Would you suffer in the name of fashion?

My style has changed immensely over the last 3 years, but if you were to ask me to describe my style I would find it hard to do so. I dress way more casual than ever before, but I like to mix in elevated pieces like a statement bootie or a fun bomber. I often pair sneakers with dresses and I love to experiment with layering. My style is more me than ever before and I love how much it has evolved. I won’t say that I don’t pay attention to trends because, well, of course I do! Not only is it part of my job, but as a lover of fashion from very early on, it’s sort of in my DNA. However, I won’t wear something just because it’s trendy—read: Dad sneakers, no thank you!—and conversely I won’t nix something because it’s out of season. I wear what I want to wear, and not only is it super freeing, but it brings out my confidence more than ever. I recently decided that I NEEDED—you all know how that goes—a pair of combat boots. I’ve always really liked the look of them, but until recently I never thought I was really ‘cool’ enough to wear them. Doc Martens may be the originals, but of course I wanted a pair that was a bit more elevated. Enter: The Stuart Weitzman Lexy Boots.

Back in October I included these on my list of fall must haves, and I was already obsessing over all the ways I was going to wear them. When they arrived I ripped open the box, got a whiff of that new leather smell, felt the leather and I think I even gave them a hug as I exclaimed that they were the coolest boots ever. The very next day I waltzed out of my apartment building with a huge smile on my face and my new boots on my feet. I paired them with a long floral maxi dress, a leather jacket and an extra pep in my step. That pep was short lived as no more than 40 minutes later the back of my heels felt like they were being torn apart. I painfully limped my way to the coffee shop I like to work at and by the time I got there I was nauseous from the pain in my feet!

I’ll preface the rest of my sob story by admitting that I’ve never had very great feet. I have flat feet that have undergone surgery (one of them twice!) and yet they still aren’t quite right, but even still I’ve never experienced such pain from a pair of shoes. That first day I wore them I had to take a cab back to my apartment because I literally could not walk. It wasn’t just my heels that hurt at the end of the day it was my entire foot. The leather was super stiff and I was incredibly uncomfortable. I cried from the pain when I got home as I frantically searched ways to stretch boots. I tried a few different methods yet wears 2 and 3 resulted in similar outcomes, though not quite as terrible as the first time.

I walked around my apartment the other night in my pajamas, armed with a hairdryer to heat the leather and 2 pairs of thick socks under the pain evoking culprits as I cried to roommate about how badly I wanted these shoes to work! Returning them wasn’t an option after I wore them 3 times, and I couldn’t bear the thought of selling them because I loved them so much! In the midst of my boot debacle I made it a point to stop and try the next size up to be sure it wasn’t that they were too small. Spoiler alert: it’s not the size of the shoes, it’s the shoes themselves, and well, it’s my crappy feet! The toebox on these boots is super narrow, meaning my tootsies are jammed inside them. That coupled with the durable, but thick leather and lug soul made this a recipe for disaster. I will say that after my intense google search and a last-ditch effort on the 4th wear they seemed to loosen up a bit. Though my pinkie toes were still pinching a bit by the end of the day, the boots did finally seem a bit more bearable. They’ll never be my most comfortable pair of shoes, but I’m not giving up on them just yet!

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