Novelty bags are a huge trend right now, but unfortunately, almost all of the really great ones are made by brands that charge four figures for everything they do. If you're trying to have a little fun without emptying your bank account, this bag is the way to do it--the splatter print is bright and well-executed, and the bag's shape is surprisingly functional.

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  • Stina Sias

    I don’t know if I would carry this but I love how bold it is!

  • Susan

    It is not real leather

  • James

    I like the colorful graphic. On the other hand , I am thinking the handle’s zipper teeth with my hand…

  • lavinia

    Thanks Amanda. I like it, it’s new, funny, young, although I would not carry it unless I don’t try it on. For me the most important thing in a bag is its lightness…:)