Rebecca Minkoff DC Sample Sale

I can guarantee you all of one thing: designers and corporate offices have continued to realize the pull that the online realm has. One such example is with Rebecca Minkoff, a designer that we have covered as she started her company through present day, where her bags are known upon first glance and celebrities can not put them down. I don’t doubt that she owes much of her success to the online realm and her fans who have gathered to talk about her bags. The Rebecca Minkoff subforum on Purse Forum leads the web in the number one place to chat about all bags from this designer. And after the success of her other sample sales, the group of gals asked for another sample sale. And Rebecca Minkoff complied.

Tomorrow is the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale in Washington, DC. If you are in the area, you must check it out tomorrow!

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  • Lyns

    ^^ um, why are you advertising FAKE bags??!!! NOT COOL!!!!!
    it’s illegal & gros!!!!

  • Took care of the spam Lyns!

  • Shasta

    Obviously a huge metropolitan area is going to draw more people in for a sample sale, but how about the N.W. Portland, Seattle, Spokane. Okay, I live outside of Spokane and know that is a joke, but SRSLY The other two are perfectly viable cities to host a RM sample sale. Come on girl, think about it!

  • Lyns

    Thanks Megs! x

  • sheila

    i drove 2 hours (yes, 2 hours) from richmond to DC for the sample sale at hotel helix, because i receive daily candy DC e-mails. thought the sale started at 10 (left richmond at 7am on a SATURDAY — call me crazy), and so i was quite happy to think i would get there “ahead” of everyone, even with a susan g. komen breast cancer walk presenting a route challenge for me. i still arrived at 9:40, elated that i could get there before eveyone, but alas! there was a VIP hour (how the hell do i get on a VIP list?) and about 15 women with a load of bags on each arm.

    nonetheless, i came away with a periwinkle with/orange piping MAB and 2 nikkis (one for moi and one for mum) and quite happy with my purchase! i’ve already received several compliments on the uniqueness of the MAB.

    come to richmond, va for sample sales (i’ll even be your facilitator!). there are women here from metropolitan cities (i’m one of them) who are craving designers that you cannot get at the saks here. we have to travel to NYC or DC for them. shoppers from the tidewater area (va beach/norfolk) and charlottesville (lots of old money there!) would come to richmond.


  • Elyse

    any idea when there will be another sample sale in DC? (fb)