Michael Kors Leopard Print Satchel Simply put, this handbag is cheap and heinous. You would figure that any designer attempted to integrate leopard print into a handbag would do it carefully and with conviction, knowing that an animal print bag is truly hit or miss. Michael Kors got lazy with this bag, and put a few minutes into designing this sloppily done Michael Kors Leopard Print Satchel. I am aware that leopard print is leopard print, but I assure you that there is such thing as a tastefully done print. Even worse, this is satin with patent leather trim. Satin? Are you kidding me? A shiny material paired with a shiny leather makes for a bag that hurts my eyes. The handles are also patent leather, but awfully braided in a way that your eyes must look at it but really wish they never did. And even worse, there are braided patent ties that are threaded through metal grommets on the sides. It is like he could not just finish with the handles, he had to finish it up with a sure fire miss. Not a nice way to start your Monday, but I promise to bring something good to look at later today. Via eLuxury for $348.

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  • luxurious

    You obviously don’t have any taste at all! Silly lady EVERYONE knows that you dont let the bag where you, you wear the bag. The bag name not go with your out-dated style but trust animal prints creatively and beautifully done are definately in style!

  • Melissa

    Where is this picture taken from?!?!………it may be a MK knockoff maybe that’s why it looks so cheap……the real picture can be found here……http://www.lordandtaylor.com/eng/brands/search/HandbagsAccessories-lordandtaylor/5621

  • Jackie

    Ummm this is not the right bag. The authentic Michael kors looks alot better and has a leather tassel on the front. This bag is a bad knock off!!!

    • michelle

      this bag is authentic! i looked it up online and found they sold an identitcal one in nordstrom and saks. Sooooo why would they sell knockoffs? lmaooo. and i zoomed at the pictures at nordstrom and it looked identical to this one. Sorry ladies, you are wrong

  • Naggy

    The print is well done, but I only like the braided handles. (ipad)