Botkier Handbags have become a household name. After meeting Monica, I began to await her fall handbags. The look for her Fall 2008 line is very, well, Fall-esque. With nylon that feels and looks like satin, in deep luscious hues, the bags are fitting for the fall and winter that is slowly coming upon us.

The first bag from the Botkier Fall 2008 line that we reviewed is the Botkier Stevie Convertible Satchel in burgundy nylon. Now this bag I loved for many reasons. First off, the East/West shape was the perfect size for my body. This is deemed the convertible satchel because of the option shoulder strap. I threw on the shoulder strap and found it perfectly fitting, and perfect for a woman on the go. This can be worn cross body as well, making it a great day to day bag as well. The bag is also very functional, offering an outside open pocket with a magnetic closure with two pocket compartments. A nice touch for your cell phone or keys, and the magnetic closure helps give some reassurance that you may not loose your goods. The inside has a zip and cell phone pocket with black Botkier canvas lining.

The color appeals to me the most. I have always been a fan of Burgundy, something about the deep hue of Scarlett that is feminine, regal, and majestic. Could also be the fact that I am an Ohio State Buckeye, meaning that I am obsessed with Scarlett and Grey. The nylon adds a nice touch, but there are a few things I know about this satin appearing nylon. First off, it does not always wear well. It shows wear, it rubs, and then it begins to look cheap. Also, it is truly not meant for every season. This bag will be perfect from mid-October through February, and then it needs to be put away for the next late-fall mostly winter season. But even with the usability a notch down, I am oddly drawn to this handbag. I tried it on and it just looked good on me. Yes, that is somewhat selfish of me to only think of myself, but it is true. I am not tan, I am not pasty white, my skin tone is just ‘normal’. But when I put this bag on, it just seemed to fit. And the burgundy on the nylon, which I would not usually love, radiated and looked even better on me than I imagined.

There are three versions of the Stevie available on Shop Bop right now, including the Burgundy Stevie Satchel. The Stevie Satchel also comes in a Sapphire blue, but I think that is pushing it. There is the Botkier Stevie Tote available in black and silver via Shop Bop for $450. Also, the Botkier Stevie Satchel is available in Silver, Black, and Chocolate (which I really adore) for $475 via Shop Bop.

Lastly you can buy the bag we reviewed through Shop Bop for $450.

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  • I’m not loving her nylon bags… Love the leather stuff to death, but these are so-so :neutral:

  • Leslie

    I agree….give me a beautiful leather bag any day…Satiny Nylon…sounds danger as far as stains go…

    • It most likely is! But as I said, I could wear it for a few months out of the year and it would look fitting!

  • Amanda

    I have a large black bianca and I LOVE it. The Sasha bags have come out in satin too, and as much as I love the look of them, I’d never buy one. I can just visualize all the pulls and runs that they would get. I really really love the look of this bag, and if it comes out in leather, I’d definitely get it!

  • lula_bernie

    I voiced the same concerns about satin and nylon ripping and staining in the Botkier sub-forum. I just don’t think I could do it. I agree it would be great a few months a year, but I think I am just to hard on bags to baby them. They do look cute though.

  • amanda lane

    I love Botkier and i commend Monica for collaborating with Target on her Go line of handbags. The Botkier for Target bags are quite nice, although all of them are made from cheaper synthetics, they have a nice up scale look to them.

  • ♥ Sarah ♥

    Did you get to keep it or did you have to send it back?

  • elizabeth jaime

    I love all Botkier bags. I just boght one at and it came in two days. Great color. As for stains I think the nylon is easy to clean with a baby wipe.

  • mari

    are you kidding? Do you think I’m going to pay that for NYLON???? Hello , people. Now I didn’t mind a bit paying for my Chloe Saskia (leather) Oh, I love that bag. Chloe does not sit in my car.

  • Kendra

    I love this stunning color. (fb)

  • gertrude

    i have the black version of this