One of the reasons I can justify (somewhat justify; it’s still an exorbitant amount of money) spending a lot of money on a designer bag is by reminding myself of the quality of the materials and craftsmanship that goes into making the bag. To this day, when I take my Hermès Birkin out of the box, I immediately smell the delicious leather; my Birkin may be 6 years old but it smells brand new.

A year and a half ago, for my birthday, Vlad planned the most amazing day and took me to Chanel to pick a bag I wanted. I left the Chanel boutique with a Reissue 227 and still remember feeling shocked by the $5,000 price tag. However, Vlad and I both decided it was a great purchase — it was a bag I had been lusting after for a long time, and I was absolutely thrilled to have it.

I’ve had no issues with this bag up until last week. The PurseBlog team went out for drinks after work and I was carrying my Chanel Reissue that day. Everything was going great, we had a beautiful view of the NYC skyline, cold drinks in our hands on a hot summer day and good company. I specifically remember going to open my bag to get my lipgloss out. Typically I open my bag without looking down (I know my way around my bags), but something caught my eye. Something funny was happening.

I looked down and stared at the back panel of the closure dangling down from the flap of the bag, swaying back and forth. I didn’t panic because I was stumped — what exactly was going on? I picked my bag up and realized one of the screws that holds the backing in place fell out, and the metal panel was dangling from my bag.

The broken $5000 Chanel Bag - Detail

Our assistant editor, Katherine, looked like she was going to cry for me. But I just stared at it, and then I showed Amanda, Bea, Shannon and Vlad. The first thing Vlad said to me was, “You need to write about this.”

I agreed, because of course I need to write about it. The fact is, a very expensive bag that I purchased not all that long ago had a part fall off. In the grand scheme of things, this is a best case scenario when it comes to having your bag break. Getting a new screw and putting it in should be an easy fix.

But the bigger problem is that this even happened in the first place.

If you remember, I shared how carefully I store my bags not long ago. My Chanel bag isn’t one of my most frequently used bags, and after each use, I put it away – first stuffing it with the paper that it originally came with, then tucked into its sleeper bag.

I’ve been too busy to go to the Chanel boutique to have the bag fixed, but when this first happened the PurseBlog team and I lamented over the idea of the what many major brands do when your bag breaks; they take it to fix it and have it for far too long.

Of course Vlad and I could go to a store to buy the right size screw and screw it into the bag, but that isn’t what I want to do. Each and every tiny bit of this bag made up the cost, and I’d love to have Chanel fix it. But more so, I’d like for things like this not to happen to my bags.

I understand any bit of wear can lead to problems, and as I said previously, this isn’t the biggest problem; there are far worse things that happen to bags. But nevertheless, when I pay a great amount for a bag, I do expect a certain type of quality.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

The broken $5000 Chanel Bag (2)

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  • Sandy

    I agree completely…we are paying the extra $$ for craftsmanship, materials, and in some respect the name that comes with the bag. That named designer should stand behind everything that they manufacture. Wether it is a screw or something more it should be fixed immediately or replaced on the spot. No way should anyone have to send their bag away for 6 weeks (or more) for a manufacturing defect! I also expect that a bag of this status should (with standards of how it is taken care of) last for years without issue.

    • I really am crossing my fingers this won’t be an ordeal. I’m going to stop by the store today to see what they can do, but I’m going out of town for a month and might just take it with me to Miami and see if they can do it down there. This is def to be continued…

  • Grace

    I completely agree with Sandy. Forget about $5k, even if I buy a $1000 bag, I expect that with that price tag for a designer handbag comes the careful craftsmanship and better materials (even though I know that I’m partially paying for the name of the bag as well as everything else). Especially with the really expensive/MAJORLY famous brands like Chanel, Hermes, etc. it should NOT take sending a bag away for that long. In fact, I’d hope and think that minor issues (like your screw) would be able to be fixed in store, especially if it’s a flagship store or one with higher traffic.

    • Ya, I feel like they should have the proper tools and screws somewhere in store to fix this!

  • Winn

    Thank you for sharing this. I think we are all made to believe, and want to believe, that high price means high quality. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is always necessarily true. Lately I’ve been very interested in different brands, their manufacturing, material quality, and durability. I’ve heard bad things about recent Saint Laurent bags when I researched purchasing a sac de jour. It’s very disappointing to hear this is happening with Chanel as well.

    • It’s not something that should happen with any item really, but it’s def even more of a disappointment when it happens to a luxury item.

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    • Jen

      I don’t know what you have ready about the Sac Du Jour but I own one, and I love it too pieces! it is literally my everyday go to bag…I LOVEEEEEE my Sac Du Jour, Its worth every dollar! Do it!

      • Jen

        *Read *

      • b

        I love mine too! I have heard issues about other ysl bags being sensitive to rain and getting damaged but I haven’t had any issues with mine what so ever. Mine is the large.

    • Maya

      Agreed, agreed, agreed! The Chanel Classic Flap bag has been on my list but I might actually reconsider…

  • laura

    Wow, this is very disappointing. This shouldn’t happen to a Chanel bag, or any bag that expensive. I hope you get it fixed soon.

    • Me too! I will update you!

      • Mona Thnvngs

        Did we get an update on your screw issue? I just had the same issue happen to my jumbo classic flap bag. =/

  • C

    I’m lenient about the fact that the screw broke- everything breaks at some point, and sh-t just happens. What does rile me up is that it takes weeks or even months to get your bag fixed. For most other high-end products (electronics, cars, etc), I think that paying such premium prices comes with the expectation that the retailer will fix or replace your product and do so PRONTO.

    I’m assuming that a small problem like a missing screw can be solved in a matter of minutes, and UPS/DHL can move a package across the US or across the Atlantic in a day or two. So unless something catastrophic happened to your bag, I expect that the turnaround time be 1 week to 2 weeks, max. And NYC is hardly the middle of nowhere- it’s a major fashion capital and surely the luxury retailers there have partnerships with authorized repair workshops and such.

    • I’m very lenient about this one, truly. It was more of an “oh crap the screw fell out” then anger. I would love for me to be able to go to Chanel and them have a screw somewhere and just fix it. That’s my hope! I haven’t had time to pop to the store yet, so once I do I will update you on what the process looks like.

      • Stina Sias

        I wouldn’t be lenient about that at all! I have lots of bags at lower price points that a brand new Chanel and have never had ANY piece fall off! I’ve been using my Rebecca Minkoff bag every day for 8 months and it looks brand new. I would be totally mad but that’s just me. If they are really cool about it, like you said, that would make up for it.

      • Topher929

        Having worked for Coach for years and sending plenty of bags for repair, it was ALWAYS my favorite moment when a customer came in with a classic bag like a Beekman briefcase or a Willis. Our store had ALL those parts on-hand. Turnlock broke? Get a screwdriver, pry up the prongs, insert new hardware, flatten prongs: VOILA! Handle fell off on one side? Feed D-ring through leather, hold in place across dowell, insert and secure the screw pin: BAM! It made those few customers who bought bags… in the 80s (or their mom bought it in 1978 in one case) SO happy to be able to have the item fixed.

        There really is something to be said for utilitarian construction.

    • johnjsmelley

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  • Mya Wilkes

    Oh wow! I’m so sorry that happened Megs and I completely understand wanting it to be fixed by Chanel themselves. Frankly this shouldn’t have happened and so quickly as well, I’d be proper pissed too.

    It’s CHANEL for crying out loud!

    • It seems odd that it happened, I’ve never had this happen on any other bag I own. But it is a small fix, so I’m hoping it will be a quick fix!

  • T Tara Bagnista

    A few years ago one of the straps on my LV Cabas broke and it was sent away for repair. Since I put a lot of stuff in my bags, I gave them a pass, even though I had to drive 3 hours to a LV store. Besides, the charge to repair was nominal (about $30), given that I had paid around $990 for the bag in 2004. The most surprising and impressive thing happened when I got it back. LV had replaced both straps–the second at no charge–so that the two straps would match (I was too cheap to op for that myself). If I had paid $5K (not something I could afford), I might not be so forgiving, especially for a bag that is not heavily used.

    • That’s really good customer service on their part and they clearly cared to make sure your bag looked nice. How long did it take to get it back?

      • T Tara Bagnista

        This was about five years ago, so I really don’t remember; however, it was in the range of weeks rather than months.

      • That’s not too bad, some bags go away for months and months at a time, which I think it silly.

      • T Tara Bagnista

        When it was ready, I was too paranoid to trust it being sent via Fedex or UPS because if it had gotten lost or damaged, I envisioned an argument over the value of a “used” handbag. So, two friends and I did the 3-hour drive back to Chicago to pick it up, had lunch and then drove 3 hours back home. Although the drive was tiring, at least I had my bag safe and sound. When I bought it in 2004, it was one of the few luxury bags I owned. Since I don’t carry the Cabas too often these days, the color of the replacement straps still look like new.

  • Sharon Macklin

    I only have one Chanel – a black PST. I hardly ever carry it, but won’t part with it either! I bought it in the Chanel in SoHo years ago. On a later trip to NYC, I realized that a screw that holds the strap to the bag had come out…so I took it back. They replaced the screw on the spot, and gave me some additional screws, just in case it happened again.
    I agree that your bag shouldn’t have broken, but maybe (just maybe) you’ll get the same kind of service I did!

    • Fingers crossed! I am going to stop by today and see what they can do!

    • Stardustgirl

      That’s the sort of service I think you should get! Just in case you do find screws loosening again, I put a tiny drop of superglue on the threads of mine when I fixed it so that they’d not work themselves loose again. So far, so good.

  • pinksky777

    OMG I completely understand your frustration, I had a screw situation myself! I posted a new thread in the Givenchy forum less then a month ago regarding my very beloved, and very NEW (2 months old) black mini antigona. Long story short, I was picking up some groceries on a sunday afternoon and went to reach for my wallet when I noticed that the strap of my bag a almost falling off! I was very confused until I noticed that the two little spiked screws, that basically assure the strap from falling off, were gone! the backings we’re there oddly enough, but the main screws we’re gone (who knows where). Completely annoyed beyond believe, I called the boutique SSENSE in old Montreal where I had purchased the bag initially. The sales person gave me her condolences and said to come in immediately with the bag and they could send it to be fixed or figure it out, and also told me to e-mail her pictures of the problem so that she could forward it to the assistant manager. I did so, and the next morning I went in with my bag and explained to the ass. manager that this was absolutely ridiculous and she said they could send it to their cobbler that they send all their high-end stuff to be repaired. I immediately said no with the reasoning that the cobbler would obviously not have the identical stud screws that the bag came with, and I didn’t pay almost $2000 for a bag that would have different screws than the original ones. I do have to mention that these are very noticeable on the bag compared to yours. Anyways, she said they couldn’t do anything besides shipping it to givenchy themselves but that could take up to 5 months!!! I looked her dead in the eyes and very calmly, but filmy said I wasn’t going anywhere until she gave me a brand new bag. These things are completely unacceptable when you pay that much for a handbag and I wasn’t going to wait months or change the appearance of my bag with deferent screws because that was “the best they could do”. NOT MY PROBLEM. Lets just say less then 10 minutes later she appeared from the back store with a brand new bag, identical to my own, and stated “I’m going to make everyones life easier and just give you this new bag an switch the cards.” I said thank you, and walked out with my beautiful new bag! All in all, my point is to make sure women out there hear these type of stories and to not be shy to demand for what they deserve.

    • Mya Wilkes

      You go girl, nicely done! I’ll be damned if I let a “cobbler” touch my bag after pay that amount.

    • Oh ya I would NEVER let a cobbler be the one to fix the bag when it was 2 months old, cost as much as it did, etc. That is insane. Really glad you stood your ground on that!! As you should have!

    • B

      Way to stand up to them and get your bag replaced with a new one.

  • A

    I don’t think it’s that big a deal. Every brand even major designers have a dud every once in awhile. This happened to my LV galleria when I first got it, I brought it in and in 20 minutes it was all fixed and three years later, everything has been perfect.

    • I’m not super upset at it – I’m a bit disappointed because I still don’t think it should happen, but I don’t find it to be a huge issue.

  • Stardustgirl

    Ugh! I’m so sorry this happened to you. What a disappointment! I had a similar experience with a Betsey Johnson bag a few years ago. Granted, a $300+ bag is not a $5000 Chanel bag, but it’s *still* supposedly a quality item from a designer. I got zero help from the store where I purchased it, from the Betsey Johnson company, nor the Steve Madden company (who manufactured it). I carried the bag ONCE to the movies with a friend, and though I’m very careful and the bag was not mistreated, the mere motion of it swaying on my arm as I walked caused a screw to come loose from one of the handles. Ultimately I had to find a screw and repair it myself, but yes, things like this should never happen and hopefully Chanel has enough class and professionalism to apologize and fix it without fuss. I haven’t purchased anything from either Betsey Johnson or Steve Madden since my bag incident because of their poor attitude.

    • Only once?! That is nuts!! Really shocked by customer service or lack thereof

  • Cherie

    My whole strap came off! I brought to Chanel, they fixed it. It was 85 dollars since it was an older bag and it took about 6 weeks.

  • bee

    Hi. So sorry to hear this. It’s abs awful when you spend $$ on a bag you would cherish and really baby. I hope your customer service is great. Looking to hear the end of this :)

  • circafashion

    SMH. glad it is an easy fix. I dont own a LV bag but most of my friends do and they all complain about how their bags look. and most have had various outcomes with repairs from LV. certain type of repairs LV will not fix, just a part of wear and tear of the bag.
    However i always point out my Lancel bucket bag is 8 years old and still looks like new and i drag that bag thru hell. I wonder what bag do most of purseblog readers comment the most about as far and breaking down quickly? Oh LV= louis vuitton

    • It’s funny, because I own an LV wallet and have had it for 8 years now and use it every single day and it’s AMAZING. You can barely tell that it’s 2 years old let alone 8

  • guest

    I have to say this is exactly why I am now staying away from Chanel after being a loyal fans for a decade. Prices are insanely high but quality just keeps moving downhill.

    • Have you had issues with recent Chanel bags? Or just from what you’ve heard?

  • AshleyG

    I’m still working towards the Chanels and such but I do have a Balenciaga that I treat with kid gloves because I dread having to send it off for any repairs. And I never had this type of fear until I discovered a screw missing from the plaque of my MK Hamilton. I called the MK store (not outlet) that I bought it from to see if they sold the screws or could repair it in store- she very nicely told me that they did not but that I could call the MK customer service and order any hardware from them. Well, I called them. After being redirected and hung up on a couple times, an unidentified lady told me, “we don’t sell those. You have to send it in.” I asked how long it would take, her response- “I don’t know, the address it on the website.” And then she hung up. Needless to say, I did not send my bag in, and I have not purchased any other MK items. And unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a screw to match anywhere… Luckily, there are 3 others holding the plaque in place and technically the lock is not hanging from it and putting weight on it, so it’s just cosmetic..but still :( *deep sign* *end rant*

  • B

    I’m glad you wrote about this. I feel the same way. I was watching YouTube videos on Chanel bags and someone warned about the screw coming off the handle of the shopping tote as well. With Chanel you wouldn’t expect these things. I’m amazed by your restraint. I would of been mad and crying and at the store first thing the next day demanding it be fixed.

    • I haven’t made it to the store yet, but I really need to go. Trying to go today or tomorrow, but I’ve been super super busy! Ugh!

  • Amazona

    Last summer a friend of mine told she had been present when a similar incident occurred to her companion’s GST. The screw that holds together the ring that attaches the shoulder strap to the bag fell off and the whole bag just tumbled down, spreading its contents onto the sidewalk. They immediately went to the Chanel rep boutique that had sold the bag and the answer was they can’t fix it on the location and it would be around 5 weeks until she got the bag back. I think that’s totally unreasonable – 5 weeks to replace a screw! Crazy.

  • Thatsgreat

    The wait times I’ve heard from different stores and brands are ridiculous. However my SA nicely explained that typically a brand’s stores would send ALL their repairs to one repair center hence the long timeline they give you. My repair was given 3-4 weeks notice but was done in 2 weeks.

    When people buy expensive bags, they expect it to withstand ANYTHING given the high price. But I think most of these bags are no sturdier than a a thick canvas bag (like those Steele bags at J Crew). I’ve learned that the hard way :( Yes, it’s well made and has better construction but it doesn’t mean it’s invincible. TBH I feel like the age of truly luxurious bags are gone – with very few exceptions like Hermes, etc.

    But your screw situation is ridiculous nonetheless. That would annoy me. I hope they have screws at the store!

    • The wait time is insane… so I’m hoping I don’t have to send the bag out

  • rhiannonmr

    Sorry this happened to you, and I hope Chanel makes it right. I won’t buy Chanel because I’m not about to put that much money into a handbag. I like em, but I just can’t afford the price. But for what you spent they need to fix it pronto and apologise for the inconvenience.

  • FashionableLena

    I was just tweeting about this last night. I had gone to the Chanel boutique on yesterday and tried several bags. I just couldn’t justify the price because the leather and quality didn’t feel any superior than the Vince Camuto bag that I had on my shoulder.
    Yeah, the luxury brands take too long to do even simple fixes. I had the clasp on my Tiffany bracelet fixed, and they kept it for two weeks then charged me $68 for the pleasure. Mind you that I live about 4 hours from New York.

  • dinabobina

    Agree, that should not have happened. I think the worst part is not that the screw/s came out, but the fact that now you have to take the time to take it to Chanel, fill out the repair paperwork, have it sent to Chanel for repairs and wait for it to be repaired. I had a small stone fall out of a cuff and it took 6 weeks to get it back from Chanel. Irritating!!

    • Ya, there is nothing majorly wrong – but it is something I wish wouldn’t happen in the first place

  • Toyzi

    Last year I went into the Brisbane (AUS) boutique to buy a 227 w GHW, and as I was checking it over I absolutely could not believe what I found! Three large circles drawn on the inside of the front slip pocket lining in blue pen! Just like a child would draw them. I was absolutely flabbergasted and so was the SA, who assured me that she had just unpacked this particular bag for me. It had never been on display. She started to tell me about Chanel’s quality control procedures but I was having none of it, I couldn’t get out of the store quick enough!! Some months later I ended up finding the perfect 227 in Singapore.

  • ami

    This would be a nightmare for me. I bought my Chanel bag from the US since my country doesn’t have a Chanel boutique. If this were to happen to me, I wouldn’t have any means of having it fixed in my country and would probably have to beg my friend who frequents Hong Kong to have it fixed there.

    • Ya, that would be much more of a problem. I’m lucky there are plenty of boutiques around NYC

  • kevinkim

    I know exactly how you feel,
    I have owned a lv damier infini todao tote for almost,, well the first one i got about 1 1/2 years ago and the glazing started peeling about 3 months in, Louis Vuitton replaced it free of charge,

    and this started happening to the new one i got about 4 months in,
    I understand that glazing can come off with time, but it probably should not happen 4 months in to owning a bag. I would be okay,,, well i would accept it if it happened a year later.

    summary, I am on my third todao tote that louis has replaced for me and this one is actually holding up well, none of the glazing has peeled yet, and almost nearing a 6 month mark.

    I do realize that women put tons of stress on their bags. and as a guy I know i put mine through hell also, but at a 3 1/2 k price point and upward, I expect a certain type of quality and ‘endurance’

  • babs

    Something similar happened to me last year. I purchased a beige jumbo in May. In october after using it a handful of time the chain was peeling, the gold was coming off. I took it to Saks and they told me it would take 4 months to fix it. I only got back in February. SO ridiculous to spend an enormous amount and have such poor quality.

  • Lulu

    I have a Valentino rockstud bag that lost four or five studs. Luckily I live near their Madison ave boutique and their in-house tailor put them all right back on and I’ve had no problems since. Chanel should be able to fix your screws ASAP.
    Also: Buy your bags at Nordstrom. If the brand won’t stand by it, and it’s something like a screw or defect and not normal wear and tear, they will have their people fix it. I used to work for them and they honestly go above and beyond no matter how much you payed for it. Bloomingdales and Saks won’t go that far (ie once the sale is over- even years later nordstrom takes care of you).

    • Dee

      The same thing happened to my rockstud bag. I was very disappointed in the quality but each time I loose a stud the repair is done within a week.

    • Nordstrom is awesome, can’t wait until they come to NYC!

      Glad to hear you gad great service with Valentino!

  • Guest

    Well THAT’S annoying! That said, I think it would have been fairer if you’d waited and written about it AFTER you talked with Chanel. You have a very powerful blog here and you have used it to paint a well known brand in a negative light BEFORE you’ve given them the opportunity to rectify the situation. While I sympathize with you, I would have hoped that you would have handled the situation differently. (I’m sure that Chanel has probably reached out to YOU by now — and perhaps that was your intent.)

    • realitytvjunkie

      I see what you’re saying but I actually appreciate the honesty of this blog! I dont really think she is painting a “negative light” by simply showing the reality of what had happened. I dont even think that this ‘loose screw’ incident would deter any buyers or potential buyers of Chanel from purchasing a chanel bag they want. As a reader, I appreciate that the honesty of this piece allows readers/consumers to have a realistic and thoughtful conversation about bags, luxury, and quality. :)

      • I love Chanel, they are one of my favorite brands and continue to be. Other than this loose screw, the bag is absolutely amazing. But as a handbag site, my goal is to share as much as I can about bags and my personal bags. :)

    • Mya Wilkes

      Im with realitytvjunkie here, there’s no “negative light” situation here, just plain honesty – its “real talk” and PB readers very much appreciate that. If you’ve read most of the comments, you’ll notice that a handful of people have had similar issues with LV, Mulberry etc. It simply demonstrates that sometimes quality falls below standard with some of these high end retailers and for the price we pay, hell, that shouldn’t be the case.

      Chanel IS going to rectify the situation, there is NO doubt about that, the only foreseeable problem is how long it might take, so Megs telling us after, makes no difference. And like realitytvjunkie says, in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t gonna stop people from buying Chanel, it def wont stop me but I would be proper pissed if it happened to me and so I am def proper pissed on Megs’ behalf.

      • I’ll still buy more Chanel too, this didn’t deter me! It’s an annoyance, that’s for sure

    • Chanel hasn’t reached out and I didn’t post this with any sort of hope that they would. I am not trying to tarnish their name and don’t believe that I have. We are major fans of Chanel and I write about them frequently on PurseBlog and give much praise, I simply wanted to share exactly what happened to my bag.

    • Guest

      I agree with this.

    • Gina

      She isn’t painting Chanel in a negative light, she is simply talking about her experience. If I had paid even half that amount for a bag and it fell apart after 2 months, someone is getting sorted. One of the main selling points of any luxury item is the craftmanship. When an item has a break so quickly after being purchased that is called into question. Chanel is and will always be one of the most iconic fashion houses/brands ever but that doesn’t mean everything they make is great and made to such perfection as to never have a malfunction due to poor quality control.

    • Vbogaert

      I think she’s just being informative. And frankly, I would like to know if a certain bag/brand has issues, whether or not they’re willing to repair it. Having to deal with getting a bag repaired is a hassle, no matter how great the company is about it. It’s even more of an annoyance if you’ve spent $5k on it.

  • This can and will happen on bags when quality control is missing. Most producers these days secure the screw with epoxy (almost like clear nailpolish) that they dip the tip of the screw in before they fasten it. The epox expands inside the hole, not gluing it but holding it with force until someone choose to open it.

    This the primarily done to any quality handbag, but if someone had a bad day at work they would have forgot it, and voila the force of just wearing it will unscrew it and it will go missing. There has also been some issiues with mulberry bags and their metal lock plate.

    Shit happens ;)

    • Elisabeth Bratteberg

      Yepp, that happend to my Mulberry as well! The screw suddenly fell off… sucks!

      • sauljmiller

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    • Thanks for sharing more info – it seems like my other screw is coming loose as well, I wonder if my bag didn’t get the securing agent

  • lavinia

    Years ago I bought a Gucci bag, which unfortunately broke not one but twice!!! I had the same shock: you as a luxury brand should guarantee me an excellent product because I paid for excellence (and even more for Chanel) nothing less. By Guccci they sent my bag to Florence and repaired it twice, were very kind but the point is: it should not happen :(

    • Glad to hear your bag was repaired, but yea, it shouldn’t happen so easily

  • Agreed, it’s not the fact that something like this happens, the measure of the bag you bought is the quality of the customer service that sits behind it. Don’t let us down Chanel!

  • Jenelle

    Two weeks ago, I was in Tokyo and bought my first givenchy, the mini Antigona in white from the Isetan dept store. I was using it for the second time last week while back at home and while I was out shopping, the bag fell off my shoulder. I picked it back up thinking that it had slipped off. I was stumped.. I was holding a single leather strap (instead of a loop) with the bag dangling in my hand. The mini screw of the metal parts holding the strap to the bag had came off and thus the separation. I was staring at it for one whole min before I could pull myself back to reality.

    • Jenelle

      So I feel u, Megs. This is the first time something like this happened to a premium bag I owned. This shouldn’t happen in the first place! The worst part is that my local givenchy store cannot provide an exchange as they are under a different franchise! I’ve emailed givenchy Paris and it’s been a week. Still waiting for their reply.

      • That sucks, please let us know what the update is on your Givenchy bag!

  • klama torby

    as people ar Hermes say: if something can be fixed with screws it can also unscrew. This is why they rivet.
    Please read: Deluxe. How luxury lost its lustre.

    • I’ve been meaning to read that book for the longest time, time to actually do it!

  • klama torby

    When I make bags I put a bead of glue before I screw the screw down.

    • I wonder if luxury brands do that…

      • klama torby

        Don’t think so. If they did it would not come off so fast.

  • BrianG

    I agree with you…when I buy an expensive luxury item I want it to remain perfect forever. With that said, I have to be realistic I mean at the end of the day it is just metal and leather. I’m more concerned with how luxury brands handle repairs….Please keep us posted on the results you get from Chanel!

  • gemo

    I bought the boy chanel bracelet, price just >$1000, and wore it less than half a dozen time, all carefully. The screw fell off. As it was just a few months old, I took it to the Chanel boutique but they were unable to repair it as they said that particular bracelet was no longer in production and they didn’t have the part available to repair it. I ended up with a full refund. Big eye-opener in terms of the quality, or rather lack of quality, of the Chanel leather goods

  • gemo

    Here’s a pic of the bracelet

  • Tai

    I love this article. Particularly because what Chanel and other luxury brands stand for. I’m that girl who her first Chanel piece is a pair of earrings. I bought what I can afford and appropriate, a small classic crystal cc earrings. A little over a year later, the crystal falls off. Only then when I realized, a pair of almost $300 of earrings, will cost me at least $30 worth of repair for a couple of crystals. So in a long run, if I fix it 10 times, I might as well just buy a new pair? Sounds very ridiculous to me. Yes, it’s just a pair of earrings, it’s a speck of dust on Chanel’s revenue but what does it say….to me it means, chanel is no longer associated with quality. It is very discouraging to buy from the brand again

    • Ya, that is unfortunate with the earrings for sure.

      I still think my bag is beautifully made and the leather is absolutely divine, but it’s not what I expected to happen

  • tess

    News flash you are paying for the name and perceived higher quality. The cost of goods (i.e. material costs and production costs) on a high end bag are only slightly higher and in many cases the same as a medium range bag.

  • Liliane

    I bought a limited edition Proenza Schouler PS1 back in December and I had to have only used it for a month or two before the screw in the clasp popped out and wouldn’t let me close the bag. I was so angry! I took it to Proenza on Madison Avenue but they wouldn’t touch the bag since I bought it at Nordstrom. Thankfully, my favorite sales guy at Nordstrom was able to send it off to their “Bag Doctor” but I was still pretty bummed out. I hope everything works out for you (knowing Chanel, I’m sure it will be fine!)

  • klama torby

    Guys, stop fooling yourself – those bags are produced in thousands and the point is to make them at the lowest possible cost. Imagine having to rivet it – how much more time, how much more skill is needed?

  • Gia

    I just bought a Chanel tote today. Now I am scared. Chanel should repair at no cost to u. Please let us know.

  • buffmom33

    OMG… I am still in shock from… I hope you get it repaired soon:)

  • Anna

    My Celine Trapeze broke as well. Six months after buying it from Bergdorf’s.

    Want pictures and a story to go with it? I’ll happily give you all the material you need to worth with.

    • B

      That’s horrible. Did Celine or Bergdorf’s fix it?

  • Maya

    I’ve had issues with the straps on one of my Balenciagas but other than that have been pretty lucky so far but will stick with my Givenchys, I’ve dragged some of them around the world and aside from normal wear, nothing broke, tore, etc…
    Although I somewhat have had the feeling lately that, while the prices are going up (for no reason at all BTW!!), the quality is going down…

  • guest

    I had a similar experience with my Chanel 227. I’m like you Megs, in that I am meticulous with my bags and baby them (too much, I know!) I was simply walking with my bag on my shoulder when the chain suddenly broke and the bag fell! It hardly had anything in it and I have used it less than 10 times. Completely unacceptable for such an expensive bag!

  • Ellie

    I’ve been coming back to check for an update – did I miss this anywhere?

    • B

      You didn’t miss it. There hasn’t been an update.

      • Ellie

        I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for this update. My husband is actually super curious about how it’s going to end.

      • B

        Me too. I wonder if we are ever going to get one.

      • You will get it tomorrow!! Working on it now, just got it fixed!

  • M_risha

    Actually, this was happened to my bag which I bought not a month ago. I bought a Chanel GST and after three weeks the screws on one of the chains on the handle has loosened.

  • Jennifer

    I received a Dooney bag a few years ago, and while it is not a $5,000 bag there is still a certain quality that that company upholds among the middle class house wives. I got the bag and a few days later a little screw came off and one of the latched on the side of the strap had broken off! I was devastated. This isn’t some $20.00 bag you pick up from your local stores, these are designer handbags that should not be falling apart so quickly.

    • B

      Did you contact Dooney and send it in? I had a Dooney bag a long time ago that a decorative charm on the side of the bag fell off the leather. I contacted them thinking the bag was ruined. They had me send it in, replaced the charm, and it was as good as new.

  • Liz

    Anyone who’s had a problem with the Chloe Marcie bag? – the leather which is wound around the handle seems to be getting loose…and I have not used it much (or violently) since I bought it 2 years ago. Very dissatisfied…

  • Tatyana Wien

    I have alredy contacted Chanel with a problem like yours, but the answer was far from satisfactory. My story is very similar to yours – i also got my first Chanel bag for my birthday 4 years ago – it was a present from my friends (at that time it costed 2400€) it is a classical chanel with black caviar leather and bordo-collour lining from the inside – looks very much like yours.. I don’t wear it so often – and always keep it in its black sleeper bag when in my wardrobe. Lately i have noticed some dark red spots coming through on the inside flap of the bag – like a leakage from the bordo-collour of the lining. The spots were small in the beginning, but with time became bigger and more visible .. I took the bag to the store from where it was bought – after sending it to Paris and expecting the problem they called me and agreed it was a defect of production – they proposed a check for the amount of 2400€ . But! I don’t want a check – i want a Chanel bag! And the exactly same one today costs 4600€!! Well – they do not care – i either take my old damaged bag which they cannot repair or i take the check , add another 2200€ and buy a new bag… Isn’t that ridiculous! What is my guarantee today that my new bag will live another 4 years… And then i have to add another 2000€ to get a new one… I still haven’t gi en them an answer what I prefer – i feel very bad and cheated from my favorite Chanel… They simply don’t care – I am not their biggest customer…

  • Tatyana Wien

    I have posted my comment and experience here a couple of days ago – and don’t see it today? I don’t understand why?

  • GPGdesign

    This happens to my Chanel shopper tote EVERY YEAR, I only carry it for maybe 3-4 months out of the year (during our very short winters here in TX) and it’s just irritating to have to take it in every season to get the screws replaced (the rings always lose at least one, this year 3 screws). Thank goodness they have them in the store so it’s just a day or 2 but it’s still ANNOYING for what it cost. I’ve asked if they can use lock tight or some kind of glue to keep the screws from falling out every year but they tell me that would void the warranty – grr.