I think it is fair to say that one of the on going debates around here involves fringe. While some of you love it, others can’t stand it and still others (like myself) go back and forth. Some handbags seem even better with a hint of fringe and then others look like it had been thrown threw the shredder. A little while back Amanda wrote about the Cleobella Alvie Fringe Tote and when it came to that bag, the “fringe” was horribly executed.

Cleobella Alvie Fringe Clutch

Today, I came across another Cleobella handbag and I instantly braced myself. There is a chance, a small chance that the Cleobella Alvie Fringe Clutch might actually work. No, it’s not perfect, and no it wouldn’t be my go-to fringe clutch, but it is worth a glance or two. Clearly the same technique was used to construct the fringe on the tote and the clutch, but I think it looks noticeably better on the clutch. In fact, I can actually embrace the ruggedness of the clutch and can imagine a few instances in where this clutch could be put to good use. While I am not 100% sold, I still think it is leaps and bounds better than the tote. Don’t you agree? Buy through Shop Bop for $220.

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  • Allison

    This is so much better than the tote, I can barely believe its the same line. Still not my cup of tea, but I do like the way the design works here…especially the small braiding at the top, that’s a nice touch contrasted to the chunkiness of the fringe. The color works really well with the overall feel of the design too. I actually really want to like the chunky fringe, but here’s my problem…it won’t be flexible and hang the same way the “normal” fringe does, so while this bag looks pretty cool the way it is staged in the photo, I imagine putting on the wrist strap, and all of a sudden the fringe is flopped the wrong way and we have the “car wash” syndrome again. This is definitely a “statement” kind of bag, but that works a zillion times better for a clutch than a tote.

  • Mandy

    Yes, much better than the tote, so I could see carrying this with a fun jeans/top outfit. I wonder about the large fringe curling up and looking awful in a few months. Overall, I would not purchase the tote or the clutch.

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