Rainy grey skies won’t get me down, especially when we have a lovely array of grey bags to be inspired by as this week’s roundup includes some real stunners. If you’re just now joining in on all the fun, let me start off by saying we’re glad you’re here! These roundups are made from a highly curated selection of photos posted by our tPF members of their very own bags that we found while going through the forum! If you aren’t already a member it’s never too late to join as it’s truly the best place to connect with other purse people from all over the world. So with all of that being said let’s jump right in.

We’re starting off with this beautiful Celine tote shared by our member misskittee in the “Your CELINE in action PICS!” thread.

The Jodie is slowly creeping its way to the top of my wishlist and this grey beauty shared by our member pptee in the “Bottega Veneta Jodie Bag” thread is a great example of why.

I am obsessed with this Dior Book tote, which was shared by our member gracieng in the “Book Tote” thread.

Up next is this Birkin riding shotgun that was shared by our member TeeCee77 in the “***Hermes Riding in the Passenger Seat***” thread.

I’m in love with this little Chloe shared by our member totally in the “Your Chloe in Action!” thread.

Last, but not least, is this stunner shared by our member parisallyouneed in the “Please post your *BLACK & GREY* Chanel items here!” thread.

Craving more? The “Too shy or scared to ask? ASK HERE” thread is not only a great resource, but also a great read. Most of us have felt intimidated by the luxury handbag world at some point, especially Hermès, so having this safe space to ask away is great for all of those building courage. Most of our members are super knowledgeable and willing to help when they can! Another interesting and informative read is the “TRADESY sent me a 1099” thread, which has some interesting tax information explained by our members that might be relevant to you if you resell often. That’s all for this week but don’t worry, there will be more next time, see you then!

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