Antik Batik Squaw HandbagThe only complaint that I have about being back home in North Carolina is that there is a serious dearth of interesting handbags.

I’m not saying that there are no designer handbags, just that there are simply no interesting ones. People here either go for Brighton a la Kate Gosselin, or anything Vera Bradley and/or monogrammed in Kelly green, bright pink, or that obnoxious preppy blue. Which is why I would absolutely kill to see a bag like the Antik Batik Squaw Handbag. It’s unique, interesting, and boho- so not North Carolina.

At first, I didn’t like the color- a sort of faded lilac- but it grew on me. This is not surprising, as my favorite color is purple. The embroidery adds more of that bohemian sensibility, but it doesn’t take over the whole bag, which I like.

The fringe in the front makes it seem almost handmade, as if you had picked it up from a Peruvian market. Hmm; I’m beginning to think I should be the one to pick up this bag and spice up this brutally desolate bag landscape. Buy through Shopbop for $210 on sale.

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  • Mama M

    With the American Indian population in North Carolina, I would think you could find an authentic Indian handbag. And I bet they don’t call it a “squaw.”

  • Amanda Mull

    I’m really shocked that they chose to name this bag as they did – is it not common knowledge that ‘squaw’ is a ridiculously offensive, racist, derisive term? It’s amazing to me that a brand that’s so obviously co-opting parts of American Indian culture would choose to then use a racial slur in naming the bag.