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  • Khaya

    I love the yummy colors that the small Sac De Jours come in! It’s a great contrast with the practicality of the bag. LOVEEEE!!

  • Or

    Your comment above is in sharp contrast to what you guys at PB originally said about this bag.

    • Ebun

      That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw the title of this post. Maybe that was only Amanda’s opinion on the bag and not PB? (I did notice that Megs wrote this) But then again, opinions change…

      • Or

        Yes, from outright bashing to sheer admiration)) This is not a sponsored post, is it?

      • No, not sponsored! All sponsored is always marked as such

      • nyc

        there’s a difference between a post being outright “sponsored” and having your opinion swayed based on where revenue is coming from

    • S


    • laura

      I thought the same thing. I guess it was only Amanda’s opinion.

      • Gina Fuller

        Wow! I too, was thinking the same.

    • Guest

      Or maybe because of the popularity it garnered, they changed their mind. They have to stay on trend and on top of their game, so hating on a bag that is this popular will do no good for their business.

      • Haha, trust me, I am always willing to speak openly about liking or not liking a bag, no matter how popular it is.

    • I always liked this bag – I think Amanda and I have different opinions on it.

    • We don’t do editorial board reviews here – when you see an opinion, it’s always the opinion of whoever’s name is on the post. Megs likes this bag, I don’t! Simple as that.

  • ElainePG

    Wonderful! I just LOVE it that Amanda & Megs disagree about this bag, and aren’t afraid to say so on PB. This is why I always make time to drop in here every day… you guys are willing to say what you really think. When I first saw the bag, I (like Amanda) hated it… now, I’m at least willing to take a second look.

    • Amanda and I agree on many bags but disagree on many too! I loved to see how many people remembered what Amanda said!! I actually forgot how much she disliked it. It’s a pretty bag, very elegant, and seeing it in person has me loving it :)

  • This a gorgeous classic bag that looks amazing in person. I may resent HS for ruining the Cabas Chyc, but the Sac de Jour is a stunner.

  • TKE

    I see this bag as a poor woman’s Birkin. There is nothing original about this design. Yes, it’s a classic shape with a fun twist of colors. So are Birkins. I don’t see anything special about this. One word sums it up for me: SFW!

  • louch

    Reminds me a lot of Prada.

  • Mya

    I don’t like this bag.

  • Maya

    We, poor people are allowed to have bags too! :))))
    I absolutely love this bag!!

  • Rashmi

    You know what? opinions change through time, that’s human nature. Even if Amanda disliked this bag and now like it over the years, that’s natural and nothing wrong in it. We all have been in situations where we dislike something in the beginning but in the passing of time, we may come to liken it and even love it.

    Now as for this bag, I have been contemplating on getting one but when I checked it out in person, the small seems to be too small and the large seems to be too large so I’m on the fence as to which size to get. I love the strap but the size just does not appeal to me even though I’m not a tall person. Perhaps Megs could help me. I’m thinking of getting the Wine or Bordeaux.

    Thank you.

  • I’ve seen it in person and I have the same thoughts even in’s sleek and elegant but reminds me of an Hermes Birkin :(

  • FashionableLena

    I follow both Megs and Amanda on Twitter and Instagram, and they both have completely different styles and aesthetics. It makes sense to me that they are not going to like the same handbag. I can definitely see Megs wearing this, but Amanda? Not so much. I follow both for those reasons. They’re different.
    I still don’t find anything remotely interesting about this bag.
    I also don’t get the whole sponsored post thing. Doesn’t bother me. I look at it the same way as I look at commercials. Someone using their influence to get people to buy a product. None of you honestly believe that Beyonce uses Revlon hair color, do you?

  • Kitty

    Lol! I’m not poor & I LOVE this bag! Especially in the fabulous blue!
    I love Birkins too, but honestly, the over exposure on ‘celebrities’ has almost completely put me off them.

    I would be very displeased if someone thought I had bought a bag becuase it was carried by that kardashian woman. The Sac du Jour has yet to be ruined!