Despite my generalized dislike for the handbags in parent-brand Donna Karan‘s line, I love everything I’ve seen this season from DKNY. I’ve gotten a chance to peruse the bags in person on several occasions, and I can assure you that they’re made of wonderfully soft leather and appear more or less exactly as they do in the pictures (no trick photography needed to make them look great!). I feel kind of odd being so enthusiastic about a brand not known for their wonderful handbags, but I’ve been honestly impressed by DKNY.

DKNY Glazed Calf Tote

The DKNY Glazed Calf Large Shopper is a great example of why. The color is nothing short of gorgeous, and it reminds me of a very popular Balenciaga color that I missed out on and have always regretted not owning. The design itself is simple, but it doesn’t read as boring to me. The unorthodox strap attachments and shape give it enough personality without making the bag look over-designed, and the seaming in the front leather isn’t attention-getting but does help break up the monotony. Donna Karan should think about promoting some of her DKNY handbag designers to her flagship line. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $325.

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  • Shannon

    This bag is GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Loquita

    Lovely! Which Bal color does it remind you of, Amanda? On my screen it looks like it could be tomato 07 or even rouille 06 (two of my all-time faves). It’s great to see more reasonably priced bags (like The Sak, some Koobas, and DKNY, for ex.) coming out with top-notch designs and fantastic quality!

  • Amanda Mull

    @Loquita It reads a little orange on my screen, so I was thinking Rouille ’06! Orange has never been one of my go-to colors, but oranges like this just look so chic in bag form.

  • Loquita

    Ah…great minds think alike! Rouille 06 is my Bal favorite!!! (I used to have a Day and a First, but sold them both because I am an idiot. Repeat: an IDIOT).

  • Amanda Mull

    I hear ya on the idiotic Balenciaga selling. I sold a Holiday ’05 Metallic Pewter First and a PRISTINE ’05 Rouge Theater Day, both for less than retail, a couple of years ago. I’m also an idiot, I’d love to still have both of those bags.