Tote in black. I like the way it looks and it would be a good bag to carry to work. I have several HH bags and I love them.

  • Yiling

    I must say I ADORE the Lorca Turnlock in Platinum Lizard. The Platinum Lizard is just the perfect color for a good day-to-evening bag: not too over-the-top and gaudy for regular use, but still sophisticated and glamorous enough for the night. I also love the very versatile shape!

  • pwatters

    I’m lovin’ the tote! Can you imagine having such a great bag to stuff all your stuff into? I’d still look chic!

  • Donna

    Hope I win, as the Wyeth tote is my favorite!

    My favorite HH bag of all time is the Nico (actually, it might be my favorite bag, period) and I’m sorry that it’s apparently departed…

  • Chi

    ahh so many to choose from.. but since you did say handbag(s)
    Sloane Satchel, Pewter
    [this style handbag was the very first one that cought my eye, it was a toss up between the Pewter color and the Bordeaux, but Pewter was just calling me lol]

    Gemma Shoulder Bag, Black
    [its perfect to go out on the town with the girls, i love the chain
    straps, its simple yet so chic]

    Lorca Turnlock, Yam
    [I love the color and style of this bag, plain and simple]

  • Sandra

    the wyeth tote is DEFINITELY my favorite because it is so big – it can hold all my books, accessories, camera, cell phone, EVERYTHING! and it has a shoulder strap for easy carrying

  • Kate

    I’m in love with the Wyeth Hobo, that fringe is calling to me! It’s so eye-catching and looks so soft, I’d just have to sleep with it under my pillow!

  • Cara

    I like the Havana Large Hobo in Indigo Crinkle Patent. I have been hunting for a dark blue bag and this style is perfect for my day-to-day life :)

  • Maya

    CANNES Zipper Tote, Corsaire
    Looks fun and stylish for the weekend but is still demure enough to be used for work which is exactly what i need!

  • Elizabeth

    Havana hobo!

  • robin

    omg I adore the Wyeth tote!

  • Rach

    Love the Trophy Bag in Grey Zeus!

  • Elaine

    The Conrad – looks great & sturdy, and isn’t so huge that it’d look like it’d topple me over when full.

  • sweetmelissa

    I’m loving the Wyeth hobo and tote but I also like the Pamela ladybag.

  • vesna

    Staci Crossbody, Yam is adorable and strange, I LOVE it indeed.

  • FrankieP

    The GreenIsGood Tote… because it is!!! :D

  • i_wona

    Wyeth hobo! wyeth hobo! Tamasin tote! tamasin tote! Gemma field tote! Gemma field tote!… because I love a big stylish bag, and boy, these are BIG and STYLISH.

  • Mary

    I love the sloane satchel in blueberry!! It’s a beautiful color and the bag is very functional.

  • Bonnie

    The havana Large hobo in grey zeus! Gorgeous, large and so simple and clean yet edgy at the same time. Just looks like the perfect slouchy every day bag.

  • elena

    Hi all!
    It’s difficult to choose one, I think all are gorgeousand so cute. But only one can be elected and this is Toulouse Clutch, Bouton d’Or. I love the shape and the fabric.

  • Sally

    I love the Wyeth hobo!

  • ame

    I love the Wyeth tote! In pretty much any color!

    I like it because it looks classic yet current and looks like it would hold a ton!

  • Cassy

    i love the trophy bag in grey.

  • Cecile

    Clara Flap Bag is my favorate. Both black and yam color are stunning and fabulous. Also, the YouTube video proves that it is deep enough to be stuffed with everything but still looking gorgeous outside. Satisfying with great use and fashion.

  • rxmwm

    I hope to win the TOP PRIZE the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote. Classic, yet edgy!

  • Ashley C.

    The Conrad Shoulder Bag in Ruby is my favorite.

  • Nazia

    Wow! So many great handbags to choose from! I had to go over the entire list a few times to narrow it down! Eventually, the one I love is the Havana Large Hobo, Violet Crinkle Patent. Soon as I layed my eyes on the picture with the lady holding it, i immediately I loved it right away! The hobo style is beautifully designed especially with the added pocket in front and foldover!

  • Rosie

    The Hobo seems designed for Mommies who need both hands free, while maintaining their need to Vivre – styling that fab bag! Good luck ladies!

  • Meeju

    I love BERNARDIN… it’s small but funtional (real cute) to go from day to night.

  • lily

    Love the Wyeth Tote. Just right .. class with rock n roll vibe.

  • tiffany pettey

    love the wyeth tote

  • Vicki

    I have the conrad in black and love, love, love it. The quality is beautiful and the leather smells so great! I keep it in its dust bag every night to try to keep that new leather smell fresh. Almost like the smell of a new car. My favorites are the slouchy Catalina laptop bag and the Wyeth tote.

  • jun

    Lyon Satchel, Bouton d’Or, quirky enough for me!

  • Kitty

    Tamasin Tote, Pewter Distressed. Great bag for running around town and travel.

  • Micaela

    hmmmmm, I’m really digging the look of the Tharpe Hobo! Too bad the Cordovan looks kinda meh (dingy brown), it’d look much better in a Chocolate, Bordeaux or Yam leather… or BLUEBERRY!!!

  • Lily

    Wyeth Tote, Black
    Like the two options for carrying and the fringe on what is otherwise a functional bag makes it more fun.

  • Sarah

    Ummmm….that’s easy. The Wyeth Tote in Black of course. So chunky and tough, it is a must have.

  • Erica

    I love the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote in any color! It is large enough that it can fit all my stuff in it. I could wear it everyday and it has everything I love…studs, gold and silver, fringe and a fold-over flap.

  • Allison

    I love the Wyeth hobo because it is sleek and named after a great street in Brooklyn!

  • Erica

    I love the Wyeth tote because it is big enough for all me stuff and it has everything I love…fringe, studs, gold and silver and a flap!!

  • luce

    i like the trophy bag in grey zeus! the leather looks luscious and the size is just right :)

  • SweetyPie

    I really like the shape and style of the TROPHY Bag, Grey Zeus. I think it would be a great looking bag to run around town with!

  • Bennsu

    I absolutely love the Trophy Bag in Black Zeus

  • pearl

    I like the Havana large hobo

  • owlover

    I am really loving the CONRAD Shoulder Bag, Ruby.

  • merlo

    I love the Havana Hobo in Ruby. Beautiful and classic!

  • bebe

    Wyeth Tote … perfect in everyway!

  • eldiablo

    Can’t take my eyes out off the Wyeth Hobo in Cordovan colour. It seems so soft and handy

  • bozchanel

    I like the Trophy bag in violet crinkle patent….yummy!

  • Aoife

    Trophy Bag, Violet Crinkle Patent

  • Ally

    Love the wyeth hobo, love the fringe

  • Sarah

    Trophy Bag for sure! All colors.

  • sarahcos

    trophy bag

  • heqet

    Right now my favorite would have to be the Mercer clutch in tango red. It is a great shade of red (my favorite color). And it seems like a great smaller bag, but not too small.

  • janis price

    i love them all!!! i am disabled, i can”t afford to buy nice things for myself anymore i would be so happy to carry anyone of your beautifull handbags!! thanks!! i hope i win !!!!

  • Linda Roberts

    Loved the Corcovado Turnlock Tote in Bronze Distressed for $650.00. Roomy and functional – just what I need! Awesome bag!

  • Manette

    The Sloane Satchel. It combines a great variety of functionality with more of my kind of design.

  • atrophia

    Definitely the Gemma Field Tote! It’s black, roomy, with nice hardware details and… is that a blue feather? Definitely my fave.

  • Cassandra Sanchez

    They Wyeth Tote is great! Roomy enough to be a travel bag, classic enough to be a work bag yet with an edge for weekends! Luv, Luv, Luv it!

  • Gianna Simone

    I love the TROPHY bag is black and grey it’s just so gorgeous classy :)

  • anh

    HAVANA Hobo, Ruby it looks amazing! Just the perfect red for a night around town! it looks like a great size for a bag!

  • Lisa

    I really like the Magna bag!
    The color blocking is fantastic and the choice of skin, eel, is so decadent!

  • Audrey

    I absolutely adore the Emile Bowler Tote in Yam!
    It’s practical because of its size and the fact that it can be worn on the shoulder, yet still classy and sophisticated which i always look for in a bag.
    It’s just perfect really!

  • coliewobbles2

    Loving the Magna Folio tote in black multi. I love to stand out from the rest and all the colours will clash perfectly, very now..I could also fit everyhting in it and maybe even a mini sink!!

  • Beth

    I love the Corcovado Turnlock Tote in Black Patent. As a mum and as an individual, this bag suits all my needs. It is roomy, stylish and good for day or night.

  • Melissa

    The Wyeth tote is beautiful. It looks very spacious, which I love!

  • maura

    i really like the Wyeth Tote, in Cordovan…it is sporty and elegant at the same time…that’s my style, i love this bag..!

  • caroline

    Havana Large Hobo in Grey Zeus. Stylish and functional!

  • LVBALgurl

    The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote in black or chocolate brown! I’m a sucker for size and fringe. It’s gorgeous!

  • jenjent

    The Wyeth Tote is beautiful! Looks casual and sporty, just what I need!

  • Anna

    I just fell in love with the Jinhee slim tote in Blueberry. It is such a classic shape that fits all of your daily essentials yet it is such a show stopper with the color and the unique chain. It is so beautiful and so practical at the same time.

  • Catalina Legrand

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote, that’s my style, i love this bag a functional bag makes it more useful friendly and at the same time and “It bag” in the making. I can see many more “Pariscityka’s” carrying this wonderful bag !!!!!!

  • debbie c.

    i like the havana hobo!

  • dwilmsen

    Lorca Turnlock in cordovan or yam

  • Melissa

    I love the Wyeth Tote in black. It is so gorgeous, just to die for!

  • shelly1432

    The Violet Crinkle Patent Trophy Bag Satchel is out of this world beautiful. I LOVE this bag

  • Tracey

    The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote is amazing!!!!

  • Myra

    i like the form & function of the LAURA reversible tote

  • Linda

    I think the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Clutch is a very nice looking. Handy that it comes with a wristlet

  • Michele Molesky

    Hayden-Harnett has so many beautiful items that it is hard to select just one. One bag immediately stood out among the others as a bag I would not hesitate to purchase for myself. The WYETH Tote in Cordovan is just exception. I love the classic leather combined with the playfulness of the fringe. This bag will take you from each season and from day to night without effort. The person who buys this bag is buying timeless beauty with a little bit of fun thrown in on the side.

  • patricia

    Love love the wyeth tote!!!! it is an awesome bag and could lug around all my daily rhings especially my couple of books I usually have!

  • Lynne

    Wyeth Clutch because it’s so small and perfect!

  • Regina

    I am in love with the Hayden-Harnett Tracy Clutch. It’s super chic! And I adore how you can wear it with or without the strap. Love it!

  • Lianne Hansen

    the Mosaique Hobo bag
    which is inspired by the french textile artist
    Madame Paule Marrot
    it is tres beautiful and a work of art in its own right

  • Kristen

    The Conrad in Ruby is lovely. Gorgeous detailing. Gorgeous color. Gorgeous style.

  • Sarah

    I LOVE the LAURA Reversible Tote! It’s so versatile – would go with ANYTHING. But it’s nothing like the bags I have already! Gorgeous!

  • Veronica L.

    I just love the Clara Tote in Black. it is wonderful! Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  • Christina

    Hmmm… if I have to pick just one, it’ll have to be the Havana Hobo in the indigo blue. That shade is just absolutely gorgeous and would match so many outfits!

  • kristine

    the wyeth tote rocks! both cool and functional it screams “fabulous”!

  • Carolyn D

    I love the CONRAD Shoulder Bag, Ruby. Love the Red!

  • loverofallpurses

    I love the Wyeth tote, of course! It is superfab and the HOTNESS!

  • strictlybeautiful

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hayden-Harnett Sloane Satchel in Blueberry!!!

  • chavonne rodriguez

    I am fascinated with the Wyeth Tote. It looks very practical and the leather seems so smooth to the touch. With a tote like that , you can tell the interior will be just as luxe! Good luck to everyone! ..I hope I can win too! :)

  • Sarah

    The Wyeth Tote is great. The shape of the bag is one that I love. I love the lines and positioning of the front pockets…they really create a unique image of the bag. They are all fantastic designs. I’m glad that I learned of this designer! It’s become a favorite of mine.

  • DiosaNY09

    My top favorite Hayden-Harnett bag that I instantly fell in love with is BEATRICE Satchel, Corsaire. Talk about an everyday bag that makes you feel happy to carry a bag with all the things that you need! Just so practical and the color is just great.

  • flygirl_k

    I love the BERNARDIN Daybag, because it’s classy, with a hint of rockstar!!

  • dani

    I love the Laura Reversible Tote, in Bronze. I love that it is two bags in one and it is big enough for work.

  • Kathy Conley

    My favorite is the Monroe Shoulder bag because of the many bright colors!

  • karin

    I instantly fell for the Colorblock bags, and my favorite goes to the TART Tote, Black Colorblock one. It is black which fits everywhere + that little extra with the colours that would make any day shiny, happy and a little bit more alive!

  • Heidi

    Wyeth Tote…good outer pockets without a lot of hardware to make it heavy, and a great size with just the right amount of fringe.

  • joanne

    I love the Jinhee Slim Tote, Blueberry because the color is just so rich looking and it’s the perfect size.

  • katelin

    love the Emile Bowler Tote in Ruby!!

  • Michelle

    Monroe Shoulder bag is so pretty with all the colours!!!

  • Renee G

    I really like the Gemma Shoulder Bag in Black. It’s got a classic look that would go with a lot of outfits.


  • Carmen Jimenez

    I love the Hayden Harnett Hobo.If it comes to me would be great xmas present?Hint Hint
    Thank you

  • Brenda

    Wyeth Hobo

  • Nicole

    I actually love the first prize bag, the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote with it’s roomy space, great fringes and luscious shade of black.

  • Juilin

    I really love Wyeth Hobo too.

  • FiveStarGeneral

    I love the Pamela Dowel Ladybag in pewter!!

  • ronnie

    love the wyeth hobo!! i never won anthing in my life, and woulf love to win a bag…please, please, please…………..

  • KimOH

    I adore the Gemma shoulder bag – black. As I have narrow shoulders and need a good bag with one strap that is thin enough to stay put (it is very hard to find) and the size of the Gemma shoulder bag is perfect for my everyday needs.

  • Cathie

    The Wyeth tote is TDF! I have a few H-H bags and just ordered a few more during their fabulous sale!

  • Marie

    OMG!!!! I LOVE THE Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote Purse… how lovely and cool and chic it is!!! This would be a great work purse as well as a weekend purse. It would go well with many of my casual outfits and some work outfits. I LOVE IT!!

  • Tania

    I love the Havana hobo. I have one in the plum color and it is totally my everyday go to bag. I’ve been using it nonstop since I got it. the size and slouchiness is just perfect, and it’s got plenty of compartments for all of my little things. i especially love the handy compartments on the outside – so handy for things like your Metrocard or loose change.

  • Dawn

    The Wyett Tote

  • laner

    Love the WYETH tote. The shape is fantastic- love the strap love the hardware. It is perfect for everyday!

  • Karyn101

    I am obsessed with the Gemma Field Tote. Perfect, large size and I love the adjustable drop. The hardware details are lovely. Close second is the wyeth tote, I love the size and the fringe detail. Classic and just a bit funky.

  • Vicky

    ooooh I really love the Havana Large Hobo in Cordovan.
    I love big bags and it’s the perfect size. It’s a great casual bag with just the right amount of hardware – nothing too over the top. And I just love the colour!

  • Jeanne

    Wyeth Tote! I carry my world in my bag and this one is huge and has those great outside pockets so my phone and keys don’t enter the netherworld. I also like the hippie/rock chic thing going on with this bag. It makes me feel a little bad. :)

  • Heather C

    I really like the Paule Marrot Editions Rectangular Case in Grey Floral. So cute!

  • kathy pease

    i love the LYON Satchel, Bouton d’Or because it is perfect size and gorgeous :)

  • Shannon

    I think I’ll have to pick the Tamasin Tote in Pewter Distressed. I love a big bag, and the color is stunning!

  • hannah

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote – I haven’t been able to find one yet as I like to actually see the bags before buying, but it has that Rock N Roll chic look that is always in style. And on top of that it seems practical!

  • Crystal H.

    I am loving the vivid colour of the Havana Large Hobo in Violet Crinkle Patent!

  • Nicole

    I’m feeling the Wyeth Tote… I like the structure and the hint of fringe.

  • Amanda

    I like the Bernardin Daybag…..classy yet vintage inspired!!

  • Luisa BH

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote. It’s absolutelly gorgeous!!

  • CourtneyP

    The Wyeth Tote is my fave right now!

  • getpalmd

    Wyeth Hobo :-) In brown probably.

  • Jane

    I love the Wyeth Tote!! It would hold ALL my treasures for my daily outings!! I hope I win!!!

  • Lena

    I LOVE THE HAVANA LARGE HOBO – it’s beautiful as well as practical. Having a 2 year old calls for a big mamma bag, and this one is awesome!!!

  • ckdbailey

    Havana Large Hobo in Violet Crinkle Patent…..its gorgeous!

  • Felecia

    I love the Wyeth tote in cordovan. It’s a perfect size for me as a mom of 3 with a 4 mos old as my youngest. No need to bring a diaper bag, everything will fit in this gorgeous tote.

  • Kaity

    The Lorca Turnlock in Grey Zeus is my favorite. The bag is simple but the zippers and buckle make it anything but boring. The Grey Zeus color makes this bag look stunning.

  • Jessica

    I really like the Sloan Satchel…very sophicated.

  • Chelsea C.

    My favorite of these purses is the Sloane Crossbody in Bordeaux, looks great for everyday

  • Pamela White

    I love the Wyeth Tote because of the secure outside pockets that would hold my phone and keys to keep them safe but within reach.

  • Kristen Hendricks

    I like the GEMMA Field Tote, Black the most because I might be going back to school to take a few classes soon and it would be the perfect bag for school. I could carry around books and notebooks as well as all my other stuff since it looks like it has so much space. Plus it is so stylish. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  • Samantha Pruitt

    the trophy bag has a really unique and pretty design!

  • Cherye Paulson

    The Laura Reversible Tote in bronze- it’s such a beautiful color, and that style is the perfect toss-around everyday bag!

  • Coach Kitties

    I absolutely love the Conrad style and I really like the red. With all of the pockets, I would have room for everything I carry!!

  • manish&gw

    Wyeth tote! fabolous.

  • fridass

    definitely The Wyatt hobo

  • quynhnie

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote!
    it looks simple but elegant at the same time.
    it’s easy to match with clothing so i can wear it daily…
    can be worn to school, work, and go out :)

  • isabelacutee

    gotta have this bag for my birthday 11-26. I’ll be the envy of any bag-o-maniac

  • leah p.

    i love the Havana Large Hobo, Cordovan

  • lulu

    I love the Clara in Yam. It looks so modern and classic. You could wear anything with it.

  • jejorin

    I preferr the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote, which ideally fits my style and most of my clothings. ^o^

  • Nanette

    lOVE the BERNARDIN..its vintage and modern all in one!

  • Jo

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote!! I love fringes and it’s big enough to fit my books!

  • Lubica

    I like Emile Bowler Tote (Yam) very much. i prefer bigger handbags, bags in interesting shape and in colours which one can combine easy to apparel. This one is really suitable for these purposes

  • Anna

    Clara Flap Bag, Yam is shoulder bag which I would like to wear. Shinning colour with elaborated shape and many visible details… very nice

  • Cheryl

    I’m in love with the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo. Love the fringe, love the look!

  • Carole

    O LOVE them ALL, but if I had to pick just one, I would choose the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo. I love the style and the detail is fantastic!

  • karolline

    when i walk out my door with something i absolutely adore
    it gives me new life even in earliest of mornings
    this bag makes me horny.

    ha. okay so im just kidding =] but really i love this bag, if i did win it I’d walk out my door with a whole new attitude, when i got shopping for my threads i want to have a beautiful luxurious purse i can be completely proud to own.

  • G. Gonzalez

    The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote is very today. It is an excellant size and style to carry everyday.

  • Jessica

    Hmmmm, my personal favorite out of all these is the Tamasin Tote, Pewter Distressed.
    I love it’s color and that is my favorite style Tote.

  • luv bags

    Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo – the fringe is so cute and will go with everything!

  • Erika

    My favorite is the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote because it is sophisticated, yet the fringes add some fun youth look to the tote that makes it look almost indie and also it is big so i can fit many things in it such as school books :)

  • Julie L.

    The ORYX Clutch is definitely my favorite!

  • kathy pease

    i love the CONRAD Shoulder Bag, Black Onyx it looks so classy and beautiful and its black i love black purses :)

  • Jennifer Pellicone

    My favorite was hard to pick, because I love so many…I decided the Cognac Newman Hobo would be perfect for all my needs. Beautiful with the right number of pockets and perfect size!

  • betty

    love the YVES hobo in cognac. Love the style.

  • Andrea

    The Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo or Tote would suit me. My current purse only lasted a year! Everyone says I need a new purse, so to win would be amazing!