Yes, I just used pirate talk in the title of a post. Unlike Amanda, I did not go to journalism school, so my chemistry and psychology professors from college won’t be mad at my word choice in the title, however they may still be questioning what I am doing with my life.

What I am doing is telling you about this crazy cool Rebecca Minkoff bag that I saw in the showroom recently and found myself oddly attracted to. Skulls made a major appearance in the fashion world a couple years ago and seem to be making a slight resurgence. The Rebecca Minkoff Skull Knit Tote pairs the rockin’ look of skulls with knit in an unlikely but welcomed combination.

This purse wouldn’t make it into my rotation as a daily go-to bag, but it would definitely be a great accompaniment. The size is really ample, 15″H x 18″L x 3″D, along with a 9″ shoulder drop. Because of the knitting, the weight is not nearly as heavy as other bags its size. Leave it to Rebecca to give us another fun option that we don’t expect but totally dig. Buy via Shopbop for $250.

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  • shallowgal

    I did like the smaller one in the line… and it’s a good price… I guess the whole trend is supposed to be over… but argh!! / ahoy!! I still like it.
    (sorry for the horrible pirate talk)

  • ottercat

    The trend is over, but I like it as well matey.

  • 19yearslater

    Ay, I be much attracted to this here purse.

  • em

    I’ll pass….

  • Lilobubbletea

    it’s a skull~ so what the trend is about to be “over” – the truth is, it’s a pattern that will come back. I wouldn’t buy it for $250~ But I do like the whole knit thing… it seems so warm and cozy for the winter! When it’s cold outside, I’ll just stick my hands in this bag! lol Maybe i’ll get it when it’s on sale.

  • 19yearslater

    The number of dubloons it’s going for arghn’t bad either.

  • Kim

    Huh? You’re days late for Talk Like a Pirate. Profs wouldn’t be mad one way or the other, but you’d be walking the plank since it’s “Arrr” not Argh.

  • Blaine

    When I am the coolest most tattoo-ed grandma on the block, I will SOOO carry my knitting in this tote.

  • MizzJ

    Bah, screw trends, this bag is cute! I was never into the whole skull thing, but somehow when it’s in a cutesy knit, I like it!

  • Mirna

    This would be cute in a scarf other than that I’ll stick to her leather bags for that price.

  • Moolah

    LOVE THIS BAG… but I rather not spend anymore than under $100 on this bag. I will wait for it to get a deep discount then I’ll buy it. It would be a fun everyday bag.

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