I have a new go to designer for luscious exotic handbags. She is not a huge secret, but she has been my little secret for the past few weeks. Her designs are elegant and simple, her bags speak for themselves, and the prices not as nerve wracking as many exotic handbags. Oh yea, and she is a beautiful designer who lives down the street from Vlad and I. And one last reason we adore her is that she went to a Big 10 school, and that means we are part of a comradery, just not on game day.

This is Adriana Castro that I am speaking of, the Colombian born designer who grew up spending much of her time exploring the pools and lagoons of her father’s crocodile farm, the zoocriadero. It is no wonder that she got involved in the exotic handbag world. Her designs have lured me in since I first spotted her exotic wallets (still at Lux Couture for a VERY amazing $450). It was her Adriana Castro Wallet that caught my attention, showing off the details of the skin with bright bold colors, on a wallet that can double over as a clutch.

As I ventured further into the world of Adriana Castro, I realized there was so much more she had to offer. Adriana recently sent us the Adriana Castro Vibora Clutch to review, which was an instant hit in our office. This clutch is made of Caiman fuscus crocodile leather and is available in gold (shown), black, dark brown, orange, and silver. The gold has this slight gleam, a tinge of metallic, but not an overpowering gold color. This clutch is structured, which does not allow the top to open and make the inside of the body stretch much. But sometimes that is just what you are looking for, a bag that holds its shape and does not wiggle around much. The hidden magnetic closure on the flap is what brings the entire design together. It stands out, shows off the exotic skin, but flows perfectly. The inside is lined with suede and has an open pocket. Measurements are 5″H x 12″W x 1 ½”D. This is a great clutch, one that I will recommend if you ask! Buy through Adriana Castro online for $1400. Right now you can get 10% OFF on any order with code ACSALE. Adriana Castro is also available through Lux Couture.

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  • Catalina

    Lindo Clutch pero me parece terrible la costura para unir la tira del cierre a la cartera. Parece costura de principiante.

  • Loved the wallet and I love this clutch too.
    The cobra looking closure is very cool.

  • Me

    OMG I love this clutch and many other handbags from this designer. She’s so in now. Megs, thank you for introducing great new designers.

  • Laura

    I was doing so good with my savings, until I saw this clutch;) it’s a must have. Checking out the website this minute, the designer is gorgeous!

  • Mindy

    I am loving the stitching, beautifully handmade, it makes each piece unique

  • Sarah

    I love love love this!!! I hope you will have more reviews from her!

  • Jackie

    This is just beyond fabulous! The design is so original, every detail is meticulously done, I bought my silver Vibora clutch at her website; ah! you have to see her blog! lots of good information, beautiful bags… and not only that, she is a doll…

    What a talent!

    All my best,


  • ^ Jackie she is amazing!! And she really is beautiful and talented!

  • Adriana

    It makes me so happy to know that you (PB readers) like our designs. You are the best judges out there ;) Thank you for your comments and support.


  • Nikol

    I love all your designs!!! I am desperate to get the messenger bag!!!!!!


  • Alvira Khan

    The cobra closure really makes this clutch.

    Alvira Khan
    Florida Atlantic University
    FAU Alumni

  • marie

    Does she make special order pieces?? Her designs are stunning!!!

  • Marie, I will ask her, but I *think* she might

  • Luis

    For custom made orders, please contact us at info@adrianacastroonline.com or call 1.866.460.4484.

  • ^ Marie thanks! Yes, we do special orders. Please contact us at info@adrianacastroonline.com or e-mail me at adriana@adrianacastroonline.com. Looking forward to receiving your e-mail!

  • Regina

    This is absolutely gorgeous. G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s.
    I also love the Parker Ochs buttercup clutch on Lux’ site (by the way luxcouture literally changed their site overnight, I know last night it didn’t look like it looked this morning or am I dreaming?

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    This clutch is okay…seems a little too small for me since I like my clutches to have a little more depth, to stuff more items in it! I must say after looking back at the Cobra closure, that is very nice!!