angelina jolie botkier bag3

Angie has already been seen sporting this bag in black and now she has been spotted wearing it in crème. Looks like Angelina Jolie has a case of the Botkier loves. Wearing her typical garb, a black dress, big shades, black boots, and simple bag, Angelina Jolie was leaving LA Studios with Maddox carrying the Botkier Sasha Duffel Bag in crème. This satchel has been a huge hit and will continue to make those who carry it happy. Designed with luscious lambkin, this duffel bag can double as going over the shoulder with a longer strap or being folded to a more compact handbag (both options pictures below). Simple to throw on, there is a zip top closure, buckled straps on the front, and a front flap pocket with an extended tab. Dimensions are 8 1/2″H x 10″W x 6″D. Angie loves this bag and so do we! Inquire for the crème at Botkier or buy either black or chocolate at Saks for $695.

Botkier Sasha Duffel Bag

More images of Angie and Maddox below!

angelina jolie botkier bag

angelina jolie botkier bag1

angelina jolie botkier bag2

Images via Celeb Utopia

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  • olivia

    She is just gorgeous. Never mind the pourse. She’s the ultimate supermom.

  • janis

    Love the Botkier bag. Angie needs to put on a few pounds. Don’t these women know this ultra thin look is unflattering and aging?

  • Janine

    While I usually love her, she just looks a little “off” in these pics. Maybe it’s because she’s getting way too skinny. Love the bag though.

    • purseloco

      She looks a little stressed, whats up :?:

  • Margarita

    I LOVE Angie. So stylish and chic, and the bag is the perfect touch to her outfit! Maddox looks adorable as always.

  • Odie

    Awesome bag, skinny lady. That bag might weight more than her! :lol:

  • ShoeGurl

    Love Angie, Mad and Botkier! Yes, a few pounds on her would make her look even more stunning. And what’s with the knee high boots in the summer time? I just don’t get it!

  • jennifer

    I really like the bag in the creme color. Love to have it! Question: Not for anything, isn’t most of the country in a major heatwave? Talk about being a slave to fashion! :lol:

  • PinkyBrewster

    Not a fan of the bag or the woman.

  • WendyB

    I like the bag and she’s beautiful woman but she needs to get healthy. I just saw this…compare and contrast! :cry:

  • lovebotkier


    LOVE Botkier, the sasha duffle looks great…also in black!!!!

  • lovebotkier

    Love Love Botkier, sasha duffle looks great in black too!!!!!

  • ilona dubbeldam

    i love this botkier sasha duffle bag that angie wears, i have it in black myself, can’t seem to find the creme/white version though, anyone knows maybe? i loooooooooooooove angie! :razz:

  • annie

    hi girls, im wondering if the creme color Sasha Duffel Bag would be previous season? is it only black and dark brown or beige available for winter? do you guys know anywhere else to get the white/creme of this bag?

  • myflatlondon


  • AJ

    I NEED this bag.

    Angie is so cool, a little too thin though, but so cool :cool:

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  • rosie89

    Angie looks so skinny and she needs to put on weight a little bit more so that she looks stunning in public.but love her wearing that Sasha Duffel Bag! :smile:

  • Girl next door

    Maddox doesn’t seem like a happy kid :sad:

  • mayne

    skinny or not you fat cows… she is HOT.


  • Kristen

    thank you she beautiful i wish every one would stop telling her shes so skinny fat asses!!! they atre so rude!!

  • Kendra

    She’s skinny. (fb)

  • pinkblings

    She always looks beautiful! Tired or not, she is one of the few celebrities, maybe the only one, who has that natural beauty. She doesn’t even need makeup. Also, her personality makes her more beautiful because it’s so lovely and bubbly! Maddox is so cute!