When megastars, fashion’s biggest It-Girls, and supermodels alike take notice of a particular handbag it becomes impossible to ignore that a particular style is destined for success. That’s exactly what happened in 2013 when Saint Laurent’s then Creative Director Hedi Slimane introduced the Sac de Jour.

Arguably one of Saint Laurent’s most successful bag releases to date, the Sac de Jour, with its top handles, structured rectangular shape and removable leather padlock, remains part of Saint Laurent’s lineup to this day, 5 years after Slimane’s departure.

The Sac de Jour is undoubtedly a timeless shape that can take you from day to night, work to play and beyond. It’s a season-less choice that shines in any size or color and one that can be worn by everyone—regardless of age or gender.

Upon the SDJ’s release, the bag was highly sought after by purse-loving celebs, and it was immediately spotted on the arms of celebs day after day. Now, nearly 10 years after its release, the beloved bag has been carried by more celebs than we could even name and remains a beloved choice for everyday handbag lovers like you and I as well.

Saint Laurent hit it big with SDJ, and while it has proven itself to be accepted into the handbag world given its pretty permanent slot in the must-have bag category, is it a classic that’s here to stay?

As the SDJ approaches in tenth anniversary, and to make a long story (ok, ok, a long opinion) short, I’ve got to say yes, Saint Laurent’s Sac de Jour is a classic. And while classic in terms of fashion can be quite objective, the SDJ fits the bill. Its shape possesses a timeless appeal that will remain both relevant and sought after for years to come. It has already stood the test of time, remaining a fundamental part of the Saint Laurent lineup for almost a decade. In my opinion the Sac de Jour is here to stay for another ten years, and if the handbag Gods allow it, maybe even longer. What do you think?

Shop the Sac de Jour via Farfetch

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