There are a few very clear things I like in a clutch: a low price, a versatile shape and genuine materials. Since clutches are the least often used of the bags in my collection, they need to be price-effective and functional, but I also don’t like to buy pleather just for the sake of my wallet. Luckily, the ASOS Oversized Portfolio Clutch fits all my criteria.

Most people assume that fast fashion stores don’t carry anything made out of real leather, but ASOS is something of an exception. The British retailer’s pieces range from very low to somewhat high-end, and their bags have a similar continuum of prices and materials. These generously proportioned bags in particular are made out of leather, and they’re big enough to carry day or night. The lines are just traditional enough to make everyone wonder where you picked them up, and they won’t go out of style for years, if ever. Buy through ASOS for $95.

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  • Karin bag4bag

    Wow ! That is one huge clutch. Sorry the size reminds me a bit of a laptop bag ! If it was somewhat smaller I would want both colors. The price and the materials are quite amazing though. I just don’t think I could carry a clutch that required a small forklift to move it…

  • Mochababe73

    Clutch is a bit of a stretch. It says leather portfolio. It’s big enough to be an iPad case.
    I didn’t even know that ASOS carried leather. I like the red, but if I wanted a clutch that big, I may as well use my everyday handbag.

  • jen

    I agree, those are way too big! It is a portfolio clutch, so I imagine you can go to job interviews carrying your designs if you’re a creative.

    Also, I must say Asos leather often is not very great. I ordered 2 of their bags (their own Asos Label), and sent both back because the leather felt extremely cheap and bad. Makes you wonder where that came from.

  • 19yearslater

    I like the look of the red one, but I don’t use clutches.

  • Marianna

    I think I may just treat myself to the red one for Valentine’s Day. My DH can slip a box of chocolates inside. ;)

  • BooIn

    Very versatile & chic!

  • Catherine

    do you know the dimensions of the clutch?