How exciting – yet another handbag up for grabs. As the Hayden Harnett giveaway is getting ready to wrap up, another giveaway is kicking off. This month, the eBoutique stefaniBags is sponsoring the giveaway. We’ve had the pleasure to talk with Monica, the founder of stefaniBags and her site really has some fabulous designer handbags to choose from. We’ve featured Foley + Corinna handbags before and many of you have raved about them. So, we were thrilled when we found out that our December giveaway would feature a Foley + Corinna handbag. We have the bag here in our office and let me say, it really is as versatile in person as it looks in the image. Read up on the details below to see how you might be able to add this handbag to your collection!

What you can win: Foley + Corinna Jet Setter Jr in black

How to enter: Visit the stefaniBags website and enter your favorite designer the site carries in the comments section below.

Details: The giveaway will run Tuesday, December 2, 2008 and will close Friday, January 2, 2009 at 5 pm EST.


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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Cindy

    Jalda Ostrich leg retro bag in tan.

  • Nicole

    I love Alexis Hudson bags. They have a nice structural, modern look.

  • Ruth

    My favorite designer on the site is definitely Linea Pelle. The leathers are so soft and smooshy and yummy! I just want to hug them!!!

  • Wealtheow

    Linnea Pelle has lovely leathers in usable colors.

  • Cathy

    Linea Pelle!!! Cute purses with the softest leather.

  • Sara

    CHia NewYork Asianna bag :)

  • Davina

    Linea Pelle, definitely.

  • Debbie F.

    Hard to choose, but Jenny Yuen for me!

  • Rachel

    Love the Jalda Lamb Julie clutch. Its too cute!!!

  • faith24

    Jenny Yuen satchels look so classic and stylish !

  • Diona

    Linea Pelle; I love anything LC loves.

  • Hedwig

    Linea Pelle. I like their clutches.

  • Ann

    I love the Hera bag by Alexis Hudson. Innovative.

  • Nancy

    The Farah Satchel by CHia New York

  • lilyj.

    Oh easy one, Jenny Yuen.

  • Susan

    Alexis Hudson.

  • Alexa

    I have to say I love Foley and Corinna, their bags come in great shapes and colors and are just plain old love. A close runner up would def. be Jenny Yuen.

  • Heidi

    Chia New York. LOOK at that Farah Bag. Are you kidding me – wow.

  • Jessica

    Foley + Corinna
    City Clutch

  • Janne

    Cynthia Rowley – cool bags!

  • Kelly

    I’m a big fan of that Farah Bag… *drools*

  • Dawn

    Jenny Yuen – love the Gatsby bag.

  • sooki

    Linea Pelle~the leather looks delicious!

  • moure

    Elliott Lucca.

  • pearl

    Linea Pelle makes the prettiest bags!

  • Diana

    CHia NewYork

  • BeBe

    I have to admit…I’m in love with Foley & Corinna :-) Their bags are so versatile & the many styles offered almost always assure you can find one you’ll love.

    The glazed leather version of the black Jet Setter Jr looks amazing…would love to own that baby!

  • Susan

    It’s definitely Jenny Yuen for me. Their bags are classic!

  • sheana

    I like the Foley & Corinna City Clutch….it’s so Gossip Girl.

  • Kelly

    I like the Hitchcock Satchel by Jenny Yuen! Great versatile tote!

  • Cee

    I have the F&C City Tote and would love to add this to my collection. Of course the F&C and Linea Pelle lines.

  • Carla

    <3 Brown Samantha Large Double Handle by Linea Pelle <3

  • Jan

    No doubt-the Jenny Yuen line!

  • Emily

    I’ll be the first to say Bliss Lau- I’m really impressed by the designs I’ve seen so far, and I like to support the new kids.

  • MsTina

    Foley + Corinna! I’ve been wanting one for so long!

  • Jennn

    Foley & Corinna City Clutch!!
    it’s the cutest

  • anne

    Linea Pella tied with F + C

  • Sue

    Linea Pelle!

  • MM

    Foley & Corinna although the Linea Pella is a close second.

  • Lianne

    The Jenny Yuen bags are definitely for me. Especially the Sherlock Satchel.

  • Lisa

    Jalda–cute use of colors and hardware!

  • Tanya

    I’ve loved Foley & Corinna for a while now!

  • JamieH

    That’s easy- Foley + Corinna!!!

  • SusanL


  • Anoka

    I can’t choose between Linea Pelle and Foley and Corinna, both have absolutely gorgeous bags.

  • Shawna

    Bliss Lau – I have one of her bags and it’s the softest leather ever!

  • Michelle

    Love the Foley + Corinna City Totes, I’ve loved them since it was Anna Corinna…

  • Lanie

    love Alexis Hudson!

  • ji

    best bags- Linea Pelle!!

  • silkscarves

    I Looooove Cynthia Rowley, especially the ones in patent!

  • Lauren

    Alexis Hudson – esp. the tahoe satchel.

  • Ashlyn

    jenny yuen definitely!

  • Wendy

    Love the Elliott Lucca bags. Simple yet elegant IMHO.

  • Green

    Linea Pelle

  • Jane H.

    I love the bags by Alexis Hudson.

  • Samantha

    Linea Pelle.

  • Erin

    Foley and Corinna

  • Colleen B.

    Definitely Matt&Nat, I used my for 5 years and loved every second of it! Still haven’t found one quite as unique!

  • dita

    Linea Pelle
    The collections have nice colors

  • Michelle

    Linea Pelle, definitely is my favorite!!

  • Nicole

    i just love Foley and Corinna’s bags sooooo sooo mcuh!!!

  • Zzuliyta

    I gotta say, the Jet Setter Jr. by Foley + Corinna is very very cute indeed… love it.

  • melissa

    i love the bags by Jenny Yuen!! I love the details!! amazing!!

  • Anna

    Gotta go with Jenny Yuen, although the Foley + Corinna bags are also nice.

  • sophie-rose

    Foley + Corinna = simple and stylish!

  • LindaP

    Linea Pelle – love their designs and the leather looks so soft!

  • bunny

    Jalda! Gorgeous items!

  • Dori

    Jenny Yuen! I love the Sherlock satchel.

  • Cali

    Foley + Corinna, Mid city tote is one of my ultimate faves! :D

  • Mimi

    Love Jenny Yuen’s bags!

  • Kirsten

    Jenny Yuen – nice and simple.

  • Ellen

    Foley and Corinna! Love it!

  • Estelle

    My fave is the Linea Pelle.

  • Yesther

    I LOVE F+C bags. They are easy to carry and they have great styles!

  • Jen

    Foley + Corinna is definitely my favorite.

  • yanlu

    i love Foley + Corinna; the city bags are just to die for!

  • Lale

    I love Linea Pelle!!!

  • Irune

    I have to choose so… probably Elliott Lucca.

    But I’m not kidding: I love them all. This was hard!

  • Lizz

    Jenny Yuen bags are great! I love the subtle and feminine details.

  • Michelle

    Alexis Hudson… I’ve been eyeing that brand for several months now.

  • Christina

    Foley + Corinna – love the clutches and totes!

  • Nic

    Foley & Corinna.

  • dmitchell15

    I love Alexis Hudson Cortina Clutch. It is so cute!

  • Brenda

    Olivia Harris

  • littlemisskitty

    Linea Pelle =)

  • sarita


  • ca-n8tv

    CHia NewYork/Asianna bag

  • kanayda

    foley and corinna

  • Terri

    Linea Pelle has the designs and fashionable colors for todays woman!

  • Tamara – tabogon

    I have to say it’s a hard choice but I think that my favorite would have to be Linea Pelle :)

  • luce

    hitchcock satchel by jenny yuen! sooo cute. i love it :)

  • Brandi

    I really like the Jenny Yuen bags. I love the Sherlock Satchel!

  • Erin

    My favorite designer on the site is Foley + Corinna and I LOVE the Stud City!!!

  • Sandy Spurling

    I liked all of them but more of Alexis Hudson bags than any other

  • Kathy

    My favorite bags are Linea Pelle. Though I dont own one yet I would love to. They look gorgeous and the leather looks soft. The Dylan bags look incredible!

  • karin

    Olivia Harris. I love designers that dare to combine classic designs and materials with new colours and twists.

  • lovingpurse

    I love Chia NY and Aisanna bags!

  • dwilmsen

    linea pelle. no question. best looking of the lot. zippers and studs. who could ask for more. Lovely leathers, which they had better be with a name like that.

  • felicia

    All the gorgeous Linnea Pelle bags!

  • Candice

    I love the studded Samantha bag with double handles from Linea Pelle….so gorgeous!

  • Cindy

    Elliott Lucca!

  • Sara

    Foley & Corinna Jet Setter Jr. Black!

  • Christine

    The STUD CITY bag in black, honey! That’s total style!

  • molly3

    Such a tough choice!!! –I was going to go with CHia but have to go with Jenny Yuen because of the Hitchcock Satchel :)

  • Pattie

    The Foley & Corinna Glazed City Clutch is ideal. I love the extra zippered compartment…and optional handles!

  • berta

    Linea Pelle

    Give me a Dylan Croco Shoulder Bag any day.

  • Danielle

    Without a doubt, Linea Pelle!

  • alyssa

    honestly–foley + corinna! i have a gold leather city bag that is my constant go-to bag.

  • bri

    Linea Pelle!

  • Laureen

    Elliot Lucca!

  • Yoonmee

    I love the Jenny Yuen bags.

  • Diana B.

    My favorite designer is Lineas Pelle. Love the leather,colors, and design.

  • lentil

    Foley + Corinna for me!

  • missp

    foley+corinna!!!! love the jet setter jr very much..

  • Alana

    I like Alexis Hudson’s bags.

  • kupo

    Jenny Yuen “Hitchcock” — new & classic and just in time for my 30th birthday!

  • Joanne

    Foley & Corinna, of course!

  • Queenofda702

    My favorite designer is Matt & Nat, I love ALL of the bags!

  • Christine

    I sure do love those Jenny Yuen products. <3

  • Brenda Giguere

    AAhhhh, the Foley + Corrina Mid City Tote is fabulous. I love them all but the teal leather one REALLY rocks. Great site!

  • Lauren

    I love the Jenny Yuen bags…all of them. Especially the Hitchcock Satchel!

  • Harriet

    Matt & Nat – cute bags

  • Sophia

    Foley + Corinna, they’re the best !

  • Nicole

    I have a weakness for Alexis Hudson and Foley+Corinna bags. Great shapes that won’t go out of style.

  • Denise

    love Linea Pelle!

  • ellieyi

    Foley + Corinna!

  • Jessica

    Foley + Corinna for sure – they’re bags are stylish and SO functional!

  • FiveStarGeneral

    Great colors in Linea Pelle!!

  • sarahp

    I love the Foley + Corinna bags–particularly the city clutch!

  • Jessica N.

    Foley + Corinna!

  • Ashley

    Loving the Jenny Yuen bags!

  • antonia

    I love Linea Pelle bags!

  • Diane Mason

    Jenny Yuen’s Sherlock bag in plum is “me” all over the place. It’s a “tie” with the Foley + Corinna MidCity Tote.

  • marnay

    Jenny Yuen for me!

  • Frame Bag Frau

    Linnea Pelle is my jam!

  • katie

    Foley + Corinna cause I’ve fallen in love with them ever since watching Gossip Girl, they match perfectly with all my dresses! :)

  • Cherie L.

    Cynthia Rowley. Always modern. Always functional.

  • Miyu

    Jenny Yuen is my favorite.

  • Marlene

    Toss up between Foley & Corinna and Linea Pelle. Both make some beautiful handbags!

  • Alissa

    I’m fancying the Elliott Lucca designs, especially the Ellene Satchel. The Jenny Yuen Sherlock bag was a very close runner up though!

  • Goldie W

    Linea Pelle…Samantha Large Double Handle in Dijon

  • Laura Elaine

    My favorite is newcomer CHia NewYork – a quirky take on great classics!

  • Suzanne

    Jenny Yuen!!

  • Mer

    Beautiful bag!
    Foley + Corinna is my fave of course!

  • zephyris

    Ima by CHia NewYork

  • Cathie

    I have always loved the Foley + Corinna bags and the Jet Setter Jr in black is my current fav!

  • veedee

    Matt & Nat!!!!

  • sibalec

    I love the Foley + Corinna bags!! They rock!!!!

  • cheekychica

    I think Jenny Yuen. But it’s a tough call! Linea Pelle is pretty cool too.

  • Juli

    Linea Pelle all the way!

  • katie

    im torn between linea pelle and jenny yuen

  • Dawn

    LInea Pelle

  • Elizabeth

    Bliss Lau makes great bags! I also like a lot of Jenny Yuen things.

  • Sheila B

    Hard to choose. I never meet a purse I didnt like! but my favorite would be Matt & Nat! Thanks for the great contest!

  • Nicole

    I love the Anna clutch by Chia NewYork in black and gold. It is so cute!

  • martha

    Jalda – strong bold shapes. Love ’em!

  • sindy

    Love Foley + Corinna!!

  • duni

    Love Elliott Lucca bags–great for work AND play!

  • Lily

    Foley + Corinna

  • Stephanie

    Linea Pelle!
    Her designs are simply beautiful. Nice quality and very functional. Like others said, the leather is gorgeous!

  • Ashley K

    My favorite designer is either Foley + Corinna or Linea Pelle, I can’t choose!

  • ivy

    Linea Pelle!!!!!!!!!!! Lovee the colors and shapes!

  • Cecilia

    Linea Pelle!

  • MissV

    Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote in Maple! YuMmy. I love the color and just to imagine how well it’ll look once broken into!!

  • Savannah Grace

    I love the Matt and Nat bags. They are made from recycled materials and are fashionable as well as sustainable. In a time when we have to look at alternative options to how we live Matt and Nat have created a high end bag at a fair price without compromising on the style.
    Kudos for carrying them.

  • cec

    love Linea Pelle, so soft!

  • TaraMarie

    Foley & Corinna

  • Rosanna

    Love Foley + Corinna!

  • Real McCoy

    Linea Pelle is my fave on the site. But I am also quite impressed with the Jenny Yuen handbags. I have not seen that line before. The site has a nice variety of looks.

  • michelle63094

    My favorite bag line is Alexis Hudson. Her bags are beautiful and luxurious. I especially love the Grand Bastille bag. So well made and beautiful these bags can be used every day and are for certain heirlooms in the making.

  • Holly

    Alexis Hudson Samantha Large Clutch!

  • Jilli

    Linea Pelle without doubt…

    But the Foley + Corinna Jet Setter Jr.. OMG Hottest this year!!!

    I MUST have it!!


  • jlmrocks

    Love Linea Pelle! Their leather is soft and smoochy!

  • jasmin

    foley+corinna for me :)

  • SweetyPie

    I love the Foley + Corinna bags!

  • An Huynh

    Choosing a favorite from is tough but I’d have to say CHia NewYork is one of my favs!

  • Tracy Walters

    My favorite designer thus far is Linea Pelle! I love her bags they are beautiful and look very sturdy. I especially llike the Dylan line of purses!

  • Ellen

    Linea Pelle!

  • Linmo925

    Love the Linea Pelle handbags.

  • Avril

    yum, the Foley + Corinna bags

  • Melanie

    My favorite is Foley & Corinna….JUST LOVE THE MID CITY TOTE – so edgy.

  • Ann

    My favorite designer is CHia NewYork, I especially love the Asianna bag, veru original!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Jennifer

    My favorite designer by far is Jenny Yuen! Her bags are wonderful, and I love the Gatsby Weekender in Plum more than any other! Wonderful!

  • Mockinglee

    Definitely Linea Pelle!

  • sarah

    F+C. I am petite and the city clutch is the perfect size for me!

  • HikerChick

    Love Jalda!

  • lunatwinkle

    That’s easy: Linea Pelle! <3

  • Roberta

    I totally love the Linea Pella Dylan!!!!!

  • Corsie

    Foley + Corinna

  • Tricia

    The City Clutch is really nice.

  • Jacqueline

    Elliott Lucca!!! I love shopper bags!!!

  • Marian Davis

    The bag of my choice would be by CHia The New York Asianna. It is a very big and beautiful bag. Stefanibags has a very nice selection.

  • sandra kao

    my favorite designer is Olivia Harris

  • laner

    Loving Foley + Corinna bags.

  • Irene

    Definitely the:

    Linea Pelle – and especially the Samantha Large Double Handle !

  • DeAnna

    I love Elliott Lucca bags. Great quality for good prices!

  • Jessica

    CHia NewYork
    Foley + Corinna
    Linea Pelle
    Matt & Nat

  • KooKoo4CoCo

    I LOVE Linea Pelle handbags! Leathers to die for!

  • kuzatab

    Currently loving the Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote in maple.

  • Wendykae

    It’s a toss-up between Foley + Corinna and Matt & Nat…I’m going to have to go with Matt & Nat for the styles that are carried on the stefanibags site.

  • Manette

    Jenny Yuen. Her bags are seemingly organization-oriented with the convenient comparts combined with depth and are in a style that is not gratuitous to me.

  • Susan

    Definitely Elliott Lucca.

  • anh

    by CHia NewYork

  • sunchicka

    Jenny Yuen designs beautiful bags that are versatile and year round worthy.

  • Rebecca

    Alexis Hudson is my favorite!

  • Pam

    Turnlock Flap Hobo by Olivia Harris

  • Christina

    I love Cynthia Rowley!

  • Grace

    Linea Pelle

  • Jessica

    My favorite is Foley + Corinna (the jet setter junior to be precise). But if I had to come up with a second choice, it would be the Jalda Lamb Julie Clutch.

  • Francesca

    Foley & Corinna Jet Setter Jr. for sure! It’s my everyday go-to bag!

  • Kelly Hensley


  • Nicole

    Foley + Corinna!

  • Ashley

    I’m torn between Jenny Yuen and Linea Pelle. So many bags from each of these collections call to me.

  • cindy

    I love the Estella Medium Tote by Elliot Luca!!!! I think it is so chic and beautiful with all the details/ and outside pockets to hold many versatile items.

  • Sarah

    I love “Linea Pelle”!

  • megan

    i’ve been a fan of matt & nat for a while now. atypical materials, funky architectural designs, and a mood-lifting motto on each bag — what’s not to love? i’ve been kind of obsessed with some of foley + corinna’s bags since i saw them, though…the city tote is just so classy, and the jet setter jr. is even cuter!

  • ald

    Elliott Lucca is definitely my fav

  • looney for louis

    I think that Jenny Yuen has the prettiest, most versitile bags. Love the weekender!

  • Adina

    My fav designer on the site has got to be Elliot Lucca. So cute!

  • Cheryl

    CHia NewYork Farah
    Guess I just like the ability to have lots of storage compartments…LOL

  • janeh

    Liiinea Pelle…..timeless.

  • Karyn101

    Love Foley + Corrina, close second is Linea Pelle.

  • poonski

    The Elliott Lucca is so cute!

  • sharon

    Foley + Corrina all the way

  • Elisa

    Cynthia Rowley!

    I love that her pieces are kind of reinvented classics. Fabulous.

  • Debra

    Linea Pelle, love the colors and design of the bags!

  • Jeanne

    Definitely Foley + Corinna. I have lusted over that bag for over a year. I think it is perfect

  • Linda Tsan

    I love Jenny Yuen! Any of her satchels would work well with me :)

  • Kerri

    My favorite designer is Matt and Natt, but my favorite bag is the turnlock round hobo in eggplant by olivia harris.

  • hannah

    Linea Pelle

  • mybliss

    Elliott Lucca

  • princesszoozoo

    Cynthia Rowley, esp the Lydia!

  • chrissie

    love the shape of the jenny yuen bags! Great prices too!

  • Cassandra

    Hard choice, but Jenny Yuenn is awesome!

  • Brandy

    I love Foley & Corinna. My second choice would be Elliot Lucca.

  • Evita

    by Bliss LauTootsie Large – Definitely unique and oh too cute!

  • May

    I really like the Linea Pelle Dylan tote – perfectly casual in delicious Italian letter and carry a ton of stuff!

  • Vicky

    CHia NewYork – I love their clutches!!

  • Judy

    The Mid-City Tote by Foley & Corinna…

  • latitiude38

    Linea Pelle-fun, smart, sexy, elegant bags with chic hues


    Sorry girls, but Foley + Corinna is so simple and sexy! Can’t resist!

  • Shannon

    LOVING the Linea Pelle- especially the Samantha. So cute!

  • Rishi

    Love the Asiana bag by CHia New York.

  • kathemc

    Actually, I’m in love with the Foley + Corinna line, so winning this would be a dream come true!

  • hannah

    foley+corinna – stylish AND versatile!

  • Tawnee

    I love the teal color of the Foley + Corrina Mid City Tote. Gorgeous!

  • joann

    So many beautiful bags to choose from !My favorite is the Cynthia Rowley Rapture Nappa in light brown/cappucino ! LOVE it !!!

  • LaurenRae

    Hayden Harnett and Foley + Corinna…it’s a toss-up between the two, but I’d be ecstatic to have the company of either of the designers’ bags on my arm!!

  • emilee

    Foley + Corinna (which is why i really wanna win!!) :)

  • Heather

    I love the Eliott Lucca Totes, they are so big and cute – I would carry everywhere!

  • Stephanie

    Linea Pelle!!

  • Jasmine

    I absolutely and erotically love and am obsessed with their Foley and Corinna Bender bag in maple. Great site too by the way, lots of bags *drool*

  • musicgirl

    I like Foley+Corinna.

  • tifa do

    I love Alexis Hudson bags. all the other designers are also great, but Alexis bags have a greater appeal to me, from cluthes to shoulder bags.

  • chrislewis91104

    My favorite is Estella Med Tote by Elliott Lucca

  • JS

    I love Elliott Lucca! The Portia Pocket Shopper in ombre is gorg!

  • LuvmyBurberry

    My favorite designer is Foley + Corinna. I’m especially in love with the mid city tote in glossy black and glossy blue!

  • Ellen

    Foley & Corinna is my fave for the styles, but Linea Pelle has the best leathers :)

  • tigerlilyx389

    definitely foley and corinna! love the bender bag

  • Yvonne

    For me right now? Foley and Corrina.
    I do like Eliott Lucca’s bags though. Very close tie.

  • KZ

    Needless to say I love F+C. Recently, I’ve been digging what Matt & Nat have been doing.

  • Truly Scrumptiou

    Matt & Nat for the understated (matt) wool fabrics

  • Lauren

    I love Jalda!

  • Lisa

    I’m going to have to say Jenny Yuen — just love the designs, really practical yet totally cute. Tough choice, Bliss Lau is a close second.

  • Jennifer

    I love all the bags by Alexis Hudson, but if i had to pick a fave, i’d def. pick Grand Bastille. I love everything about it. the shape, design and uniqueness of it all. I love love love it.

  • Mia

    I really love Jalda purses. The handle is so elegant!!!

  • haftime

    I love Olivia Harris handbags, especially the turnlock styles.

  • young

    Foley + Corinna all the way~

  • DitaVonTeese

    I love the Linea Pelle hand bags!!

  • Ellyn

    The Samantha large double handled bag by Linea Pelle is gorgeous, and so is the Elliott Lucca Farah bag…..would die for either one!

  • redheddr

    So many gorgeous choices.

    I love the Sherlock Satchel by Jenny Yuen in that fabulous, metallic green!

  • Jessica

    Tough choice! They are all beautiful. But I am really loving the shape and hardware on the CHia NewYork bags.

  • Kathy

    I love this Mid City Tote… plenty of room and great looking too!

    by Foley + Corinna

    Mid City Tote$444.00

  • QueenMAB

    The Linea Pelle line looks just luscious!

  • Vickie Couturier

    Linea Pelle,would be my pick,but it was hard to choose,so many wonderful ones listed

  • sapna desai

    Linea Pelle, definitely my favorite on the site!

  • Melissa

    My favorite designer on the site would definitely be Foley + Corinna. I love their bags!

  • cocoa1982

    Foley & Corinna

  • Leeana

    Foley & Corinna!

  • KGold

    Foley + Corinna win hands down. Their bags have the function and the style.

  • Stephanie

    I’m really drawn to the Jalda- love the shapes offerred and the handles.

  • Rysch

    I have to go with Jalda. The bags are just beautifully retro without looking old and done. I’m in love with crocodile day bean clutch, in red of course! :)

  • Jessica

    I am loving the structure & style of all the Foley + Corinna bags.

  • Luisa BH

    Linea Pelle clutches are amazing!!!

  • Leticia

    Linea Pelle all the way!

  • pwatters

    love the double handled Linea Pelle. nice and scrunchy!

  • Shelly

    My favorites are the Elliott Lucca bags

  • s627y

    Chia New York Asianna – gorgoues!!!
    Actually all the bags/clutches in this line are gorgeous, very different.

  • longboots

    Jenny Yuen

  • Jane

    Linea Pelle are the best!

  • Kareberry

    Jenny Yuen!
    Very work appropriate with lots of pockets!

  • Myra

    Ooh… the Jenny Yuen Hitchcock Satchel!! Love the name, loving the bag even more! Such a practical looking bag *__*

  • CourtneyP

    I have a newfound love for Linea Pelle so I’m going to go with that one!

  • Shani

    The Linea Pelle. It’s so elegant!

  • Honeylene

    Jenny Yuen!

  • kermesto

    Cynthia Rowley

  • Steph

    I like the Linea Pelle Dylan Zip Tote because the leather looks so soft!

  • Jacqueline

    I think Elliot Lucca makes some fabulous bags!!

  • Amy

    I love all the Matt and Nat bags!

  • Jenn

    Definitely Jenny Yuen… have not purchased one of her bags, but I always admire them when I see them.

  • Ting

    Matt and Nat bags =]

  • Tor

    My favorite is DEFINITELY the Foley + Corinna Jet Setter Jr in black =)
    It’s GORGEOUS and will go with anyyyything!

  • Brigette

    hands down.. foley + corinna :)

  • Rosemary

    My favorite on that site is Jenny Yuen.

  • Sara

    Alexi Hudson!

  • Coralee

    My favorite are the Linea Pelle bags! I love the Dylan one that I have! So soft~!

  • Rowe55

    Hands down – Jalda, Love the Croc & Ostrich leathers in divine colours, especially the Croc bean clutches. Wow.

  • Karoline

    Linea Pelle, definitely!

  • Ashley

    Linea Pelle, if I had to pick!

  • kells1983

    Definitely CHia NewYork… manly because of the Farah. Now where can i find a spare $500?

  • Barbara

    I’m going with Alexis Hudson.

  • Quynh

    Lydia Satchel in black, it’s so shiny and pretty!

  • jennifresh

    linea pelle for sure! love the stud details!

  • Hawaiian Sophie

    Welcome to the Jungle….Jungle Bag that is ;) stefaniBags carries Bliss Lau. Gotta show luv & support for the designer from Hawaii. Aloooohaaaa!

  • Chris

    I love Linea Pelle…classic lines, and I like the zipper details, and great colors!

  • Raha Danna

    Linea Pelle Dylan Long Speedy

  • dindin

    Lines Pelle! The leather is so nice and soft.

  • Bing

    My favorite is Linnea Pelle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Faye

    Foley + Corinna
    Love the simplicity and practicality of these bags.

  • MsMariana

    Cynthia Rowley’s Polly Athene bag seriously rocks!

  • Shareen

    I LOVE Linea Pelle! The bags are so soft & durable – I’m lusting after the Samatha in black right now! I love the belts as well, the way they hug my curves is just perfect :)

  • Jen

    Alexis Hudson, more specifically, the Cortina, because it looks not only like a really sharp bag, but almost like a secret special weapon or hiding place is hidden within that hardware…SEXY! Love it.

  • Hei

    Cynthia Rowley has such great bags!!

  • looskaboosh

    Jenny Yuen!

  • Tracey Byram

    Linea Pelle is my favorite designer. I like the leather she uses. Natural looking without looking used. Great variety of styles and sizes.

  • Ame

    Ohhhh!!! Probably Foley+Corinna. I already own a Mini City in RUBY, and I am in love with it.

  • Hong

    i love the Farah by CHia NewYork “”””Farah

  • Hong

    i love the Farah by CHia NewYork “”””Farah

  • bluemoonbuff

    Absolutely adore the Jet Setter by Foley & Corinna! I love the hardware and it looks like it will hold everything!

  • rachel

    Foley+Corinna is my fave.

  • Lil

    Olivia Harris.

  • shop liberty

    I like the CHia bags

  • Emmie

    Cynthia Rowley: stylish and functional!

  • Kate

    I’ve never had the opporunity to own a Foley & Corinna so I would have to say Foley & Corinna. I love how their bags take on a signature shape and I love how they are recreating this bag into different styles.

  • Joslyn

    CHia NewYork

  • Margaret Fauchier

    I love the Foley and Corinna bags. I use the City Tote at least once a week. I have dreamed about owning a Jet Setter. Great, functional, edgy designs.

  • Cherie

    I love the Farah by CHia New York. Seems to be a very practical bag and can also be worn with mostly everything I have in my closet. Plus it’s gorgeous :)

  • Chrissy Kasper

    Elliot Lucca. They’re lush, eye catching, and classy without wandering into boring.

  • flerida

    Alexis Hudson bags are so cute!

  • Star

    Foley + Corinna’s City tote in Glossy Blue! very lovely color and bag!

  • Kitty

    Linea Pelle

  • snippets

    Dylan Croco Folding clutch in black

  • bhuahuahua

    CHia NewYork of course. :)

  • TygerKitty

    Linea Pelle has been catching my eye recently… their croc looks sooooooo soft and it comes in so many great colors! However, the CHia New York Asianna bag in charcoal grey is REALLY stunning!

  • vuittonia13

    Without any doubts my fav designer — Foley & Corinna!

  • mey

    I LOVE Elliott Lucca bags. I have 2 of them already. But I really want the Estella Med Tote. Its so big and stylistic!!!

  • tahrer

    i love Linea Pelle. Their bags are the cutest and best in quality.

  • Nazia

    Hands down Foley + Corinna.

  • bozchanel

    Jenny Yuen.

  • Pretty Little World

    I would definitely have to say that Foley & Corinna is my fav. brand from the site. The bags are not only practical, but stunning – they really catch my attention when I see someone carrying them!

  • Kim Counce

    Olivia Harris bags! Love them!

  • spanish moss

    jalda for me, please. clean, stylish lines.

  • Janis P.

    Matt & Nat! I love their Paper Sade and Paper-Jorja bags!

  • kimmaylynn

    My fav is Foley + Corinna!!!

  • Samantha

    CHia NewYork absolutely made me fall in love!

  • Peggy Gorman

    Jenny Yuen’s Gatsby Weekender is fabulous! I love all her handbags

  • Anne Pithan

    I love the Foley and Corinna bags!!

  • Andrea

    I would say Jenny Yuen bags!

  • Laney

    Linea Pelle for sure

  • Mary K

    Love Linea Pelle bags! Fabulously soft leather in great silhouettes!

  • xoxo2000

    I love Sherlock Satchel by Jenny Yuen.

  • Donna Rae

    This is soooooo hard. But I guess if I were to win I would be very lucky because I actually like Foley + Corinna bags the best. Very versital and roomy, besides sharp looking.

  • Becca

    The Matt & Nat bag look great. I’ll have to go with them.

  • desigirl77

    Foley + Corinna is fast becoming my favorite!! i LOVE the Mid City Tote!!

  • Christine

    Foley + Corinna Stud City :)

  • nicole

    Cynthia Rowley! I love her style and her bags are always so comfy!

  • Teri

    Samantha Large Double Handle handbag by Linea Pelle in dark brown. Perfect for any casual outing.

  • laura

    i know a lot of people have them at this point, but the foley + corinna mid city tote is still my favorite. they look so effortlessly stylish on everyone’s arm and i haven’t seen one in a color i don’t like!

  • Merrell

    Foley + Corina Mid-City Tote!

  • melissa

    i love the Ima by CHia New York in red !! the colour screams LOOK AT ME !! and it is so pretty and versatile ! the bow can fit with any outfit i throw on and i can put all my girley essentials in the bag without bursting the seams . i love it !!

  • mj

    Linea Pelle for me too!

  • S.C

    I love E/W Satchel by Olivia Harris! It’s the hottest baby I have ever seen!

  • jj69

    Jenny Yuen!

  • me

    Cynthia Rowley

  • Coco

    Foley + Corinna – love the city clutches!!

  • pure8sian

    Foley + Corinsa = the leathe is super soft

  • Aya

    Linea Pelle. I love it!

  • Jen

    I spent a good deal of time thinking about this one and it was a hard choice but the Foley + Corinna bags are more my style.

  • che

    i like Foley + Corinna! Luv the totes!

  • Paula Rose

    Anything by Jalda :)

  • Teinna

    Foley + Corinna. Their bags have more than meets the eye.

  • darielle

    Farah Satchel by Chia new york!!

  • Vivian

    Linea Pelle

  • Aniko Murphy

    Because its the holidays and I could use a cute bag thats dressy I pick CHia NewYork and their Anna bag. Very cute!

  • kdo

    Linea Pelle – the Samantha bag!!

  • Baublelista

    I love Cynthia Rowley, such gorgeous bags

  • Trang H.

    The Foley + Corinna City Clutch in glossy blue is to die for!

  • Coach Kitties

    I like the Foley + Corinna best and the leather looks luxurious. These bags are followed by the Jenny Yuen bags.

  • Jackie

    I think it’s a tie between Foley & Corinna and Linea Pelle. I like them both equally

  • Christina

    Jenny Yuen cause I love the designs :)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • cindy

    Jenny Yuen

  • kate

    jenny yuen, please!

  • gracieo

    I love the “Farah” by CHia NewYork

  • Deb Anderson

    Jenny Yuen – I love the shape and textures, especially the Gatsby Weekender.

  • Nancy

    Jenny Yuen and Olivia Harris are both on my top, but…

    …Jenny Yuen takes the gold!!! =)

  • Kara

    I actually really like Foley & Corinna the best!

  • Opal

    Linea Pelle


  • Ami

    Foley + Corinna

  • poi

    i like City Clutch in Glossy Green.

  • Zoe Lee

    I love Linea Pelle too…I saw them on a reality show..they have fab accesssories, thanks for the contest.

  • angelchick182

    I’m a new fan of Foley+Corinna after purchasing the Navy Patent Mid City Tote, but I think my favorite brand @ stefani is Linea Pelle.

  • Julie

    Linea Pelle! I love the buttery leather look and the rich colors

  • brenda

    Foley+Corrina Jetsetter glossy black! – its so chic!

  • Wilkie

    Absolutely love Foley & Corrina- It’s understated elegance without the “bling”. Simply gorgeous!

  • mel

    Absolutely Foley & Corrina. Its understated elegance without the bling.

  • Tiffany

    Hard choice since they all have at least one great bag, but overall, CHia NewYork! Asianna because it’s classy, elegant, and unique! :)

  • sirene

    I really like the eggplant turnlock bag by Olivia Harris. It’s cute!

  • farah

    Honestly i got to know about Foley & Corinna bags from Gossip Girl and they’ve been my absolute fave designers ever since! been wanting a bag by them but its out of my range :(. would loveeee to win one!

  • Fataliya

    CHia NewYork’s Farah in Charcoal! Soooo pretty!!

  • sheri

    Matt & Nat – I really like the idea of not using leather for a handbag and these bags look great.

  • Monica

    I love the bag by Linea Pelle, the Dylan Ziptote in whiskey. I look for a purse that is not only cute but functional. I always carry more than I should. :)

  • silvermoon

    City Tote by Foley + CorinnaMid

  • Amanda

    jenny yuen

  • Renate

    Bliss Lau – because the Anagram bag is just so fabulous. Foley + Corinna are a close second, though. Lovely leather, nice colours.

  • ANNA

    Bliss Lau

    The ‘Tootsie Med’ love it!

  • pltprincess

    Estella Med Tote by Elliott Lucca

  • Tracy

    Foley & Corinna are DREAMY!! :D

  • Desiree

    My favorite bag is the Linea Pelle Samantha in yellow/mustard

  • Kimberly

    foley+corinna— hip, young, cool!!!

  • Katherine

    ITs a hard pick bc i love like 10 of them lol but i would have to say my fav is the Full Frame Clutch (Sassy Croco) in Orange

  • Fay

    Linea Pelle is my fav; it’s very hip and stylish.

  • Lindsay

    Definitely Linea Pelle

  • Tatyana

    Jenny Yuen is a definite favorite – her pieces are classic and timeless

  • Joann

    Foley + Corinna

  • Jennifer Reda

    i really like the linea pelle bags

  • youngandbroke

    I love Linea Pelle! Gorgeous materials with a perfect balance of edgy and everyday.

  • Kiki

    Easy choice! Matt & Nat use new exciting materials for their purses and the construction and design just looks fabulous!

  • Jenn

    I like Matt & Nat’s Portishead. “Vegan leather” looks pretty innovative.

  • Jocelyn

    I love the foley & corinna mid city totes

  • barbie.girl

    Linea Pelle for sure

  • Sarah M

    I’m obsessed with the CHia NewYork box clutch. Adorable!

  • Diane

    The Patent Clutch by Elliot Lucas! Beautiful!

  • visrn

    I’m really liking Foley + Corinna. I love that mid city tote.

  • elena

    my favorite is definitely Matt&Nat

  • pinky22

    I’m in love with Jenny Yuen’s handbags. Especially the Hitchcock satchel!

  • Kir

    Foley + Corinna is def my favorite from the site

  • simplyprincess

    Foley+Corinna, mid city tote

  • Fashion Newbie

    Jalda´s Designs were the ones i liked the most, especially the Patent Bean in the light blue colour!

  • ChristineNY

    Alexis Hudson

  • Maria

    Olivia Harris!

  • Paige

    Elliott Lucca

  • Sheila

    I love the Foley+Corina City Clutch In Glossy Blue, beautiful bag!!

  • Caribeandiva

    Elliott Lucca. Those bags are perfect for me.

  • MKNS

    I like Foley + Corinna

  • Cecilia

    foley + corinna

  • twinpea

    The Jalda bags. Definitely

  • bargainsmarts

    Linea Pelle, I am thinking a Linea Pelle throw would be nice as well :)

  • Gianna

    I think that the Ima Clutch by CHia NewYork is adorable! I love it!

  • Saadia

    Anna By Chia New York is cute and great evening bag

  • Tung Lu

    I love Foley & Corinna City Clutch….. very nice!

  • Tella

    Linea Pelle! I let a LP Dylan cross the ocean… and I would LOVE to let a Foley + Corinna do the same!!!

  • Nanette

    Linea Pelle by far…her designs are classic and yet have that modern touch. They will never feed dated.

  • Lisa

    Love Alexis Hudson! The designs fit my style perfectly. The Grand Bastille bag is amazing! Very chic, but useful for people like me… I carry EVERYTHING in my bag!

  • Zanya

    Foley + Corinna for me!!!

  • edina

    Tough choice, but I really do like the Foley + Corinna bags!

  • Aviva G

    I love Linea Pelle. The colors are great, I love the hardware accents, the leather looks really soft, and the shapes are cute.

  • carolyn

    Foley + Corinna, what else!

  • chica1

    THe Foley + Corinna is my favorite designer on the site. I especially love the city clutch.

  • leah p.

    i really love Linea Pelle’s bags. great clutches, totes and handbags!

  • Amanda

    Linea Pelle is my favorite right now!

  • Jessie

    My fav is Jenny Yuen

  • Kaitlin

    linea pelle, defenitely!

  • Cindy

    Linea Pelle
    Dylan Long Speedy!!

  • zhl629

    I was born in Tiger year. So my big favor bag is Cambridge Tiger Bag
    by L.A.M.B.

  • Emily

    I love the Jenny Yuen Gatsby Weekender in Plum and the CHia NewYork Farah in charcoal!

  • Jessica


  • Dara

    I love Linea Pelle, it’s the best.

  • GeorgiaT

    I like Alexis Hudson.

  • Hanna

    I love Foley + Corinna bags.
    City Clutch.

  • ben

    elliott lucca

  • Vanessa C.

    My ultimate favorite is Elliot Lucca!

  • MIchelle

    Alexis Hudson is my favorite!

  • Chinmayee

    I absolutely LOVE Chia NewYork! The Farah bag is my current favorite!

  • Lissa

    Foley + Corinna is my favorite especially the Mid City Tote.

  • Jane

    definitely foley + corinna!

  • Valerie Mitchell

    Linea Pelle

  • sena

    I love Jalda!!!

  • Aki

    the Jenny Yuen Sherlock Satchel is such a timeless bag!

  • melopuff

    Linea Pelle – they mix smooshy leather and studs together so well! very rock chic

  • joanmaya

    LOVE Linea Pelle Dylan croco folding clutch

  • sandstorm

    I love Jenny Yuen’s bags especially the Gatsby Weekender and Hitchcock Satchel.

  • Scarlett

    I just added to my christmas list the Foley & Corrina Bender in black. It’s TDF! The style is just perfect for what I need.

  • piratesbooty

    My favorite designer on the stefaniBags site is Linea Pelle. I love all the different colors.

  • BagLuver

    I really like Jenny Yuen – her styles are so sophisticated!

  • Raquel

    Love Cynthia Rowley bags. Very classic all of them.

  • sherrykay

    The Foley & Corinna Mid City Tote in Glossy Green! Unusual color, texture, big, easy to carry; what more could I ask for?!!!

  • eldiablo

    Anagram Large by Bliss Lau, it’s great, you can put all your shoppings in it!

  • Gale

    My favorite designer on is definitely Linea Pelle. The leathers are beautiful and I would love to own one of those bags. I just drool looking at them – I want them all !

  • yapgarden

    CHia New York bags are gogerous, now all I need is an endless closet.

  • Claire

    I think Jenny Yuen would have to be my favorite–I lurve the structured satchely goodness, especially in that green. : )

  • holly

    I think that Cynthia Rowley would be my favorite that they carry

  • Trace

    Tough choice – I would probably say Jenny Yuen. Although I do love F&C too! Great contest, thanks!!

  • Lynda

    I love the Linea Pelle line. The styles are beautiful and the trim adds that extra touch of individuality.

  • zeitgeist4

    Foley + Corinna is my favorite designer. I have had 3 of their bags over the years, currently I have 2.

  • joanna

    Jenny Yuen – the bags look so functional.

  • Jo

    Foley + Corinna of course!

  • cyndi

    the Foley + Corinna ‘Stud City’

    i have the original and the buttery soft and so versatile i wear it all the time. i think the stud details are a nice touch

  • katie

    f+c bender! so sexy!

  • Jane

    Linea Pelle

  • KL

    alright alright alright!!!

  • Matt

    Love the Linea Pelles, especially their duffels!

  • Kim

    foley and corinna

  • simply.complex

    Matt & Nat!
    Their bags look so unique…love it!

  • amanda

    jenny yuen’s the winner for me

  • Jae

    Linea Pelle!

  • Addy

    I love the simple lines of Jalda!

  • Isabelle

    I love the Gatsby Weekender by Jenny Yuen!

  • Brigitte

    Linea Pelle, love the smooshy look of the bags!

  • Jennifer

    Linea Pelle-Samantha Large Double Handle!

  • Sara Cooper

    The bags I like the best are the Foley & Corrinas.

  • Janay

    My favorite designer is Linea Pelle – the leather colors are gorgeous.

  • Mama loves bags

    Foley + Corinna!!!

  • Piaffe73

    I love Alexis Hudson’s clutches, so chic.

  • cathealey

    CHia NewYork Ima

    I’ve always liked bows.

  • Yiling

    Jenny Yuen! I think they’re the chicest bags ever!

  • Jan Thomas

    Foley & Corinna – the City Clutch Bag would go perfectly with my new leather jacket!!!

  • Loan Tran

    The best designer is JALDA with many beautiful color and design. I also love cute bags from MATT @ NAT.

  • 1pinky77

    I love the Jalda!

  • blues4mia

    While Elliott Lucca was a close second, Foley + Corinna is my favorite.

  • KellyT

    love Jenny Yuen!

  • Olivia

    i love the Foley + Corinna bags the most!

  • Goldie9899

    This was a tough one, but I would have to say my favorite designer is Linea Pelle! I love the look of all her bags and accessories, the pricing is affordable and I love, love, love all the various colors her bags come in!

  • Sheila Piccone

    Where has that Jenny Yuen line been hiding?! I love it! Can’t believe I never saw it before! Hope I win!!!!!

  • mlbjpl

    Olivia Harris, hands down!

  • Dmarie2020

    Jalda! Inparticular the Lamb Julie Clutch

  • zzsa

    I have always loved the Foley + Corinna bags and the Jet Setter Jr in black is my current fav!

  • sofia45

    I love the Foley + Corinna bags!

  • JennMSU

    Why Linea Pelle, of course!

  • Juilin

    Love this Foley + Corinna Jet Setter Jr totally.

  • Cherye P

    foley + corinna. I’m still kicking myself for not buying a city clutch in electric sea over the summer.

  • Jan Thomas

    The Foley + Corinna Jet Setter Jr in Black – a bag for all comings & goings!

  • Melissa

    Linea Pelle

  • Lucy

    I love the shape of all the Jenny Yuen bags.


    by Elliott Lucca
    Estella Med Tote
    color: Oxblood Red

  • maod

    My favorite is the Alexis Hudson line. Love the hardware.

  • divabeadz

    I have been lusting after Foley & Corinna bags…that’s my favorite brand they carry

  • annie

    I love Foley + Corinna “everything” – they are stylish and practical!

  • pursed

    I love the Jenny Yuen bags. They’re a great cross between glamour girl and working girl.

  • Nora

    Foley + Corinna, especially the mid city tote…looks to be the perfect size.

  • Lynda Marzahn

    They are all lovely, chic, but my personal favorite is Linea Pelle….SWEET!

  • elliecat

    the bliss lau tootsie medium in black or bronze – can’t decide between the two


    I loveeeeeeeee Foley +Corinna handbags.

  • Threshold

    Ohhhh I LOVE the CHia NewYork “Assianna” **especially** in cherry-red! It’s one of those colors for ANY season. June Chang has designed a timeless, classy bag which has such incredible details, it exemplifies taste and an attitude of “Do I know my bags or **what** ?”

  • Jan Thomas

    Ok, now I am so confused!! I looked at the Balencia City bag today & loved it!! I WANT THEM ALLL!!!

  • Marg

    Foley +Corinna….love the Bender and Stud City!

  • Jiyeun

    I love the Foley + Corina mid city tote! Too bad it’s sold out!

  • Grace

    Cynthia Rowley is my #1!!!! I would kill for a rapture Nappa.

  • Janice Smith

    I love the Foley – Corinna satchels – jetsetter. To get any of these would be more than lovely to have and use. Soft and useful. Thanks.

  • Heidi

    Foley! I love them all to tell you the truth, especially the prize bag!

  • Monica Chan

    Definitely the Chia NewYork bags.

  • Vanessa

    Foley & Corrina

  • Tonya Williams

    I loved them all because I am a handbag junkie, but my favorite designer was Chia NewYork. Very classic design.

  • Rochelle Kneller

    Jenny Yuen definitely! Although Linea Pinelle was a close second! They both had almost 100% appealing collections. I really do want to win this though because I LOVE the Foley + Corinna Bag you’re giving away. PLEASE PICK ME!!!

  • Fiona

    It has to be Foley + Corinna Jet Setter Jr. I love structured bag and this size and shape and leather is PERFECT.

  • Margareta

    I <3 Foley + Corinna

  • HR Lo

    Foley + Corinna bags are really just gorgeous. I love the style of their designs, particularly the City Clutch and the Jet Setter Jr Tote.

  • Ammie

    Definitely Foley + Corinna! I love the simple designs and the leathers!

  • Kassie

    I am loving everything from CHia NewYork right now.

  • Jovan

    I’m luving all these purses the colors and, shapes are so hott these bags are to die for

  • bindc

    The Jalda crock clutches are beautiful.

  • gracie

    Foley + Corinna: my favorite designer, which is why I love this giveaway. I love all everything from them! I own the Corinna city tote in 2 colors and I love all their clothes: vintagey, yet trendy.

  • trinh

    Foley + Corinna of course :)
    But if I have to chose another Elliott Lucca so pretty.

  • MizzJ

    Chia NewYork, her designs are hip and urban. Love it!

  • Tamee

    Linea Pelle just for the leather itself!

  • Cadence

    You mean I have to just pick one? Ok, despite the fact that I fell in love with the tidy neatness of the Abas full frame clutch – I mean wow! That is a clutch that takes order to a new dimension. I will have to say that overall my favorite designer is Linea Pelle for multiple reasons; stunning range of colors and textures, dramatic but practical shape, and enough details to be both useful and stylish.

  • Emili

    I love colour therefore I love Linea Pelle. :)

  • steph

    linea pelle is my fave as well!

  • Gina Thompson

    Jenny Yuen – oh but it is sooooo hard to choose!

  • Bobbie West


  • Elizabeth

    Linea Pelle!

  • Barbara West

    Jenny Yuen..where has she been all my life!!!

  • Monika

    My absolutely fav. is Foley + Corinna Jet Setter Jr in black…sooo stylish and practical in the same time

  • Betty

    I am a Foley+Corinna purse person. The Bender is a comfortable and attractive purse that can be used every day. I love the style, the hardware, and the topstitching. My favorite is the Bender’s handle

  • Tricia

    Linea Pelle!

  • Melissa

    I actually really love Foley + Corinna bags. I have the City bag for awhile now and have wanted a Jet setter since they came out. They are stylish bags that are very functional at the same time.

  • savvydoc

    Linea Pelle Dylan croco in crimson!

  • jenn

    Elliott Lucca has great style. i love how they did with the pockets. very nice design. my favorite is portia models. so simple but so nice and classic! and spacious!

  • Angela

    I have fallen head over heels in love with Foley + Corinna bags. They are very spacious and functional, which is my type! I especially love the City bag and the Jet Setter Jr.

  • littlefab

    Foley + Corina…simple yet beautiful…

  • Susan

    CHia New York… just love them!

  • jen

    Jenny Yuen: loving all the satchels

  • Yinda

    Alexis Hudson – I love the colors!

  • Kate

    Foley + corrina beautiful and functional

  • Mabel

    CHia New York!!!

  • maggie

    i can’t decide between Alexis Hudson and Foley + Corinna…they’re both so different but so perfect!!

  • Jean

    My favorite designer from the site is CHia NewYork. Love the look!

  • CC

    The bags by Alexis Hudson are my fav!

  • morebags comma please

    Alxis Hudson cortina

  • wordbox

    Linea Pelle… I love how soft their leather is.

  • Johanna

    My favorite is CHia NewYork!

  • Karen

    Foley & Corinna for sure!

  • tracy

    Chia New York !!!! The Best

  • Kristina Packard

    My favorite was Jenny Yuen.

  • Maria S

    Definitely Linea Pelle, they have amazing bags!!

  • Dominic

    Linea Pelle

  • Sophieees

    I really liked the Jenny Yuen ones.

  • Isabelle

    I love the Jenny Yuen bags, they’re the ones I’d most often wear.

  • widi

    I like the Jenny Yuen Gatsby Weekender

  • Jenn

    Jenny Yuen <3

  • Weiwei

    Linea Pelle

  • Kathy Griffith

    I love Linea Pelle designer. I would love to have a gorgeous soft leather one in a beautiful color.

  • Ariel Gold

    foley and Corinna Mid City Tote. TDF!!!!

  • Carmen

    Linea Pelle!!!! Looks very durable and fashionable!!

  • Carmen

    Linea Pelle!!! Very fashionable and looks durable!

  • Angela

    Jalda – her clutches are amazing & very versatile

  • Judy Ferencich

    Each of my personalities has a favorite designer…the elegant, chic loves Alexis Hudson…the practical, classic loves Jenny Yuen…the fun, flirty loves Linea Pelle

  • Janette Monroy

    So many of the designers are great and it was extremely hard to choose because they all are so different and create such beautiful bags. I must say though that I love Elliot Lucca’s handbags. Beautiful!

  • armelle



  • s

    Olivia Harris

  • Kristen

    Chia New York.

  • inga

    Gatsby weekender is very nice bag,lots of space,can take it anywhere and match with anything.

  • Jessica

    I love Jenny Yuen bags – they are so functional and classic. I hope to add one to my collection VERY soon!

  • nahay

    City Clutch by by Foley + Corinna . Perfect for the day……….for always……

  • Valerie Chua

    Foley + Corinna! Their bags are unique and cool especially the city bags! they’re to die for! :)

  • babyblue4

    See several grea brands but Linea Pelle is my fav!

  • Ai

    I love Jenny Yuen. Practical, stylish with vintage feel.

  • katie

    i actually like the f+c jetsetter jr! it’s urban and classic at the same time. i always love a classic plus something :-)

  • trisha too

    I’m liking the Jenny Yuen bags . . .

  • Bess

    Linea Pelle

  • kelly

    I’m in love with Jenny Yuen bags.

  • Denisse

    I like the Olivia Harris bags.

  • mary beauford

    I luv several and IT I cannot chose only one

  • Terry

    I must say it was a hard choice, but I just LOVE love LOVE the City Clutch in black by Foley-Corrina did I say LOVE. It has a sleek look yet is very versatile can go from day to night. The leather is so huggable it’s Sex in a handbag.

  • Geri

    Jenny Yuen! But all the designers have great selections.

  • Tracy

    I love the Foley-Corrina and the Linea Pelle bags!

  • Jennie

    Definitely Foley + Corrina
    The Jenny Yuen bags would be my second favorite

  • nina

    I love Foley & Corinna!

  • herblady

    Linea Pelle is my choice. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • susan clark

    chia newyork

  • Joan

    CHia New York Farah is for me!!! Very elegant and sophisticated designs yet did not neglect the usefulness of a bag!! :-)

  • Mel

    Linea Pelle

  • pinkbags

    foley & Corinna- love the shape of the bags. especially the jet setter jr. love the semi shiny leather on some of them. great quality and large enough to put almost anything you can think off!



  • Sammy

    I love the Jenny Yuen bags. They have a design and presence about them that is hard to find in a lower end bag. :O)

  • Camille

    The Foley + Corinna swing it for me; their beautiful simplicity and simple accents are just perfect for my tastes – no tassels, no glitter, no beads, no mess. Just simple, lovely leather shown off to its greatest advantage. There is no accent needed for that kind of craftsmanship.

  • Sara

    Alexis Hudson…love the rich colors

  • Alice

    Jenny Yuen….so classy

  • Doreen

    Jenny Yuen …..I like them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Athena

    Alexis Hudson is THE designer.Her bags are a work of art,totally fab,they are delish!!

  • Odessa

    Foley + Corinna

  • Pooja

    I am in love with Estella Med Tote and the Ellene Satchel by Elliott Lucca!!!

  • Bonniesgirl

    Linea Pelle — love those colors!

  • Jen

    my fave is Foley + Corinna!

  • crylater3

    I have to say Foley + Corinna as well. The line has just evolved beautifully, their designs and materials are simply wonderful.

  • Renita

    Foley + Corinna – simple and functional and pretty

  • Rosanna Yee

    Oh my goodness! I love Cynthia Rowley and Elliot Lucca!

  • Jana

    Olivia Harris is more of my fav

  • reana

    Alexis Hudson is awsome! She makes the coolest things, I even bought one for my mom and she loves it.

  • Jane

    I agree, I love Olivia Harris also.

  • Joanne

    CHia NewYork is as famous as DKNY to me.

  • Elizabeth

    There are some good ones there, but I’ll go with Linea Pelle with Foley & Corinna a close 2nd!

  • Denise

    Being the proud owner of a Linea Pelle Dylan Tote in Midnight, I have to say that I’m partial to that wonderful washed leather. However, I would love to add a Foley & Corinna bag to my budding “family”.

  • amber

    That bag is gorgeous!! I also love the bags by Elliot Lucas.
    Thanks so much!

  • Bub

    Foley + Corinna City Clutch in Glossy Blue please! Such a hot sleek bag!

  • Kat

    Linea Pelle – but I’m loving these Foley + Corinna bags, too.

  • Suzanne

    Bliss Lau is my favorite designer on the list, and a lot of my favorites are on that list! Great site!

  • jeannie su

    i love the Linea Pelle bags!

  • Wyldsage

    Farah Bag


    linea pelle

  • Diane

    June Chang designs are so fresh and adorable

  • Nadine

    I’m torn between Elliott Lucca and Foley + Corinna. Equal love for both designers.

  • G. Gonzalez

    The stefaniBags- The Foley+Corniia Jet Setter Jr. is very stylish and you can carry it for business or pleasure.

  • Elle J

    abas for sure!!!

  • TutiGmzz

    It’s FOLEY + CORINNA all the way. There the best.

  • kira

    I love the Elliott Lucca bags!!!

  • Bianca

    I love Bliss Lau bags, amazing !

  • Wendy

    Jenny Yuen for sure!

  • MIDO

    Foley + Corinna!!!

  • Sabrina

    Foley&Corinna! I have 2 jet setters (in disco white and senape) and I want to get many many more! I feel like it is the perfect work bag for me!!!

  • Charline Katzeman

    Linea Pelle – Love the Dylan Croco Double Zippy!! So cool!!

  • Leeann

    Linea Pelle – Dylan Croco Shoulder Bag

  • Judy

    My favorite is Linea Pelle. I loved the Samantha in black, it’s the perfect size and you can dress it up or down.

  • zoe welstead

    Jalda clutch

  • Samantha

    Foley + Corinna such cute purses!

  • Jadira

    The Dylan Long Speedy in red! love it!

  • Jasmin

    I love the Estella Medium Tote in black from Elliott Lucca.

  • nautical

    Foley and Corinna!

  • Diane

    Linea Pelle just luxury!

  • caroline

    Linea Pelle !

  • heminway

    I’d have to go with Alexis Hudson, but I admit it’s a tough choice. I like the Hudson bags for work and weekend.

  • Donna

    The by CHia NewYorkFarah bag is yummy for travelling! Yeah. Good luck, everybody.

  • Maya

    I Love the CHia New York Bags epecially Asianna and Farah!

  • emily

    alexis hudson most definitly.

  • alexandrea

    Foley + Corinna!!! The bags are just so stylish.

  • Michelle Jeffery

    Linnea Pelle!!

  • simran

    my designer would have to be CHia NewYork. I love it!

  • Audrey

    I definitely prefer the Foley + Corinna handbags!! The shapes and colors are just amazing!

  • Patricia the purse lover

    The Asianna in red by CHia NewYork. It is very unique and modern.

  • Timothy Selig

    Linea Pelle are the best
    God bless Santa

  • Laurice

    linea pelle all the way!!!

  • Melanie

    I really love Jenny Yuen.

  • Bonnie

    I like the Linea Pelle & Jenny Yuen bags, for overall looks & style; but if going for something more ‘fun’ than formal or functional, my pick would have to be Oliva Harris, her style is more of a walk on the purse wild side for me (something a little outside of my comfort zone, but looks like it would be fun to use on occasion just for kicks).

  • Jessica

    I love all the purses on the site, but totes are my favorite.
    I’ll have to say Foley + Corinna Mid city tote is my absolute favorite.

  • Chiara

    LOVE Linea Pelle and Foley + Corinna bags!

  • pearl

    linea pelle!

  • daniella

    foley and corinna, hands down.

  • Superqueen

    Alexis Hudson Cortina clutch. I love it!

  • Tasha

    Elliot Lucca all the way! Their handbags are always so classy and fun.

  • Salina

    linea pelle!!

  • Otter

    I have visited the site. Very nice! I may consider visiting here instead of ShopBop in the future for bags. My favorite line is Foley and Corinna. Luv their bags.

  • Marissa

    Cynthia Rowley!

  • Silvia L

    I love Elliott Lucca (Foley and Corinna comes in a close second). Elliott’s Estella and Portia won me over! Great city styles that are easy to carry

  • Cindi

    my fav is Linea Pelle

  • Sibel Ertur

    I loved Elliott Lucca’s style.

  • Dantes

    I love Matt & Nat’s crinkled look.

  • Trushna

    Foley + Corinna- Bought my first leather bag. It has a beautiful collection of leather bags in all of my favorite colors. It has a sophisticated collection.

  • Julianna

    Jalda =]

  • kimmy

    luv Foley + Corinna!

  • Laura

    Love the Foley + Corinna bags!

  • Anita Yancey

    I like the Cynthia Rowley.

  • Elsie

    I adore the round bags of Bliss Lau…so O-riginal.

  • Karoline

    Love the Linea Pelle’s!

  • Vicki Wurgler

    I like the Cynthia Rowley bags

  • Carolyn D

    I like Matt and Nat. Their bags are funky and unique.

  • Becky Mize

    I love the Matt & Nat bags… with the studs

  • Zoey

    The Linea Pelle line is my favorite – I love their bags!

  • BelleNoelle

    Ima by Chia NEWYORK

  • SavvySavings

    Linea Pelle!!

  • Samantha Pruitt

    the Tate bag by Matt & Nat has a really unique design, i love the intricacies!

  • Kathy Conley

    My favorite bag is the Japanese Paper- Jorja – I love the color and the design!

  • kathy pease

    i love Jenny Yuen :)

  • Peggy Gorman

    I love the by Matt & Nat ,Tate,its beautiful

  • TheWinglessBird

    ”link is currently not active” =(

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    it seem many variatons of flat sandal..have nice weekend..

  • Patricia

    I love Linea Pelle!!

  • Renee Richardson

    I really love Olivia Harris. Thanks for the great contest and Happy Holidays :)