Bulga Panache Convertible BagI have all sorts of feelings about the Bulga Panache Convertible Bag, so stick with me here for a second. My first feeling is that the leather flaps are too long and make it look sloppy. I can imagine them just flopping all over the place and making noise and getting annoying. This bag may have been more successful, were it shorter. My next thought is that maybe it’s just fine how it is. I love that it’s entirely thick, black leather – there’s me and the love of industrial things again – and that it’s a little messy and unfinished. Ok, so it’s a lot messy.

But I could see an Olsen Twin carrying it. Or at least Vanessa Hudgens. With the right sort of hipster-y, slouchy, edgy outfit, this could be the perfect bag. And then part of me thinks “Hmmm, where have I seen this, or something like this, before?” And the answer to that question is the YSL St. Tropez Tote. And it’s YSL (and not only YSL, but Tom Ford-era YSL!), so of course it was executed flawlessly. It’s a pretty decent poor-man’s alternative, though, if it’s your style. Buy through ShopBop for $795.

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  • Amanda R

    I think it looks like a kindergarten construction paper project. :/

  • Anita

    I agree. This bag is ugly.

  • Mama M

    Awful. Looks like some black paper mache project run amuck.

  • Allison

    It has been a while since I have disliked a bag quite this much. I agree, its something you might see a fashion victim celeb like Mily Cyrus carrying…let’s hope not though, because that always leads to people copying them, and the last thing I want to see is an army of girls carrying something that looks like this. I agree with you about it being sloppy, but I actually think it would be worse if it weren’t as long, somehow the length helps with that kind of edgy industrial proportion they’re going for. All in all, I don’t see who would pay that price for something that looks like that.

  • goldie21

    this bag reminds me of a tire. horrible.

  • skiddo2000

    Oh, heck no. It is way too expensive for a craft project leather bag.

  • Maura

    What’s that dog breed with all the long stringy hair that you can’t see the face or body? Too much.