This morning the Diane von Furstenberg Sample Sale opened its doors to the press. I rolled out of bed earlier than usual but it was all in the name of fashion, obviously worth it. The line was manageable, with only about 15 people in front of me, and I was allowed in soon after the doors opened at 8AM.

Rack after rack of DvF clothing takes up the entire room, with prices ranging from mid-200’s for coats down to $50 for shirts. To be honest, I forget much of the pricing but I found it very reasonable. As far as the bags go, I did not see any Stephanie Hobos (my absolutely favorite) but when I walked by later a group of girls left with a Stephanie over each of their shoulders. I did snag a Harper, a bag I have been lusting after for quite some time, along with a few coats and beach items (click here to see my loot).

If you are in NYC make sure to stop by the sale. Details are included on the image above!

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  • Baby Shopaholic

    This is my first comment on your blog! I have been following you guys (talkshoe) on twitter and LOVE! I want to be you guys in my next life. I love DVF and so jello that I can’t be there! Keep doing what you are doing! Glad I found PurseBlog!

    • Wish you could be here to experience it – but sometime you may be able to! Thanks for the love and for loving @TalkShoes too :)

  • ninjaninja

    I wish there was a DVF sample sale in SF. For DVF, I’m willing to go through piles of disorganization and changing in front of strangers.

  • Earmuffs

    The sale was actually opened to public… When I got there at least. I got the impression it was opened tomorrow but I happened to be walking by and I saw it. I quickly ran across the streets because I was so excited. Okay, I did my new yorker race walk, not run. There were SO many things I wanted to buy but I settled with only one item due to my student budget =( I got the “Brutus” Leather Jacket for 250! =D I am quite happy with my purchase considering this jacket is still in department stores for sale!

  • michelle

    I wish the designers would have sales in Los Angeles. I don’t understand why they don’t??????

  • Amelie

    How was is the Harper Bag? I will be there tomorrow

  • Lizzie


  • Kim

    Is it cash only, or do they take credit cards? I can’t be there until Friday so I hope there’s something left :)

    • Credit Cards! They said they will re-stock throughout the week as well

  • fountainq

    ladies, be aware! it is like a battle field!

  • MJ

    This was the worst sample sale, I was so irritated with it I had to come back and comment. I went on the last day and there wasn’t ANYTHING I wanted… but they had listed tank tops for $15 so I picked up a silk tank and a tube top which I assumed would also be at most $15. After waiting in lines to get in, the fitting room, and then the cashier (no one appeared to buy a lot, only a few pieces, very unlike most sample sales), the cashier told me the tank top was not a tank and actually considered a blouse because it was silk, which was $50. The TUBE TOP, because it was a cotton knit, was considered a sweater, which was $50. This was in the last 30 minutes of the last day of the sale, and this was how greedy they were. I pointed out that a tube top would be barely above $50 as fresh merchandise in the boutique, and they still demanded the fair price for the tube top was $50. The reason there was nothing else I wanted was everything was castoffs, there was nothing that was in high demand, and everything there had been marked down to 75% off on the actual web site or store, so basically the same price as they were selling it for at the sample sale, but with a return policy, fitting room, and 2 yrs closer to its creation. I will NEVER come back to this sample sale!

  • Well, it was really impressive when I walked in the store and saw various purse on the showcase in order. hope this year I can enjoy my shopping there again!