Gianni Chiarini Soft Leather ShopperHave you heard of Gianni Chiarini? I haven’t. Several of their bags just popped up on Nordstrom‘s website over the weekend, and although I’ve never heard of them, I’m interested in the Gianni Chiarini Soft Leather Shopper. And why am I intrigued by it? Because it has the words “soft” and “leather” in the name, of course. If the leather is soft, little else matters. Which is fortunate for this bag, because there’s little else to it – I see some grommets for the handles and a seam down the middle, but other than that, it’s all leather. Something tells me that, when it’s not stuffed for display on a website, this bag would slouch with the best of them. If the leather is ADVERTISED as soft, I’ve got to imagine it actually is, and soft leather usually slouches very well once you’ve put all your loot inside of it. Soft leather also usually has another very important bag characteristic – it’s often much lighter than more structured bags or those with stiffer leather. So it’s soft, it’s simple, the brownish-purple makes a great neutral, and you’ll probably be the first of your friends to have it. What else do you need to know? Buy through Nordstrom for $378.

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  • Zarka

    I like this shopper…I don’t know why but with time and ” age” I like simple cuts and designs…And this bag is for my style…

  • Adrianne

    When I visit my sister who lives in Italy we always shop at the store that sells these bags. The leather is great and great prices.

  • Nancy

    I’m going to Italy. Where is the store?

  • Amanda

    I have a Gianni Chiarini satchel that I purchased at Saks about 5 years ago. I used the bag exculsively for about 2 years and then traded in for a diaper bag. I have recently begun to use the bag again and it looks like it did the day I bought it. The leather they use is superb! While I admit that I am eyeing another bag, I am content to use my old Chiarini bag until I make up my mind…which might be a while.

  • Kathy, Toronto

    I’ve just purchased my second Chiarini bag, a large navy hobo. It is stunning. My first one (4 yrs old) is a soft vachetta leather in caramel that has turned a beautiful patina. I just love these bags because they are timeless in style and last forever.

  • Cindy ,venice

    I just came back from Italy and went nuts over this designer, I bought more than one! Soft and leather is true, wish I bought 10. Mine is reversible, and the price is reasonable I can’t wait to get my next one. you can order directly from their web site to the states! Shops are in Florence and Milan. I also bought his Gum collection! I am a huge fan One of my pieces is reversible and it’s 2 bags in one… Love love love!! Enjoy