Andrew Marc Architect Tessa HoboIt’s rare, but I love it so much when I like a brown bag. I figure that’s because I know I really like it – I’m not just distracted by a pretty color or a functional shape into saying nice things about a bag that’s not that cool. And the Andrew Marc Architect Tessa Hobo may seem pretty average, but it’s actually quite well-executed.

It manages to be a brown shoulder bag that still looks young without looking hippie-dippy, and that’s been something missing from the bag landscape as of late. Most of the brown bags out there in the Savvy price range are pushing a very, very specific look, and it happens to be one that favors patchouli and granola. Which is great if that’s your look, but if it isn’t, you might still need a reasonably priced brown bag. If that’s the case, this is the bag for you. It’s functional but still has visual interest in the way of front pockets, which add the the both the bags style and usability. The area of the bag’s opening is slightly more interesting than on most similar hobos, and the leather’s finish is nice without being too varied or distressed. All in all, a successful bag for everyday use. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $450.

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  • Mandy

    Love it! Not sure how I feel about the opening, but otherwise it’s great. I agree about brown hippie hobos, ugh. This one works!

  • Allison

    I really like this bag…does anyone else get an explorer vibe from it…Like this is the type of bag you’d see Jane carrying in some Tarzan movie? Maybe its just me…but I guess its coming from the ruggedness of the leather, and the way the pockets are strapped. This would be a great everyday bag…although I’m still looking for one that I could slip my laptop into.