Anya Hindmarch Raw Nevis Rubber Tricolor Tote, $495 via Moda Operandi

I’ve spoken enthusiastically of Anya Hindmarch’s upcoming designs recently, and the Anya Hindmarch Raw Nevis Rubber Tricolor Tote, now up for pre-order at Moda Operandi, is yet another chic, reasonably priced bag that’s I’m anticipating for spring. I usually don’t get particularly jazzed about non-leather bags for some fairly obvious reasons, but something about the matte translucent look of this tote has drawn me in. Do you think $495 is a fair price?

Despite being Not Leather, and therefore at a disadvantage in the minds of most handbag shoppers, rubber does have its obvious advantages, particularly in certain seasons. Spring and summer are full of outdoor gatherings, picnics, hastily stashed water bottles, spontaneous trips to the pool or beach and any number of other fun but potentially bag-ruining endeavors. Sometimes, just having a beach bag doesn’t cover you, but having a regular handbag that can be wiped out with a damp cloth just might. If that sounds like something that might make your summertime life a little easier, you won’t find many options more attractive than this colorblocked Hindmarch tote. Sign up for Moda Operandi and buy for $495.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Musette

    Great design. But $495? Are you KIDDING? I

  • marinaharbour

    love it!

  • lintmag

    Cute, but still think too much for rubber – would have to see it in real life for the feel. Hermes did a rubber Garden Party once so who knows what quality it could be.

  • J Umm

    in that picture, it doesn’t look rubbery at all, but then again there have been rainboots which are well obviously made of rubber but they give off a more leather look. however the 495 price tage seems to be geared towards a leather handbag, not a rubber one…

  • Diane

    Ummm…rubber…nope! Nevah!

  • PhotoGirl

    I love it! Rubber, like many commodities, has skyrocketed in price, which may at least partially explain the hefty price tag of this bag.

  • Emily

    I think this bag is a adorable, and I would totally use it for going to the beach and other outdoor activities. It even looks big enough to use for school, but $495 for rubber? I would never spend that much for rubber, ever.

  • rose60610

    I was liking the bag until I saw $495. No way.

  • 19yearslater

    It’s cute, but if it is actually rubber no freakin’ way for that price.

  • Bls

    I feel like that’s the most expensive tire ever. It’s nice, but way to much

  • stella

    Depends on how you think of the situation: are you paying $500 for a bag or for the raw materials? I can see myself using that bag non-stop and getting a lot of mileage from the easy-to-clean material, so for a very cute and very practical bag, $500 is a good price.

  • MizzJ

    It’s cute, but I do wonder if it feels like a rain boot IRL.

  • Mona

    It’s nice to look at, but rubber at that price? No thank you :)

  • Jackie

    Wow it looks beautiful and buttery. I’d have to see it and feel it up in person before I shell out $495 though. Besides the fact that it looks like leather (on my laptop), the design is also gorgeous.

  • Mariah

    I wonder why it doesn’t have a zip closure – a rubber bag would be perfect for bad weather but an open tote – not so much.