Cole Haan Biscayne HoboSometimes when I look at a bag, I think “If only they had made this in a different shape, or for a different purpose.” That’s kind of how I feel about the Cole Haan Biscayne Hobo. Which is weird, because it’s a hobo, and hobos are usually my absolute favorite. I’m much more likely to like a hobo than, say, a tote.

But in this case, I think it would be much better if this bag was a tote. A pattern like this, with this many colors, is going to be really difficult to match to an outfit in order to go shopping, out to dinner, etc. A person would have to wear an outfit with no patterns and very few colors, and what’s the fun in that, particularly if you don’t change your bag every day? It might have worked well, though, as a big tote bag. One that you could use for your laptop and papers for work or school. Bags that serve that kind of function have less of a need to go with every outfit that a person wears, so a crazy pattern isn’t so prohibitive. Buy through Nordstrom for $228.

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  • deanna

    I love this bag ! Why does it have to match what you have on?? It is gorgeous and totally deserves its own spot light.. who is looking at you??

  • roe

    I love this bag! I just bought it this week in the cobalt. It feels comfy wearing, looks great, and with all the embroidery, the fabric isn’t slouchy, but also not overly stiff. And I love the colors! It does come in a tote style, but not one big enough for a laptop. I don’t change my bag out a lot, but don’t worry about matching my bag to my outfit either. I love my yellow patent bag, but yellow is hideous against my hair. So I just don’t hold it to my head!

  • salmonella