RM Heart Compact

Did you miss the Easter egg hunt on Rebecca Minkoff last week? No one likes to miss a shot at a freebie. And because of this, Rebecca Minkoff has decided to give 3 more of you the chance to win a RM Heart Compact. No Easter egg hunt this time.

TO ENTER: Visit RebeccaMinkoff.com and come back to tell us which RM Bag you heart and why. Enter in the comments section of this post.

Three random winners will be chosen this Sunday, April the 19th at 5:00 p.m.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • feifei

    I love the MAM!! It’s the perfect shape and size, not to mention the amazing colors that it comes in!

  • Nadia

    Mmm, I crave the Morning After bag in pale bronze. The amount of bling is juuuust right!

  • Michelle

    I love the Devote because I’m such a big fan of totes. For the most part, standard tote bags always seems to look alike, no matter the designer. When I first saw the Devote though, I fell in love. It’s so simple, yet unique. It’s also an everyday bag, but elegant enough to take with you on a fancy dinner date. Its design and wearability will never go out of style either.

  • kay

    I love the new neon trim Morning After Bags, but my favorite RM hands down is the Matinee!

  • Vera

    I HEART the Almond Stud Devote and Smooth Black Stud Fling!

  • Liz

    The Nikki!! It’s the perfect bag. Comfy. Roomy. A mix of distinctive shape, style, and perfect details—but slouchy and smooshy at the same time. And it holds everything. LOVE!

  • wendy

    I love so many of RM’s bags that it will be hard to choose just one! I’ll have to go with the Mini Nikki in Grape or Periwinkle. I just love the size and shape of the Mini Nikki and it fits so comfortably on the shoulder. It’s my go-to bag. I think the Grape and Periwinkle colors are perfect for spring/summer. This is one of my favorite RM styles!

  • LCY

    I love the Nikki!! It’s a classic hobo with gorgeous hardware, and it’s oh so comfortable with the flat strap!! I also love how the leather slouches and becomes so supple after breaking it in!

  • pursekidd

    My favourite RM style is the MAM. Its a perfect size for everyday and comes in so many different colours! I can’t choose a favourite colour, it would be impossible!

  • me

    I heart the Stud Devote because it has enough slouch to make it functional and comfy and enough studs to make it rock ‘n’ roll.

  • vietangel713

    I am loving the Studded Fling!!! Gotta save up money for that baby!! I like the Studded Devote too. I wish it would come in a mini size.

  • littlerock80

    Well…. if I HAVE to pick just one I would pick the Nikki hobo. It is the perfect hobo in my opinion and from the very first time I wore this bag I fell in love. She has stolen my heart =) The slouchy style is perfect for everyday use yet the combination of gorgeous, soft leather and beautiful gold hardware makes it anything butt your average bag. I heart RM!

  • karen

    I love the Nikki. It’s a great style and very light on the shoulder. You’re able to lug so much stuff around with you and the leather doesn’t weigh you down!

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    Well…I really have way tooo many RM bag favorites but if I just had to narrow it down right now, I am really DIGGING the Morning After Bag in Straw/Pepper Combo!! It’s sooo HOTT & just perfect for Spring/Summer, plus you can’t go wrong with a classic MAB in black & white colors, which never goes out of style IMHO!! This bag just simply makes me think about taking a vacation somewhere exotic!!

    Thanks Megs & Rebecca Minkoff for this contest…you ladies are simply the BEST!!! :)

  • Davina

    I heart the CYA Later clutch!

  • Hisgeekygrrrl

    I love the RM Devote. So big and beautiful.

  • liloh

    neon mab in dove grey/neon yellow.. the colors are so beautiful together. who knew highlighter yellow could be so chic?

  • Desi

    Bag wise, the devote and nikki’s are my favorite. I’m really digging the new belle and cya later clutches. I think the concept of the cya is totally the story of my life! I absolutely adore it!

  • mockinglee

    I’m hopelessly devoted to the supernova stud Devote! It’s a hobo, it’s a tote, it’s studdly and cuddly, it’s fashion and rock n’roll merged into one.

  • CourtneyMc22

    I heart the Dove Gray/ Yellow Piping MAB!! I just got this bag for my birthday and I am in love. The contrast of the gray with the yellow and gold hardware is TDF! Would love a compact to go with it! :)

  • Amy84023

    I’m in love with the devote! I haven’t purchased one yet, but it seems like it would be a great addition to my collection! I like how the bottom is flat, unlike the nikki (which I also love), because the flat bottom seems like it would make it much easier to find all of your stuff in your bag. My things always seem to get lost in the bottomless pit of the nikki’s slouch LOL!!

  • Muneeba

    loveeee the Neon Clutch in smooth Black- perfect for a night out

  • NVMolly

    I am loving the periwinkle Nikki! Perfect for spring!

  • Christine A.

    I love that Nikki! What gorgeous slouch on that leather!

  • Lauewn

    I love the stud mab in purple that the model has in the ad. it’s so cute for spring!

  • Shereen

    I love the Hookup Tote. The combination of the shape and long handles makes it really aesthetically pleasing. I also love the studs and hardware detail.

  • Madelin

    The mini nikki in grape because its the perfect size, and grape is such a fun color!

  • Lauryn

    I LOVE the Nikki bag! In Almond or Grape…Grape looks so yummy… It is the perfect size, slouchy, simple enough yet elegant and classy at the same time! And the leather looks TDF!

  • Kelly

    RM black studded devote because the studes are a great pop of color to the black leather!

  • Isabel Realica

    loving the “Market” in Nautical Blue.

  • wordbox

    Is “all of them” an appropriate answer? haha… okay, I’ll go with the Morning After Mini. Simple but unique, practical yet stylish.

  • Margie

    I thought I was going to be a NIKKI girl because I am a hobo sling it over the shoulder girl….that is until I got my MAB…Bring me more MABs!

  • Melody

    I am in love with the MAB with strap. I think the strap adds a great element to the bag and makes it seem less structured. I’m itching for one in a lovely color! :D

  • Zarka

    I like the stud devote RM in almond….For some reason, this year I, I want something in any shade of light brown or dark brown….and the bling-bling studs are just right for me…

  • Ruth

    I want a MAC in pale bronze – or in any colour, for that matter! I already have a Nikki and a MAM, so I’m hooked on RM in general; but the clutch seems like the perfect evening bag, and who can resist a bit of metallic bling!

  • Barb

    I loveall RM’s bags. But if I have to pick I’d go with the black Roadie…. Oh and the striped mint MAC( could it be straw?) in the intro!

  • twochubbycheeks

    I love the MAM.. perfect size for me!

  • Azumie

    Love the devote! it’s very comfortable on the shoulder, very roomy, and looks stylish!

  • Elizabeth

    Belle is growing on me more and more! It’s a newer one that hasn’t been talked about too much, but I think I love it! The clasp in the front is more appealing to me than the one on MAC.

  • tonij2000

    I love the Nikki in grape, it looks sooo soft and rich!

  • Liana

    I am absolute love with the Stud MAB Mini in Creme. Its the perfect bag for my summer outfits!

  • Christine

    Loving the MAB Luxe in blue!

  • Amanda

    Stud Roadee because I LOVE side bags and the studs are so cute!

  • Cadence

    Ok, in the past, I have gone with the practical bag…the day to day tough one. But this time, just for the heck of it, I went with the Fling Minaudieres in the straw and papaya combo…Just ADORABLE! I did the easter egg hunt but never found anything – LE sigh.

  • Laurie

    I absolutely HEART the Market Bag in Nautical Blue. Snazzy everyday bag, classy enough to out at night too.

  • Lavonne

    I’m loving the “Market” bag in black!! Nice n’ roomy!! Looks slouchy too!! Love the look and style of the bag!! :-)

  • my new bag

    The Morning After Bag with Strap in Red.
    Yumm, no matter the MAB is a great great bag
    that speaks of specialness that just feels like
    today and tomorrow.

  • Yvonne

    i love the nikki in Periwinkle! such a beautiful color for spring!

  • Nicole

    Morning After bag in pale bronze is my fave!!!

  • Ath

    I love the mini nikki. It’s the perfect size for a petite girl like me. It’s a great , comfy shoulder bag.

  • Calico

    The Neon MAB MINI is so unique and cool!!

  • BagSlave

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mini Nikki…….for the sloch, the size, the colors and the versitility. My purple goes EVERYWHERE with me =D

  • mindy

    super nova stud devotee answers all my needs thanks for the giveaway

  • Jennifer

    I heart MAMs! They can be dressed up or down and they hold a ton without looking too big or heavy.

  • Carol

    The Nikki Bag is cool, I just can’t figure out what color.

  • JJ

    mini nikki for me.. perfect shape and size!!

  • kim v

    The MAB Lux.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • jessica

    nikki in almond
    it’s gorgeousss

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    I’m loving the almond Nikki – looks so slouchy and buttery soft!

  • CC86

    I loooove the devote!!

  • sheana

    The studded fling is the perfect going out clutch, I love it!

  • Mia

    I love the Morning After Bag!! i think it’s very classic!!

  • Mary

    I really like the Rendezvous Clutch in Brown Ostrich. It’s classy and just the right size for me.

  • Liz

    I Lovee the NIKKI Bag in Cream because its a really a really nice everyday bag !!

  • Jen

    Knocked up nylon. It’s perfect for carrying a book in.

  • susan

    If I had to choose just one, the nikki in almond. It is such a great looking casual bag. I love the hobo shape, that is flat on the bottom. (That way everything doesn’t get squished in the middle.) And, the almond is a beautiful brown. I think it’s easy to find a great black bag, but difficult to find a wonderful brown.

  • jj

    I love Nikki,it’s roomy and simple.

  • Kennis

    I love Belle.. it’s so trendy and chic!

  • samantha

    My favourite has to be the black stud devote tote! It’s so gorgeous but rocker at the same time. Love the studs and how roomy it is – the perfect bag for me!

  • Ashley Nicole

    I heart the Stud Devote (in ANY color) and the Fling Minaudieres in Smooth Black Stud..I already have the Clutch in black and MAB mini in noir combo. :) I also love the Nikki and the fact that Rebecca Minkoff is now making the majority of her bags in Nylon to be even more affordable and loooving her clothing line!

  • eorchid

    I HEART the RM MAB. It’s the bag that started it all and since I love pretty much every single bag in RM’s line, (and wallet and pouch, etc.) I love the MAB for launching this talented designer and making these buttery leathers available for me to enjoy! Long Live the Morning After!

  • Victoria

    It’ll have to be the MAM. Such a practical & subtle everyday bag!

  • Katrina G.

    I like the Hookup Tote, because it’s quirky and fun.

  • Michelle

    I love the nikki bag in pool :-)

  • hokka

    another yay for the mini nikki, although i do wish the strap were a tiny bit longer! any color will do but grape looks especially delicious.

  • Erin

    I love the Stud Devote because it’s such a great and easy way to incorporate studs without going over the top.

  • Krystal

    I’m loving the Stud Devote bag in almond…The two belt straps across the top are super cute and the variety of colors (especially the green) are perfect for summer. :)

  • Shawna

    I am all about the stud devote. It’s kind of a classic with a rocker edge (yeah, very much me…..)

  • cat

    i drool over the studded devote…she will be mine!

  • LAltiero85

    I LOVE my Jammin Purple Mini Nikki–because it’s my first, but not last, RM bag!!! The leather is soooo smooshy and soft!

  • shannon

    the Market in black– it’s amazing! simple and classic, i would use it everyday…

  • atrophia

    I’m loving the Stud Roadie in Black and the Crush, for the cute shape and stud details, and the Paper/Plastic wallet in Mint for the clever idea and crisp design. That and I love the color.

  • Crista

    I LOVE the Devote bag. It’s super chic, and practical for business mom types everywhere. It looks like it has quite a bit of room in there but larger than a typical handbag. I’m thinking of how to fill it:)! MacBook, diapers for the baby, pullups for the bigger baby:), juice pack, wallet, lip gloss and I’m good to go!

    Wonder what the matching wallet looks like:)!?!?!

  • Justine

    I love the MAM, it’s the perfect size for me and it fits everything. I can’t help but fawn over my MAM every time I see it.

  • Heather S

    I adore the Nikki bag – it’s feminine but sleek and streamlined…

  • Stephanie

    I love the classic Morning After Mini handbag. Sleek, classic, and feminine.

  • TXCoachGirlie

    My fave RM bag is the Matinee. I have a bag in almost every style now, but lately I’ve really been loving the Mini Mini and should have 4 of them by the fall!

  • Izz

    I Love the stud devote in black!!! I’ve been looking for a good one strap shoulder bag and this is perfect! The strappiness and the studs… it looks bada$$, but not TOO bada$$, especially since the studs are rounded. It’s the perfect rocker/feminine balance!

  • Dana D.

    I Love the Stud MAB, any color looks great to me. Love the shape of the MAB, as well as all all the other sizes of the MAB’s. I am still waiting to own one, hopefully soon. Time to sell some of my junk to support my Handbag habit, because the RM bags are calling to me….loudly !

  • Katie

    I love the MAB Luxe. It’s a sophisticated style, and in such a classic shape, it could go with any outfit!

  • Carolyn

    I think that the black Nikki bag is a great everyday look. I could rock that.

  • alyssa

    i’m currently in love with the morning after and morning after mini bags with strap in black leather. if i could, i’d get one in every size (knocked up baby bag size too) so i’d have a RM MAB for every day, every occasion! they just go with everything and can adapt from rock looks to sophisticated simplicity.

  • shushopn

    I like the MAB Mini in chocolate…the size is perfect for me and the color is yummy!

  • Deanna

    I love the Belle bag because I think it’s super cute!

  • Sharold

    I like the Knocked Up Nylon in nylon black. It is very simple and I like that.

  • patricia

    I love the Nikki bag! i have been wanting a hobo style , and this one by far is the most gorgeous, classic style!

  • Shamon

    Please tell Rebecca that I love the Stud Devote in Black. This would be perfect when going out with the girls!!! She has an awesome site, thanks for sharing a great find!

  • Karen

    The Nikki bag is definitely my favorite! It’s mature and stylish! Fits everything and I love how it’s an over the shoulder bag! RM rocks! :]

  • Angela H

    I love the Hookup Tote. It is just my style. I love the colors.

  • Linda

    I love the MAB or the MAM with studs. This is a great bag. I own several and never tire of them. The studs up it a notch for me giving it more interest, and almost making it seem like another bag. The studs are very eye catching. I have seen it in other colors that look just as nice as the black ones on the website.

  • Lauren

    My favorite is the Nikki in Grape! Beautiful. As a side note, love the names of some of the other bags like “knocked up” and “morning after” very clever!

  • Pam

    I love the Belle in Sicily Combo b/c all RM leathers are so wonderful and the color combo is amazing. Super cute. <3 her.

  • Shannon

    that compact is soooo adorable! i love the beach influence on the spring collection and as I plan on spending as much time as I can at the beach this summer it’s very fitting! the rendezvous looks perfect for a few essential items and the MAB luxe for all my stuff :)

  • Kristen

    I love the MAB mini in Fawn…it’s cute and classy.

  • mary

    I love the Nikki!!! It’s exactly what I am looking for! I love the leather and in the periwinkle! It’s big enough for all of my stuff and looks great and lightweight.!

  • bri

    The French Kiss in Peacock!

  • Susan

    The Stud Devote is gorgeous! But I love all of them…

  • morgan


  • Kaity

    I love the market bag. It is functional, stylish and slightly relaxed/slouchy looking which im a fan of.

  • dc

    The Stud Devote Tote is absolutely gorgeous! The bag has a “rocker”ish look to it that can work with any outfit!

  • Rebecca

    I love all of Rebecca Minkoff’s bags but my favorite on the sire right now is the Morning After Bag in straw/pepper combo. I love the pattern on it.

  • april prak

    I love the Rebecca Minkoff MAB because its a classic. It comes in the greatest colors and the leather is so soft and butteryyy….

  • miko

    I love the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Bag in brown leather, and I love the Simone Tie Dye… love the colours used in that dye. Her bags are gorgeous!

  • Batgirl77

    I LOVE the Nikki – just got my 1st and need more, more, more…currently I’m dreaming of the black studded Nikki – totally rocker-chic!

  • Cindy

    I’ve always been intrigued by the Morning After Bag.

  • Allie

    I love the Neon MAB in Black Cat/Hot Pink! As soon as it came out I had to have it!! It has just the right amount of edginess to it and how can you go wrong with a little hot pink? And it has most fabulous leather I’ve ever felt!!

  • amy rosen

    I love the Knocked Up – just found out I am pregant and this bag would be so fabulous to own. Loves it!

  • Jennifer

    The Stud Devote in Black, Cream or Lemon!

  • Maria

    i desperately need another nikki for the summer. It is the perfect bag for a busy mom like me!

  • Laura

    I love the MAB Mini in Rose! It would add the perfect punch of color to my summer dresses!

  • Katie

    The Stud Devote in Black is my favorite bag. Goes with everything and is so rocker chic! It holds a ton of stuff, making it a great bag to use every day! I’m wanting to get the grape or lemon stud devote for a bit of color in my summer wardrobe. :D

  • ChaiLatte

    I love the nikki because of its shape and they way it slouches.

  • Keri

    The Morning After Bag in any color!!!

  • Real Estate NJ

    I absolutely love Nikki in Almond – right size, right color, right shape and great look!

  • ingrid

    yummmmmmmm i LOVE the regular size nikki! so slouchy and gorgeous. if i could have any colour my first choice would be wine.. but since that’s a near impossibility, i’d definitely go for grape. *SWOOOON*.

  • Sonj

    I’m loving the CRUSH. It’s totally rocker sexy, which I’m all over right now. It would look totally glitz up an outfit for a night on the town!

  • Mishie

    I heart the Devote tote in Peacock and Sunshine. And since we are discussing the style that I love, I would also liketo vote for the studded Devote tote but I don’t see that one available on the site.

  • gr8ful1

    If I had to pick ONE style, the best bag for me is the Mini Nikki. I have it in 8 different colors. My next purchase though will probably be a MAC in a summery color. That is, of course, unless I see another RM that I have to have in the meantime. ;o)

  • Misa

    I love the MAB, because it’s the bag that started it ALL!

  • Amy

    the nikki is my personal favorite. it’s so cute and easy to carry.

  • Miranda Allen

    NIKKI Bag in Cream

  • Hannah

    I love the studded devote! I have been obsessing over this bag since it came out…it is amazing! I just love huge bags :)

  • Hei

    love the Nikki, so gorgeous

  • Elle

    I like the Clutch. It’s very cute and stylish and can be worn day AND night!

  • Young

    devote is so beautiful!, I want one~

  • Kimberley

    Having moved from Australia (where RM is pretty non-existant) to Cali, I was smitten by the MAC pieces. I saw one on a woman in Nordstroms and boldly asked her who made it, where can I get one! Unfortunately it was the MAC in the amazing Purple Lizard, and even though there are some wonderful colors in this versatile line(I just love the stud work underneath), I will continue to hunt down that particular bag, because it was truly love at first sight! Thank you Rebecca!

  • Ji

    really like the morning after bag, simple and clean!

  • A-T-G

    I looked all over and couldn’t find the name of the bag! Because I am lame!! It’s on one of the pictures from the “On the Beach” photo shoot. It’s a lovely blue with straw colored front. A beauty! I wantitIneedit! So pretty.

  • beth shepherd

    Thank you for a great giveaway! I would love to win. I like the Nikki in almond. So pretty. Thank you!

  • lunatwinkle

    I “heart” the MAM the most! I have it in Wine and Dusty and think it’s absolutely perfect in every single way! <3

  • Patricia

    The Belle bag is absolutely delicious! It’s just one of those bags that you immediately feel confident wearing, it’s a retro shape but with such modern colors and hardware. An easy, wearable and super chic bag.


    Almond Stud Devote and Smooth Black Stud Fling

  • Lucy

    I love the Nikki in the new ostrich leather! It’s absolutely fabulous!

  • Debbie

    I’m a big bag girl, but interestingly, I really like the Petite Pouchette in Malibu Combo. It’s a nice twist on the boho chic thing going on right now.

  • Lauren

    Morning after bag in peacock… a classic in a refreshing color.

  • Jessica

    All of them!
    But if I have to choose I like the Grape Nikki. It seems like such a fun color for spring!

  • Lizz

    The MAM, such a classic bag and available in luscious colors! I have two but I always want more.

  • coco

    I have been loving this Mini Nikki in Sunshine for a while! The color is bright and “sunny”!!!

  • Jess

    I heart the Nikki! I have two and hope to own more soon.

  • ann

    I love the Mab tie dye.. its unique and fun & reminds me of a work of art. I love things that are a little different, and this bag definitely makes the grade! I love the classic shape of the bag combined with the tie die… so fresh. oh and that heart shaped compact is so cute, i’m a sucker for all things heart shaped!

  • Jenny

    I love the Ollie in Peacock. The color and chain details are great!

  • Megan

    I LOVE the Stud Devote bag in Lemon. Big enough to hold my life, interesting, and a perfect color for summer.

  • Cathy

    Something about the MAB mini in fawn is just gorgeous – I imagine it would match with everything, and yet still be so wonderfully MAB. :)

  • Elsa

    I love the BELLE in the Sicily Combo color! I have a soft spot for chain handles, makes the bag more cute and chic. The color block design also gives the bag an extra something. Luv it!

  • Lisa

    I absolutely love the MAM! Soon to own one one day!!

  • sals

    After owning MAM and MAC, Mini Nikki’s been teasing me a lot lately, and I heart the one in sunshine, it’s so pretty and bright!

  • Cate

    I love the MAM in Sunshine. So bright and perfect for the summer.

  • deb

    The Nikki! I can’t get enough of them and I need to at least TRY to slow down but it is impossible!!!!

  • Emily

    I love the Nikki in grape or periwinkle! So cute! =)

  • Renee

    I hear the Simone in Fawn becuase they perfectly match a pair of gladiator strap pumps and it so sophisticated and sleek.

  • bc

    I love her Elisha in black with gold tone hardware. It is very hard to find one now and that makes me want to own it even more =) Where are you Elisha!!

  • Andrea

    I LOVE the MAM!! It is the perfect size and I can easily find all my stuff without digging around. It has enough pockets too!

  • Empress

    MINI NIKKI – it is simple and fabulous without being obnoxious. The different leathers and colors are as exciting as shopping in a candy store, not to mention the delightful black and white floral linings in some incarnations!

    I heart Mini Nikkis!!!!!!!

  • xz

    I love the brown ostrich rendezvous clutch! unusual and would go with anything!

  • megan

    Ollie in Peacock. The bag is not too small, and the color is perfect for spring.

  • suziQ

    love the devote – classic, fun, roomy and elegant!

  • Claire

    I love the Nikki! :)

  • Caroline

    The Hookup Tote would be my perfect summer bag. It’s casual enough to wear with shorts and a t-shirt but the studding means it’s not too girly for my style. I’d love to own this bag.

  • wendy wallach

    I like the Devotee Weave because it is simple yet classy enough to be used as a nightime bag.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  • Claire L

    I heart the stud MAB because it’s classic (plenty of room and pockets, double straps to put on the arm, not too big or too small) and modernly hot at the same time! Love the studd look, just a really cool bag I wish I could own!

  • twochubbycheeks

    although I like MAMs, I’d love to have a Matinee too! =)

  • Natalia D.

    Mini Nikki is the best! Very sofisticated and yet comfortable!

  • Caitlin Plavala

    Omg! That is so cute. I love heart shaped things.

    Knocked Up in Bumpy Black Patent is my favorite because it looks like a roomier chanel bag. I think it is awesome.

  • Julie

    I’m loving the Neon Clutch!

  • ice-cream

    I heart the Devote. It’s different and unique and you can wear it from going to work and going out for dinner. it’s a very versatile bag. It’s also big enough that I can put a lot of stuff in it.

  • linda s

    I like the Devote Weave in Red.

  • luvhautecouture

    i heart the mini nikki because it has the perfect amount of slouch!

  • Aleia

    I LOVE Simone in Rose <33333 ! whoo

  • Vicki

    I love the MAB Tie Dye bag…such a colourful bag for summer!

  • mel

    MAB in dove grey/neon yellow…great color combo!!

  • T Selig

    My sister would love the Nikki.
    God bless.

  • Becky Grady

    I like the NAO Wallet in Peacock. Thanks!


  • chris

    i adore the fling minaudieres! they’ll be the perfect complement to all my outfits.

  • Jennie S

    I am in wicked love with the MARKET bag in the Nautical Blue. I can just see all my wonderful junk fitting perfectly inside it – bottled water, giant wallet, trusty paperback, ipod and big headphones. And I’ll probably tie a vintage silk scarf around the handle – just ’cause. The additional shoulder strap is key for those I-really-can’t-be-bothered-days.

  • gina faulkner

    The Elisha bag is nice because it is big, but not too big where it looks out of proportion.

  • C

    Wow-so hard to limit myself to just one!! This is just a testament to how beautiful Rebecca Minkoff bags are, because my favorite bag is the Knocked Up and I don’t even have kids! The Knocked Up in Bumpy Black Patent is just gorgeous and so effortlessly chic!

    I adore big bags because, honestly, I could not have more junk to put in there! I am the kind of girl who NEEDS to feel prepared at all times; water bottle, extra make-up, perfume, hairbrush, wallet, camera, you name it and it is probably in my bag! My problem has always been finding a chic bag that will fit all of these items without bulging. The Knocked Up is perfect for that, plus with the coated canvas interior I can avoid major staining/damaging spills — a HUGE plus!

  • Susan

    The Nikki – in cream or almond. It has a great shape!

  • Tabitha

    My favorite RMs are morning after bags. I love, love these bags. Great for handheld or on the shoulder. I love the older styles w/ long tassels!

  • Terri

    The Stud Mab mixes the current adornment with classic structure.

  • zmama

    I love the hookup tote because I could fit everything in it!!

  • Stacy

    The Market bag in nautical blue is beautiful!

  • Rosemary

    I love the Black Cat MAM with the pink trim. It’s a beautiful ‘basic black’ bag, but jazzed up with a pop of color!

  • katie

    The Nikki in black ostrich… I really like the hobo styling and the black ostrich just puts this bag over the top for me..
    (hint hint, it’d look great in the Plan B hobo style, too!)

  • hofken

    I love the Stud Devote in Almond because it looks very vintage


    Love the mini Nikki in periwinkle. Great color for Spring.