Coach Bonnie Leather Large ToteThere are several things that I like quite a bit about the Coach Bonnie Leather Large Tote. In the interest of positivity, and because I’m in a good mood and slept in today, we’ll start with those.

First, the color combination. Brilliant. I wish more brands that are hell-bent on doing bicolor bags would do it this well. The crispness of the large white section plays beautifully off of the deep, almost-navy blue accents. These colors were made to go together and they’re great for the onset of warm weather that most of America is currently experiencing. They also use silver hardware, instead of gold or distressed bronze, which was a great choice. The other options would have made the color combination look a bit too sailor-y for my taste, but the silver is understated enough that this doesn’t cross over into theme-bag territory.

Now, for the thing about it I really don’t like: the odd little coin purse stuck haphazardly to the outside. I’m not opposed to things like that on the outside in my bag, if done in an artful or interesting way, but this one just looks like a complete afterthought and breaks up one of the bag’s clean, straight lines. I would be 100% happier with the end result of this purse if it had been entirely left off. Buy through Nordstrom for $648.

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  • me

    I love the Bonnie line, and one of the things that makes it unique is the little kisslock pockets, so I have to say I love it as is.

  • Terryl

    Yep. This bag is a go. The simplicity and classic look just kill me. I’d have a tough time not feeling faaaabulous with it hanging from my elbow.

  • Designer

    im going to EB games to pick up Aion WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO