The problem with designing bags (and any other functional thing, I expect) is that not only do they need to look good, but there are certain physical attributes and abilities that cannot be ignored in order to make the bag more interesting to look at.

Foley and Corinna Perforated Crossbody Bag

Too bad the folks at Foley + Corinna appear to have completely forgotten that while designing the Foley + Corinna Perforated Crossbody Bag. The bag itself isn’t terrible – the curvature at the bottom is a little much for how squat the body is, but it could be a lot worse in a lot of different ways. What I really question is the wisdom of putting so many perforations in such a wide, thin strap. Perforations, by definition, change how the material will distribute weight and give the strap innumerable points of weakness that wouldn’t be there otherwise. These points will likely cause the strap to stretch in odd ways and the bag to wear out more quickly than it would have. To that, I have only one word: fail. Buy through Saks for $575.

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  • Dacs

    Wow, you really dissected this bag in this post but you’re absolutely right!

  • Allison

    I agree, the thin wide strap would get all bunchy every single time you put the bag on, and then you’d have to make sure it was straight so that bag hangs right. Ugh. Seeing lots and lots of these rounded bags, and so far not a fan. The rounded bottom bag trend seems like a hipster vibe…which I cannot pull off.

  • poshhippie

    So true about the strap. It’s kinda cute in theory, but it would stretch and get all mangled. I also agree with Allison about this having a hipster vibe–and you know what I think this design is a relative of? The fanny pack. I do not need to spend $600 on a fanny pack-looking bag that’ll stretch worse than the breasts of women wearing them at hippie festivals.

  • Cerelle Centeno

    Love the fact that you take usability and construction into account in your reviews. Love it!