Brahmin Soft Croc ToteBrahmin is a brand that we don’t discuss that often, and it might be because many of their bags don’t vary much in appearance. They do almost exclusively stamped croc in neutral shades of brown, tan, grey, and black. That probably limits their potential audience and the types of bags that they can make, so it’s about time that they branched out a little bit. It appears that they’ve done just that with the Brahmin Soft Croc Tote which comes in a great shade of pink. I’ve never been much of a fan of the color, but I’m much more open-minded about dark or bright pink than about baby pink, and this bag falls into the former category. As far as shape goes, it’s not rocket science – it’s a big ol’ tote bag that will fit all your stuff for the day without breaking a zipper trying to close it. The straps also look long enough that you’ll have plenty of elbow clearance when swinging it onto your shoulder (a requirement for me), and the straps are flat instead of rolled, so it’ll probably be decent to carry once it gets there. Although the departure from the normal Brahmin aesthetic isn’t huge, perhaps they’ll continue to try new things if these bags are successful. At a mere $295, I don’t see why they wouldn’t be. Buy through Nordstrom for $295.

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  • gail

    I have actually seen and held this bag several times (in black, beige and rasberry) and it is very, very nice. For me, I wouldn’t know real crocodile – for one because I can’t afford it and two, personally I have an ethical issue with the killing of a species SOLELY for its skin. So, as far as the texture to this bag, it looks to me like it could be real crocodile if that is a big deal to some. It is nicely lined and very roomy inside. Better yet, it is extremely light and sits very well on the shoulders and all the colors are very nice.

  • 16oars

    Check out the Brahmin website to see the beautiful variety of bags that they are actually producing. My friends and I are addicted to them. They are made in MA and do have several stores there. The bags are beautiful and you don’t see everyone with one as you seem to with Coach.

  • Cheryl Ann

    I love, love, love Brahmin purses. I have three of them. My first one was purchases over 13 years ago and it’s still good as new. If i wanted them to refurbish it, they would for a nominal fee. My second and third have recently been purchased. They are American made and the quality is fab! I get more compliments on my Brahmins and you don’t see one of everyone’s arm/shoulder as you do with so many other ones. Check them out. They are lovely, rich in quality and color. I’m a Brahmin fan!