Ever since the Butterfly Tote came out (2005, was it? Maybe 2006), it seems like Bulga has been having a bit of a hard time finding their way. We’ve seen some missteps from them – tie-dyed bags, badly proportioned bags…I’m sure you guys know the purses to which I’m referring. I think they made a good decision this year by getting back to their roots and re-releasing the Butterfly Tote, and now I think they’ve made another good decision – the Bulga Mini Marquis Tote. I’m not saying I love the bag – I don’t.

Bulga Mini Marquis Tote

Something about the handles is vaguely wrong to me, and I wish it was less domed at the top. Also, I don’t understand why it’s called “mini” when it’s 18 inches wide – I’d hate to see the non-mini one. But overall, this is a NICE bag. It’s a nice color, and it looks pretty functional, and there’s nothing on it that makes me think of the male anatomy, as one Bulga bag did not too long ago. As a brand, they generally use really nice leather and I like to see them going forward in their design evolution. Hopefully things continue to improve in the future. Buy through ShopBop for $775.

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  • Julie

    Looks like a sad elephant in that colour – not my thing at that price!

  • piratesbooty

    You are right Amanda. Something is odd about the handles but I do like the color.

  • Kaytey

    Oh no. That colour is elephant butt to me… No to that colour!

  • Nynelly

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