Cambridge Satchel Co. Fluoro Satchels, $155 via ShopBop

Both Megs and I have long been a fan of the timeless Cambridge Satchel Company, which started making its ultra-traditional school bags in 2008 as a way for the founders to pay school fees. Since then, the brand has become a cult favorite in the fashion industry, and its highly sought-after Fluoro Collection has been on my radar since its debut months ago.

It used to be that you had to order these bags online and wait for them to be delivered from overseason, but when you consider that it only cost $155 for an all-leather, British-made handbag, that was an inconvenience an incredible number of people were willing to handle. Now, thankfully, we don’t have to – in addition to the four fluoro colors we all know and love coming to, Bloomingdale’s is going to be carrying the same brights in its New York City stores and on its website starting next week, plus an in-store exclusive: a neon blue satchel. Check out that bag after the jump!

If you want to find an affordable way to try out the neon or colorblocking trends, this bag is a fantastic, functional, well-made way to do it. Plus, you get the added bonus that not all of your friends have seen and bought these bags yet, which puts you on the front end of the trend. (Unless all your friends work in fashion or religiously follow style blogs, but they’ll still probably love your bag.)

A word to the wise, though: These bags are very bright, true neons in person, even the orange one that looks a bit subdued in these photos. They nearly glow, which I think makes them all the more amazing – such well-pigmented leather doesn’t come along every day. You can buy the four fluoros at the top via ShopBop for $155, or if you want a more subdued color, will have black, brown and red, in addition to the fluoros, online next week. Want the blue? You’re going to have to call the 59th Street or Soho Bloomingdale’s stores.

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  • lintmag

    I think these are cute, but I must say the company has terrible customer service. I emailed them twice with a question and never a reply from them.

  • Stills

    One of my favorite bags!

  • mochababe73

    They are cute, and I almost purchased one from eBay about three months ago. However, the bag was ripped at the seams. The seller said that the bag came out of the box with the rip. I could see that happening, maybe not right out of the box, eventually. They look very stiff. But…I am loving the pink.
    I am just not willing to take that chance. I hate returning things.

  • Laura

    Does anyone know if they have a store in London? I looked on their website and I could only find online retailers. I may be going to London in December and thought it would be fun to select one in person.

    Does anyone know if the leather is really stiff? It is difficult to tell from the pictures.
    Thanks so much for your help!

    • Bagolicious

      Yes, the leather is stiff which I like, as my batchel doesn’t fall over when I sit it down.

    • Vicki

      I purchased one in October from a store called Aria in the Islington area of London. It is actually a contemporary furniture store; however they had a pretty good selection of sizes and colors. That is the only place I found them in stock when I was over there. The leather is very stiff; but I love the bag!

  • Bagolicious

    Although I love my backpack batchel that I received a few weeks ago, after a 10-week wait, I think Cambridge needs to focus on trying to get out the orders that those of us have been waiting for forever , over expanding their products to more venues.

    I ordered two batchels, at the same time, and I am still waiting for the second one. They were ordered three MONTHS ago. And the one that still hasn’t arrived yet, is for a Christmas gift.

    Will I need to get Santa to fly the reindeers over to the U.K. to get my order? If , it doesn’t arrive, by next month, then I’ll be left to spend even more money in order to have a Christmas gift available for a young family member.

  • J Umm

    too many people have this bag, and i have become some what repulsed by them.

    • Papertiger

      Kinda feeling the same now. My friend has a (non-flouro) green one and she is POd that everyone seems to have one. However they are at a good price point and they are cute. Zatchels also make similar and have better CS X

  • Papertiger

    Fluorescent satchels are actually great for (real) kids that either go to or come back from school when its dark

  • Kat

    They were (are?) all the rage where I live but the fuss has died down. I was considering getting one in the pretty Kelly green, but found the leather too stiff for my liking. Also, the hardware makes it a hassle to actually close the bag, not to mention the metal used looks really cheap.

  • Bagolicious

    Someone at work commented that she loved my backpack batchel, however that she would prefer one that was easier to get into and out of. She would prefer magnetic closures to the buckle style ones provided. I reminded her that a lot of the rest of the world is on public transportation and not in cars as we are here in L.A. and that if it’s easy for one to get in and out of the batchel, then it will also be easy for pick pocket types to get in and out of it,too.

    When I’m overseas, and always on public transportation, I always think of these types of things. Maybe Cambridge was thinking the same.

  • DanaaGH.


  • Shirley J

    i think i want one lol