Coach Large Spotlight BagI’ve been critical and uncomplimentary of Coach‘s new “Poppy” line recently, and I stand behind those criticisms – the line as a whole is not particularly high-end-looking or luxe, in my estimation. But the Coach Large Spotlight bag is a perfect example of one of my favorite old tropes: even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

I’m surprised to be saying this, but this bag is a sleek, functional, reasonably priced tote that’s perfect for warm weather. It also seems vaguely sailor-y to me, although that’s probably just the combination of white and yellow. The white leather in particular looks smooth and perfect, and the accents and trim are just enough color to give it a summery feel. It manages to be young-looking without simultaneously being cheap-looking, and that’s a problem that most of the other bags in this line have. Thankfully, this tote manages to escape from it unscathed. Buy through Nordstrom for $368.

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  • bunny

    you do know that this bag shape and zippers is a total rip off the YSL downtown right. i really dont know why Coach cant come up with their own designs.

  • 19yearslater

    Give me a break with the who-copied-who stuff. The bag is really nice in this colour scheme.

  • bunny

    yea well to spend that much cash i’d rather my bag be a unique original design, not some design where people would say, “hey look, that bag’s a great color, but too abd she couldnt afford the YSL one and had to buy the Coach version”. branded but not there yet?

  • Terryl

    YSL Downtown copy…Funny, that, to me, is like saying Tropicana is a rip-off of Dole.

    Orange juice is orange juice, and a huge, classic tote bag…is a huge, classic tote bag.

    They really, REALLY don’t look similar at all, so let’s just appreciate this Spotlight Bag for NOT being adorned with that god-awful “C” logo. *shudder*