Gianni Chiarini Side Zip HoboSometimes, you don’t really need a fancy, gimmick-y handbag. After all, bags are supposed to be functional additions to a woman’s wardrobe, and sometimes overdone and over-designed bags become less functional as a result of trying to achieve a desired look. For someone that still wants something functional and purse-shaped, I’d recommend the Gianni Chiarini Side Zip Hobo.

It’s a big, colorful hobo made out of decent leather that will look reasonably stylish without breaking the bank. It also zips open at the sides, allowing the carrier to expand the hobo’s capacity to fit more stuff or decrease it for a slimmer profile, depending on that day’s needs. My one bone to pick is that I hate leather finished with the semi-glossy finish that this bag has, as it tends to make bags look less expensive and high-end than they really are. Because this bag is reasonably priced, though, I won’t count the leather’s finish against it too strenuously. I wish it looked softer, but for overall bang for your buck and carrying versatility, this hobo would be a good choice. Buy through Nordstrom for $248.

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  • Michele

    I just purchased this bag today in an off-white/winter white/cream color. I love the size and shape of this bag – not too big and not too heavy. In response to the finish on the leather, I agree but it looks nice in the cream color.

  • Karen

    I don’t have this one, but I just bought a “Gianni” over the holiday weekend, and I absolutely love it. I don’t have a problem with the gloss, because I think it accentuates the different shades in the leather. Mine is a lavender/plum shade.

  • Anamaria

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