I’m of two minds about the Coach Poppy patent Starlet Satchel. At first glance, I like that Coach did something with it that doesn’t scream “Hello, I’m a Coach bag!” I’m not sure exactly what is making it look different to me, perhaps it’s the bold combination of color and finish, but it looks like the brand’s designers stepped out of their normal (and maybe a bit bland) design parameters.

Coach Poppy Patent Starlet Satchel

But then, the longer I look at it, the more it seems like the bag might not look all that high-end. I’m all for pink and patent and ridiculous things, but the combination of the two in a bag with that much surface area might not work. Plus, when you combine it with all the straps and zippers and placards and hang tags, the bag seems unfocused, and perhaps worse, even less luxurious than on first inspection. If you’re a fan of the brand, I’d stick with their regular leather offerings and away from what we see here. Buy through Nordstrom for $348.

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  • bindc

    I agree. It looks cheap. I’m not a big fan of coach logo bags but they do have some nice leather ones. This one looks like it’s trying way to hard to be something. I just don’t know what that something is.

  • MissTina

    I agree too. The leather bags are usually in a classic style. This style looks tacky and cheap. If I want a cheap looking bag, it should be under $50.00 and then I could be proudly tacky because it is cheap. Just a thought…

  • Dacs

    At first glance it doesn’t look like Coach… Something about this reminds me of Matt&Nat.

  • 19yearslater

    Poppy is meant to be a departure. It’s supposed to be fun rather than luxe. I won’t buy this bag but I think that it hits the mark.

  • Mama M

    I passed a Coach store yesterday (you’ll notice I said “passed”), and they had “Poppy” advertisements all over the windows. I wasn’t drawn in by what I saw, and, apparently neither was anyone else, because the store was completely empty both times I passed it. They do have some nice, soft leather bags that don’t scream “Coach”, but they weren’t in the window. In fact, they had a beautiful yellow bag that came out in early spring (I think it was part of the Madison collection, but I may be wrong), but they sold out of it in a few weeks and never got any more! Poor planning. A clerk at another store told me 2 ladies actually got into an argument over who saw it first. You would think they would have been able to keep up with the demand. Anyway, I do like the color and zippers on this bag, but not enough to buy it. I’ll stick with my MbMJ.

  • Rufina

    Someone call Barbie, she lost her overnight bag.

  • stl

    The design looks like Miu Miu Bow bag.

  • nina

    am I the only one who loves this purse? I think its pretty fab in blue!

  • DesiPrincess

    The Coach Poppy line is awefully cheap looking, I HATE the “C’s” on my bag, or any brand logo…i always get the leather ones with no “IN YOUR FACE COACH” logos. This one is ok…the BIGGEST turn off for me? All Coach bags are made in CHINA!!?!!??!!?!! I wonder how much it “actually” costs to make these bags…just like the overrated Michael Jordan shoes in the 80’s…they cost over a hundred $$ but the actual cost to make them was about $5.00…yes FIVE DOLLARS!!! It makes me sick!

  • Molly Bordeaux

    Absolutely love this purse. It’s fun, different and very appealing. I purchased it and have been getting numerous comments from people of all ages. Don’t you know that hot pink and coach make for great conversation starters. People love coach and hot pink. I think it is fab and with a black suit or paints suit, this really gives your look some pizzaz! Also, as far as it looking less expensive, no way. It’s all in your perspective. It is bold and beautiful!